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Troon Golf Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Troon Golf Corporate Office Headquarters

Troon Golf L.L.C.
Address: 15044 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste. 300
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-606-1000
Fax Number: 1-480-606-1010
Customer Service Number: 1-480-606-1000

  • Re: Maggie Valley Club
    If you look around, every business has HELP needed signs up; whether a restaurant, shop or grocery store. Good employees need to be appreciated and paid well. I would like to commend Tammy Rex for her unwavering professionalism, customer service & knowledge as a Maggie Valley Club employee. Management needs to recognize & appreciate excellent employees for retention which ultimately produces positive bottom line results to the Company. Midge O

  • I am a resident and frequent player of 18 holes and also the ladies 9 hole event on Wed evenings at The Ridge Golf course in Castle Pines, CO. As much as I and my friends love playing on Wed evenings I must say the restaurant for our after golf leaves a lot to be desired. The restaurant is so poorly managed and there doesn't seem to be any communication between the Pro shop and restaurant. They offer a very nice incentive to residents and members to play along with a free drink ticket which has been advertised on the web site. However, without fail, either the restaurant is understaffed or undertrained on how to handle a group of ladies that come in off the golf course hungry and thirsty. We hear there will be no drink tickets tonight and it often times takes up to an hour to get food and sometimes NEVER get food such as last nite when we came in at 7:30, ordered food and drinks and never got food. When we asked about our order at 8:15, we were told the restaurant was closed and then they proceeded to blink the overhead lights on and off as to signal to "get out". When we have complained to management we have told "what do you expect for $20"? or " you don't understand how small our kitchen is! I would think that they should be aware that ladies will be coming in off the course,how many and to plan ahead for them and to not offer something that is advertised and not offer it. Grossly unprofessional for Troon! I have played a lot of Troon courses and NEVER have had such bad service as there is at The Ridge. You really need to take a close look at this club and make some changes. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that you are loosing revenue at this club and it would all be based on quality of food and service and management.

  • Hello, I am a resident at Rio Verde CC anda social member. I brought two complaints to Rio Verde Country Club management, both of which were handled unprofessionally. One was a complaint of a bartender in Dec 2016
    when I talked to the beverage and food manager, he was defiant and arrogant about my concern, nor did he follow up. The second,I expressed a concern on the quality of the Easter bunch, ham tough, little variety, but pricy. I brought again in my payment envelope for the meal. They did cash the check but no follow up. I feel as a retired businessman, customer service , courtesy should be first and foremost in management. I found this not to be the case with the Food and Beverage manager rather substituted by defensiveness, non reaction and no followup. I feel
    Troon is a successful corporation and has concern for their operations and their customer services at these club. Now my wife, friends and I go to Tonto Verde and receive great food, customer service and friendliness, as it should be. Earl Woomer, jr…720 219 6382,

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