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  • TracFone Corporate Office Headquarters

TracFone Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact TracFone Corporate Office Headquarters

TracFone Wireless, Inc.
9700 NW 112th Ave.
Miami, Florida 33178 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-305-640-2000
Fax Number: 1-305-640-2070
Customer Service Number: 1-800-323-2366

  • I purchased a Samsung Galaxy s6 5.1 TracFone for $295.17 after 3 months it stop working. I returned the phone to TracFone 5 months ago. They sent a Zte phone for my exchange Samsung phone. The phone they sent me was a valued of $50.00. Because my phone is no longer in stock.So they felt like that was okay to send me a less value pheon. I return the phone and ask for a refund that was 3months ago Im been called the Corporate office with no success. TracFone is scammers people out of a lot of money please everyone reports this company to fcc,ftc, BBB. ASP.

  • Tracfone takes our money and doesn't give us the service. Half the time I don't have service and when I do ads keep popping up and I can't answer calls until I clear them,by that time the caller hangs up. Don't buy a tracfone the service is lousy and they want to charge you to fix problems with their phones.

  • Worst customer help. Tried to get a detailed report of expenses and they said they could not provide it……… Very bad on financials

  • I bought my husband a new smart phone on Jan 18th, 2018 and have had nothing but problems since then. I have added the $15.00 cards to give him 200 talk minutes, 500 text, and 500mg of data. Twice now I have bought these cards and to date, he has received the correct amount for talking but as for the texting and data, he has only gotten 200 a piece. I have been on the online chat and on the phone for hours with customer service for them to tell me that the correct amounts were added and then when I disagree with them and tell them that I have a picture of what was added, they hang up on me. I am sorry that I ever bought this phone for him. Up until now I never had any problems with Tracfone but as of now, I will never buy from Tracfone again. They do not care about their customers.

  • TracFone Is Great! However; Tracfone Customer service is Really BAD! 1. Some of the people cannot even speak english very well & hard to understand or them understanding english. 2. Most of the Tracfone customer service people do not know what they are doing & give you off the wall advise, or hang up on you, or just will not saying anything.3. I see you have to keep on calling tracfone many different times untill you get someone who speaks english & knows what they are doing. It has taken me close to a month at times to get someone who knows what they are doing. It is like looking for gold at tracfone finding a customer sevrice person who knows what they are doing. Other than that Tracfone has been good for us. Ty Hamilton

  • Customers service is A Joke retrainiing wouldn't them my thought send them back to whatever fast food joint they came from

  • tracphone needs to have a number like Microsoft does to deal with issues related to using their services and disabilities that impact how you use it. There is something called the Americans with Disabilities Act but their foreign consumer reps don't understand how it works and are totally useless when it comes to issues related to the ADA. They act like you are trying to steal something from the company.

  • I made a purchase and it was posted on my account but never added to the total service days, date, minutes & time. Customer Service is ALWAYS a nightmare.

  • Tracfones are fine, and inexpensive, and usually work well; I have had multiple Tracfones for 15+ years. BUT: if you have to call customer service, plan on spending at least an hour on the phone, and speaking to someone with a significant accent. My latest fiasco occurred when I put minutes on my wife's phone via the website, and the minutes appeared on my daughter's phone! It took 2 hours 20 minutes and four calls, and 5 different "helpers" to get this resolved, and they had the gall to tell me it was a "one time courtesy". Very poorly trained and 'stovepiped', inflexible service folks. Probably the worst customer "service" I've experienced from any company in my 50+ years. They desperately need to get this fixed. If you think of it as the price you pay/torture you endure for paying $10/month for your phone instead of $50+/month like most lemmings out there, it's not quite so terrible.

  • Well, guess that comment won't appear since I'm sure you won't give approval. I'll just use my blog going forward and let my 576,000 followers spread the word to stay away from CrapFone.

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