Turkish Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Turkish Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Turkish Airlines Inc.
Building Ataturn Airport
34149 Yesilky, Istanbul, Turkey
Corporate Phone Number:+90-212-463-6363
Fax Number: +90-212-465-2121
Customer Service Number: +90 212 444 0 849

  • The customer services given by Turkish Airlines is absolutely appalling!! A piece of luggage was loaded in Tel Aviv and when it reached Istanbul, it was sent in error from Istanbul to Amsterdam instead of from Istanbul to Durovnik, cannot be forwarded by the airline to Dubrovnik for more than 5 days now. Not one person can assist in providing reasons for this. The customer services at Istanbul did not even know that the baggage was in Amsterdam. Their standard response is that they are looking for the luggage in Tel Aviv and Istanbul. Their head office will not assist and will keep putting you through the Customer Services "For better service". This is the worst service I have EVER come across!!

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