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Subaru USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
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Corporate Phone Number: 1-856-488-8500 (Phone)
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Customer Service Number: 1-800-782-2783

  • I wrote my experience out in JustAnswer and I do not want to go through the whole thing again. I may just trade my outback for a used car of another make. This is such a problem that I don't want to continue trying to get things right. So sad. I love subarus. I have had 6 subarus over the past 30 years.

  • Disatisfied customer. My pre-owned 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i LTD drinks oil. I just kept filling it up, but now I wanted to pass it on to my daughter who goes to college in Colorado and purchase a new car, so I took it to the dealership. Four thousand dollars (includes taxes) to fix an oil leak! I called the national 1-800 line to make sure I wasn't getting gouged because I had already put a thousand into it for other issues. The lady, who was very nice and polite, said that cost quote was about average for FB25 engine problems and "these things happen" as if this was the first car I ever owned. I can't give this unreliable, moneypit of a car to my daughter. I might buy a Subaru for my third car, but it will not be an Outback. "These things" won't happen to me again.

  • I own a 2016 Subaru forester. Nothing but problems, key sticking in ignition, traction control out and now the transmission is out which I found are faulty but they only upped the warranty when it should have been a recall. It is a very dangerous situation while driving, only 140k miles. Dealership wants 9K bucks to put a rebuilt one in. I will NEVER own another Subaru again. We have two and there are problems with that one too but not as bad. Shame on you Subaru for not recalling something as serious as the transmission failures!

  • I have 2021 Subaru Forester – which I love. My issue is not with the car it's self. I live in a rural area – twice I have had to replace wiring due to rats eating the wiring – the wiring – which I have learned is made from an Oat Based product. All cars have that wiring. My problem is that the rodent problem is huge all over and when it has to be replaced it cost a fortune. Why is Subaru not doing measures to stop this with their vehicles! Wire mesh around the wiring will stop the problem completely.

  • Long story made short…bought a 2021 Crosstrek and was told by the dealer that it could be flat towed behind out motor home…come to find out that in fact it CAN'T..Now what?

  • I am writing in reference to my Subaru 2017 Forester. While I love this car (I bought it May 2, 2020) I have a problem that had been noted in a service bulletin by Subaru March 15, 2018 and revised November 6, 2018. The Bulletin Number is 16-112-18R. The key periodically cannot be removed from the ignition switch when the vehicle is in Park. Only when I turn the car back on and put it in Drive then quickly put it in Park again does it release the key. Since this Service Bulletin was issued, I believe the problem should be repaired and paid for by Subaru. I am a widow on a very limited income and I just feel this latent documentation proves Subaru is aware of this design flaw. Subaru; please respond.

  • My daughter bought a 2015 Subaru Crosstrek in Baton Rouge while working as a traveling nurse in February. Last week the engine overheated. The dashboard did not light up to indicate this. As soon as she saw smoke coming out from under the hood, She drove it to the dealership immediately. She had purchased a warranty through the dealership, but when they came to inspect it they denied the claim. The Subaru dealership had never seen this denied before and were baffled. She now has water in the engine and needs major repairs. This is a girl that has faced great adversity, from homelessness and domestic abuse, but was able to complete her nursing degree and is now working on the front lines of this pandemic. She has student loans and now this $14,000 car that no one will help her with. I have begged for some assistance but of course the advocacy department won't help. They were rude and cut me off every time I tried to say something. What a shame she bought a Subaru.

  • . Recently purchased a new 2019 Ascent from a dealer in West Springfield,MA. The "worst car purchase" that I have had!!! Most serious issue was that after all sale/financing paperwork was signed,agreed to, approx. 10 days later was told that there was an error in the numbers, made by the dealer, they wanted us to eat THEIR error and redo the financing, having us actually pay for their error! What made this so bad was that the dealer knew about this error for days and never picked up the phone and called us about it. This was the most serious error, but had several other issues, that actually led us to contact them on the day that they finally fessed up about this error. Will see if Subaru corporate cares about their customers by responding back to this message, one way or another We will be in contact with corporate about this issue.

  • Ocala Florida Subaru dealership Service Dept is awful. I called to schedule an appointment for service on recall on 2013 CrossTrek — engine spring replacement — 3 day job – loaner car needed. Appt scheduled for 9/3/19. We live 45 min from Ocala Subaru. It took 45 min to intake the car, albeit there was a new employee on the service desk. Once the car was processed and the loaner car processed, we left. 3 hours later I received a call from the Service Mgr, saying "we can't fix your car and you must pick your car up." My response was "and you didn't know this (1) when I made the appointment 10 days ago and (2) when we brought the car in your didn't know that you had no certified mechanic on duty able to do this repair? I further asked what happens if the engine fails while we are waiting for you to get a certified mechanic? The employee's response was "well you've driven the car for 50,000 miles, you should be ok, if not, you will need to contact Subaru Corporate." I am amazed. I was further advised that I could either take the car to Gainesville, FL dealership (1.5 hr from my home) or Leesburg (1.15 min from my home). After hanging up from the svc mgr and telling him we were not home, and we will bring the loaner car back the next morning, I then proceeded to make another phone call and ask to speak to someone in authority. The woman in the office said the Svc Mgr is available. I said, no – already spoke with him. Who is in charge of the dealership? She said the GM. I asked to speak with him, he was not on the premises at the time and left my name and phone number. No return phone call that day. My husband and I return the loaner car the next day and I ask to speak to woman in office and reminded her about our phone conversation the previous day and I asked if the GM was in. She said yes. Let me check if he can speak with you. After waiting 20 min, the GM met with my husband and me. He said the certified mechanic left the company but that there was a possibility that the certified mechanic was going to return to work. The GM further explained about the other mechanic who was on ltd medical due to a pending surgery. The GM said that the best he could do when he had a certified mechanic available was to bring a loaner car to our home, pick up my husband's car, fix the car on recall and return the car and pick up the loaner. That was acceptable to both my husband and me. THAT was 3 weeks ago and we haven't heard anything about scheduling this recall service. I am very upset and disappointed at the service at this Ocala Dealership. My next review will be on google. Waiting to hear from you.

  • I am an Outback 2016 owner and I think your product (vehicle) is a very good automobile. I am writing, however, to talk about the "after" warranty customer service. Hudiburg Subaru is where I purchased the auto and have all my service performed at the dealership. I trust them. I have purchased the extended warranties of all that were available to protect my investment. Now that the limited warranty has expired by less than 3,000 miles, I felt as a customer that I was placed on the back-burner (so to speak) of customer care. The windows on the vehicle have been an issue from the time of purchase. The windows go up and "bounce" back down automatically. I realize this is a safety feature, but I feel that it is a safety hazard if I roll down the windows and try to fight with them while in traffic (distracted driving) trying to get them to go up and stay. Now Hudiburg, during the limited warranty period, would say the windows needed to be reprogrammed. Okay, but now that it is out of the limited warranty, no such action is recommended, but the advice I was given is the windows need to be exercised more often. "What happen to customer service?" After the warranty period, there was no attempt to resolve, what I consider, a safety hazard through distracted driving fighting the up/down issue with the windows. I am sure you are aware of the problem, because each time that I have been at the dealership, someone else is having the same issue. My real purpose for writing is "What happen to customer service to maintain customer loyalty?" I was really disappointed about this. I felt as if I no longer mattered after the warranty period is up. No accountability now that the dealership obligation is over. But, I feel that the dealership was not looking at the long term loyalty by me (the customer). Thank you for you time and feel free to contact me. I really like the Subaru automobile.

  • Subaru has a fleet of International rally cars for representation of the brand product. However this last Sunday at a Road Rally in Idaho City, Idaho car number 70 a Subaru entry had two drivers. The driver team of Solberg and Giraudet were seen publicly urinating on private property before the morning and afternoon races. Law enforcement of the Bosie County Sheriff Dept. and Idaho City Chief of Police had no interest in the problem. A problem none the less!!

  • I have a 2006 Subaru legacy that has 60,000 miles on it. I smelled a strong odor of gas so I took it to my mechanic. It seems that the gas tanks seams rusted through!!! Thank god no one was blown up!!! The biggest upset is that the gas tank can not be repaired because the entire bottom of the car is rusted out!!! So it is no longer able to be used! How can a car rot out like that? In my research I see rust is a huge problem for Subaru, yet no dealer told us that. Now I am stuck with out a car, can't afford a new one and can't make an insurance claim that is totaled because it's really a manufacturing problem. Is this something Subaru will repair?Your company is very lucky because I could have been killed if it had caught on fire. Please let me know what to do, will you repair it? Steve Matero

  • Open comment to the CEO of Subaru of America
    When do you intend to clean up the OIL pollution from ALL the 2011-2014 Subaru 2.5L engines that you mass produced and put on the roads of America? All that are still roadworthy are pumping tons of pollution into OUR atmosphere and continue to do so even thou you have alleged to have fixed the Engineering(Kaizan) cheapened all the internals with Foreign parts that are sub-par even to JAP produced items. Your firm might be in the lime light at the moment-but there is a saying over here that "What goes around comes around" I.E. Porsche designed 4 cyl. engines with leaking head gaskets, oil consumption up to and including 2019 models, VVT issues, bent valves/overheating, direct injection plugged valves-need any more be said or does it take a real economic BOMB to be dropped to make you understand and have the STONES to do anything to completely CORRECT the issues!! Hope this relays a MESSAGE that will keep u up at night as you are drinking your SAKE

  • Finally the rest of the letter:

    So in the end all of this does not make for a happy customer. I think you can agree, and I was referred over there by many Stamford Fire Fighters who love your place, I am very close with them, as well as a bunch of Stamford Police that love your place too. I understand that things happen, I have been in customer service over 20 years myself. The fact is this represents your company as a whole, the people that referred me to you as well.

    So I assume your next question is what do I want to:

    1) I want my Zurich Warranty in tacked and proof (I am not paying for the 18 month policy, I believe the company should)
    2) I want proper mats Jeep mats for my vehicle
    3) I want my Jeep detailed as it should have been
    4) and most of all I want my quarter panel or the piece above my passenger wheel fixed
    (I will eat the back bumper as I already put a new front bumper on)

    I think with a company of your size that is not two much to ask. I think its fair.

    Thank you again for your time. feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience, to discuss or meet.

  • 5) This brings us to my check engine light, the automatic car starter which was not working and the blinking lights inside the jeep. my check engine light came on about 2 weeks ago, I took it in to Subaru of Stamford, and Jay helped me, he came out to the truck, the light had then gone off, he put the diagnoses machine (a portable one) on the truck to which of course said there was no problem or didn't diagnose one. Jay then point blank told me they can not do anything anyway if it happens again I have a Zurich extended Warranty and to take it directly to Jeep. ( for which Jay also sent me a email with my information about my warranty and I have it) Well the light came on again and I took it directly to Jeep on March 1st. Jethro Lang emailed me my extended warrant information so I could give it to Jeep. Needless to say yet again, Jeep called me and said I do not have a extended warranty, it is not valid. To top it off my jeep (yet again not serviced before I picked it up) said I needed a housing thermostat and coolant and it was going to cost me about $400.00! you can image my surprise being told I do not have a warranty, which I thought I had and now begin hit with this $400.00 bill.
    I proceeding to call your company all departments looking for a manager, I was told none were there (the operator secretary, I do not have her name at the moment, was AWESOME INCREDIBLE PERFECT!) no managers after calling so many times, I finally got someone named John (cant remember his last name but his email is after several phone calls back and forth and he informing me that the man who could approve (the manager of used cars was not in) paying for the work on the jeep, and then informing me about my warranty and told me I could purchase one still (that we will discuss) he was actually great otherwise, he paid for the work on my jeep I believe Jeep charged you guys 311.00, I have the receipt. Needless to say the day was wasted on phone calls and back and forth getting rides to drop off the jeep and pick it up.

    6) This brings me to my plates, December 15 I picked up this Jeep, of course my plates are not there or ready so I leave with your dealer plates on the Jeep. I called 7 times since December 1 leaving messages for Marcial and others in the used car area, to which I one received one phone call back saying they are not in yet?? NEVER received any other phone call back, (now I explain this to your wonderful secretary, while telling her other things) and miraculously, Jeep calls me and said someone was just over there and put plates on my jeep, wow they must have come in the minute I called about my Jeep being in the shop. (a little sarcasm sorry but have to try to laugh a little bit) but let me tell you this, the sloppiness of it, both plates are not only crooked they only have one yes one screw in them. Real professional, I think that might have really put me over the edge, something so important and done so sloppy. I have pictures and of course. Yet again it is my time to go find screws to fit and do it the right way, as they are still hanging on with one screw.

  • Here is the rest of the letter and what else transpired:

    3) Again, realizing it is a used car, the Jeep should have been detailed and checked. Well about three or four days after the purchase, my son got pulled over in the Jeep, (Neither one of my drivers have ever been pulled over, so image my poor sons surprise) not for doing anything wrong, but for a upside down break light on the drivers side, yes that is correct upside brake light on the drivers side. Yet another trip and my time to come back. and it was two trips for that because they wanted to see it – one trip to show them and they ordered it from Jeep and one trip to put it in.

    4) My passenger bumper,or the piece above the tire is cracked, and the two bumpers front and back were dented (I have since taken care of the front bumper) but to leave the lot with damage to my vehicle, that should have been repaired was not acceptable. I did mention it to them and was told we do not fix body work on used cars? Then there are the mats in the jeep, they are not Jeep mats and they are not even made for the jeep they don't even fit correctly, for which when I come in and sit with you you can see for yourself. I did not take a picture of the mats yet.

  • This is what transpired at Stamford Subaru: To which, the bottom line is George said he is going to do nothing. I am taking this as far as I can and maybe legals I am looking into my options.
    Good Morning George,

    I hope this letter finds you well and having a lovely Friday already.

    I am writing unfortunately to inform you of the not so great experience I had at your dealership. I would hope that I hear back from you. I hope you truly take the time to read this email in its entirely. Thank you in advance for your time and promptness in response to this matter.

    1) December 15, 2018 I purchased a 2012 Jeep Sahara unlimited from your used cars. The day I purchased it, and I had a appointment with Marcial Perez-Saunders, He was not ready, I spent 2.5 hours waiting for him while he was with other customers. However I did not complain I laughed it up with everyone in the used car area, everyone was nice and we were trying to have fun, even though they new how upset I was and trying to not be. I got to your dealership (I left work early) @ 4 I did not leave until 5:45.

    2) The night of the December 15, 2018 my son took the car to work. He left work at 1 am and the jeep would not start, I called brought the Jeep in and the jeep needed a new battery. Unfortunately this tells me the jeep was never checked before it left your lot. (and having my son wait for me to come jump start him at 1 in the morning, well I was not happy and I was very nervous about my son) I needed a brand new battery.

  • Subaru I LOVE just LOVE your dog commercials. They are so adorable and funny, please keep them coming. Other auto maker commercials are ok I guess but your commercials make me smile every time. They are not plain they have character to them. Great job.

    Good morning

    My name is Bobby Botelho and I am writing in regards to a dealer not the product which I absolutely love, a little back ground story first.
    Back in 2014 I walk in to a new Subaru dealer in my home town, I have been looking for this specific vehicle for some time and when I heard there was a dealership that was being set up to be built right down the road I was please, so I went in several times looking for the WRK STI limited addition, the car came in and I bought it on the spot no haggling and everyone was fantastic, from Joe the GM to Rebeca the sales associate to Marry the service writer, they were all great, and for the next two years everything went along just wonderfully I actually liked going in for my regularly scheduled services and I would actually spend money on extra stuff, I really enjoyed the experience.
    Ok now for the reason for this email, within the last two years it has been a revolving door over there, the quality is horrible the customer service is horrible, the follow ups are non existing, I dread having to go back in there for my services because there is no accountability, there is no customer client relationship, every time I go in I'm speaking to someone new, they use to have great mechanic's that I would trust but since everything went south, I have had very poor experience's, one mechanic forgot to put my underbelly armor back up correctly and it got completely destroying the whole thing, another mechanic did not put my coil pack on correctly and in turn made me believe my motor was blown and my having had to spend $6000.00 to find that out because I love my car so much I shipped/ transported my car straight to a Subaru specialist that ONLY builds and deals with Subaru motors, ok you'd think the dealership would maybe have a bit of empathy and next time I went in maybe pay attention to details a bit when it came to dealing with me considering I was the dealers first customer and all the issues that's befallen me thus far, BIG FAT NOPE… just two weeks ago my car threw a code saying one of my cylinders misfired, so my being so cautious when it comes to my car I like an imbecile brought it right to the dealer, once again all new faces, ( now the ONLY original team member that remains is Marry the service writer, she's great)I speak to the new service writer and he's assured me not to worry he will take care of everything he promises me and gives me his card, "you have my word I'm an ex Marine I will call you tomorrow to confirm your rental is here so you can drop of your car and we can do the leak down test for you" after my calling 3 times (and leaving messages) voice and with team members, IT HAS BEEN NOW TWO WEEKS AND I HAVE YET TO HEAR FROM ANYONE AT PATRIOT SUBARU.

    I feel as if I'm at the mercy of that dealership because it is so convenient, I am not asking for anything beside good quality service on a car that I love dearly and rely on every day, I drive an hour one way to work every day so when I make an appointment it is not only difficult for me to do so but it is also critical that things get done correctly so I do not have to lose time and more money out of work for just trying to keep my vehicle in good safe operating condition.
    Not sure what this email will do to help but I figured I would go this route before moving on to another dealer and spending my hard earned money else wear.

    Sincerely Bobby

  • You should build a van like Fords Transit Connect, make it all wheel drive and use the WRX engine. (small van WRX platform)

  • Subaru just replaced the short block in my 2013 Legacy as it had been using oil since the day of purchase. Before replacing this , my car ran perfectly except for oil usage. Now since replacement of short block, when I start my car the ignition goes “clunk.” Have had it checked at dealership. I’m being told, “this is normal.” Really???? Subaru is making a car that’s supposed to be normal for it make noises!!!! This needs to be fixed. I’m not happy

  • Subaru is one of the leaders when it comes to pet safety. We would like to partner with Subaru to have Monroe Gear Safety Restraints put in every Subaru vehicle. You can reach us at . It's the only 4 point anchor system in the world for pets. It is patented and simply the best out there.

  • I am writing about Westchester Subaru, my initial experience was great with the sales staff. However I was waiting to pic up my car and had to track down the finance guy Tom. Once I did he began to tell me my credit score was 30 pointe below what it actually is! He discussed my score in front of someone who he said was at his desk! First off that is rude and confident information! He SAID OH YES I AM APPROVED HOWEVER… trying to get me to pay more the I agreed upon with the sales staff. I had this happen before at another auto company but quickly learned a valuable lesson. I am hoping he does the right thing! we will see.. I am more then prepared to walk away and go to another vehicle that is not a SUBARU

  • Purchased a 2018 Outback this month…did not want or request a Subaru Added Security Maintenance Agreement but received the paperwork in the mail today. I DO NOT WANT THIS. Please cancel. Thank you.

  • We bought a subaru last year. I love this vehicle. But, I have just learned that your company helps support planned parenthood. Why would you support a group that will be killing your future customers?

    Kathleen Klasen
    876 Country Club DriveSW
    Melrose, Minnesota 56352

  • Mid-Hudson Subaru is great – thus the 5-star rating. My husband and I were looking for a new Subaru Legacy. We live in Danbury, CT but my husband is not a fan of car salesmen so he decided to start in Poughkeepsie and work his way back to Connecticut. We found Mid-Hudson Subaru which was great – from entering and being greeted at the door, to the owner Peter, who's hands on and at the location, to the general manager, Tom, to Eddie who did the financing with no problems and of course our salesman, Bill, who was absolutely the best. We talked about buying and we went for a test drive and I was of course sold – without any pressure from anyone. My husband on the other hand still wanted to try other places. He had already been to a Subaru dealership in Rockland County and was not at all pleased with the service. There was no way, after the great customer service so far, that I was leaving without that car. We discussed it further and I was able to get him to see that this was the best deal and they were the best dealership we've every dealt with. The car was delivered as promised and was immaculate. It was such a pleasurable experience that we will be recommending Mid-Hudson Subaru to everyone as well as definitely going to them in the future. We feel that Bill spent a lot of time with us, did not rush us and told us if there were any questions about the car to feel free to call or go back to the dealership. They certainly made the process enjoyable and exciting.
    Linda C.

  • I would recommend calling the service department of your Subaru dealer prior to purchasing a vehicle. Pretend you already own a Subaru and want to schedule service. I own a 2013 Outback. Due to inaccessibility, I have to have the headlight bulbs changed at the dealer, which takes half of a day and costs almost $90. Also takes a week or two for them to get you in for an appointment. Then they didn't check the headlights to make sure they worked after installation. First time I turned them on when driving on the interstate after dark they didn't work. I had to return to the dealer. Connectors weren't re-connected after the bulbs were replaced-oops! Over a week ago I had to have the car towed to the dealer. They might get time to look at it in 4 more days. Lack of service is the number one reason I won't be buying another Subaru, or another Car from New Motors in Erie.

  • My partner and I leased a car from Scoggin Dickey Subaru in Lubbock Texas 4 months ago. I cant tell you how awful its been dealing with the employees there. I have never been treated so poorly when purchasing a vehicle. They did not have the paper work ready and we were called in at least 4 times to re-sign the lease, because they couldn't get the paper work completed correctly. When we contacted the bank they told us that they had no record of us, come to find out they still haven't received the paperwork. Then said it was our fault and we owed them money at the dealership, even though they didn't get the paperwork In to the bank. We thought it odd that they would ask us to pay them when we didn't have a statement from the bank. So I just got a phone call from my partner, telling me that they are withholding our license plates until we pay them back what the bank charged them, because of their lack of detail in completing/sending our lease to the bank in a timely manner. I wont be purchasing a Subaru in the future! This dealership has completely lost my respect and lost many future customers, because word of mouth is powerful. Its a shame!

  • Subaru makes great cars but their car repair and service depts don't seem to understand customer service. I took my 2007 Outback in for an airbag recall. This was after several letters/emails from Subaru telling me about the recall but also telling me each time that the replacement airbags were not yet available. Finally I called my local (Santa Fe, New Mexico) Subaru dealer and they said come on in. I had my airbags replaced but on driving my car home I noticed that several dashboard warning lights (battery, parking brake, etc.) that I had never seen before started coming on. I called the Subaru service location back and left a message, of course, about the problem and to call me back as to when I could bring my car back in to fix the issue. After several days of leaving such messages and getting no calls back, my car died. I got AAA to pick it up and take it back to the Subarua service place that did the damage. The service person there said that it sounded like I needed a new alternator. What a coincidence! But, what could I do? The next morning I received a phone message from Subaru to call them back. After trying all day to speak with someone at Subaru and leaving 3 or 4 telephone messages, by late afternoon I finally spoke with a human being. He (Sam) told me that the problem was in fact a faulty alternator but he couldn't now order it until the next day and it would take a couple of days to arrive and install. After experiencing their unbelievably bad response on the telephone, I am even more suspicious about the "alternator" diagnosis. It really feels like like they did the (free) airbag recall repair and then figured out how to add some income by messing with the alternator. Anybody else have similar experiences?

    • interesting. for i took my car in for a recall on the airbag in albuquerque. i was told that i had a front time cover oil leak. the cost $1100 along with needing front and rear pads. the cost $400. now my car has this loud noise coming from the front engine area. what gives here?

  • I can't believe Subaru is at it again with yet another commercial alluding that if you buy a Subaru your teen drivers will come out of a car accident not only alive but unhurt with only the Subaru sustaining damage. This is not true. Unless they want to show accident reports that show no injuries or deaths in Subaru vehicles this is false advertising at the very least. Not to mention hurtful and condescending to parents who have had children hurt or killed in a Subaru. You will not tell me that there has been zero injuries or deaths in Subaru vehicles. For this reason I will never buy a Subaru because they think they can give us false hope with their product. When what they are selling is false and I won't buy any vehicle where the commercial tries fear as a tool as in the statement this is why parents buy a Subaru. Meaning you are only a good parent if you trust Subaru with you children. How condescending. All they truly care about is the money they make. Cause if they truly cared they wouldn't try to push lies down our throats. This new commercial is no better than the they lived commercial from last year.

  • I am presently driving a 2005 BMW X5 that I love. After seeing the ads during the Olympics and talking with friends, church and co-workers I decided to consider Subaru. Being a single, female, Afro-American, retired customer service manager from AT&T, I was appalled at the treatment today, 8/22/2016. Dealing with 85 degree to 93 degree weather here in Georgia, I stepped on your lot at Gwinnett Subaru. I walked your lot for 10 to 15 mins when the heat drove me inside your showroom where I stood for several min. to observe three sales employees doing absolutely nothing, yet still not approaching me to offer assistance. Interesting find, either your staff is paid whether they sale or not (giving them no incentive to assist your customers) or customers are of no concern to Subaru. I ask for the manager, she sat over the cube, (3 feet from the person speaking to me. I know because when I ask for the manager, the receptionist stood up and leaned over to talk with her. Shortly after a man approached me to explain that the manager was pregnant and preparing for maternity leave and would be referring me to someone else to assist. I was escorted to meet the young man sitting in the office behind the receptionist desk. I began to share my concern when the guy cut me short to inquire about my interest in vehicles. I share my interest when he walked me over to a staff member, shared my interest with him, the salesman told his acting manager he would get the keys. I told the salesman I would get my drivers license. On my walk to my car, I realized there were other dealerships in the area that would love to have my business. Your staff should understand that all dollar bills are green. What a poor representation of the name SUBARU.

  • This is my 4th phone call to Customer Service….on the phone as we speak.
    No one answers or after a certain amount of time you are disconnected.
    Just bought my first Subaru….was it a mistake?????

  • Don't know what the problem is with the inventory. I have been trying to find a cross trek in desert khaki since Memorial day weekend. No one has been able to locate one for me. I guess you lost a sale!

  • Horrible buying experience at your local Lou Fusz Subaru St Louis Missouri! I ordered it WRX in February doing the time there's no problem at all but after my car arrived ! It's a long story I have some parts to be installed on my car which they charge me to put it on….wheels, window visor and tinted windows, STI wing (after market) the dealership at Lou Fusz promised and charged everything that's supposed to be done on my car!!( during that time I referred a friend of mine bought the same car as me just in a different color) when it's time for me to pick up a car I saw that tinted window, window visor it wasn't done and also they did a horrible job with the paint on my trunk also on the STI wing there was bubble and run everywhere and I have inspected my trunk lid there is Dent inside of my trunk and rust spot on my brand new car!!! Finally after the third time they corrected the problem but still have scratches on my trunk…..( there's more to it I just don't want to explain .I have all the conversation text and copied if the corporate office wants me to prove I have it)
    The most furious things that make me so angry was that after the delivery they promised me going to give me a referral because my friend bought a car two weeks after me….. Lou Fusz had to call me and tell me if I don't give them two survey with all tens I will not able to get my referral and also they deliver to car with empty tank still didn't fill it up until this date… sorry about my English I try my best hopefully you understand I need some help… I picked up my car April 14th and look at it now the problem still there hasn't been fixed and they put me through a lot of stress

  • About a year ago I purchased an Outback. From the first week I picked-up the car, the trunk was giving me problems. I have been back and forth with this isssue and the service department can not fix it. They have changed out parts twice. I was told there was a recall on the parts but even though they replace the parts, it still doesn't work properly. I have arrived at work to find out my trunk won't open and I can not get my equipment out.This has happened multiple times. I have gone on vacation a few times and I was not able to get my luggage out. I have complained multiple times and the issue is not getting fixed. This car has had 4 recalls on it within 1 year from when I purchased it.I am getting to the point that if subaru does not do anything to help me, I will go find another company that can provide me with a more reliable car that I can be happy with. I loved my Nissan and I gave it up for this vehicle, right now I wish I never did! Priemier Subaru in Watertown CT is the dealership I am dealing with.

    • Hello I would like to know if your situation was resolved. I have had a situation with roadside, they are terrible.

  • The Bluetooth setup in my 2014 Impreza is horrible. Constant complaints and no work around or solution is available. Design flaw and no solution.
    Very disappointed

  • DCH Subaru Riverside – 4.30.16
    I had previously bought a WRX (CVT) in April 2015 VIN JF1VA1D68F8833097 with my son who had just graduated college and commissioned in the US Navy (flight school). We all loved the vehicle and is great for him as he now moves from navy base to navy base in his career.
    So much so that I went to buy another WRX (6M) for my wife yesterday from DCH Subaru Riverside, the experience was not good at all!!!
     Agreed a reasonable price.
     They showed me the financial printout vehicle deal which in the top left hand corner showed an item called Tx Accessory for $990?
     I inquired what this was, only to be told it was a dealer installed security system.
     Why was it not included in the window sticker details in plain sight, No reply!
     Why so much, No reply!
     What make is it, No reply!
     Where is it located on the vehicle, No reply!
    I held Subaru in such high esteem, but to be subject to such devious measures of a dealer wanting to make a profit in such an underhanded manner puts many things in doubt!
    This was to have been our third Subaru with the first one being a Subaru Baja 2003 model (VIN 4S4BT61C371077637).
    Now I am not too sure at all!
    Graeme R. Donaldson

  • Hello, I have purchased two Subaru cars & loved them both.
    the issue here is that there were deceptive practices when purchasing the second car, a Forester: one is that I get the triple AAA discount, and was also entitled to receive a discount from Mt Washington. I was told it was no longer the practice to get both, a fact I do not believe because three years prior, that was the case when I purchased an Outback…. I received the triple AAA discount as well as the ASPCA one as a member.
    Second deception: When purchasing the Forester, a $500.00 charge was added on for 4 oil changes….I went to the finance manager & he explained the four services would come to over $750.00. Today I found out those four services would come to $459.00, so I was lied to. I went to the finance manager & he stated the $500 coupon he gave me @ the time of the sale would be for my next Subaru & that I would not have to pay for any services @ that time. I did not want a coupon for a car I do not have. I do not appreciate being lied to in both instances.
    As for the Forester, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the car.
    This was @ the Bill Kolb Subaru in Orangeburg, New York. I would call the owner, but from a previous experience, I know she does not listen to complaints

  • I have bought a 2008 subura legacy. I have now three recalls on this car.
    There were 2 recall on the breaks for the same reason. After them being put in for service the same problem occurs. The second recall is ok and now I have a recall on the air bags after bring it in for that getting charged $150.00 to find out there is a recall. I am very disappointed in this car and can not believe all the recalls

  • Subaru should acknowledge, appreciate and award the hard working, long term Tech's that have been in the business for years. How many techs are out there that have been working only on Subaru's for 30+ years. I would say that is pretty amazing.

  • We owned a Subaru Outback and wanted to buy another new one, first time went to the Glendale CA location with an appointment for Max Vartanian at 12 pm on 12/18, there was no customer there, receptionist called him many times and he finally showed up after 20 min., after he showed me the price, I decided not to buy the car and left. Later found out Max kept my drivers licence, so called and asked whether he can send it back to me same day as it was his mistake (he left the drivers licence on the copy machine), he said he can mail it, I said can't wait and asked him to drive to my office as it is close by, he refused so I have to go there again and pick it up, terrible customer service! When I went back and pick it up, again no customer, while Max was browsing his mobile phone.

  • I feel your dog commercials send the wrong message. They encourage folks to put their beloved dogs in the car. Dogs die every summer because folks leave them in cars to run into the store or other such things, dogs often suffer heat stroke but can die once temperatures reach above 70 degrees. This fact applies even with windows down and parked in the shade. I think your efforts to sell your cars might be at the expense of many dogs.

  • michael savage on wabc radio has spent his show not only attacking pope francis but the catholic
    church, he has been going back 1000 years to point to corrupt popes for comparison. fornicators, thieves are pointed out, the vast wealth of the hypocritical church, that he claims helps no one.
    i will never, nor will my family or friends purchase a subaru again. my money will not provide one nickel to pay for advertising on this bigots show

  • Subaru makes the worst headrests I have ever used. My previous Subaru wasn't
    like this. I had the worst 8 hour ride sitting in the passenger seat that I have ever
    had even though I did some of the driving. The darn thing kept pushing into my
    head so I couldn't get comfortable unless I put the seat back way down. Do like dog

  • I can't believe Subaru doesn't offer seatbelt extensions. I work in healthcare and older people cannot get in the seat belts. All other cars offer seat belt extensions free but Subaru. I've had 3 Subaru's but this will be my last.

  • Just wanted to tell you how cute your dog commercials are. Enjoy all of them. Keep doing these types of commercials. Very refreshing.

    • I totally agree with you. I love the dog commercials. They're very cute and funny! They're great. I wish they would make more.

    • Believe it or not, most American households do not keep dogs. Anthropomorphizing animals in silly junk emails (aka "The Barkleys") will not help Subaru sell cars to most American households.

    • Believe it or not, most American households do not keep dogs. Anthropomorphizing animals in silly junk emails (aka "The Barkleys") will not help Subaru sell cars to most American households.

    • Love those commercials, I honestly purchased a Forester over a CR-V because of your cute dog commercials and your commitment to animals.

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