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T-Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact T-Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

12920 SE 38th St.
Bellevue, WA 98006 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-378-4000
Fax Number: 1-425-378-4040
TTY: 1-877-896-1018
Customer Service Number: 1-877-453-1304
Business Customer Service: 1-888-537-4242

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T-Mobile is a mobile internet and phone service. T-Mobile’s competition includes Verizon, and AT&T.

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T-Mobile Corporate Office
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  1. I ported out my number on my plan which was the main number and I’m the account holder. There were two numbers on the account and no one informed me at Metro PCS, which is owned by T-mobile-my previous provider, that porting a number only cancels that one line and not the second. T-mobile billed me a full $70 and when I contacted them on 12/14/22 they explained this to me and only issued a $20 credit. I want my full $70 back because not only did I not use the old T-mobile service after Nov 3, which is when I ported over to my new provider, Metro PCS, but metro did not inform me that the other line would have needed to be canceled.

  2. this is the worse service that I have ever had, in over 20 years of having a cell phone. I would discourage anyone from having it. MY phone does not work at all in the places that I frequent. So it is useless to me. Yet I am told that if I cancel, I will have to pay a fee. My phone has only worked 4 times in almost a month. And not where I need it. But if I am ever on the side of the road, in need of help, with no service. There is going to be a problem. Especially if I need medical help. I will NOT pay a fee to cancel service that I have been paying for for a few months now, but have not had. The way I see it, is that I am owed money. At this rate I am wondering how many lawsuits does t mobile have. because someone was in need of medical, or the police. But had no service on this nationwide service. Looks like false advertising to me.

  3. T-Mobile is an uncovered lone shark tank whose employees have no morality or ethics, they consistently try and embezzle money from its customers. I paid my bill then on nov 30.22 the payment was deleted I was never contacted to alert me to the fact that my payment was rejected. then they suspended my account when I called to try and straighten the issue out an employee posing as a supervisor said his name was David, he constantly talked over me and each sentence was a lie when I challenged him on the validity of his statements he had to backtrack for instance he said oh we always want to get our money that’s number 1. then why did they not text or call me to let me know there was an issue with my payment so I could resubmit another one. then he said he could not see my payment form account number only the last 4 digits when I challenged him on getting the information corrected. the issue seemed to be that they were told by my bank that the account was closed. which was a LIE, still no one sent me any communications allowing me to correct any payment forms. he just kept going around in getting nowhere circles. I believe this is a tactic they use to frustrate The customer so in the end, the customer will agree to their dishonest tactics. well, I absolutely will not pay a bogus fee for their intentional mistake which is for the sole purpose of stealing from unsuspecting customers I believe.

  4. Good morning, As I write this response, I doubt seriously anyone with any authority will acknowledge it. But here goes. I was a faithful T-Mobile customer for over 15 years and recently switched to AT&T, due to an irresistible savings offer & free new phone for all four of my lines. I have had several issues with you all over the years but usually, they were resolved in a somewhat timely manner. My final frustration with T-Mobile was that I learned upon my cancellation of service, that I was being charged for 2 lines (watch & tablet) for years, which I did not approve. I have made several trips to the local T-Mobile store trying to cancel these lines and finally was successful in this matter months after the cancellation of my service. My disappointment is that you all charged me for services, I told you years ago that I didn’t want. I never got an, I’m sorry or an offer of a refund. I didn’t even get the $64.61 refund you owe me for the last bill. I’m simply writing this letter in hopes you treat the next customer better than you treated me. I hope you all don’t make a habit of ripping off your customers.

  5. Hello, I was a long-term Sprint customer and decided to switch to T-Mobile. I called customer service to find out how to have my account moved to T-Mobile and was told to go to a corporate store. I went to the corporate store located 1272 N. Lake St. in Aurora, IL on 10/8, and was told that I would have to have my account migrated over the phone and pay off the phones on my sprint account. I told the store rep that customer service told me to come to their location because it is a corporate store. The store rep, then said I’d have to pay off my phones on my Sprint account first, before my account could be migrated. So I went home and paid off my phones on the Sprint account and returned to the corporate store to have my account migrated to T-Mobile. The store rep who helped us, ported our phone numbers to a T-Mobile account, charged us $199.00 and put us on a month-to-month pre-paid plan. One of the phone numbers did not port over right away. The store rep told us that it should sometime that day, so we left and went home. It took almost three days for the phone number to finally port over. The phone happened to be my husband’s work phone and for 2 days he could not reach his customers, nor could his customers reach him. I had made several phone calls and my husband went back to the store on 10/10 to see if someone could help him. Early morning of 10/11, he finally had his old phone number. The other issue is that I never asked to be put on a prepaid plan. I also told the rep that I work for UPS and get a discount. He said that once the numbers were all ported over, I could select my plan and would receive a link to verify my employment at UPS.

    I went to a second corporate store located at 4430 Fox Valley Center Dr. 105 on 10/19/22 to have the account migrated and upgrade my phones. The manager at this store told me that since my Sprint account was not migrated to T-Mobile, and I was on a prepaid plan, that she would not be able to migrate my Sprint account to T-Mobile. Secondly, she said I should not have been charged the $199.00. She “attempted” to see if the Sprint account could be reactivated and then try to migrate my account. After an hour or so, she said that the Sprint account had been inactivated for too long, the account could not be migrated. I would have to be treated as a ‘new’ customer and they would have to run my credit. This is unacceptable, because I had been with Sprint for a long time, and it was not my fault that the first T-Mobile rep screwed up. The manager at the Fox Valley store said she would keep trying to reactivate my Sprint account and migrate it to T-Mobile.

    I reached out to her on 10/21, again on 10/25 and again on 10/26. She finally texted me back to say that the Sprint account could not be reactivated and she would not be able to migrate me to T-Mobile. The only option is for me to have a credit report ran to have an account set up. This whole ordeal has been unbelievable and totally unacceptable. Why am I being penalized for something that a T-Mobile rep caused? I have excellent credit, so that is not the issue. I just don’t want my credit to be ran, because I’m about to do some home improvements. I need for someone to address this matter and correct it without giving me the run around and without running a credit report. I will choose another carrier that will provide me with the customer service I deserve. As a long time Sprint customer, I never expected this sort of treatment, and for this migration to be such a nightmare. But I’m guessing there is no loyalty for being a Sprint customer.

    I would greatly appreciate a response.

  6. I just went to the Hollister, CA location to ask some questions. The first girl that approached me had absolutely no clue about anything. She didn't even know what the different plans are or how to access them on the website. She finally told me someone else would help me then left the premises completely. Well, I waited for over a half hour while 2 agents helped other customers, but another one, Ashley, ignored me while she diddled on the computer. I finally went up to Ashley and asked her if what she was doing was so much more important than helping me. She actually tried to tell me that it was really busy (2 other customers.already being helped) and that she thought I was already being helped (while I stood alone waiting and waiting). If this is how T-Mobile treats their customers, then I need to check out Boost or Verizon.

  7. I web-chatted to get tmobile service on 5/8/20 @ 7:00am – it took over 45 minutes to complete the ordering process after a very pushy sales rep talked me into a plan that I didnt ask for. I agreed to pay an overnight shiiping charge as I was without a phone. I was assured after paying $124.80 via my bank debit card that my sim card and tab a would be delivered the next day. Well guess what, the delivery didnt come until 5/13/20 after I had contacted customer service to cancel my order and service on 5/11/20. I went with metro on 5/11/20 and had my service and phone that same day. I was told I couldnt cancel my order for tmobile because it was in process and that I could just send back the equipment when it was delivered. On 5/16/20 I returned all equipment (box was never opened and nothing was ever activated) on 5/16/20 and received email that the return had been received on 5/20/20. The credit indicated in the email was for $38.48 not the full charge of $124.80 that has been paid via my debit card. I am requesting full credit of all charges within 7 days before I take legal action. I have spoken to the fcc and am fully aware of my rights. I was with tmobile for quite some time and left because of the rates and the lack of customer service – I was willing to give tmobile a second chance which I now see was futile. I would highly recommend more in-depth customer service training for all of your sales and customer service reps.

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