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Thrifty Car Rentals Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Thrifty Car Rentals Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.
5330 East 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-918-660-7700
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-847-4389
Website: Thrifty

Thrifty Car Rentals’ competition includes Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Fox Rent-a-Car, Ace Rent-a-Car, Enterprise Car Rental, and Payless.

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  1. I emailed my complaint to Thrifty on April 20, 2021, asking for a refund because of the horrible service we received when we tried to pick up our car on April 9 at the Phoenix airport location. I received a reply stating that my email was received and that Thrifty would contact me after reviewing my complaint. It is now four weeks and I still have not heard from anyone at Thrifty. Are you reading these complaints, Corporate, because it seems like your company has absolutely no customer service to speak of. I am still waiting for a reply. I am contacting my credit card company today to dispute the bill and withhold payment.

  2. I rented a car, like I have done for years, out of the Denver airport. I have always done toll by plate and been charged afterwards for the tolls and an administrative fee. I received by toll by plate bill from Thrifty for $23.90 in tolls and a $90 administrative fee???? Trying to contact anyone at the company is a joke as well. Please stay away from this company and its affiliates since this is how they treat their customers. Taking advantage of peoples funds is not a good way to go in 2021…..

  3. Your company should be investigated for fraudulent practices. We reserved a car with Thrifty through Priceline for a two day rental estimated to cost $156. When we arrived at rental counter at Sacramento International Airport we were told our car wouldn't be available for 45 minutes or more which would have caused us to miss an important meeting. We were renting a full size car and asked if they had another lesser size car immediately available. The agent could only offer us an "upgrade" for another $110. This has happened to us before and is a scam on your client to force a higher payment. Having no choice we took the so called upgrade and our estimate jumped to $255. The final bill was sent to my email with a total cost of $529.61…for a two day rental!!!
    I tried calling your 7 day 6am to 7pm customer service line on Saturday, the da after our rental, and the message was "office closed". I've since tried calling 800 334-1705, 800 847-4389 remaining on hold forever. Hung up tried calling Thrifty Corp Office at 918 660-7700 with message this line no longer in service. What a disaster this company is.

    April 26, 2021 at 1:35 PM

  4. Anonymous
    June 5, 2019

    Never again. Our experience renting a car from Thrifty Car Rentals was negative from start to finish.

    We landed at Keflavik Airport, Iceland on June 5, 2019. It took 2 hours standing in line in freezing rain to get the shuttle from the airport to the car pick up point.

    When we finally arrived at Thrifty Car Rentals the car we were assigned was a sedan that was too small for our needs. We had reserved and paid for a 7-passenger van with plenty of room for two children under five years of age. We got what appeared to be a Citroen DS.

    Because the car was too small it did not accommodate a toddler seat – there was no room for the child’s legs between the toddler seat and the front seats.
    The pick-up point staff suggested we take the car to another location on the following day (a Sunday) and perhaps they would have a car that could accommodate 7 passengers. This was not an acceptable alternative for us.

    Two of our passengers had to stay home instead of enjoying this road trip. The car had a manual transmission. We had requested an automatic. There were big dents in the side of the car which were unsightly but also caused the door to be very difficult to slam shut. At the time of rental, the air pressure of all the tires was down over 25%; we had a gas station attendant fill the tires but the air pressure warning light never went off leaving us to believe there may have been more problems with the tires than just air.

    Next day at the drop off location the staff was unconcerned about the problems.

    A ruined family vacation road trip thanks to Thrifty Car Rentals.

  5. Hi, I received an email stating I earned a FREE DAY , I did step 1,2 and 3 but the price did not come off the rental price, I made 5 calls to customer service for help, I was transferred to web dept and the young Lady gave me a phone number of 239-301-7000, when I called that number the Lady said this is hertz and she could not help, I must call thrifty back , which I did and spoke to supervisor Joyce and she transferred to me to someone else, who then stated they will transfer me back to reservation to have point applied, customer service stated the point for free day can not be used on the vehicle I choose, on the email step 2 it states select a vehicle, does not stated which vehicle (car or SUV).I made over 5 calls and on phone over an hour , trying to get this resolve, with no help {I am a blue chip member),, it is a shame to call so many times and no one in customer service can help, just transfer you some where else,, can someone please call or contact me. thanks

  6. I know that a lot of times the loudest voices are negative ones, but I want to take a moment to recognize one of your employees who went above and beyond in my time of need. I recently rented a Silver Jeep from Thrifty in May 16th, and returned it May 20th. I am a photographer and I had 10 photo sessions + a wedding that I shot while in DFW. I had put my SD cards in a safe place in the Jeep. When I returned the car I completely forgot to get them. It wasn’t til the next day at home in Orlando, FL that I remembered them. I was so stressed and overwhelmed trying to get ahold of someone directly. Without hesitation my sister said she would go back to the Thrifty where I rented to see if she could check the Jeep. That is when we both met your worker, Lawrence Idiata. Right away, we were impressed by his willingness to help. He went to lost & found of Thrifty & Hertz bcuz they cleaned the car. He located car & told us it had been rented, but said he would leave message for new person who rented it, and put hold so he could check it when it got returned. That all put my mind at ease. He was amazing. BUT where this guy went above & beyond is later that evening when the person who rented the Jeep found my SD cards & said he or my sister could come pick them up. Lawrence went & picked them up, and then called me telling me he had them! You can’t even begin to understand what this meant to me! My sister & I could not believe that a worker who doesn’t even know me could show so much kindness & go above and beyond to represent his organization. Lawrence most certainly deserves a raise or promotion or something. I have posted this to Facebook, and everyone is saying this guy deserves some recognition. He is one in a million, and you have a new loyal customer whenever I come into DFW. Thrifty is my choice from now on! Lawrence thank you for helping me in a way I couldn’t help myself, and literally doing it out of the kindness of your heart, expecting nothing in return. I am so moved by your act of kindness.

  7. here do I start. walked into Thrifty/Dollar Car rental. On my phone it stated compact car 17.00 a day. i was needing it for 2 full days and return the 3rd. the lady at the counter INSISTED that I use their insurance when I told her I had my own. That lead them to holed 376.00 on my card. Signed because I was from out of town and needed a car to go around Houston for 3 days. When I arrived at my hotel which was about a hour away I looked at my receipt. My charge was 25.00 a day car rental and 31.00 a day insurance plus taxes 19.00 for one tax and about 10.00 for the other taxes. I have no clue what they were. total 146.00. What happened to 17.00 a day that I requested. Dollar was offering 17.00 which is what I asked for but was given Thrifty 25.00 a day. Terrance was my driver from the airport to Dollar and noticed that when he arrived back at Thrifty I was there already 4 hours later. What happened Mrs. Davis. I explained to him I was returning the car because the price they charged me was not what I agreed to. So to pick up the the car I was $146.00 to return it 4 hours later was $106.00. REALLY I was charged 26.00 for 4 hours which was more that they wrote me up for, 25.00 early return fee( since when you are charged a fee when you return something early because you are not satisfied seems backwards) 31.00 for insurance for 4 hours which was forced on me even though I told her I had insurance. I was livid. Not to include I had to pay Uber to take me back to my hotel and had to use it to get around the 3 days I was in Houston. Through all this I must say Terrance helped me out and was so understanding. He said let me see what I can do for you ms. Davis because I know you just picked the car up. He contacted his Supervisor and she took my charges down to 81.00. May not seem like a lot but it was the over and beyond that Terrance showed to do his best to make it right. These counter ladies at Houston Hobby need to have a little more curiosity and listen to the customers instead of being mean and trying to write up orders to line there pockets. I later realized that their commission come from selling the insurance that you should use if you want to, not be made to feel that its a must to have. After reading the reviews I recommend nobody to go to Houston Hobby Airport Thrifty. I'm not downing all Thrifty I'm just saying this one. After my complaint and reading the others it looks like nothing is being down about the bad ATTITUDES. Customer service is a BIG reflection on a business and it seem as if Thrifty is not concerned because people like me never read the comments we just need a car when we need one. Shame on Thrifty for not doing something about the people they hire. I again want to Thank Terrance for being concerned enough to share my issues with his supervisor and Thank her for doing something. Not only am I going to put this on this review site I'm also sending this to headquarters. For some reason I think this is being monitored by the same people who are making us customers frustrated not realizing we are the ones who are putting food on their table

  8. We hired a car in South Africa East London Branch Airport on the 18th of November 2017 and returned it on the 20th of November 2017 we still have not received the holding deposit we have been calling ever since and we have been thrown from post to pillar I must say we are very much disappointed. Today I called the Head Office in Johannesburg and my call was transferred to the General Manager in East London Chanel Du Preez a very rude and unprofessional woman and has an appalling service how do you employ managers with rude and pathetic service I doubt she was trained very well.How do you tell a customer that they taking frustrations on her WOW and she is going to call my fiancée who ever the person is. Can my complaint get immediate attention as my bank card is not working since my deposit was held.

  9. We want to express our thanks to the thrifty location at the fort lauderdale airport this past Monday Nov. 6th around noon for helping to retrieve a backpack after we returned our car. Both the station manager and the personnel there were GREAT. Sincerely, the orange backpack family.

  10. So I paid all my tolls in Florida by cash, and didn’t get a receipt- because it was a dollar here, a dollar there— and imagine to my surprise, getting a letter that I “failed” to pay the very last toll, before returning my car to the Orlando airport. This was totally false— I would never “run” a toll booth. But, what proof did I have?

    The letter informed me I would be charged for the toll, plus a $15 processing charge. It would be put on the same credit card is used to pay for the car.

    Since I had no proof that I’d paid the toll, how could I fight it? So, I didn’t fight it. Just paid. But guess what? I’ve booked a car since then, and when I had the choice of Thrifty or one other car company, I specifically excluded Thrifty from who I would ever rent from, ever again.

    So, Thrifty has their $15. But they’ve lost a customer forever.

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