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Tires Plus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Tires Plus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC Address:
333 E. Lake St.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-259-9000
Fax Number: 1-630-259-9158
Tires Plus Total Car Care Consumer Affairs

2021 Sunnydale Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Customer Service Number: 1-800-440-4167
Employment Fax Number: 1-727-441-3795

  • Worst experience I have ever had in my life and the nightmare still isn't over. I wish I could afford to just say screw it. BAD taste in mouth. Forever

  • Don't ever go to 1250 N Mccarran Blvd Reno. They need to replace the manager. Crook and uneducated to summarize it all.

  • The Tires Plus in Loganville are crooks. They stole my spare tire and gave me a tire with gashes in it as my spare. I didn't realize until one of the tires they sold me went flat and I needed my spare. They would not help me or fix the problem so I had to call customer service, who does nothing but say that someone will contact you in 72 hours. I've made all my payments on time for the last few months, despite of their lack of customer service. I will never deal with them again!!!! 4 months later I still have no reimbursement or even a phone call apologizing for what happened. They need to be shut down immediately!!!! I will be writing a letter to the better business bureau about their negligence and taking people's money…

  • I am seriously upset with my Tires Plus. I have had at least 6 visits in the past 5 months. I will outline:
    7/14/18 Visited to get oil change
    8/3-4/18 Visited because check engine light on. Diagnosed as having jumped
    timing. Timing chain and parts, valve cover gasket replaced. TOTAL
    COST $1257.25
    11/3/18 Visited because check engine light on and code I got from 2 sources
    said faulty timing chain. Tire Plus advisor stated that it couldn't
    be faulty chain because it was new but to come back when the worker
    who replaced the chain would be there.
    11/26/18 Return visit to shop. Worker assessed that oil level was low and
    that new timing chain had stretched. Oil was added and I was
    advised that the PCV valve needed to be replaced and to check oil
    level often until valve replacement.
    12/5/18 Visited for valve replacement. At that time, I was advised that one
    of the timing chain guards had broken and needed to be replaced.
    ESTIMATED COST $587.36
    I asked if any warranty would help to cover that cost and was told
    I'm not able to pay that. I'm out of money and credit at this

    I want to know why the warranty from my timing chain replacement wouldn't be able to cover this last expense.

  • Beyond angry right now but I refuse to resort to cussing. Took my car in for brakes, told all pads were replaced, bought 2 tires mounted and balanced. Vibration, noise and rough ride. Car was not riding rough prior. Took it back, told everything was fine. Still rough and noisey. Gave up and went to a mechanic. Tires are directional, they were not mounted properly, while car was on lift, mechanic inspected brakes only to find they were extremely thin and worn, damage to rotors minimal thankfully. Oh and all lugs and studs were stripped.No response from tiresplus, they'll never own their mistake.

  • I am or was a loyal customer of Tires Plus (TP). Giving you a chance to responded before I make a BBB complaint. I recently had 2 alignments and tire balances at TP. On first alignment I asked for the ball joints to be inspected, I had bump steer issue. No problems noted. I told tech I have a vibration at highway speed, he balanced the tires. Left store, same issue, gave bad review. I took lower control arms off and found DS ball joint bad, PS was about 50%. I replaced all struts, both lower control arms, both tie rod ends, and wheel bearings. Took car back few weeks later for alignment and to check balance again as I still had vibration. They said nothing was adjusted for alignment (car pulled to left and tracked before and after due to suspension replacement) tech also said I had a bad tire, (source of vibration). Took car to get alignment at NTB. Toe was out. Tire was in fact bad. First Problem here is, bad ball joint and tire should have been identified on first alignment. Second, I have never seen a car have alignment in spec after major suspension and steering work. This cost me and extra $400 and a day off work. Your techs need to tighten up their quality and integrity. TP needs to respond to this issue. I have complete documentation for all of this.

  • In the past i have been reasonably happy with my Tires and service at TiresPlus.
    However in past few months they have always tried to "up sell" me on services and repairs that my vehicle doesn't require. Also, the pricing quoted for those services is often 50% higher than comparable shops. I have to take my car to a local mechanic to get an HONEST assessment and reasonably priced maintenance.

  • I visited Tire Plus regarding a warranty issue. I was told by Interstate customer service that the burned numbers on the battery would tell me when the battery was purchased. well Terry double talked just lied to me, after I talked to Interstate. I am going to report them to the BBB. I am very unhappy to be treated that way. There were other people in the store complaining, I knew I was going to have problems. I think interstate is a great company I have buying their products for years because I like buying the best.

  • 85 dollars for an oil change (22.00 for two quarts oil) my truck takes 7 quarts..is this even worth doing business with this company AFTER OVER 15 YEARS OF BEING LOYAL

  • On February 23, 2018, my daughter, Mandy Teague bought a set of tires and had a front end alignment at Tires Plus, Conyers, GA. On the 24th, we visited her at her home. My husband noticed that they had put 3 hubcaps on her car, ( she had lost one), that were in the trunk of her car. Wondering why, my husband pulled the hub caps off. He discovered that almost all of the lug bolts on the left front had been stripped out and one on the right front. On Thursday, the 22nd, he had replaced her brake pads and knew that all the lug bolts were fine. We were horrified. This is the way people get killed on our highways, and could have been my daughter and grandchildren. I called the store and got "Roger". He was immediately defensive and said there was no way that could have happened. He said that there was a note on the bottom of the ticket that said there was ONE lug nut cross threaded. He finally said to tell her to bring it in and he would take care of it. When she arrived, he met her at the door and said he would look at it but he did not have time to do anything to it. She would need to come back the next day. He called "Josh" out there and asked him if he did that. The kid did not even walk up to it and look at it but said no. At that point, Roger told Mandy to leave and bring it back the next day. She would not because we had cautioned her on how dangerous it was to drive it like that. He kept insisting that they did not do that and that the wheel would have come off before she got out of the driveway. Yet he is now telling her to leave and come back tomorrow. At that point, she called me. I called your headquarters and got "John" on the phone. John called the store and urged them to take care of it. The store manager, Tria Williams, was unreachable. Finally, Roger walked away and "Todd" took over. He was more courteous but still said that they could not do anything and that her husband must of done that. She has been divorced 2 years. I assume they meant my husband, but he worked on the car prior to the tires and alignment. Other customers in the store were listening to all of this and one lady made them fix it in place of her own car. Finally, they did repair the left side, but still did not do anything to the right side. My daughter is a single mom and spent a lot of money on the tires and alignment that was very hard for her to earn. Was it because she was a woman and they thought they could get by with it? Or do they treat all customers like this? What would have happened if the wheel had come off on the interstate and killed people? Would they have had the time to address it then? I operated a shop for over 20 years. I happen to know what is entailed in this repair. The parts were maybe $15.00. The labor could have been done in much less time than it took for them to stand there and argue with her and deny responsibility. We are not looking for anyone to lose their job, but at the very least, these employees need additional training. We will be sure to spread the word about the unprofessional staff at Tires Plus, Conyers, GA.. As of yet, Tria has still not contacted Mandy about the issue. By the way, I did make pictures of the way her wheels were left before she took it back.

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