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Tinder Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Tinder Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Match Group, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company
8750 North Central Expressway, Suite 1400
Dallas, TX 75231, USA
Email: team@gotinder.com
Corporate Phone Number: n/a
Fax Number: 1-214-853-4309
Customer Service Number: n/a


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  1. I just open a case with BBB in regards to my kitchen, I purchased the kitchen in 2008 and now happened that they no longer make the parts and just offer a gift card in any case. but nothing can be done.

  2. I just wanted to thank your company for creating such a great prduct!! Your product saved my feet from a lot of pain.
    I recently bought a pair of 660 New Balance shoes in black as I am a cashier; and the shoes, at the Walmart I work at always caused my feet to hurt. They didn't provide enough arch or ball of foot support. So I always ended up with extremely sore feet.

    Thanks to the Balance shoes I can look forward to going to work without sore feet.

  3. worst customer service ever never will I purchase anything from LG again. LIFES GOOD only for them who take your money and don't want to want to swap out a known defective phone I had purchased a LG ms769 phone after 3-4 months and stop working foolish me I should have sent back but I did not I bought a new one same model broke again this did last a little long sent back one week out of warranty and there want me to pay 45.00 dollars to fix it I have several LG products but when they go never will I buy a LG product again they do not stand by there products I actually suggested to pay half you would think they would agree instead of losing a customer which I told never buy LG products

  4. Beware of Comfort Inn!!!! I will never stay at another because each Inn has their own polices. The only "corporate office" is Choice, which only apologizes and they seem to think that is sufficient.

    My room was paid for by the event I was working. I used my personal credit card for incidentals which I never have (use my company card when I pay for a room). I was there 5 nights and when I checked out, I turned my keys in and asked if everything was taken care of which they said it was. No sign that anything was wrong until I went to pay my personal credit card the next month – – there was 1 night billed. I had no warning, no receipt and after 4 times of "the manager will call you tomorrow" and didn't, the desk clerk said, "That's the way we always do it."

    No thanks, I refuse to do business with an operation like Comfort Inn. If I can't trust them, I'll go elsewhere. Too bad for the good ones.

  5. I am a former employee from store#0069. I am now an employee at Home Depot. I am very happy here. I am writing because the ASM's and your head HR Sheri have been hiding deep secrets! You have two ASM's having sex with tow cashiers. Drew Parrish and Dave Fraily.I know for a fact that sheri knows what is well aware of what they are doing. She is great friends with them both and will lie so that she can keep her job. Not only does she know she has been out drinking with Drew, Dave, Gianna! I left your company because your ASM's play favorites with employees, if you do not have sex with these men you get no where! If you are not liked by Drew or his girlfriend then you will not go up in the ladder you will be stuck in a position you do not want!! I know for a fact that Drew Parrish intimate with this gianna girl because you have a lot of your employees who have seen him sitting in her car on the day of his birthday!! look at the cameras!! you will see him with her, he works every shirft she works, he does everything she says. She does not like you, your not going anywhere up that ladder. If no one does anything about this i will go above and beyond to be heard!!!

  6. Dear Massage Envy Representative, good day. I've been a member of your business for a few years now and I have a problem that if not resolved will force me to cancel my current contract and insure that in addition to me not doing future business with your organization, no one that I currently know or meet in the future does business with your organization as well. I've paid and continue to pay monthly via electronic withdrawal form one of my checking accounts during this time. I pay $59.99 a month for your service (massage, etc.) and have accumulated over 20 unused sessions at this time and even more prior to now because of my frequent trips abroad (US Military…) and being unable to use the monthly paid service each month or sometimes months and months at a time. Now, I've encountered the following hurdle which I feel is grossly unprofessional, unnecessary, underhanded, unscrupulous, greedy, etc. on the part of your organization, franchise(s), etc. and that is; I have been made to pay an additional $10 each time I've gifted, given, allowed someone else to use one of the $59.99 sessions I paid in advance for and I find that extremely despicable and undermining. Why should I be made to pay an additional $10 for a service I've already paid $59.99 for in advance? This is nothing but greed, nickel and diming and I find it very troubling and as stated despicable. It takes no additional resources and or time to process an appointment that I myself make for a friend, child, significant other, etc. and I find this policy completely unnecessary and exploitive! As I stated, If this policy continues, I will insure that I get the remaining services "I've already paid for and in no way will I ever do business with your organization nor any of your franchises again!" In addition I will definitely never recommend anyone I know to do business with your organization/franchises either. Paying an additional fee for services already paid for because I choose to gift it cost your business no additional cost at all. It's just a means to milk additional funds from the patrons and I for one will no longer be one of your cash cows. etc. A reply, response, explanation (although it (explanation) can't possibly hold water/pass the comment sense test, is required at your earliest convenience…sooner not later. Sincerely, Tyrone C. Asia, Sr., njn8tive277@gmail.com

  7. The owner of this store in Dayton New Jersey is so rude & nasty. he doesn't know how to talk to people/customer. I don't know why subway management letting her run this store. She just ruin subway's name and corporate should do an investigation out of this owner. Phone is always down and we can't order food by phone. All subway honor discounted coupons but not at this location.

    1. Been on hold for 1 hr and still have not spoke with a manager ur customer service is horrible regret switching from cricket all week dealing with all week

  8. Do not deal with Acura Apple Tree Honda in Asheville, NC. Sales Manager Dominick Miotti very rude and unwilling to listen to my concerns and refused to offer any help. Buyer beware. Terrible!!!

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