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Tinder Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Tinder Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Match Group, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company
8750 North Central Expressway, Suite 1400
Dallas, TX 75231, USA
Email: team@gotinder.com
Corporate Phone Number: n/a
Fax Number: 1-214-853-4309
Customer Service Number: n/a


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  1. EINSTEINS BAGELS LOCATED @ SHADOWOOD SQUARE, BOCA RATON, FL…. I don't know what happened there but all the old staff is gone!!! I go there everyday and the new staff that it is there has no idea what they are doing, they take forever to make a sandwich, is like they don't even care…. People is waiting for a long time, and also they don't even care at what time they open, they should open @ 5am and last time I was there at 5am the employees were waiting outside then they open at around 5:30am and the only thing one of the employees said was " Oh well, it is what it is"

  2. i have a complaint.i have been to the cvs on poplar st. in terre haute, indiana and i would just like to say that they are the biggest bunch of idiots that i have ever seen. they are yet to get a perscription right, my sister signed up for their delivery service and set home all day and half the night for two days and they never did show. what a freaking joke. she is going to be changeing pharmacys promtly!!!!

  3. Several times I've been to the Waffle House in Mauldin, SC. Most of the time the service is just average, but last night it was deployable. I had a young man by the name of Tracy. First thing he totally ignored me, even though I was only the third customer. He finally acknowledges me, asking me what I would like to drink. I told him just water, please. He brings the water sets it in front of me, and then leans across the counter onto the table with elbows in the middle of my booth. His hair is a fraction away from being in my water. I told him I wanted the cheese n eggs breakfast. The price was $6.80 plus a couple of cents. He brings my order. I sent it back as it was not the cheese n eggs breakfast. He brings me order after several minutes. (He stopped to talk to a lady friend, before putting in my order). He slams my plate down and walks away. In the meantime I’m sitting there, my breakfast is getting cold, he’s ignoring me and I have nothing to eat with. I had to ask twice for at least a fork. He brings me my bill. I noticed additional $0.90 added. When I questioned the additional charge, he said it was for the cheese. I explained to him, that’s not what the menu stated. He became very angry and stated cheese is additional. I told him when ordering the cheese n eggs; the cheese was part of the price. He disagreed. The cashier did adjust the price and apologized for his behavior. The young man needs to find another job or have some training. If I ever see him in there, then I will walk out.

  4. Insulting
    I sent a crew to purchase some materials for a job a Lowe’s in Va. Beach, Va. when the men went to write a check for $359.23 the check was declined with no reason. I sent the crew over to Home Depot to purchase the same material and write a check which was done with no problem. I called the number for Certicheck which control you’re checking transactions and provided them with the companies account number, check number, and amount the individual for Certicheck could not find any issues with me or my company. I called the Lowe’s store where we tried to purchase the materials to inform them of the problem and they were quite sorry for the inconvenience the assistant with Lowe’s asked me to call a different number with Certicheck and talked to them and I did. Once again providing them with the same information as before and receiving the same answer Certicheck they found no issues with me or my company. I spent the over an hour dealing with the inept people at Certicheck and never receiving an answer as to why the companies check was turned down. I find it insulting to be treated like a criminal when we have not done anything wrong. I quite understand if I or my company has written bad checks but in the 23 years in business we have never had any checking discrepancies. We spent over $65,000.00 a year dealing with stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s and I or any other companies do not appreciate being treated like a criminal. If you do have to have company monitor your checking transactions please use a company that has a higher IQ then 2 that includes the President of that company down.

  5. Hello, my name is Lisa Finn and I am inquiring about my 2006 Dodge Charger, I have been issues with it were it will die out, I will be driving and it will die out, I can go pull out of my drive way and it will just die out. I have taken it in and they told me i had to replace one of the computer component, that cost me 800.00 dollars. It ran fine for awhile, now it is doing the same thing, I have did some research regarding this issue and I see that alot of people were having the same problem. One Dodge website, said they were looking into the issue, but did not have an answer or anytime of recall for this problem. I really hope you can look into this and help to get this fixed. I am an average person that has an average job that just doesnt have 800.00 dollars or more just laying around, in order for me to fix any mechanical problems, I have to borrow money, and this creates a hardship on me. I sincerely hope that you at Dodge will seriously take this into consideration and research the problem, and help your costumers ou

  6. Can someone explain to me how my husband recently was involved in a rollover accident, multiple rollover followed by hitting a bank head on, and not one airbag deploy when the vehicle is equipped with a rollover sensor. After 3 months of special investigations with Chrysler, I get told that only the seltbelt restraint system should have been deployed. I call the bs flag on this. Esp when the 14-15 dodge ram was just recently recalled for faulted airbags. I hope someone can give me answers to this. And btw the customer service with this company sucks. Its ashame that you guys have to hide behind emails when people spend 1000's of dollars on your vehicles. #neveragainwillibuy.

  7. Good Afternoon, My husband and I recently stayed at a Motel 6. It was the worst experience I have ever had at any motel. The room was dirty, floors, tub, toilet, bedding all needed to be cleaned. The toilet didn't flush, and when the office was notified we were offered a plunger. The problem wasn't something a plunger would have fixed. The interior lighting had no bulbs, and the exterior lighting had a short that caused the porch light to be a strobe light all night long. We requested a non-smoking room, and well the fresh paint in the room didn't cover the old smoke and nicotine smell that still permeated the room and old mattress. The mattress was so horrible it made my back hurt and I don't have a bad back. The mold in the bathroom also had been painted over. I am extremely allergic to mold and figured it out really fast when I started having an allergic reaction soon after using the shower. The room lacked common conveniences such as a coffee maker, mini fridge, and or a micro wave. These conveniences are commonly provided at other local hotels and motels that are priced comparably. Both my husband and I are in high profile customer service positions and are often asked by tourists, "where is a good place to stay?" I can assure you neither of us will be recommending Motel 6 (#1342) at 1934 Broadway St. in Eureka, CA. As a previous hospitality business owner, I would not want my name, logo or affiliation attached to this business. FYI, we were in room 142.

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