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  • Trane Corporate Office Headquarters

Trane Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Trane Corporate Office Headquarters

1 Centennial Ave.
Piscataway, NJ 08855-6820
Corporate Phone Number: 1-732-652-7100
Fax: N/A
Customer Service Number: 1-800-554-6413
Website: Trane


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  1. Trane A/C units are a complete wreck and should be taken off the tracks. As all the comments I read the products stink along with the corporate office. Talking to employees is useless as they are no better then the A/C units.

  2. I bought a complete Trane unit for my home on June 25 2010. I have had nothing but trouble with the unit since it was put in. The dealer was as sorry as could be in my opinion. The unit gave more trouble e than it is worth. Every year we had to add two to three pounds of Freon to the unit. Then we had to put die in the system. No one could find the problem. It was serviced every year. I am totally disabled and have to have the air due of my health. They could not find the paperwork to cover the unit. In my opinon they need to go out of business for not backing the unit. This is the biggest piece of crap that I have ever purchased and would not recommend Trane to anyone. I will look to Lennox air or Carrier as my next purchase. They do not have a phone number that you call them at for customer service. What a joke. CUSTOMER NO SERVICE.

  3. The first Trane I purchased for my condo went bad in 5-yrs. This a/c is a roof package unit. I purchased another Trane for a St Petersburg, FL sales company recommended by my neighbors friends. The Owner never got me a Permit but the City went after him. I switched companies and had both check into the Odor and Irritating smell I was having with this New Unit. Neither found any problem. I have tested and thrown away other electrical items thinking they were old and causing the odor. I tested the air again on 11/30/16 by turning off everything that normally runs. I even have another new fan in the living room turned off. Today is Sunday, 12/4/16 and I needed to turn on the A/C as it was getting warmer today. After the air turned off and the air lingered, I feel I can smell some of the odor again. I will know later this evening if the smell persist. I had read once online that some models of Tranes' indoor air-handlers were recalled due to some leak. As far as I know, the Tech's that checked my New AC said I had no leaks. Reading one of the complaints here, I wonder if I have an older unit sold to me filled with the newer Freon and causing this odor running through copper pipes rather than aluminum. I will also contact the 2nd company now servicing my a/c unit and ask new questions. They seem to care but don't go out of their way to find out more of my problems with this Trane from Corporate for me. I never wanted another Trane but the company insisted I was buying the BEST. RIGHT 🙁

  4. Purchased our Trane heating & cooling system March 2014. As I write this, the techs are replacing the circuit board. Parts are under warranty, but service & labor charges $500.00 Not blaming the heating & cooling company. I am blaming Trane & their crap product. Definitely would not recommend.

  5. I have had my new TRANE system for two years and within the past 8 months, an 8KW heater has failed and now the Evaporator Coil has a leak…and during this time period I have had the proper scheduled maintenance.I contacted TRANE customer service, sent them all documentation for maintenance and failures…they responded with "sorry",,,,,this is a $7000 install that is going bad piece by piece and customer service just brushed me off totally after making believe they would look into it following my sending of the proper documentation..did not happen! I am thoroughly disgusted with this shallow and disrespectful treatment of a customer and would like to find someone within TRANE that cares that their TRANE has been stopped twice at my house within 8 months!
    Thanking you in advance, George H. Nott

  6. I had my first Trane 5 ton roof top unit for 18 years very happy.
    in Nov 2015 I decided its probably time to replace that unit and with Trane offering the 5 year 0% interest we jumped on buying a new energy efficient 5 ton TRANE roof top unit. We wouldn't settle for any other brand 🙂

  7. I have two Trane units, bought them new with extended warranty, ten year parts and labor, dealer went out of business, other dealers wont help, trane says they were not registered, terrible company and product

  8. Listen I've been jacked around for two days trying to get a simple answer on a service issue. I work at a school district that have over a dozen intelepack units. The customer service is worst. Not only did I wait on the phone for half hou rat a time but then they can't answer the question and put you on hold to transfer your call. REALLY.

  9. I purchased a new 3,000SqFt Condo in Cape Coral, FL in October 2007, which was built with a Trane Air Conditioner / Heat Pump. The Unit was serviced faithfully every 6 months (since NEW) by the same Heating & A/C tech from J&D Htg & Cooling (the same Company that Installed it during Construction), and in the passed month the Motor, Motor Module, & Compressor all went bad at the exact same moment!
    Trane claims the component are out of Warranty and will do NOTHING to rectify this equipment failure.
    When the unit was only 2 years old the Condenser Coil had to be replaced. I also own Commercial office buildings in Ohio with Trane heating & Air Conditioning Equipment, as well as at my house in Ohio. Never had a Trane system in which any of these components had to be replaced, let alone all three major components at the same time!
    Trane obviously is building the cheapest product they can, not responding to any customer service complaints or even investigating the product they are making and receiving numerous complaints about. Obviously they don't care that the Trane name is being destroyed as well as the company, by the very people managing it..
    And the CEO's & people in positions of authority keep themselves well insulated from the customers that are buying their product & paying for their huge salaries & bonuses.
    I will instruct my broker to sell any TRANE stock I have as soon as I'm finished typing this complaint.
    Based solely on how this customer complaint was "handled," and what I've experienced in this situation with the TRANE equipment as well as the TRANE customer service representative,
    I will see to it that NONE of my commercial applications nor any of my homes ever have a TRANE product installed ever again………
    If any one at TRANE with any level of Authority reads this and gives a damn feel free to contact me.
    I won't hold my breath…….
    Please don't waste my time unless you have the authority & ability to resolve a $3,429.94 out of pocket expense for the replacement of the 3 major components of the product you sold me in 2007.
    If you need any further information or my contact information, contact your customer service representative: Sharlitta, who I spoke with on Aug. 13, 2015 from 1:46pm – 2:20pm EST.
    Disgusted (with this TRANE Product & the Customer Service I received).
    I would have left my contact information, however, this forum would not allow it & warned against it.

  10. I purchased High efficiency Trane heating and cooling system in July 2015. What a crap. less than 11 months A/C Freon leaked and had to fill in 2 lbs.

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