Terrain Corporate Office Headquarters

Terrain Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Urban Outfitters, Inc. (Shopterrain.com)

5000 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19112

Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-454-5500

Fax Number: 1-215-568-1549

Customer Service Number: 1-877-583-7724


755 Brackbill Road

Gap, PA 17527

  • I had the occasion to shop Terrain Westport recently. The experience was among the worst retail experiences that I have had in a long time. The garden center was staffed by a kid who did not know prices, promotions and barely knew the plants. Many nursery items were not marked and some sticks that were in the plants were not legible. He fumbled his way through questions and communication with someone inside of the store. After finally ascertaining the price of a bench we went inside to shop and he held our outdoor items. Inside was slightly better although many items again did not have price tags! I was excited to find the bench that I had put aside outdoors inside the shop in much better condition, which I promptly set aside. After shopping inside I went to check out only to learn that the stool inside was a different price than the young man was told outside. Everyone looked dumfounded and no one said a word when I explained what had transpired not 15 minutes ago! I left frustrated and incredulous that the store could be so poorly run. approximately 45 minutes was wasted between the ill trained kid outside and the blank stares inside of the staff, I walked away with $16 in candles instead of the $200+ I would have spent on the stools and plants. Terrain had previously been a favorite destination but I doubt I will shop there in the future. As I am not generally a complainer I have had similar unsatisfying encounters with staff over the past couple of years. Previously the store was well managed and well run, an unfortunate turn of events.

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