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  1. On May 22 I went to check in Towneplace Hostel on Summa Ave in Baton Rouge La. Worst experience I have every had. The front desk staff explained to me that it was 250 dep to stay that I never paid before at al! She explained that Expedia put the 250 on all reservations of a 3rd party. When I called Expedia manager let me that they did put a 250 dep requirement on any reservations. So I asked can I can e refund because I’m not putting a 250 hold on my card. So I called the manager she was rude and quickly I got upset she was trying to go all over the word thinking I’m slow was not going to happen. I told her I just DNT have 207 dollars to give freely at all. It was so many different stories with her and her front desk staff! That’s why I had Expedia on 3 way so they can hear her. Then she going to tell me I can’t stay there anymore I travel a lot for work the last time I stayed the room was so nasty makeup and blood on the curtains I have the pictures to show. She told me that it’s her property so I told her I’m going to call corporate to let them know I recorded the entire conversation. I never cause trouble anywhere I stay if it’s Namath they going to clean it to change my room point blank. The guy at Expedia was trying to explain to her also but she have a big head and wanted to do an say what she wanted to. Ms.Cane at the Summa location in Baton Rouge. Also she said I threatened the front desk which was not true me and the front desk staff had a calm conversation as she stated to me book through Priceline of hotels.com the dep will not be as much. She went beyond to tell me about how alot of their other customers pull away from staying there since the 250 dep. Now if I was that bad how we had an hour long conversation.

  2. I arrived at HOMEtown Suite in Irving, Texas the location at 400pm. Check in time was at 300pm. The reception person was not at the office. There was a note on the office side window stating they would be back in 30 minutes. Well, I waited 1hr. Many of the residents stated that they are never in the office, that the normal. When the lady (with blonde weave in her hair) returned she had an attitude. I stated that it was unprofessional, in return of my telling her. I stated that i called and requested room on the same floor and if possible next to each other. My childrens where traveling with me. I didnt not get those accomdations they were stated would be provided. My children where in a room on the other side on the building in which I would uncomfortable leaving them in their room by themselves. She gave me a room with dead flies and living flies flying all over the room. The room have about 30 dead flies and about 50 flies in the room flying. The room smelled and I was disgusted. I returned to the office to tell the reception. She laughed and already knew that the room was dirty. She changed my room and then the keys did not work. I returned again to get access to my room and she caught an attitude as though I was getting on her nerves. She then was asked why do the doors not lock, with the lock provide, she stated she didnt know that was not her job. Too much loud noise from residence, residence knocking on my door late at night. I didnt answer but was scared and uncomfortable. I will never stay at any Hometown Suite again. I wasted my money and did not and could not get a good rest.

  3. Someone forgot what customer service means. I called about fraudulent use of my credit card and was told over and over again "an associated will be with you momentarily". Haven't spoken to one yet.

  4. I received notice from AMEX of a large charge being made to my account by SHS Fishkill. The category was lodging. Since I had only stayed at one hotel recently, I called that hotel and asked if SHS Fishkill could possibly be the TownePlace Suites and was told that yes it is the charge for my stay at the TownePlace Suites. She said she gets that question at least 3 times a day. Don't you think it would make sense for both your employees and your customers to have the word Marriott somewhere in the credit card description so there would not be unnecessary confusion over room charges?

  5. On September 6, 2017 I was fleeing the oncoming hurricane Irma. I had left my home in Naples at 9:30 the night before and was at a rest area near Macon, Georgia when my children texted to ask if I had a hotel room. I did not. Their web searches showed no rooms in any of the surrounding areas, until my daughter found a HomeTowne Suites in Chamblee, Georgia. I arrived early, and asked if I could gain early entry to the room, as I had been driving all night. I was told it would not be ready until after 3 pm. I waited 3+ hours in the parking lot before returning to the front desk. I was asked to fill out a "registration card" that was a two-page document. On the second page, it stated that there was a separate "pet agreement form" that I needed to fill out. When I asked for the form I was met with a dead stare and" No pets." When I explained that I was fleeing a hurricane I was told "We are privately owned. We do not allow pets". I had been on the road for 19 hours, I did not hide the fact that I had a cat in my car. The woman I spoke with originally was parked right beside me, and saw the cat when she left (for lunch?) and again when she returned. Yet the let me sit in the hot parking lot for 3 hours, knowing they would deny me the room.
    By now it was 4 in the afternoon and I had no place to stay. I had been awake since 8 am on Tuesday – 32 hours. I texted my children with this disturbing situation. At 5 pm my son texted that he had found a room for me, but it was in Nashville Tennessee – 5 hours away. I got on the road immediately and arrived at the hotel at 10 pm EDT.
    The hotel staff in Nashville were more than gracious, and I'm grateful to them for their kind hospitality.
    No so those at the HomeTowne Suites in Chamblee, Georgia. In fact, the two women who I dealt with at the HomeTowne Suites were not just unpleasant or rude. They were downright hostile.

    I have had friends and family rave about the "Southern Hospitality" they've experienced in Atlanta. My experience – my first time in Atlanta – makes me NEVER want to go there again.

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