TaylorMade Corporate Office Headquarters

TaylorMade Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
TaylorMade-Adidas Golf
5545 Fermi Ct.
Carlsbad, CA 92008-7324 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-760-918-6000
Fax Number: 1-760-918-6014
Customer Service Number: 1-866-530-8624


  • I thought this company was great in customer service until my last dealings with them. They canceled and order I placed and said they sent an email,not, told me a supervisor would call me, not, Lies lies lies, this company has to be the worst ever, BTW I switched to Titleist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m new to the game of golf. Started off with Nike clubs. I heard nothing but great thing about Taylormade products. Received a 2016 M1 driver for my birthday. Loved it. The club head came off the shaft and was damaged Saturday while playing. Called Taylormade Golf customer service and it was the worst experience. Jack was rude and denied me a supervisor. I was shocked… he wouldn’t even give me a BS line about “I’ll have my Supv. Call u back, put me on hold and hang up, or anything.” Just flat out told that he will not give me a supervisor.

    I was pleased with product and intended on upgrading to the 2017 M1 driver and purchasing new M2 irons before the end of the year. After being treated like a second class citizen from their customer service, I will spend my 1200.00 elsewhere. From my experience of the way Taylormade Golf treat their customers, I’m sure that my loss of business might be pennies to them. But, I love the game and will purchase my equipment from another company.

    I’m not disgruntled, but I’m highly disappointed.

    Donald Tillman Jr.
    CCNA Voice | Collaboration | Routing & Switching

  • I don't know if this is where I complain but I will be calling also. Your outlet store in Destin Fl at silver sands outlet mall has awful customer service. I purchased pants for my husband to wear today and I live an hour away he couldn't wear them because they left the alarm tag on, so I then have to drive all the way back today to get it off. I walk in and they say "oh that sucks we're sorry." They are extremely unprofessional they were playing with the equipment in the store that people pay a lot of money for and they were awkwardly flirting with me and my friend. It was gross behavior and because of it they weren't paying attention to me at check out and didn't take off the tag. I am extremely disappointed in the company and their supervisor and will be callling the corporate office. Thanks.

  • I made a hole in one, on the 123 yard 12th hole, par 3 using a 9 iron, at the Mainlands golf club 9445 Mainlands Blvd. Pinellas Park Fl. 33782 on my Monday morning golf league Paradise Island on 2/6/17 using a TaylorMade < LETHAL >

  • Hi! my name is Morris Jacobsen, I'm 60yrs old and I served in desert storm, I was looking on your web site and saw the new limited edition driver at$800 does that not seem a little expensive to you? I myself would love to be able to buy one. After the R1 came out I bought one that came with a 60 gram shaft,what a mistake!!!! upgraded the shaft and it was so-so, went to a titleist driver and loved it just miss taylormade drivers.

  • Hello,my name is Lonnie Huff and I caddied on Tour for 25 year's until 3 year's ago and was oin a terrible auto-rollover head-on car accident I was the passenger,and I have a set of Rocket Blade's now and you sent me a new M2 Iron stiff shaft 88 shaft,well my problem is I have had 8 operations and I have 2 more for my back and they assure me I will be able to play again,my hospital bill's are over 144,000.00 and I can't afford your new club's and I was wondering if you can come to some way I may be able to get a set of these M2 Iron's.I am 68 year's old now and on s.s. and can't afford to get anything it seem's.Please get back to me.lonniecaddie@yahoo.com thank's

  • hi can some one please tell me how to get hold of the design team at taylormade , me and a friend have designed a new idea that will be a world seller in golf ,we both play golf to a good standard, I am a 4 h/c and my friend is a 1 h/c, please can someone help or invest in our idea, my name is james hickman and email address is info@hampshirecountycoatings.com

  • hello mr king, my name is Denis Porter, I am from the U.K I saw you on undercover boss,you have a lovely family,and you seen a nice chap you would be the type of person I could be a good friend to? I am 70 in june coming and have,nt got many years left to injoy the golf that I love playing.i had two turmor,s out of my right lung,just leaving me with one and a little bit of lung left,but I can just about get around with a buggy, before I retire from the golf I would like to try your taylor made golf clubs ,I am not begging for a set if I was working I would buy my own, but having those turmor,s out made me finish work early because I was not strong enough to do the job no longer, so I hope you would see my point of view and help me to have the top of the range clubs ,that would be very help ful on your part. thankyou so much mr king. D.M.Porter (Denis).

  • Hello my name is Charles Larney. I used to own a set of Taylormade Afterburners. I served in the Coast Guard and from 2006 to 2008 I worked for the Army in Iraq. Now I'm disabled. I would like to get back into golf again But I can't afford golf clubs on my Disability check. I thought it would be worth a try to see if you could donate a set to me. I'm right handed just in case. My address is 40245 Gator Lake Road Lady Lake Florida 32159. Thanks and God Bless America

  • Unable access tayloemadegolf.com via internet explorer? I went to the local msn store here in Seattle they concluded the problem lies with your site. Someone needs to correct your code for internet explorer. Thx

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