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TownePlace Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact TownePlace Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Marriott International, Inc.
10400 Fernwood Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427
Customer Service Number: 1-800-721-7033

  • On September 6, 2017, I was fleeing hurricane Irma. I had left Naples, Florida the night before. My two children were searching available hotel rooms in the area of Macon, Georgia, as I sat in a rest area. There were NONE. My daughter finally found a HomeTowne Suites in Chamblee, Georgia and paid for a week's stay. i arrived at the site around 11:30 am after 14 hours on the road. I told them I was fleeing the hurricane, had been driving since 9:30 the night before and asked if it was possible to gain an early entry. The woman at the front desk said "No, the room won't be ready until 3:00." So I sat in the parking lot for 3 hours. When I went back to the front desk, after 3 pm, there was a different woman at the desk. I was given a "registration card" to fill out. It was a 2 page document, legal in nature, and on the second page it said that there was a separate "pet agreement" form to fill out. When I asked for the pet agreement, I was met with what I can only describe as a "dead face". The woman said "No pets". When I tried to explain that I was fleeing from a hurricane, she said "We are privately owned. We don't take pets" By now, it was 4 pm.
    I'd been on the road for more than 18 hours and hadn't slept since Monday night. I called my daughter to tell her what had happened. She and my son got back on their computers and my son called at 5 pm, and said he found a room, but it was hours away in Nashville Tennessee. So I drove another 5 hours and arrived in Nashville at 10pm EDT.
    All my life, I've heard about "Southern Hospitality". I didn't see that at your HomeTowne Suites in Chamblee. What I experienced was not just unpleasant people or rude people. They were downright hostile.
    Thankfully, when I arrived, exhausted, in Nashville, I was treated with kindness and sympathy.
    Given my experience in the Atlanta area – my first time there – I don't ever want to visit that city again.

  • I was in Sacramento last week. On Sunday we had no hot water for showers. On Sat/Sun no butter for breakfast. Give me a break, am I to believe that no one can go to the local store for butter. When I asked that a bill be sent to my email account they agreed but have not sent it. Incidentally, I thought my kindle had been stolen, but no it had been put under the covers.

  • TownePlace Suites really needs to evaluate the lack of customer service provided at the front desk of their location in Campbell, CA. Extremely rude! Attempted to handle a question that should have been escalated up to the General Manager. Bad move!!!

  • I paid BEFORE I realized what I would be dealing with. This place is disgusting. They say if you pay for a week you get housekeeping once a week. I was there three weeks, couldn't get a refund, and my housekeeping, consisted of me complaining once a week to the front desk and begging for the house cleaning cart to change my own sheets, clean my own toilets and take out my own trash, vacuum my own room. How bad does it have to be when you are willing to clean your own room and have to fight to get chemicals to do so because this particular hotel won't make people do their jobs? I just want clean sheets and a clean toilet and a clean floor to walk on. I'd like something to scrub the bathtub and Kyle, the night clerk here at Bentonville, refused to even contact management or give us corporate information. Not only should you NOT stay here unless it's an EXTREME Situation, I'd also recommend that this company actually HIRE some house cleaners, train them properly and if someone wants clean towels, clean sheets and a clean environment and YOUR Employees are not willing to provide that and you refuse to allow the guest to clean their environment Expect TONS of Horrible reviews like this one. Human's aren't pigs, don't expect them to stay or sleep in nasty places. When you as a guest can't get a refund to go to a better hotel and your staff, like night-shift Kyle, refuses to help in any way to get a guest clean towels or sheets or even trash-bags to you as a guest can clean your own room you don't belong in the hospitality business. Your staff is absolutely horrid and this location should be closed down by a health inspector. WORST Stay EVER! If this is how Home Towne Suites shows their standards, they deserve an F, No Effort and Not a hint of even caring. This place is gross and I feel filthy for having stayed. It's a mistake I'll NEVER make again. I need to bathe in clorox after this visit, wonder what kind of diseases are just lurking around on the filthy sheets at this point. Stayed December-January for the Holiday of 2016-2017. If you can't keep your guests in clean rooms, at the least offer them the ability to do your job and clean it themselves. After 5 days of no clean towels and no clean sheets, and no clean toilet and trash piling up since the last time I cleaned the room myself I have had it. Hopefully this review will help others decide on a humane place to stay with properly cleaned units. Signed Disgusted in Bentonville.

    Home Towne Suites
    200 Suburban Ln
    Bentonville, AR 72712

    January 7, 2017

    I just want my three weeks stay back or to be paid as an employee for doing your employees job that I PAID her to do in my room fee. This is NOT how you treat people.

  • Today I checked into the Towneplace Suites located at 4100N Kittredge Street , Denver, Co.
    I am here for three weeks fro business booked thru my company corporate travel services. I have the confirmation when it was booked, who booked it and the rate, arrival date and the method of payment: DIRECT BILL. However when i get there to check in I'm told I need a credit card? Well I don't have one mine is hone with my husband and kids I have cash and obviously cash is NOT WELCOME not good enough. So Although my company who has had countless employee stay here. I have this issue. I am not happy I have always been pleased with Marriott however this has left a very bad taste in my mouth and my corporate office will hear about this because they spend too much money with this company for their employees to have to go this these useless changes when traveling.
    Too stressed out for training

  • Kathryn Jennings

    My family checked in around 12 noon in Towne Place Suites in Winchester Virginia. Marriot rewards holder but decided to pay this time full in cash. No receipt given. After placing our luggage in the room , we quickly heading out to visit area. When we got back around 6:30. We discovered that furniture was missing from our room! Spoke to front desk –she said her manager was not there but would call. I asked for the furniture to be brought back into room or give partial refund for this stay. She called back later and no way to get furniture there tonight. This is insane. paid for the larger two bedroom suite without all its furniture and we adults had to sit at part of the dining table–so uncomfortable. We want a refund of some kind–not Marriot reward points.

  • My family and I stayed at the TownePlace in Austin July 1-5. The room was good however I have a complaint. My son is disabled and in a wheelchair, we were not able to get him into the breakfast area due to it being small and not wheelchair accessible. I would ask that you fix the problem to allow other in wheelchairs to access in the future. Thank you

  • My wife and I were guests at the Towne place Suites in Albuquerque N M on 3/5/16. I had a handicap suite reserved as my wife is in a wheel chair and it is hard foe her to get around. When we arrived at 3:45pm well after the check in time we were told our room was not ready but she a different handicap room that was ready. This room was on the 3rd floor and the room was all the way at the end of the hallway from the elevator. By the time my wife got to the room (stopping twice to rest) she was in pain and had to rest in bed to recover. When my sister in law opened the cupboard a plate fell out and smashed all over the floor. When we went down to tell the front desk she just said ok then went back to playing with her child. When we left the next day the glass was still on the floor. The check in clerk felt it was better to play with her child than to help the guests. not only was the distance from the elevator to the HANDICAP room illegal as there were no stairs at that end of the building but she was to lazy to clean up broken glass in our room ( A safety hazard) to the guests. To this day I have not received any type of apology from the Manager or the clerk that would rather run a daycare than do her job. My advice CLOSE DOWN before you do hurt someone!!!!!

  • My husband and I love the Marriot hotel because they have always treated us right. But I'm very disappointed in the management here, because one of the housekeepers took my diamond earrings out of my room on Saturday. I usually take all my jewelry with me, but I forgot to put on my earrings on Saturday. I went to look for them the next day and they were gone, and I looked again the next day and no earrings. So I report it to the desk to let them know, because I know you can't control your employees, but what happened next just blew me away. After sending my written statement, the general manager called and left me a message.
    The general manager pulled the door log and I went to the front desk and retrieved the log and a insurance form it states that no one entered my room on Saturday or Sunday. But as I look closer at the log, I see that room was entered between 3:22 ,3:29, 3:36, 3:45, and 4:10. Me and my husband left the hotel at 10:19 and I returned around 5:00. But when you look the log it shows that I re-entered my room during those times, which is impossible. At 4:14 I was ordering Chinese Food by phone in my vehicle, after leaving Zales and my husband was at the Horseshoe Casino and I have the text messages and receipts to prove it. Someone has altered the logs and the show our keys opening the door. This is totally unacceptable behavior, to try an cover up a theft from a customer. I'm not sure If the general manager is involved with this criminal negligence, and I won't speculate. My earrings cost $750.00, they was 2 carats, a gift from my mother 6 years ago. My name is Jozelle Roane, PSC 1 unit 1, Scott AFB, Illnois 62225 my phone number is 808-388-6384.

  • April 2, 2013

    TownePlace Suites Corporate Office Headquarters
    Marriott International, Inc.
    10400 Fernwood Road
    Bethesda, Maryland 20817 USA
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
    Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427
    Customer Service Number: 1-800-721-7033

    Dear Sir/Ma’am

    I have been staying at the Marriot family for over 10 years and never has experienced a such a bad experience in my life like the one I had last night when I was awaked by the police knocking on my door while I was sleeping at room # 110 a the Town place suites at Arlington, Texas. On or about 0800 PM we have going outside to the parking lot to check on my dogs. The front desk attendance had left a rude note on the windshield of my truck a white escalate SUV " the note read, see the front desk attendance, not a please or any polite question. I went to the front desk to ask the employee why she needed to see me. I ran into a skinny white female who appear to be very rude and apprehensive. When I indicated her that I found a note on the windshield of my truck stating to see her. She replied and a very argumentative and directive tone of voice that I have to remove my dogs from the hotel property or pay $ 100 to bring the dogs inside the room. I replied to her that I will not pay $ 100 to stay at the property because I was not told to do so when I first check in on Saturday afternoon on March 30, 2013. I indicated to her that it was a poor business practice by the hotel management therefore I will depart the property instead. Ten minutes later as I was picking up my belongings to leave the property the Arlington Police show up to my room door trying to arrest me for animal abuse. I would dike an investigation to be conducted in this matter, my money to be return and a letter of apology from the Hotel Corporate Office. The employee behavior constitutes harassment and poor business practice. We don't go to hotel to be arrested by police because an employee decides to call the police due to poor judgment. I expected an answer within 48 hours, before I would seek legal actions or assistance from the state attorney office or the Federal Trade Commission.

    Nestor Thomas
    25302 Scout Point
    Garden Ridge, TX 78266
    Phone 830-383-9277

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