TD Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters

TD Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters
Two Portland Square or P.O. Box 9540
Portland, Maine 04112-9540
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-462-3666
TD Bank, N.A. New Jersey Office
1701 Route 70 East
Cherry Hill,
New Jersey 08034
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-751-9000
Corporate Head Office in Canada
TD Tower, 15th Floor 66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON M5K 1A2 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-416-308-9030
Fax Number: 1-416-982-6335

  • Attention Everybody, please inform your friends:
    Below I document a scam I just been victim of, a scammer hacked my PayPal account and within seconds made 6 charges, I had my PayPal coming out of my bank account and he emptied it in seconds. PayPal says the charges are valid and the bank does not answer. Lucky I did not have much money in the account but I am facing over $300.00 in "Overdraft fees".
    Please advice everybody to have PayPal money come out of a Credit Card NOT your Bank, You can dispute the Credit card and get your money back. that way PayPal gets screwed not you.

    Update on the SCAM, I had my account with TD Bank and even though they have the fiduciary obligation to protect my money they watched as the scammers emptied the bank account without telling me what was going on, and when the account was empty they charged me with $105.00 in "Overdraft Fees" and $70.00 in "Returned item fee" (NSF) then without notifying me they send $287.83 for collection to a Debt collection agency in Minneapolis, MN. Visiting the Bank was a waste of time, only one desk was occupied and the banker claimed to be the manager, (Doubt it as his desk was not at the end) refused to do anything, saying something like I needed to talk to "Recovery". Called Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-462-3666 talked to "Customer service" was told to talk to "Recovery" asked to be transfer to "Recovery" and they hung up.

  • We had 12 accounts with Td. They put all our accounts on hold because of an ongoing issue with our credit card and them thinking the same charges that occurred for over a year were fraud. Time and time again we tell them they are not. Than they put holds on all of our accounts. My employees were almost without a paycheck because of Td even though there is plenty of money in the accounts. Thank you Bank of America for stepping up and handling that situation for us so quickly. $10,000 in checks out with plenty of money in our account and they return all of them as NSF checks. How unfair is it for a company owner to deal with this because a bank who doesn't care about their clients. It was excuse after excuse and no actual answers to remedy the situation that should have never occurred. This is the worst bank ever. I will not recommend this to anyone for business or a personal account. They can't seem to be on the same page with answers and have invalid excuses time and time again. Please read this post before doing business with a company like this. My employees matter to me and NOT to TD in anyway. This started at Td in Mauldin SC but extended all the way up to the highest contacts we could speak with. Across the board these people are awful. Rebecca Swanland branch manager in Mauldin is a liar as well as her boss Jay. Her poor employee Hunter was trying his best to remedy the situation because Rebecca wouldn't even try to step in because she is a poor excuse of a manager. Her boss Jay lied many times and both him and Rebecca couldn't even be on the same page with their lies. Just tried blaming everyone even each other . Brittany the assistant at Mauldin told Jay she was handling the situation but never once stepped in to do anything . Even a week prior to our situation Brittany complained about how Td has shut off her accounts and cards and did wrong to her as well. Janet a teller in Mauldin was highly upset that Hunter was trying to help us because she refused to stay at work until 6pm doing bookbags (whatever that means)and she felt as though he should be helping her instead of us. And to voice her opinion so loudly in front of us was rude and uncalled for. Thank you TD for opening our eyes to the worse banking experience ever. We will take our business elsewhere. Thank you

  • Just like everyone else on this posting page, I have nothing good to say about TD Bank. I put in a request to be removed from an escrow account (attached to my mortgage loan) that has been ripping me off for the past eight years. Now that I am on to this Ponzi scheme, TD bank is taking their time closing the account. I called mortgage solutions customer service to get an update on my request. Why did I do that! I spoke to an account representative named Brenda who doesn't know her A–, from a hole in the ground, but she repeatedly tried to give me false advice on how escrow works. I was so annoyed with her that I asked to speak with the supervisor of that group. Her name was Jennifer. She was apologetic but another person that knew nothing. I'm just wondering why either of these people are employed with this outfit, because the jobs that they are trying to perform are way over their heads. No wonder this bank gets such bad reviews. Can't wait until I pay this mortgage off. They don't have to worry about me dealing with them ever again!

  • My husband an I are customers in good standing, we save up our change throughout the year and to hand it to our grandkids when the bank did away with the "Penny Arcade", we were given coin wrappers to bring our coins in to the bank . My husband did that today and guess what??? they actually charged us.. Are you kidding me??? I am steaming mad. Were doing all the work and they charge us??? I'm really considering pulling my accounts and leaving . The nerve they have nickel ad dimng their customers. I am livid.I am now going to email the corporate offices and see what their response is.

    • TD is the WORST BANK. I never opened a credit card there and BAM, i have one. Then I worked it out with them and NOW in hell with them…. right now 3 hours just on hold. They have pulled my credit twice, UNAUTHORIZED. TD bank blames TD CC? They are a run around bank. I am pulling my accounts. I have probably talked to 25 people in 6 months and no one knows what they are doing. TD BANK YOU ARE NOT THE MOST CONVENIENT BANK but feel free to take the title as the worsts.

  • TD Bank is no longer the best bank to have an account in, they have taken away pass books, stopped taking change and they wouldn't cash my cashers check

  • I should have done my due diligence and read these comments before engaging TD Bank for a homeowners loan. The loan officer who should be fired. I do not say this lightly, but her customer service was non-existent, unprofessional, and quite frankly appalling! Requesting documents which were already submitted only to realize that she did not check fax. No communication, days to return emails and messages, just to mention a few. Do your self a favor and use this bank as a very last resort.

  • I took out a personal loan about a year and a half ago , which I have been paying monthly now . I applied for a new personal loan for the same amount to pay off the old loan and put the balance into my account . The person I spoke to on the phone spoke broken English and I could barley make out his questions . I must have said excuse me or what did you say 20 times . I was told someone would contact me within 2 days . Two days went by and nothing so I called back . I was informed that it was not approved . I explained the situation to find out the loan wasn't filed right , again I was told someone would call me the next day . No phone call again . Again I called and a third time it was resubmitted , and that someone would call me ,. Yep no phone call . I was told that my in coming money and my output money did not meet the companies criteria . Funny how a person paying off the same loan for a year and a half with the same income all of a sudden doesn't meet the companies criteria , especially when the new loan would only be four dollars more a month and I have a credit score of 793 . On top of the unprofessional courtesy of no phone call three times . Perhaps it's time for me to move on to another establishment who care about their customers . Perhaps I should inform my family and friends and everyone else I can reach out too , to do the same , may of them owning business and doing business with TD .

  • my grand son was overdrawn 80$. they kept adding surcharges until the 80$ was 800$. they gave him a ?brake? and settled for half. he was a high school student when this happened.

  • We have both several personal accounts and our company account with TD Bank. My husband and I both receive paychecks drawn on the TD Bank corporate account and we would want them deposited into our personal TD Bank account. Despite the fact the teller can see there is more than sufficient funds to cover the checks, a hold is consistently placed on them. The outrage is that IF we happen to get a personable teller, he or she will regard the checks as cash and deposit as cash so there is no waiting period. Unfortunately, this is a random policy orchestrated at the whim of the teller handling the transaction. We deposited our paychecks on Saturday and I called the bank when I saw a hold was placed on the deposit this morning. The bank manager informed me that "a Saturday is the same as a Monday" to TD Bank (the world's most inconvenient bank) and the funds are on hold until TUESDAY. I truly believe that we are treated so shabbily because our corporate account is significant but not astounding in its balance. What TD Bank is not aware of is that the BULK of our deposits (seven figures) are being wired to another bank by our clients as the wire fees at TD Bank are outrageous. THAT bank is the one that we are transferring ALL of the TD Bank accounts to immediately. Enough is enough. Since we started with TD Bank hours have been cut, staff has been cut (we are lucky to have two people in the bank at any given time) and policy changes (such as transactions being listed according to time receipt within the same day)have been instituted. ALL for the convenience of TD Bank. I even searched the web for the proper person to write to and the complaint page lists everything BUT information for a person simply wanting to complain about day to day banking. TD Bank needs to realize that pushing water bottles, cups of coffee and hand sanitizer on a customer is NOT what keeps a customer, decent service alone would do the trick.

  • This bank is a nightmare. I have been with them for a couple of years. I am being charged over $5000.coo in overdraft fees that the bank cannot explain. I intend to file a law suit against them for illegal fees.

  • I am over paid on TD BANK VISA, I want an easy way for negative surplus balances to go from TD Bank Visa Credit Card to my TD BANK savings immediately. Not Happy to wait. tic toc, waiting; sorry, transfers with adequate authorization should not be like pulling teeth. I Also want FRIENDLY ‘Keep It Simple Sweet’ ways to transfer from none TD accounts to TD BANK account. PLEASE!

  • This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with in my life. Anyone considering banking with TD, do yourself a favor and bank ANYWHERE else!! Their customer service is a joke! I was contacted regarding potential fraudulent activity on my account, confirmed with the representative that I spoke to that the activity was fraud as I was not even in the state. She apologizes and closed my account to prevent further activity. I checked back in with the branch two weeks later to check on the status of the fraud charges that I incurred and find out that my account was never closed and remained open! I have never dealt with a more backwards group of people in my life! I finally got them to close my account that day (2 weeks after I reported fraud)…then when I follow up again they said that my claim was rejected because the withdrawals made from my account used the correct pin number so there is no proof that it wasn't me. Mind you during the month long investigation process, my account continued to be charged overdraft fees! Worst bank ever!!!

  • A complete and utter CLOWN SHOW! went online 11/24/15 and "Cash Rewards Card" interested me. After 20+ phone calls totaling over 4 hours of my life over a menial credit card, finally received the card 1/7/16, called to activate, to find out the PROMO that got my business, no longer applies. 45 days to get a credit card (exceptional credit), a shell game, bait & switch, a complete clown show. Disappointed and disengaged so much so, considering taking my banking side of my business elsewhere. Over a credit card. Unbelievable.

  • I don't have a college education but I can't believe that no one has a clue when it comes to constructing a sentence on this page of complaints. wtf !

  • I guess I have nothing to say about TD Bank either. A branch up of TDBank near NYC created a debit card with false information (fraud) under my wife's name. I understand that fraud is getting bad and that our information has been compromised by just about any company we have done business with….. BUT, they created a debit card in my wife's name attached to our checking and savings account and gave it to someone OTHER THAN MY WIFE. Great fraud security. You know it gets better right??!!! They are not going to reimburse us the $900 stolen from our account. Yes, it is true. Here are the excuses they list, after making a debit card and giving it to someone who is NOT MY WIFE.

    Thank you for contacting us in regards to the disputes.

    Our records indicate the dispute has been completed and denied for the following reasons: The first fraudulent transaction occurred September 2015 with authorized transactions occurring in between claimed fraud items. Two, Claimed fraud is occurring within 25 minutes of location of unclaimed transactions. Spending/withdrawal pattern is consistent with the cardholders history. (Amounts/Frequency) A copy of the dispute will be mailed to the address on file. We apologize for any confusion in regards to these disputes. If you have any further questions, please contact us via email or call 1-888-751-9000 1-888-751-9000 FREE to speak with a Customer Service Representative, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    So, if you think they are protecting your money, think again. If you think they have your best interests, think again. Legendary BAD service. America's most Convenient Bank at LOSING YOUR MONEY and making excuses not to pay you back. This is my recent experience!!!!

    • Yeah, man, I totally get it. Great talk, no action. Free to speak with a Customer Service Representative, who will do nothing to get you your money back. lol what a joke

  • Anonymous: October, 2015
    TD bank are cheaters.So stay away. I took a collateral loan of $5000.0 against my savings account. On the assigned pay off period I am told there is no recovery of my collateral. Is'nt that real crooked?

  • T.D Bank stinks
    They are thieves and will keep you enslaved and do anything to lower your credit score… never ever working for the client but against the client…
    Run , don't walk, Run away from them

  • I was just at a TD bank in Milford CT . For starters i'm 53 y/o white male with a clean police record , A local business purchased a vehicle off of me , I went to the bank to cash the check , They said they need to verify the check by calling the business , The father signed the check for the son , When the bank called the owner , The owner gave the bank permission to cash the check , The teller refused to cash the check for me because the father signed the check , But the son gave them permission to cash the check , Very sad how they do business , I will never do business with that bank again nor will i ever have anything good to say about them , I've heard a lot of bad crap about them , Add this to the list ,

  • Just thought I would check in before my wife and I applied for a account with TD Bank. I'll be headed to Wells Fargo this afternoon and I'm an American. Thank you for your boldness and frankness. Dave

  • Not sure where to begin. Calling TD Bank " America's Most Convenient Bank " is somewhat of a joke in of itself, but that's just the beginning of this ABOMBIDATION that calls itself a bank. The bank manager at my branch did not know that her master key for the safe deposit boxes was different than my key, so that when my safety deposit did not open, she told me my key was broken. This bank treats customers to the worst customer service experience in my lifetime and it's very simple…..they could care less about Americans, it's all about the money and they are a Canadian outfit. Trying to get to somebody with a brain or brain matter working is like dealing with the Gestapo !! My personal story is so bizarre that when I tell it to my friends they laugh. I'm closing my accounts, my brother is closing his a personal friend is also closing his and another friend with follow suit. This bank SUCKS. I drove home to get my other key, and when I compared them, they both were identical. At that point , I called to speak with the bank manager to inform her that both keys were identical, I was put on hold for 12.5 minutes, then told I would be on hold again and I stated that I only wanted to know when I could expect to get into the bank, I was hung up on. At that point, I drove back to the bank and asked the manager off the side from plain view, in a slightly elevated and frustrated voice and I was told to sit down, which I did and the manager called the POLICE in on me. Now that's what I call customer service. I had to explain to the policeman what was going on, nothing was then said and I exited the bank. Two days later I get a summons in the mail, citing I was a disorderly person, which can carry a $1000.00 fine and 6 months in county jail. I never bothered calling corporate to "RAT her out" for being incompentant, until I received that summons, then was apologized to and told that the "police should have never been involved when the regional manager did his/her investigation" and was told they would provide a letter to verify that in court. Well they provided NO SUCH LETTER OR HELP OF ANY KIND. They left me out in the cold, in a matter that the police should have never been involved in. I was lied to by Peter Tadros office(regional manager) and by customer service in Portland, Maine……..I was also told that Jillian Cavanagh (bank manager), was a little "stressed out" because she had to work over an 18 day stretch and that was part of the problem because the bank was understaffed like most TD branches, to help pay the $50 million dollar salary of TD's CEO. I only asked the bank for a simple letter to the local borough to support me that there was NO DISORDERLY CONDUCT of any kind and they couldn't/ wouldn't do that for a good and loyal customer of almost 15 years…..who has never been arrested in his life spanning 66 years. Never disrespected a police officer, never disrespected a township official in any township and never been in a public fight or had any domestic violence issues and is a Viet Nam Vet with a good conduct medal. Loyal customer and they threw me to the wolves. If your going to bank, bank with an American tradition and institution…….frig Canada. James E. Scheffler a proud AMERICAN who learned the hard way today…..

  • Not one Positive Comment here. Doesn't that tell you something. Yes, I was lured into the false pretense that TD was " the bank", extended hours, free coin counter. Ten days ago I deposited a local business check for $1000. It was a deposit for work I was to perform. two business days later $600 of it cleared my account but not the entire $1000, ok, still gives me room to work. I paid a few bills and took my daughter to lunch. CARD DECLINED. What? An hour ago there was $600 ! After the initial embarrassment and needing to borrow $40 from my daughter. I go to the nearest branch to get answers. I'm politely told that " Ms. Turner in Investigations says the signatures doesn't match checks they have written me in the past" and she is putting a hold on the check for ten days. WTF ! First off, although I have known the owner of the business for several years and he wrote the check in front of me, he has NEVER written me a check before so what do they have to compare it to? And he tells me he has never, ever done business with TD. Secondly, Is this Ms. Turner a certified Forensic Document examiner? I'll bet not and if she isn't how is she qualified to make such a statement as they don't match? I smell incompetence. Very disgusted with TD and I plan to post my opinion on every site I can find as well as the Federal Reserve and Banking Commission. Needless to say it s been the ten days and its STILL not released. This is unacceptable.

  • I read all the comments and I agree with so many people who have comments here that TD is the worst bank in customer service and also how come some branches are so good and some are so worst do anyone do undercover boss here ot not???????????????????? I suggest they should and figureout that what is the customer service??????

  • A friend has an account at one of these crappy TD banks. He wrote me a check and since I don't have an account there they were going to charge me 7.00 to cash it. I asked if this friend would get the 7.00 and they said no. That is a scam. First Niagara charges nothing for the same exact thing. TD bank will NEVER EVER get any of my business.

  • I went into the branch in West Babylon and poured four buckets full of change into the change machine. I had one bucket almost full of quarters. The ticket stated $474.00. I contacted the police and I am still waiting on the audit, please be weary of those machines. I used Teacher's Federal Credit Union years ago, and didn't even have half of what I had the other day and it came to $1700. The teller's were rude and looked at me like I was crazy. I saved for five years, there is no way I only saved $474.00. My husband and I were counting on at least $2,000 because we had so much more than the last time we had done it. I used TD Bank because it was closer to me, that was how we were going to pay for my daughter's Sweet 16. My poor daughter was there and was was horrible. Once this mess get's cleared, I will remove my money and never return.

  • They are rude and disgusting. My daughter went to use their ATM machine and the money never dispensed any cash but it's reading that the ATM gave it to her. Now I'm asking TD Bank to reimburse my daughters money and they told me that they can't give her back her money and to call the number on the back of her card.we call that number and they told her she has to wait 30 days for her to get it back because it was saying she took it out. I'm so pissed. That was my grandbabies Christmas money and now we're all messed up for Christmas. I hate that bank and I am definitely suing there butts.

  • I called and told them someone had hacked my account said to The fraud division aid to stop the online privileges of the bank. I told them I did not want to do that if it meant I would have problems with payments not being paid and being charged fees. I was told I could call between 7AM to midnight to check on payments. I forgot for two days. The third day when I called I spoke with a woman named Ideal. She said I'd been given the wrong information. She said I had to call between 7AM-11Am. If I'd been given that information before I never would have have agreed to restrict my account because often I don't wake up until 12 or 1PM. I asked for a supervisor to call but no one ever did. I went into the Branch and spoke to the manager. He did get a supervisor to call m once, however I was not home at that time. That supervisor did not leave a contact number. Today I looked up their corporate office and asked for the CEO, Mike Pederson's office. They transferred me to someone who says a person from the Vice-Presidents office will return my call with some resolution tomorrow. The phone number I called was 888-751-9000. Good luck.!!!! I hope my story I helpful to lots of other people!!!!

  • This bank does not have customers. It has victims. The fees charged are arbitrary and are a form of financial robbery and assault. When I asked for the name and address of the President of TD Bank and the corporate address of the bank officials in New Jersey refused to give me the information. Worst bank I have ever dealt with.

    • I agree. Anyone off the street can come in that bank and add themselves to your checking account, making it a joint account without your knowledge, use your money fraudulently, and this bank will not correct the error they made letting someone walk in the bank impersonating you with no ID, and stealing from your account.

  • I am writing in regard to an issue I had with the Td Bank ATM located at 1275a 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002 and the Td Bank Personnel on the days between September, 19–20, 2014.
    I went to the ATM and tried to withdraw $300.00 on Friday, September 19, 2014 near 6:20pm and the machine took all of my information and was about to disperse the money and then the screen went BLUE and a “OUT OF SERVIC” message appeared.
    I assumed the machine was out of money, so I went to the next ATM and it would not dispense any money because my account did not have the funds! I was totally upset at this point because this was money needed to pay a bill on Saturday, September 20, 2014. I noticed three employees in the Td Bank, so I tried to get their attention, the two males and one female, which completely ignored me, but one of the males’ came to the door since I was so persistent. As we spoke through the open door, I explained the situation and he stated he could not help me but to check my last ten (10) transactions and he gave me the number to call the Customer Service Line and said they could assist me. The names of the bank personnel still in the bank were as follows: Manikel Brandon, Christian and Andrew Faulkow.
    When I called the Customer Service line, I spoke to two (2) Greenville, SC Td Bank Representatives and the name of one person I spoke with was Stephanie about 7:30pm. Both Representatives explained that it would take at least ten (10) Business days for my money to be refunded because they would need to investigate if there was any fraudulent activity and I expressed to them “this was not acceptable.” I needed my money ASAP!! Stephanie informed me to try the bank manager on Saturday, September 20, 2014 and she might be able to expedite the refund. I spoke with Missy Girma, Asst. Vice President/Store Manager for Td Bank located at the site of the ATM machine in Washington, DC 20002.
    After I explained the issue to Ms. Girma; she stated that the refund would take approximately three (3) Business days. I informed her “this was not acceptable because the money was needed now, not THREE (3) days later and this was placing me in a terrible financial bind with my other creditor.

    I left the bank on Saturday and called again to see if I could speak someone over Ms. Girma, but there was no one there at that point and Ms. Girma asked my why did I call back again and as I explained to her I want my money refunded to my account and this was putting me in a situation that was not my fault and the bank that I have been with for years was acting as if nothing was wrong!
    I hope this issue will be looked into with the ATM machines and the non-caring personnel with Td Bank. I hope no one else will have to experience this type of service regarding their own money.

  • I made a deposit of approximately $34,000 on 7/29 the check was form a 401K plan TIAA-CREF drawn on a Chase bank. The check was made payable to someone else so we completed a double endorsement with the manager Rosario with both endorsees present with id's all was fine. I asked when the funds would be available and was told by Rosario that she did not know and that I should check tomorrow. On 7/30 I logged into my online baking account and was surprised to fill that the full $34,000 was available. No transactions were pending. I called my branch located at 47 Newark Street, Hoboken ,NJ to inform them that I would like to withdraw $15,000 to make sure they had the available funds. Sonia answered the phone asked my name and address, placed me on hold to check the availability and told me that it would be fine for me to come in to withdraw the $15,000. I arrived at my bank at approximately 1pm filled out the required withdrawal and after a few minutes the teller asked me to wait while her manager verified the amount. I was then called to the manager who told me that the funds were not available I questioned this telling him that according to my online banking account info the funds were in fact available. He was sympathetic but could not explain why the online info was completely different from his info at the branch. His name is Joe, I believe he is the head teller. He then went off to speak to someone at the desk. He came back a few minutes later with a young woman who proceeded to tell me the funds were not available and making me feel like it was somehow my fault that I was mislead by the information posted to my online account. But what made this even worse is that she was speaking to me in the crowded lobby where everyone could hear by business. I finally waved her off telling her that I did not appreciate her discussing my business in the lobby. Joe came back and told me that she was calling Chase Bank to see if the funds were available, after 5-10 minutes Joe came back to tell me that all was ok and walked me back to the teller. I got to the teller and she had the money in her hand she asked me if I wanted to go to a private room to count the money myself. I told her that I would not be necessary as she would have already verified the $15,000. I stood waiting and all of a sudden I was called to another teller window and was introduced to Brian Douglas the branch manager. I apologized for me being treated badly but explained that the woman who called to verifiy the availability of funds from Chase had not done a proper job and that the funds were not going to be released until tomorrow. I spend one hour in my neighborhood branch being treated like a criminal I was completely humiliated. That is why as soon as my funds become available I am closing my accounts with you and putting my money elsewhere. Shame on you TD bank you really need to work on your customer service.


  • TD bank charged my account almost $2000.00 in fees in 60 days! When I confronted them they put all of the blame on me. They are the biggest thieves ever!!!! Run do not walk from this bank. They stay open late so they can rob people. I have been with them since Commerce and I wish they never took over. The worst bank in the world!

  • TD bank is starting to be one of the worst banks that I have ever dealt with. I tried to get through to online customer service for one half hour and they never picked up and the phone keep disconnecting. I am changing banks!!!!!

  • TD Bank
    Just learned that you are kneeling before Obama, and not allowing Gun related buisness. Political Corectness Sucks! and so do you, and your Banks. Just read some feedback form your customers, and it's all bad! Hope you go out of buisness! You and scum like you make me sick.
    Get a spine and the HNIC, to go to Hell!

  • Worst banking experience of my life! I helped a granddaughter buy a nearly new car for which we paid cash and her equity will be about 50%. I have three accounts at the Newtown, PA branch with a reasonable total balance, no debts and a credit rating of 700 or better. My granddaughter, who lives with me, has worked for the same employer for six years. Guess what! The loan which I was to guarantee was denied! I raised a rumpus and now they have decided they will approve the loan if only I will provide them with a great long list of financial data for both my granddaughter and myself. Didn't need it at the application but need it now! Could have gotten an auto loan from the dealer in an instant and my own bank has their loan approval process so mucked up they appear not to be satisfied with the 50% equity and have not recognized that grand pop lives in a home that has long since been paid off. Think I will next write a bit of a note to Mike Pedersen, the President of a bank that can't get out of its own way!

  • Unfortunately I went against my better judgment and used a TD Bank ATM, (I will not have an account with them) and their ATM apparently broke, leaving my $360 sitting inside the ATM yet taking out the funds from my account. The teller said I have to file a dispute and couldn't give me my money. . . .. .leaving me with no money for my kids for EASTER. Calling customer service all they did was connect me to the bank. . . . SO as of today THNK YOU VERY MUCH TD FOR TAKING MY KIDS EASTER AWAY !!!!!

  • I opened a checking acct for my business and was told that there would be a one dollar charge for every statement they send me. That's 12 bucks a year. They want me to bank on line and my experience with on line banking has been horrible, so I prefer a paper trail. I get they are going "green," but why do I have to pay for it. Turns out that this acct and two others are also charged the dollar fee. That's a budgetary issue. Not mine. I called the supervisor and they won't waive it. Like I said it's nominal, but it's the point. I AM BANKING ELSEWHERE. TD IS STILL LIVING ON LONG HOUR PRESS. THERE ARE OTHER BANKS WITH LONG HOURS TOO. THANKS A LOT T.D.

  • I have banked with them for years and never had a problem until now. I scheduled a payment to go on the same date I got paid and they took the money out the day before so therefore it did not go through. Long story short, spiral effect on my account and they charged me over $300 in fees. The bank manger said this was not their fault and refunded me only 70 in fees. I need the other money back, I cannot afford to pay those fees. I will be writing a letter to corporate and moving my money to a credit union ASAP.

  • Anonymous – I thought I had found my bank. Lost my atm debit card/checking account and did not realize it. Notified bank on 12/18/13 by phone. The person who found my card placed about $800.00 on it. Found out first transaction attempted was for $1500.00 than $1000.00 cash both declined but TD did not consider this questionable and did nothing. Account not flagged until 12/29/13. Still waiting to get restored to correct balance after 6 visits and numerous phone calls. Interesting statements TD asked me were: do you want to file a claim for overdraft charges? and you/I should contact the vendors who processed the transactions and ask these vendors to help….
    Both statements were so stupid, I still get angry. Why was my checking account allowed to go so far beyond a zero balance? No, I do not have overdraft protection. Still no returned call from a TD office rep that stated she would follow-up and contact me. I have left three messages for her. I have no idea when my account will be restored to correct balance. Still waiting on 01/15/14. TD reps are very nice to talk to but lack the ability to follow-up. What a nightmare!!!!!!

  • TD bank is now buying defaulted credit card accounts for pennies on the dollar and suing for the full amount. And the reason people can't pay is because sleazy banks like them wrecked our economy with their crooked deals.

  • I have never been trated like this in my life from any Financial instituation. I was issued a TD Gift card from a friend, it was lost in the mail, they reissued it, charged me 10.00, I went to use the new card and it wouldn't go through. We have been trying to get this soved for 2 1/2 months, on the phone with these worthless people for HRs and Hrs, getting jerked around and still no one has helped us with this matter…….Unbelievable……….if you are from TD Bank and want to help me please call at 609-208-0787, thanks for nothing…….

  • Closing my accounts tomorrow… I made two transactions in one day: 1) $3 for city parking, and $36 later that day. There was a $30 balance in there… They charged me $70 in overdraft fees and that started a spiral of fees for the following 5 days totaling $210 because even though I put money into my account, the fact that they charged me that $70 to start with, it kept my account a few dollars behind. they even charge me overdraft fees for $6 purchase on the same day I made a $200 transfer into the account. I saw this concoction of overdrafts a few days after they had already been applied to my account and now I will take them to small claim court for unfair practices…

  • This bank sucks so bad!!! My only question is why are they still in business!!! There needs to be a united front formed to force them out of business or to at least do their job!!

  • Went to Lumberton Branch today to make a deposit and was greeted with one Teller taking care of a Business Deposit and the line almost out the door. Not one manager or assistant manager moved off their butts to help out or take the other customers transactions, until I and others started to complain. I know I will be closing accounts and saying "bye bye" to this horrendous banking institution. When this was Commerce there was better service, attitudes and less fees.

    • I fully agree ever since TD took over for Commerce fees have went thru the roof, today I found I they are going to charge me $1 if I want paper statements. I know if I go electronic I will forget to balance my account.

  • Please be advised that I will be closing my personal account that I have with you. I closed my business account a couple of years ago because of the many mistakes and lies. Today's oddysey was just too much. I lost my debit card over the weekend. I called Sunday morning to report it and explained that I was not home and could not go to the branch. I was instructed to send a secure message and assured that they would send me a new card to the address I provided. I have been on the phone with TD Bank for 48 hours. I've been lied to, patronized and everything else. They did not get my card out to me and I am stranded here with no cash and no way to pay for my train ticket. Enough! The worst business practices I have ever experienced.

  • Same here…. Happy with Riverside but n ot TD who took it over. Have been down to the branch numerous times to complain about maintenance fees of $15 when I have sufficient funds in my account so no main. fee is applied. I see it just happened again. I will file a complaint with the Corporate Office and also with the Banking Association.. This is ridiculous.

  • I closed my account years ago. Like other people I live paycheck to paycheck. They decided to charge for not keeping $100 in your account. I have not stepped foot in one of their branches since. Someday these crooks will fail.