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Tractor Supply Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Tractor Supply Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Tractor Supply Company
200 Powell Place
Brentwood, TN 37027 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-366-4600
Fax Number: 1-615-366-4686
Customer Service Number: 1-877-872-7721
TractorSupply.com Online Store: 1-877-718-6750
Consumer Credit Cards: 1-800-263-0691
Business Credit Cards: 1-800-559-8232

  • I love tractor supply but the unconstitutional attack by CitiBank against our 2nd amendment is not acceptable. I am asking for myself and many other Americans for Tractor Supply to find a different credit card service for our Tractor supply cards. Citi groups anti American actions require me to boycott them but I hate to boycott TS as a result. Please let me know where you stand on this. Thank you. James


  • Well here it is December, a big shopping month. I go to the Showlow Az store and buy $300.00 + in horse feed, some Christmas stuff and I get to the counter which has a huge lineup and you only have two young guys there busting their butts to help and accommodate everyone. One guy at the checkout and who knows where the other one was. If I hadn't been there with my wife she would have had to load the truck herself. You better pull it together or I'm taking my business elsewhere.

  • Tractor Supply Aransas Pass, Tx. Police report #1700016093 on the date of 7/17/17. I was fired because a thief switched barcode tags on a welding machine. The manager blamed me for it and fired me for it and made sure I wouldn't qualify for unemployment by stating that it was against company policy. Against company policy to sell a welding machine that I new nothing about, but a thief purposely stole. She contacted HR and said they told her to write that and not change it, let me guess,so this way I can't qualify for unemployment benefits. The police report also states that she asked him for the receipt, but let him leave anyway without seeing it.(Also against company policy) Should I mention she had another employee fired, because she left a $3,000 wood chipper by the front doors unsecured where it shouldn't of been and blamed another cashier for that getting stolen and fired her also. No accountability for managers and for those employees who stay late and come in for all the "no shows" never work for this kind of company. You will regret it.

  • I have been a loyal fan and customer of tractor supply. However: When I moved to Granville NY I have discovered the most incompetent run store in all my travels. As a result of ( 87 Quaker St STE 5, Granville NY 12832 – Phone Number 518-642-2016 ) I cut my purchases from tractor supply down 25% and started shopping else wheres. My purchases continued to drop even after moving to a farm where my purchase needs increased substantially . I am current purchasing 5% of those needs at Tractor Supply and that percentage is about to drop to ZERO. This Store over the past couple years has demonstrated an inability to stock their shelves and keep them stocked. I even took note of how certain items may go a period of months before being re-restock. Sale items will promptly have their tags put in place and the space on the shelf will remain empty for the entire duration of the sale period. It angers me greatly to waste my time and gas to go get an items that was placed on sale only to discover they never stocked it. And then I upset myself further by making several more trips out of my way to check to see if it was stocked only to discover they still have not stocked it. Some sale items I have also noticed that they place over stocked items in the slot of a sale item and this too may last the duration of the sale. I asked one of the management about the sale item and he quickly replied ,"We have a large problem with customers stealing and not we cannot reorder it." I have two problems with this. #1. They continue to leave the tag up for that item even though the space is filled with overstock of the item beside it and that they cannot refill the space. So Common Good Business Practices would of removed the tag , but not at this store . Second Problem : If a person came into the store and stole the entire shelf of that item. Such said person would not stick around or go into the back room to find over stock of the items beside it to fill the empty space of the items they just stole . No Shoplifter would spend any greater time or take further risks of being caught to perform this action as this manager suggest took place. If there is Theft taking place – Then the Corporate office should be focusing their attention upon the management that so poorly performs their basic responsibility of running this store at this location. Customers are not Idiots and don't deserve to be lied to in order for an incompetent store manager to cover his own REAR END while making a very poor attempt to shed himself in a better light. For as Long as this Store remains running in it's current state of Non-performance – I will continue to shop else-wheres and continue to cut back my visits to ALL Tractor Supplys. If I cannot shop regularly at the Store Near me and must travel any distance to get the items needed to be purchased – I will not step foot into another tractor supply while I have been forced to travel to get the items needed. There are plenty of stores in the other locations where "Why Should I benefit Tractor Supply at all by doing business with them, When IT IS THEIR STORE THAT FORCES ME TO TRAVEL TO PURCHASE ITEMS THAT CAN BE EASILY OBTAINED IN OTHER TRACTOR SUPPLY's, BUT NOT OBTAINABLE AT MY LOCAL TRACTOR SUPPLY ! IF This Conduct is Not Condoned By Tractor Supply Corporate Office – Then it is about Time The Corporate Office Takes Note and Responds to this Gross Negligence and Incompetence that Reflects Poorly upon Tractor Supply as A Whole . Sincerely Disappointed that the Corporation I have Grown to Love has been transformed into a Place I hate Stepping foot into ! So I place this here Hoping The Corporation as a Hole Takes Note and Responds Appropriately . If the management is unable to perform as required – Then it is about time that such said management is Replaced with an individual who is competent and reliable to perform the task of running this store in Granville NY 12832

  • tractor supply POWER PLUS protection plan is worthless on lawnmowers DONT waste your money on it $149.00 would not cover anything carburetors are junk but your fault because you used bad gas took 1 month 10 days to get fixed ended up costing me$346.46 and trying to get$50.00they will give you if it is gone for more than 2weeks means you need to hire a lawyer to help you Don't buy a Huskee

  • yep it sounds like pretty much the same story over and over again. Since I was treated rudely at my local tractor supply in Nebraska, it is just as easy to go down the road to their competitor.

  • Does TSC allow employees to carry conceal weapons to work? This employee does not have a valid permit to carry she only took a online class has not gone to the county courts to get a permit. This employee works at the Fredericksburg store, on plank road. They need to check all employees.

  • The TSC on Plank Road in Fredericksburg, VA needs to be investigated as their employees are stealing and know how to do it without getting caught. The Team mgr is a woman by the first name of Bet.. who is nothing but a bully and thief. I have witnessed her telling staff to do it as it is not my job. She plays favorite with a employee who I learned was her brothers girlfriend. She has even taught her how to steal and not get caught. An employee told me that what they do is mark what they want as if is damaged and write if off. They then place it in a trash can and cover it up with boxes. They come back after dark and closing to pick up the stolen merchandise. They have walked many times out of the store with stolen clothes, Carhart coats, boots animal food, fencing, grills, yard stuff, fountains, etc. I bet if you go to their home all of this will be there in the yard. Have even stolen baby chicks and declared them dead when they picked them up.

  • I received as a Christmas gift a pair of Carhart work pants, from a relative. Size was too big, but all tags were still on the pants, identifying them as tractor supply merchandise. My relatives have already gone back home and I attempted to swap them for a pair that fit at the Anniston, AL store. The manager stated that without a receipt she would not swap them. I attempted to reason with her that they were a Christmas gift, at that point she still was saying no and as I picked the pants up from the counter she attempted to snatch them from my hands. This action did prompt a little bit of irrational profanity from me, which in retrospect I may have handled the situation a little better, but in my defense her attempting to take my personal property from me forcibly did provoke me. I informed her that TSC would never get another (explicit) penny from me, to which she started to scream at me to get out of her store and never come back in, I requested the District managers name which she would not give, nor would she give her name, at this point she threatened me with the police because I was not getting out of "her" store quick enough and I was snapping a picture of her for identification purposes once I speak with someone from corporate.

    • As an update to this, I spoke with a store manager at a different location and was told that he would gladly exchange these pants for me. He also stated that when the Anniston manager followed me out to my truck she was in violation of TSC policy. When I told him the situation I said "Anniston Store", he immediately stated "yeah they are rude to customers". Being that his store and Anniston's are roughly 60-70 miles from one another, this tells a story all in itself of how terrible the Anniston store is. The other manager also gave me the number to customer solutions, where I spoke with TSC phone rep, who took the information and told me that the district manager for that store would be calling me, 2 business days and so far nothing. Bottom line, if you live near Anniston and need items normally carried by feed and seed stores, go to Pickett's either in Anniston or Oxford, livestock feed is generally better priced and better quality, customer service is a thousand times better. If you want Carhart clothing, sure try it on at TSC and then order it from Amazon, if it don't fit I have never had a problem with returns/exchanges there.

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