Teavana Corporate Office Headquarters

Teavana Corporate Office Headquarters
Teavana Holdings, Inc.
3630 Peachtree Road NE Suite 1480
Atlanta, GA 30326 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-995-8200
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-877-374-6583

  • Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-995-8200 is DEAD ???? cant get a hold of people that are in charge?? to bad not buying there again.

  • I can order almost anything from anywhere and not give my email address ?? this place demands an email address to order ?? why would they Deny an order over an email address ??? That's unheard of to MAKE somebody give their email address in order to make a purchase,,, your loss Teavana ,,You need a policy change for me to buy from you ever again.

  • To whom it may concern,
    Help! I have been battling Teavana since December 2014, when I purchased over $370.00 worth of teas. When I returned home to California I discovered that I could not open my tins. I went to my local Teavana, Galleria Mall Roseville CA, and explained my problem. The Teavana employees were very courteous and I was told that I had been sold the wrong tins and that the correct tins were back ordered. My name was placed on a list.
    For months I followed up with calls to the Teavana store at the Galleria Mall in Roseville CA, and personally went to the store at leave seven times trying to resolve the problem of not being able to access my teas. With every call and trip I was given the same information, the tins were on back order.
    Almost six months passed with no help from Teavana to relieve my problem of inaccessibility to my teas. I finally called customer service where I was told that if I went to the Teavana store at the Roseville, CA Galleria Mall I would be given the Oprah Chai Tea Tins and some bonus/compensation for all my troubles.
    I was given no compensation at the Teavana Roseville CA store. I was not given the Opray Chai Tea Tins. I was shorted in the exchange of my four one pound tins and given seven six ounce regular tins. When I called customer service back I was repeated interrupted and spoken over. Ashley informed me that nothing would be done to correct my problem and that I could speak to no person aside her. Ashley was very rude.
    So Teavana, why do you treat a first time Teavana customer who spends over $370 on their first trip to your store this way? Your website has Oprah Chai Tea Tins online for purchase. Why will you not send me four of the Oprah Chai Tea Tins one pound tins and I will return the seven regular tins that I was given?
    I have never been treated so rudely and am shocked at the lies. I interacted with Teavana expecting it to be an ethical company and have discovered that the front line employees are lovely, but customer service is horrible. They have misled, lied and manipulated me. I acted in good faith and was patient, requesting nothing more than to access my $370.00 of tea. I am only requesting that I receive four one pound Oprah Chai Tea Tins as promised in exchange for the seven six ounce tins I was given.
    Sadly, Teavana always had the ability to make it right, they just chose to not do right.

    Deb Cunningham

    • It certainly is no way to treat people who patronise your business, Demanding a person give their email address against their will to order, I have never run into this ever before..never again TEAVANA

  • I received a teapot for a gift. After using it for a year the enamal starting flaking off causing it to be unusable and dangerous. When I called customer service they told me they could not help but to return to store for a replacement. After two visits to the store they refuse to stand by the product and roboticly repeat it is discontinued and past the 90 day policy. It is terrible that one could pay close to one hundred dollars for a travana teapot and have one from a five and dine store last longer and probably stand behind their product Shame on you Teavana. I certainly regret buying my other two sets and all the teas from you

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