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  1. Years ago there was an Italianni's in Florence KY. at the beginning of the industrial growth of the area. Another industrial boom is hitting and there is HIGH demand for good restaurants in the Union, KY area (abuts So. Florence). Please consider coming back, and to this area. there are several high end neighborhoods in Union, and good restaurants here are inadequate and few. Besides..I need your pizza and Penne Arrabiato again!! PLEASE!!!

  2. Wallkill,NY On vacation in NY. Took family to Fridays. We had the best time here. The food and service was fantastic! The servers were friendly and helpful.
    My only problem is that I was billed twice!
    Having a problem getting a refund. On second day of calls instead of enjoying my vacation.
    The manager is trying to get me a refund but corporate isn't being very helpful.

  3. Mother's Day at Friday's started out bad and got progressively worse as the night went on. From a 35 minute wait when we were told no MORE than 20 minutes, getting to a filthy table with drinks spilled on the floor, and having to stand there while they cleaned it up, to never getting all our appetizers, or the sauces that went with them. Had to ask FIVE times for the missing ones, and still NEVER got the sauces! One person in our party didn't get her drink AT ALL. One person's ice was completely melted when he FINALLY got his. Brought the wrong food to one member FOUR TIMES. Everyone else was finished before his even got there. Brought me the wrong food,(i ordered the strawberry fields salad with grilled chicken) then, they CHARGED me $2.49 for the chicken (which they brought me cold in a plate and told me to put it in there myself) was on the back page of the menu for $7.99 INCLUDING the chicken. Called the manager over. He gave me coupons for a free appetizer on a future visit, and took $10 off an OVER $100.00 tab! Could he BE more generous for RUINING my Mother's Day??? The people at the next table where also voicing their displeasure for not getting their food right. Wrote to Corporate, no reply. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO FRIDAY'S??? i've been going to Friday's since there was only one in Maryland and an hour away from my home. I HAVE never HAD A PROBLEM LIKE THIS!! ALL my friends and family give me gift cards for every occasion because they know i go there constantly. Sad to say, i don't think this will be on my list of restaurants anymore. And i will discourage all my friends and family from going there as well.

  4. My family and I visited TGIF on wake forest road in Raleigh,NCwhen we got there hostess were standing outside smoking some was actually sitting down on the stairwell leading up to the bar we were seated quite quickly which was not a problem the atmosphere of the facility was dark gloomy dirty the table we sat at was sticky and dirty the lady that took orders was quite knowledgeable but she smelled like smoke. We oordered the Endless apps but the waitress kind of seemed like she was only interested in giving us more apps as you pass by the table it would take about 30minutes or so to bring the appetizers to us,the staff didn't care about the Patrons there they were too busy going out smoking laughing joking amongst themselves in front of the dining hall I feel that at TGIF you all should either walk in as patrons and not let them know that you are coming that way you vould see how yoit facility is being represented. bad neighborhood or it's just not represented because people seem to kind of hang out it just makes it feel like no one really wants to come there to eat on any given day between the hours of 6 and 9 would probably be the best time to visit restaurant on any occasion is probably going to be busy but at the same time you can kind of see how to start when is being ran there was no leadership there management seems to be at least they seem like they didn't kill themselves so for me I won't be visiting TV is anymore and it was one of my favorite restaurants but because of last night's display of lack of leadership lack of caring not really really need to keep it clean I won't be visiting their family any longer my name is Carol L David-Crooms my number is 910-264-3545 my email address is Cdavid38@hotmail.com

  5. I think there is funny business going on at Corporate Fridays. Especially at the one in Burleson. I've heard complaints about a lack of money and staff. How can a company as big as Fridays have a lack of money? Every time I pass by that place they seem fairly busy. What's going on?!?

  6. The TGI Friday's in Aurora Co. is a horrible place to work, they treat their employees like they are slaves. They work you to death for hours at a time without any consideration that you might need a break because you been on your feet all day or maybe your just need something to eat. They don't seem to honor Colorado Labor Laws. They don't think employees are worthy for a lunch break or hell even a 10 min break and to top it off when you get ready to leave, when your scheduled to leave, the manager tells you can't leave until she say so. Who the hell is she, she's not your parent! Just your boss.

  7. PEOPLE. THIS SITE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH TGI FRIDAYS!! They just list corporate information for many companies. If you comment here, no one from TGIF will hear you! Save your energy.

  8. On July 18, 2014 in Hagerstown, MD; my family and I ordered our dinner andto my surprise we got some extra items with our order. I ordered a club sandwich and when I opened it to add toppins two baby spiders crawled out of it. When the manager came over to our table he offered to bring me another sandwich. Once he returned, my son's order of JD Chicken had hair cooked into the chicken (several strands), and this was discovered in front of the manager. Next, while the manager was still standing in front of our table ants were seen crawling on the table, and the ketchup bottle; (several). This was so nasty and all the manager offered to do was move our table across the isle, and comp our meal. "What meal"? We didn't order and this was just NASTY.

  9. Central Valley, NJ: THIS LOCATION SMELLS LIKE URINE. Wow…where do I start with such a bad meal? My CX and Shrimp dinner looked nothing like the pic in the menu. My CX breast fit in the palm of my hand. Mgr told me 3.5 oz cx serving was corp policy. For $16 !!!!!!! Portions were not even close. I took pics of my own dinner but am disappointed I can't post them here. LISTEN PLEASE!! TGIF SUCKS. Period. Poor menu, poor portions, poor tasting. I WILL NEVER GO TO ANOTHER TGIF AGAIN. (In this case, I cannot blame our good server for such poor food.) CEO's do your jobs! I will be damned if I will work 50+ hours a week to give you one more dime of my hard earned money.

  10. So I received a phonecall due to a charge on my american express credit card of 454.00 from a fraud transaction at a girls clothing shop called anthropologie at south beach. My only recent transactions where at tgi fridays twice. So I went over to fridays to see if the manager "Tong" could help me find out the employee who did this as it is highly illegal. Instead of offering to check the cameras or receipts from the date I went there as shown on my bank statement as well as the time. He remained nonchalant and said he can't check any cameras as it "violates the privacy of the servers there" it was extremely RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL from a MANAGER to respond with this type of attitude even stating that the waiter can even take the credit card into the bathroom and he wouldn't know. This is ILLEGAL and horrible service he literally did not care to try to help and acted like it happens all the time. I go alot to this restaurant since I get promotions in the mail. Never again will I return. As TONG the manager is not concerned with credit card fraud ordeals in this restaurant. Location is at (11401 nw 12th st miami fl, at the dolphin mall)

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