Tops Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

Tops Markets Corporate Office Headquarters
Tops Markets, LLC
6363 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221-5855 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 716-635-5000
Fax Number: 716-633-0898
Customer Service Number: 1-800-522-2522

  • The Sayre tops employees are rude and lie to your face. The produce is rotten and old!! You can bend the carrots in half before the snap. Avacodos are rotten inside and moldy slot. If you are going to sell produce u have to know how to treat the items. The managers are RUDE and obnoxious weekly the have incorrect prices in every isle. Who is pocketing all that extra money that they make on charging the customers the wrong price. Tops needs to be investagated. Things are not right

  • I'm writing this comment for two reasons. First I just want to know if anybody actually reads these comments. Secondly if human eyes in fact do see these words you should probably know that your stores have more problems than just bankruptcy.

    Your employees are struggling. Most of them if not all of them are sincerely struggling to survive. They are working for you mostly because they're stuck they're and desperate that is not a good repertoire to have with your employees. I am an actual employee at one of your stores and I need you to understand that even just that one store I see an accumulation of negativity.

    It starts with low pay then you add more responsibility with no increase of pay and in this country since minimum wage is changing you use that as a raise instead of actual performance reviews. The negativity moves on to gossip other employees talking about each other behind each other's backs. It becomes clicky and unsavory when you have adults bickering about simple things.

    Then we move on to the fact that your policies restrict your employees from being actual human beings. I think it's a little absurd to ask your employees to not have any free access to water. I feel as though as a union company that should be illegal. To make your employees pay for water when they're already only making a very small amount seems absurd. You're basically saying they have to work for their right to have nourishment.

    I understand every company has rules and everybody should follow those rules to make a better experience for the customer but when you have constant customer complaints because the staff is not happy or constant employee complaints because they are not happy wouldn't you think that you should change some of those policies?

    Now I'm not just spewing nonsense as a disturbed employee. I have been in retail/customer service/hospitality for 15 years. I have been everything from a cashier to a manager to an inventory specialist and even opened a few stores. I have never worked in an environment so toxic before and now I understand why you are losing so much.

    If I had to make a suggestion I'd say start taking care of your smaller employees. The ones that bust their butts for you despite all the negativity. Pay your people more and they may stick around.

    Also there needs to be a massive overhaul in the communication systems set place. Part of the problem is NO ONE is on the same page.

  • I worked in a Tops in Central NY and it was seriously one of the most stressful and hostile work environments I have ever been in. The manager NEVER talked to me. Never asked me how the job was. I worked in Scan and people would steal the guns and hide them. When i politely asked for a gun they would treat me like trash. I was very nice to everyone and they all treated me like dirt. Yet, there was a person in my department who did not even have a high school diploma who they treated like a god. If they find out you are a dedicated worker(which I was) they reward you with more work. Not more pay or better positions.I quit without another offer. I didn't care. I could not do it anymore. Horrible work environnment.

  • I use to live in North Syracuse and would frequent the p&c and topps. I preferred topps over Walmart and Chopper even though the prices are more but I liked the smaller store and the friendly employees. 7 years ago I moved out towards your Canastota NY Topps store, completely different culture of how your employees interact with the customers. I avoid that store unless I absolutely have to go there. I was reminded about an hour ago why I avoid that store unless absolutely necessary. The employees are unfriendly, will talk with each other and not even recognize the customer. My card is worn and won't swipe so the cashier needed an over ride. Another employee was checking out behind me and for the multiple minutes we had to wait for a key I had to hear there conversation and I was forgotten. After the key was turned the cashier couldn't even say have a nice day or even by. I have kids and a local officer. You have lost the majority of my business for 7 years now and that will continue after today's reminder. Corporate needs to train those store managers better so it will trickle down to the other employees.

  • Hello – out of convenience I reluctantly shop at your 3 stores in Erie. For 8 years since returning to this area, I regularly have a negative experience across all 3 stores. First, most personnel are unfriendly and apathetic About customer service. The self checkout stations at all stores are disastrous with constant breakdowns and inefficiency. Worse, I dispose of a fair amount of produce within one day of purchase. And, what prompted me to write this complaint, is that I just started to assemble a cheese plate for guests. I tried a Medford farms cracker and found it "soggy" so checked the date. Indeed these products were to be sold by October 17, 2017 (I purchased them after that date). I often check dates, but I guess I trusted Tops to be ethical. I've had it and will now and forever be inconvenienced and go elsewhere. Tomorrow a lot of spoiled food is being hauled back to E.38th St. You should be ashamed. Also, personnel ignores most requests for assistance in locating products.

  • I currently work at Skaneateles Tops in Up State NY part time. This store is a health concern!. Dirty coolers, food that's prepared hot or cold is left out room temp. The Deli is disgusting! Unorganized Mess! They Never have the products that are on sale from dairy to bakery . The Deli has horrible workers. The assistant manager of deli is slow and has a nasty attitude she talks about everyone tells people she use to be a drug Dealer! The store manager has no respect for employees and there available times to work. Susan the store manager made big letter signs up stating you need to give 2 weeks notice on requested days off. Ok.. so why is the store schedule posted on Fridays no time frame just Fridays and you got Saturday to figure out the week schedule for your Doctor apt,kids,family,LIFE! One day but this store needs 2 weeks for requesting days off….interesting! No yoga pants! It is in the hand book…Ptttt our Store Manager Susan wears them..perhaps this is why the cashiers wear them to and the other managers.. I guess you get what you pay for Tops! This store is falling apart nasty dirty place and the management system reflects it!

  • I was in Avon, trying to use my daughters WIC. I has a check that said $11 of fresh fruit and gathered up the closest amount totaling same. When I brought to the register, I was told that they didn't accept the check, that I could only use it at a farm stand. WHAT??!! The check said to VISIT a FARM MARKET, NOT EXCLUSIVELY FOR ONE! I am going to advise WIC of this silly "store policy". I can get the fruit at Wal-Mart!!

  • Live in Hamlin N.Y. have a store 2 miles from home, and one just nine miles away in Hilton N.Y. tried to go into both stores today but chose not to when I pull into your parking lot and my car can barley get around in all the snow and slush. My car has new tires and has had no problems until today as far as traction. It was 6:00 p.m. and sun was out today so things got messy, how about having it plowed and clean it up before it refreezes. How are people suppose to get carts through all that? What about elderly or disabled that can't get through all that mess..long story short I drove 12 miles into Brockport N.Y. and did my shopping. Their parking lot was great!! Imagine that they actually care about their customers saftey.

  • Live in Hamlin N.Y. have a store 2 miles from home, and one just nine miles away in Hilton N.Y. tried to go into both stores today but chose not to when I pull into your parking lot and my car can barley get around in all the snow and slush. My car has new tires and has had no problems until today as far as traction. It was 6:00 p.m. and sun was out today so things got messy, how about having it plowed and clean it up before it refreezes. How are people suppose to get carts through all that? What about elderly or disabled that can't get through all that mess..long story short I drove 12 miles into Brockport N.Y. and did my shopping. Their parking lot was great!! Imagine that they actually care about their customers saftey.

  • I am extremely frustrated with your Baldwinsville location. I have witnessed several employees acting inappropriately and have always brushed it off. Everything from your produce stock boys cussing loudly enough for me to hear while in the bulk nut section, to immature girls gossiping between checkout lanes and up front at the self checkout area. I am not sure why I have always let this go, perhaps it was because they were young and though they should know well enough that this in appropriate behavior, I let it slip. This latest incident has guaranteed the fact that I will not ever step foot in this store or any other Tops location ever again. I will also notify whomever I come on contact with about the terrible service/employees at Tops.
    Wednesday, February 10, approximately 6:45pm, my husband stopped quick at Tops for a few items before going home. He completed his shopping and at the front of the store, ONE checkout lane was open with a very long line, he proceeded to the self checkout area—which also had a line. When he finally was able to get to a register, he realized he did not have his bonus card with him and needed to enter his phone number. The woman at the podium was helping other people because they were all having issues themselves. He tried to flag her down several times but she ignored him. He finally gave up and dealt with the overly priced items and paid without using his bonus card. As the woman walked to her podium once again, he basically stormed out–as anyone would have. At this point, your employee, whom I might let her actions go if she was a youngster—as I have in the past—but she was an older woman in her sixties and was completely rude and inappropriate to him. He was obviously frustrated by the fact there was ONE normal checkout lane and the self checkout that is supposed to let people get in and out quickly was also backed up. Adding to this frustration was the fact that this woman completely ignored him. So yes he was angry. The woman then states to another employee as he was walking out, “Boy was he grumpy” the other employee asked who—my husband slowed his pace and turned just in time to see this woman pointing at him. Irate is putting it nicely, and this woman is lucky he didn’t cause a seen and tell her and your manager on duty what he thought of Tops in front of your other customers. However, he does plan to return to the store and inform a manager about what happened in person. In the mean, time I am writing this letter because Tops should be aware of every single incident that has happened and this is from one person, I can’t imagine the other people who are saying nothing. This last incident was totally unacceptable. You should be ashamed.
    From here on out I will never visit one of your stores and will travel the extra 20 minutes out of my way to shop at Wegmans. Their prices are much cheaper, their produce is amazing, and they have TEENAGERS who are friendly and willing to help. If they don’t have all the registers open (which they always do at busy “rush” hours) they absolutely have more than just ONE open.
    Thank you for ensuring that I will now solely give my hard earned money to Wegmans.

  • Just witnessed the most sarcastic, rude cashier at Tops Supermarket in Batavia. A gentleman in his 70's was trying to give the cashier the change on his order as to not get a pocketful back…the cashier took large bill made change and he said he had the dime. The cashier said "your order is done just go on" the man said here is the dime I would like a dollar and he said" your done take your stuff and get out of the store". The man checked his name tag out and forgot his purchase and the cashier tosses it ( a card and a gift card) at him not even bagged. The man asks for a bag and he points at the end of the bagging area and says "take one of those". Yikes!

    I of course had to tell this kid he was over the top rude and he owes that man an apology and if he worked for me he would be unemployed. I did say even if you are having a bad day you choose a job in customer service so you need to provide just that customer service. (Inches from a slap a crossed his smug face) This happened Saturday the 5th of December Manager did nothing and a few people witnessed it So what will Corporate do???

  • Im curious if anybody at corporate has seen a drop in revenue in the Watkins Glen NY store while at the same time seeing an INCREASE in the Corning store? Many many many of us have stopped going to the Watkins Glen Tops store because of the new manager there. When you use coupons you are treated like a felon and she / he (cant tell what the person is) seems to think shes the coupon police. Even showing your store policy doesnt matter she thinks your stealing and actually says that openly in front of other customers. We and when I say many of our friends all changed to the Corning store where your treated like a consumer and with respect. Tops is a great place to shop, but so many changes in personnel over such a short period leaves the consumer missing out on the real feel of shop local and getting to know your local Tops. It used to be that way years ago, but today it's just a shame.

  • Paxil is unavailable in areas of Buffalo, the distributor says they won't have it till December according to their website, this an FYI. The Manufacturer says they have this product and its on their shelves. However the distributor isn't ordering it from the manufacturer. I spoke with a rep. from the corporate offices, who is forwarding this info to the proper offices. This could effect our area and pharmacies. If anything positive comes of this I will post it so you will know.

  • Bought 2 packs of Zweigles hots- one red one white at Perinton store on Friday, 7/10/2015. Thought I'd cook the pack with the nearest expiration date for dinner but low and behold the date was cut off from the white hots. Went back to the store Saturday and took pictures of the case and 1/2 of the packages had the date removed. I believe it is illegal to do so and I'll be reporting it.

  • Purchased a gallon of 2% milk on the 4th of July at the Mayville, NY TOPS Market and paid $4.59. Absolute gouging and knowing the elite Chautauqua people will buy and not question!! The milk prices in other TOPS stores was not even close to that!!! Not sure who the GM is in Mayville, but not right that you hike the prices for those of us who live in the area all year long!!! Won't go back there–will drive to Jamestown!!

  • Your Tops store in East Aurora was unable to sell a 4 Pack of Sangria after 8 am because their cash registers time was 15 minutes earlier. Although the store as been redone… it took more time than advertised and all the problems still haven't been adjusted for the customer.

  • Lias nowick is a horrible store manger. She gives everyone attuide. She sits in her office and plays on her phone. The DM should take her job away. She thinks she better then everyone in tops southpark and Bailey. People at that store are quitting or stepping down from department managers. She Eaz- dropped on her employees. When you talk to her to tell her something she don't look at you she just looks away like your not even talking to her. I hope something gets done about this issue. Everyone in that store don't like her.

  • Someone needs to take A VERY SERIOUS LOOK at what's going on at the Tops Market on Elmira Street in Sayre, Pennsylvania. A lot of the produce there is is rotten, all of the time, much of it with mold growing all over it. — I've seen this NOT just one time, but continuously. This weekend I stopped there and the organic produce section was full of rotten produce! Several of the greens and lettuce products should have been thrown out a long time ago! The organic raspberries and blueberries were not only rotten, but they had mold growing all over them. I was in there another time and the English cucumbers in the regular fresh produce section were all soft and beyond eating and starting to grow mold. The avocados are almost always way beyond being ripe, shriveled up and obviously rotten! If you buy them and take them home they are all black inside and beyond eating! These are ONLY EXAMPLES of the rotten produce! Every time I've seen this situation I've alerted the store employees and still it continues to happen, and nothing is done about it! And then there's the meat dept.! One day I observed rotten liver which was beyond being green and was rotten enough to make you sick! I told someone in the meat dept. about it and she removed it, but still it continues to happen! One day late last year I was standing by the meat dept and employees were there pulling boneless lamb roasts from the meat counter. I overheard one of the employees say to another "What are we going to do with these outdated lamb roasts?" The other employee said "We'll take the wrappers off and smell them. If they still smell O.K. we''ll just change the date, repackage them and put them back on the shelf". That made me absolutely sick! This time I'll notify Tops here about the Elmira Street Sayre, Pa TOPS store! If this situation continues to happen and be ignored, my next step will be to contact the the proper authorities about this store!

  • Tops in buffalo south park and Bailey. In the carry out cafe the manger is rude to her employees. Dont ever want to help them out always rolling her eyes when they ask for help.

    • I seen that last week some time the manger was fixing the case and the young girl behind the counter wa as getting slammed with people and subs orders and she asked the manger for help and she got mad. Just cause she had to make a few subs.

  • But i hope an pray to god an for everyone else that this helps for the people affraid to speak up that have pets, kids , husband, wife, house morgage to pay that need the job because they dont want to lose it or like me having trouble in a tough economy.

    But too Mr. Ross what i have to say to you…..
    True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information. And that you are a Joke and A joke is a very serious thing. Everyone in this town of North Huntingdon township is LAUGHING at you because you said that your going to take Giant Eagle out of buissness and i don't doubt that Wal-Mart is LAUGHING AT YOU TOO. And that your wooden nickle resturant is going to take Teddy's out of buissness too To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war because When you are winning a war almost everything that happens can be claimed to be right and wise like a man who grins when he fights. But you Mr.Ross you occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

  • A new girl started in the deil department nice again like always True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time. This new girl starts with this one i went to high school with has a kid an family to take care. The new girl starts telling her to shut up during the two day sale in front of customers then saying she didn't order a half a poud of chipped ham which the customer did. She just keeps harrassing her till she went on her break an started to cry she came back an she just kept going going till she went to a manager to complain an it did nothing then a manager kevin in the frozen department took the time out to take her outside an talk to her an calm her down. Wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another. Manager Kevin was a nice guy doing that for her one of the rarest managers that will take the time out to do that he didnt have to an be like the others but his heart is in the right place.
    There will be more to come in the future i bet or till i get out an get a new job!!!!!!!!

  • The boss in the meat deapartment quit in the begining of Septemebr, 2014 because once again wasn't getting along with the store manager Jon. Jon is an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else. For the fact it seems like him an Mr. Ross are doing this to get rid of employees that are hard working, honest, an loyal. Trying to cut coast on keeping the store alive an getting rid of people that make too much! They got a new boss in the meat deapartment seems like a nice guy but i guss there was a dispute on the hours for the employees there only getting 17-20 hours an wanting more for with that deparment is always busy an guess now the new guy an the old man name jon in the meat department are making up lies getting the other three in trouble saying there bad mouthing the store saying that there putting out bad meat an bacon etc then marking it down an putting in the pick 5 section which in real truth they were told by there old boss an store manager jon an by Mr. Ross too put it out because it was okay to they did it in Mt Olyimpia an other Mr. Ross's stores an it always got sold.
    The three know better an throw all the bad products away by the new boss orders but him an jon are doing it to get there way too get more money making up lies an prospect an watching there own backs to get what they want. The three getting blamed for nothing are hard workers coming in early getting things done an asking to stay late to be team players.

  • Later on a manager in another department was fired because the store is still failing and that he is an was making too much like the store manager he was a really nice guy and hated to see him go. All department were getting cut hours an were made from full time employees to part time employees with out boss's or management informing everyone an just did it. I keep thinking What kind of people do they think we are? Is it possible they do not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they and other employees will never forget? Still trying to stay strong an hang in there till something better comes my way. So most of that Happened around the end on July, 2014 to the middle of August, 2014
    Towards the end of August, 2014 going into September, 2014
    Nothing has changed Still everyone has cut hours only getting hours when its only the two day sale everyone is still displeased an unhappy the way management runs!

  • Well the store manager kept yelling at me making it my fault degrading me putting me down never felt so low. After taking a yelling for so long i snapped Too often the strong, silent man is silent only because he does not know what to say, and is reputed strong only because he has remained silent.
    and told him what kind of an idoit he is that could not write down the right number don't you have to go to school to be an accountant its To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
    So then i walked out an quit. Then i kept getting call after call from my boss an Mr. Ross to come back an well get it straighten out. So with not luck finding another job i decide to swallow my pride an go back was so upset an degratting but i kept thinking in my head Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking my potential and to stay positive. So then everything was getting straighten out an i was getting paid what i was promissed in the first place. But not to me so optamistic but i decided to pessimist and sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Thus the store wasn't doing too great started to cut hours everyones hours so wasn't getting full time hours me an a partner in my area but others in departments were going threw the same.
    A boss in another department was caught stealing so she got what was coming to her then they got a new boss. Then in another deparement a boss wasn't getting along with the store manager so he decided to quit too as well then other people were an still are having problems with the store manager Jon. seems like in my oppinon Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. That Mr. Ross an the store manager Jon thinks that this is the way a store an employees should be runned!!

  • To start out im going to remain anomoyous and to inform customers employes an future employees the truth lies and soap opera drama that goes on in ross's norwin shop n save. they say that the pen is mighter than the sword.
    i decide to do this out of hope an truth and not being an actoviste! Not going to say what department i work in!
    When i went in for the intervien in the Mt Olyimpia i was not told what i would be making by the hour for the reason that they weren't too sure if it was going to be a union or not. I told my future boss that will be fine we can talk when everything gets up an ready an were ready to sign papers an work.
    Started to help out in April before the store was open helping them clean, putting shelves together stocking up on product an training new people in the area that what we are going to do an how we are going to run things. Then i asked my boss before the store open i asked my boss how much ill be making he said that you'll get 9.50 to 9.75 to start then after we find out that were going to be a union an all that well give you more i said how much more 10.00 an hour an you stay show use how hard you work an show use your all well take care of you an you'll get more an can make a good honest living a wage.
    At that moment in time i was so happy told my family my girl friend an friends. Everyone was happy for me that i found a job that i can make good money get ahead in life an start saving up money for a new car or to get an appartment an think of the future to get a house i was the happiest luckiest guy in the world i kept saying to myself you worked so hard job after job an now its finally paying off its finally paying off im going to have something to show forth now!
    The Store opened up in May 1, 2014
    My area two employees quit on us was worried about it didnt know how busy we were going to be but in the back of my head i just kept thinking about the money i'll be making the good hours the opportunities that will be coming my way. Oh we got so busy i was getting 39 to 40 hours was doing the shift 12-8 sometimes i didnt get out till 9:30 to 10:00 still didn't care was happy to be making what i was but then it started.
    I get direct depposite for my check an it honestly took me a month to find out what i was making to find out how too look it up online i went to store manager my boss an manager after manager getting the run around then i finally found the information that i was looking for to look up my pay stub an then my heart sank it sank so low i was so upset an so depressed after the hard work i was doing i was getting 7.25 instead of what i was promissed. I went to my boss the next day an told him. He said that ill take care of it don't worry i'll get it all straighten out i was starting to calm down an had faith in my boss but then it took a week an i kept complaining to him then finally the store manager came back just to check to see how everything was doing in every department an what luck an perfect timing. I told him my issue an why it was taking my boss and him so long to straighten things out then he asked why did it take me so long to find out besides the hours getting out so late an having to got to bed when i get home I told him everyone was giving me the run around till a very nice professional girl at customer care told me what to do.

  • I have been shopping at TOPS for manys years. Recently, I made a purchase at your Sherrill , NY store. My bill came to over 200.00. I paid with my bank debit card at was debitted twice for this order. After calling my bank, I was advised to call the store directly. After speaking with 2 people who I feel could have done more to help me, I was given an 800 number to consumer affairs. All consumer affairs did was verify that there were two authorizations and one was reversed. They were telling me they did not charged me twice, Yet my bank statement and a rep from my bank say differently. I'm a reasonable person, I know this kind of thing happens from time to time. It was the treatment I received after the fact that I am not happy with. It is now 3 days later and I'm still overdrawn. I emailed someone on the Tops website and all they did was leave me a voicemail telling me that it bascially isn't there error and to contact my bank. (ugh!) I feel as if I'm being penalized for simply patronizing your establishment. I live in an area that has a variety of grocery stores, I've never had a problem ever.. with any other place. All I want is my bank account creditted with that second amount.. That is the last time TOPS will ever get my business.

  • I live in Central NY. I have shopped at Tops ( P & C) for well over 25 years. I am very disappointed that very often fresh produce that is available locally or at he very least nationally is not sold at Tops. Tops continues to sell fresh fruits and vegetables from other country's, Like Peru, Mexico, or Chili. Today I could not even find Asparagus that was not grown locally although I know of some local farm stands that have it. Its all about the mighty dollar with the buyers. Whom ever is responsible for making these choices should be ashamed of them selves, for not supporting our local farmers and our country by buying local. I have decided and encouraged many I know to buy their produce at Wegmans supermarket and some local farmers markets and farms stands and only get my "Staple" groceries at tops now. The other thought is that these other countries do not have as strict laws on use of pesticides and fertilizers of their produce so it is much more unhealthy to eat them. No amount of washing them before you eat will get rid of that much insecticides or fertilizers that they are grown with. .

  • The store in hardwick vt needs a new manager I was in there the other day and the young man that cashed me out his name was sage and I will never for get it because he was so rude and when I asked him for assistance he got mad walked off muttering and flipped me the finger. Then went in a day or so later he cashed me out never smiled said hello or thank you for shopping with them very rude.

  • I am very angry that the Dunkirk Tops has not only driven Tim Horton's out of the store, it is now making M & T Bank move out. Tops will not be where I shop after the bank is gone. What is up with the thinking to close those businesses? Tops give you more? NO Tops takes away more. I will be shopping elsewhere now. Why would I come into that store when it can't help me shop? You people need to wake up.

  • Id like to say I was assulted by one of ur employees in the norwich tops plaza and the manager turned it around on me and im now band from the store and the employee wasnt properly disaplined and now I just recived something in the mail from the assets protection saying im to pay $75 which isnt right I was assulted by ur employee and now u expect me to pay $75…im thinking about taking legal action against this…ive called the asset department number on the paper I get no answer back or call back if u can id like to hear from u my email is or my phone number is 607 244 1994

  • I live in Dansville, and Tops is the only full-service grocery store in town. After 8 years of shopping at the Dansville Tops, I have yet to see a manager who seems to care about customer service and take it seriously. The cashiers come and go; at least one out of every three visits, I have a "trainee." The employees are not well trained. When I am starting to unload my groceries at the end of the conveyer belt, why on earth would the cashier ask me for my Bonus Card?!!! I cannot reach them, I have my head in the cartand I'm unloading my groceries, huh? And if I ask why are they asking before I am near enough to hand the card to them, they seem dumbfounded themselves. Occasionally cashiers are rude. Today, one cashier said to a customer, "what's the big mystery? This is a grocery store, we sell groceries. Don't be scared" Well, she scared me. Her customer reloaded her cart and left the lane. I hate to go in the store now. Odds are I will not have a friendly experience. Does Corporate even care that managers don't care about service at their store?

  • yeah i would like to say that i love yourstore and your company but store 679need to have better workers meaning certain ones like to be jerk to other co workers and like to have their own set of keys when they havent been here long and plus when your vice president is coming in and one of the workers are sick running straight to the bathroom every 5 minutes amd have to clean it they get yelled at bc the sick you ask me that is riddiculous.. so something needs to be done

    • Corporate should really take a look at this Tops it is a lot of illegal activity at this Tops and it is not so friendly.
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    • This comment has nothing to do with the comment above. I've been in the service industry for pretty much my whole working life. I worked in retail, and there are some nasty customers (people) in this world who will be nasty to you just for being nice to them. Like this afternoon, I was getting carts at my store #535 when I was kindly telling a customer with a cart that she could leave it where it was, as I was coming right over to grab it for her. I was doing this out of genuine kindness, so she kept standing at the cart, I said it's OK, you don't have to stand there with it (because it defeats the purpose of me trying to save her time). Immediately after I said that she got super nasty and said "I wasn't standing next to it"… But she obviously was because she could've already walked to her car in the time it took me to notice her standing by it and say that to her…. So I threw my arms up as I went by with the two other carts, having been stressed out, over worked, too much responsibility, and underpaid for the amount of responsibility I am expected to assume just for doing a good job.. And I said " why bother to be nice…?" This customer was looking for trouble, because some if them do and she found it. No, from a customer service standpoint I shouldn't have said that. But since when does a minimum wage job suspend you for ONE CUSTOMER COMPLAINT? That's not normal and I'm sure that the management at my store has it out for me. Since the beginning and they use this as an excuse to suspend me? Wow. I'm the last person to deserve suspension. I apologize to customers when necessary, I help elderly people find groceries, I put heart into my job…. I guess people don't want that these days, huh? I should just be someone who does the bare minimum as long as I don't say things like "why bother to be nice?" To an obviously nasty customer. Wow, management is messed up there to do this to me. This isn't my first job in retail, and no, I don't usually get complaints, but for my pay, the job I do, and the way management expects to pull me here and there and take on responsibility for things that a store clerk shouldn't have to deal with, is absurd. It's completely absurd and there is a teal narcissistic choke hold in that store. I won't go back. They suspend me over this and want me to call them? No thanks.

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