Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Corporate Office Headquarters

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Corporate Office Headquarters
Boomtown Entertainment
4550 E. Bell Rd. Suite 150
Phoenix, AZ 85032 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-219-5149
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: Online Help Only

  • Hello, on Saturday, May 14th we visited the Foxboro, MA location. Place was NOT full, yet we had to sit and wait for a table. we order our food, food arrives. NO PLATES!!! Finally my husband was fed up with the waiting game he proceeds to use his napkin as a plate….ugh!!! She finally makes it back to our table and has to go off again to get plates. ok good we finally get to eat …. O M G here comes the worst part. Nachos were horrible, pulled pork was dry, it looked old and it was tasteless. push that to the side, 13 bucks wasted! so we try the boneless wings.. O M G .. they tasted like Tyson frozen boneless wings! Are you freaking kidding me!?!? 10 bucks also wasted! Try the fries… OVERLOAD ON SALT!!! needless to say, horrible experience, will NEVER nor recommend anyone to eat there! I WANT A FULL REFUND. I am not one to complaign, however, food and service WAS horrible!!!! I regret not going somewhere else to feed my family.

  • Love the OKC Toby's BUT do not like that as a senior citizen I am charged $2.00 more to eat off the kids menu and you don't get more food for it either! I don't always want to eat a big meal and besides, my bill that I pick up for my family to eat there is always $200 plus. Wish they would do away with that adult charge on the menu!!!

  • Pretty sad when workers get shut out when a location closes and even after several attempts to contact accounting and payroll no calls nor emails have been returned as to when the workers will revive there paychecks. Hard worked hours to keep the business fair and outstanding customer service and still can't even get an answer from anyone about when we will receive our pay. Glad there are laws in affect for such things

  • The Location In St Louis Park MN was a lot of fun and now they are closed too. What is going on. We had plans to go there next month for a 21st birthday. what a shame..

  • At this store from bouncing checks to managers that don't get along to your prep manager over prepping and creating a lot of waste that is why your store won't succeed

  • I am shocked and saddened that this company would allow "a cancer" as they refer it to continue to work and then the manager gets arrested at work and still have a job it's for the safety of employees this manager shouldn't have a job and then continues to call shots it's sad employees have left because of him get your managers on the same page

  • I will not ever play, listen to, or patronize any of this individuals monetary exploits due to the discrimination of Americans and their freedom in association with any group. This individual claimed to be a free American and supports America and its diversity indifferent of whom one identifys with. This comes as a direct responce to a corporate mandate banning any person associated with ANY motorcycle group or function. This is discrimination and against the foundation of this great nations history. Mr. Country singer you are a hypocritical bigot.

  • I ended up here because of a Facebook post of a sign 'allegedly' posted at a Toby Keith's restaurant location stating that 'corporate' policy prohibits anyone with any type of motorcycle emblem from entering one of the Toby Keith locations. All I can say is that I'm glad I don't live anywhere near any of the Toby Keith locations based on this lack of tolerance of one of the largest and most vocal groups in the country and based on the comments above it is doubtful that I would ever be inclined to patronize a Toby Keith restaurant!

  • As a college student working my way through school it really sucks that not only does my paycheck bounce but I get charged fees from my bank because you guys cant balance your own account! I think it is illegal to intentionally write bad checks! Maybe an attorney can get my money back!

  • It would be really helpful if you could stop bouncing your employees' paychecks! You are the most horribly run company I have ever had to deal with in my life!

  • Toby Keith's bar in Oxnard CA Once again another restaurant under the Company Boomtown VP John Thomas has been sued. The Folsom one closed It is apparent that Boomtown is only leasing Toby's name but when people go to these restaurant's think THEY ARE TOBY'S Place NOT Boomtown is only trying to ride on Toby's coat tails But they only thing they are doing is making Toby look like he can't pay his bills. Mr John Thomas pull your corporate head out of your ass and cut your losses. The Oxnard location will never make you money BAD LOCATION BAD SERVICE BAD MANGEMENT and Oxnard is not a cowboy town. Don't tell the great people of Oxnard This bar won't close LIES it's not bringing in enough daily to even save its ass. CLOSE THE DOORS and cut your losses.

  • Obviously the above issue with the bouncers/security is a reoccurring problem in many of the Toby Keith restaurants. We also had a situation involving the bouncers and manager at the Peoria, AZ location (see my Yelp review for Feb. 1, 2015). This is a top down problem starting with corporate, who doesn't seem to care, to the managers and employees who lack any sort of customer service oriented training. I have read many many reviews on several different review sites and this is a persistent problem that needs to be addressed and taken care of. The power of social media is huge, and if this chain of restaurants wants to stay in business, they need to take care of this problem. Jackie at corporate did call and leave a message, but after several attempts to call her back I have heard nothing. I am sure that if Toby Keith actually knew what was going on in a restaurant using his name, he would be horrified. It puts a big black mark on him too!

  • I have worked as a dishwasher at the auburn hills location and unfortunately got myself incarcerated and I am still owed my last check. I have tried to call and visit the location to retrieve it but they eventually told me to contact corporate. may I please have my check that
    I worked for my name is Craig Williams phone number 248-818-8067 369-78-2383
    I also enjoyed working here and would like my job back please. Thank you and have a
    blessed day.

  • Helloooo…i would just like to say that the new Oxnard, Ca. location for your restaurant is fabulous. I love this new ,beautiful, fun, and entertaining place. I also wanted you to know that i just spoke to one of your managers ~M. Mahoney ~ with some concerns of mine, and maybe some helpful hints regarding the AC for comfort, and heat coming through the west side windows…and just general conversation about our visits on two occasions. She was very open and sweet…and listened to everything i suggested. Was sincere in her response..and offered to talk more when i come back as a guest…and even mentioned that she would like to treat me and the girls to a food item for our inconvenience. You have a great manager with great people skills…and i just wanted you to know that ! 🙂 *jeanie

  • Feb. 25, 2014

    To whom it may concern,

    On Saturday night Feb. 22, 2014 I visited your Rancho Cucamonga location with a party of 8. Let me start by saying we have visited other or your locations and had very enjoyable experiences. On this particular evening, we were celebrating one of our friends 40th birthdays. We would be traveling over an hour to this location so we opted to enlist the services of a limousine to shuttle our party. As we pulled up to the location within proximity of the front door and the personnel stationed to accept patrons, the front door personnel observed a couple in our party with “Red Solo Cups”. At this point we were informed that we would not be allowed in this particular evening. I understand policies and putting them in place for people’s protection, but there was never any attempt by the front door personnel to assess the situation to establish if any of our party had consumed alcohol or was impaired in any way. We were simply told that we were to welcome. Our party consisted of 8 responsible adults who were shown no consideration by your employees.

    My question to you is, do your front door personnel monitor your front door to insure that no patron has been drinking and drives away from your establishment?
    We, on the other hand were being responsible and made arrangements with our transportation so as not to endanger ourselves or the public in general. I don’t know the area in which this location is very well but the front door personnel seemed a bit over dramatic on this evening.

    I understand there is not much I can do to your “Big Company” for this treatment except to not frequent your establishment. I would hope to receive a reply from your company to explain to me at the very least why your personnel are not trained to deal with patrons in a more professional and courteous manner.

    Ev Martinez

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