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Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC Address:
333 E. Lake St.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-259-9000
Fax Number: 1-630-259-9158
Tires Plus Total Car Care Consumer Affairs

2021 Sunnydale Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Customer Service Number: 1-800-440-4167
Employment Fax Number: 1-727-441-3795

  • The location at 7861 Tara Blvd Jonesboro ga has a real problem with Healthy competition. I own a female owned tire shop a block away from this location and on several occasions I have called to get a particular tire for my accounts (Primewell's mostly) that are only carried by your locations. The manager should not be so jealous of some healthy competition and be willing to sell a tire to there competitor's and not be worried about me taking their customers. My customers would not step foot in their location in the first place. No worries I will go to the Tires Plus in Newnan to buy this tire without the exception of buying a mount and balance which is what he tried to sell me when I OWN a tire shop.

  • I recently purchased two new sets of tires for my daughters cars at a St.Petersburg Tire Plus store. One of my daughters was starting college in Miami and I wanted to make sure her car was safe. She had a flat tire that was changed by AAA. I told her that I also purchased the road hazzard and all she will need to do is take it to the nearest Tire Plus store. I phoned ahead to alert the store of my daughter's situation. The manager was as unprofessional as I have ever encountered. He said that he could not honor my service warrantee without the reciept. I suggested that he could look it up in the system and he said that maybe I would like to run his store.He began to bark orders to me to contact the St.Pete store and have them fax documents to his store. After more unprofessional words were exchanged I contacted the St.Pete. store where I was informed that this was not neccessary but they agreed to do it anyway and that I should report that manger to corporate. I then called the Miami store back and was greated by the same manager with overtalk and then he hung up on me. If something is not done to this manager none of their stores will ever get any of my business again and I will make it a point to tell my story to as many of my friends and coworkers as possible.

  • I would like to compliment one of you employees (may be in a managment position) located 1209 W. Brandon Blvd in Brandon,FL. Unfortunately I only know his first name,Russ. What is extaordinary of your empoyee Russ is that I went into his facility and discussed how dissapointed I was with the Plant City, FL facility where I toke my For Taurus on 06/16/2012 that installed a defective tire and broke a wheel center cap,The technician did tell me he broke it and I looked at my car and said it doesn't look right with one missing go ahead and remove the other 3. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 broke during removal and I became very disappointed at the new crappy look of my alloy wheels. On 06/22/2012 I went to your facility on Brandon Blvd and spoke with Russ. He was so compassionate and understanding and immediatly started making phone calls to find the caps to replace on my vehicle, again, his facility did not install any tires or break my caps and he took matters into his facility to safisfy me. Russ said he would find caps and give him a call in a couple of days. Well, my fault on June 26th, 2012 I had recieved the call from my doctor and my life changed (diagnosed with cancer, went through surgery, radiation and 9 months of illness.) I totally forgot about my caps. I am almost back to being myself and able to drive again and remembered the issue with the caps, so today, 07/29/2013, I went to see Russ, to my amazment he remembered me, mentioned he did get caps last year but unable to contact me so he returned them. I was already telling myself, this wonderful employee did hold up to his words of replacing my caps and it was I who failed to follow up with it. So now I am ready to accept my loss, but NO, Russ has just called me to tell me he will have caps for me tomarrow. Your Russ is an awsome and caring employee that should in my opinion be recognized for all his efforts of going above and beyond job title. I am going to be blogging Tires Plus in Brandon, Fl. Russ is a valuble asset to you corporation and I hope upper management can see his potential and dedication to customer satisfaction and giving Tires Plus an A+++
    Thank you Russ and congrats Tire Plus
    Lydia Miles

  • Just wanting corporate to know that Jeff(rey) from your 10510 wiles Rd Coral Springs Florida is an awesome person and many places need more like him. I took all my vehicles there and recommends all my friends and anyone who ask me I send them to Jeff.
    Keep up the good job Jeff!

  • Lawrenceville, GA tires plus is so slow. It took them 2 hours to patch a tire. The manager is not customer service friendly. They were worried about volume sales instead of customer service…horrible service! The manager could not figure out his computer system to take taxes off for a government sale. Government sales are tax exempt.

  • The treatment your so called district managers give Tires Plus is very unprofessional. I've seen and heard your district and assistant district managers in South Florida straight up cuss and insult employees. Now I understand why your turn over rate is so high and out of three people I've known that work there have all resigned in less than a year. What does that say about your company? If you treat your employees like garbage it would be safe to assume you treat your customers the same. No one has the right to disrespect and cuss an employee regardless of the matter this would be considered a "hostile work environment". I will never buy any of your products and will advise everyone I know in my area my experience with this company. This isn't to blame the entire company simply point out the mass amounts of hostility and "fear" your district Managers are trying to instill in your Employees in order to make a sale and fatten up their wallets. Ridiculous.

  • if you ppl do not know firestone and tires plus are no longer american copany
    you all are making the japanese rich

  • horrible service
    FI am very very disappointed with the language That your employees use while on the job. I am also offened. I will never take my business To your plant city store or anywhere else If people like your employee Brent work for your company. If something is not done about this person I will be sure to contact the BBB & tell everyone I know not to go there. !!!!!Feb. 16, 2013-by Michelle

    As a former employee of Tires Plus I wanted to let customers of Tires Plus know that they are nothing but a company that wants your money. Being in the parts industry for a while I've learned that a profitable business is a business that treats you fairly and gives you the best possible prices, Tires Plus does not do this. Their markup on Tires and all parts related to your vehicle are ridiculous. They get parts from local vendors at 10% above cost and charge the customer 3.5 times more. I regretted working for a company that does this to customers because it is unfair to charge such ridiculous prices on work most techs can get done in a matter of no time. To replace your brakes and rotors they charge you an astronomical amount of money and don't quote you with any of their specials they had going on, to me that is a shady business. Overall Tires Plus is a company you should avoid working for and going to because all they want is your money.
    Feb. 14, 2013 -by Anonymous
    customer service and information

    2/01/13 i was at tire plus my customer service was horrible i was not inform on chargers that would come to me before service i waited 2 hours more for horrible customer service while the techs laugh around and ate pizza i'm not sure why this happen but i been a customer for since 2005 getting all my cars repaired there, not anymore this is the second time i will never go to another tire plus ever Feb. 1, 2013 -by alaine fowler

    I am highly disappointed with services I received from this location. I have taken my car them two times within a week of each service and now a week later I need for the same issue to be taken care of; car running hot. First time I was told that they changed my overflow container which I questioned because I had just gotten one in Sept.. Second time I was told that my heating hose was linking. They could not find the hose so they used one that they had to adjusted. They broke a part and had to replace it. Within a week I am running hot again. Took car to another of their locations and was told that I had a part that transferred water to the motor that was forced out due to the pressure builld up. Was told that they don't work on engines but the advertisements states that they do repairs on engines. The second time I went to Tires Plus I arrived with my car via tow (both times) at 7:45am and did not leave until 4pm. Truly disappointed. I do believe I should be compensated with repairs and tow without cost.
    Jan. 9, 2013
    -by Gloria

    Was contacted by Tires Plus about my complaint, regarding the pricing and them being so high on their cost to the consumer. When the call came in to me he was rude and argumentative I hung up the phone. No need to talk any more with people like this. So if you can afford high prices for work to be done on your car, please by all means go to them. And good luck
    Oct. 4, 2012
    -by kim

    • I Half to say Sad but very, very true. This only meas one thing. It' coming from the board of directors at Corp. Looking for those golden parachutes and the hell with everybody else.

  • 2/13/13 Store Manager Jim Melvin, Tallahassee, FL runs a great shop and provided unprecedented customer service. I also witnessed that many of the customers in TPlus Tally, were return types. He is a good guy to have on the team.

    GP C. Invoice: 109817

  • Please see my letter of December 3, 2012 to Tires Plus, Credit First N.A. and the Better Business Bureau. Call me at 856 to discuss a reduction in my 10/9/12 bill for overcharges. And an additional charge on 11/12. Perhaps the overcharging of a female is company policy or maybe it is not. Thank you for contacting me. Jo-Ann

    • I also have expirenced over charges and was very disappointed during my last visit at the tri-county store in Cincinnati OH. I'm not sure if theres a certain quota a shop has to make but its simply unacceptable to have product under warranty (a battery) and be charged the labor to replace. In addition I was also told i needed an alternator $400 with labor but went to another shop and test showed i did not. Im deeply shocked I've been coming to Tire Plus for 10 years. I wish I could find someone to talk to about this ordel. I will never likely go back.

    • I have gone to Tires Plus for at least twenty five years. Since we keep our vehicles until they have 200,000 to 300,000 miles that's a lot of maintenance and repair work for you.

      In order to get that kind of mileage it is important to my wife and myself that your service people inspect and look for service that may need to be attended to in the near future. Telling us what we are looking forward to allows us time to get money together to be able to pay for the maintenance.

      Over the years that was the kind of service I got at your Paxton Street and 29th street store. We never went anywhere else and referred you to our friends.

      In recent years I have noticed a decline in the quality of service.

      What I experienced today with my wife's vehicle has me questioning if I should go elsewhere for service.

      I am not sure of the dates but sometime ago I noticed my wife's tires were making a thud thud sound. Having had this experience before I told her she probably had bad shock absorbers because that is what causes tires to wear flat.

      She took the car to Tires Plus for them to check out the problem. I learned today that instead of replacing the shock absorbers and putting on new tires they only put on new tires.

      So the tires again have flat spots and I need to put on shock absorbers AND NEW TIRES.

      How could your service representative not have known the car needed new shock absorbers just by looking at how the tires were worn. In the past they would have.

      I also believe you offer free tire rotation with the purchase of new tires. If this is so why would you not rotate the tires when a regular customer brings his/her car in for service automatically.
      Why wait for the customer to ask. This car had state inspection 3 months ago and the wear on the tires was not noted or the bad shock absorbers that would cause that kind of wear.

      If Service doesn't get back to the quality it was where your people were alert and looked for problems while maintaining the vehicle I may have to go somewhere where service is more proactive.

      Bill Gantt Harrisburg, PA

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