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TV Guide Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact TV Guide Corporate Office Headquarters

11 W 42nd Street
New York, NY  10036
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-852-7500


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  1. my subscription to TV Guide came with a free subscription to the person of my choice, but that person has not received their copy yet, I am paid in full for my account # 738475490/6#.

  2. I have a TV guide collection, that I started in 1972.
    When I first started in 1972, I only tore off the covers from the tv guide book.
    then in 1992 I started saving the whole bookup to today lastest tv guide,
    I am just getting tired of saving them and running out room to keep them.
    The covers are all in selves and in a book binder in order.
    The books from 1992 and on are in their own baggies and in storage tubs in order.
    And I have some odds and ends that I have picked up at antique stores, 1950's 1960's and so on.
    Smoke free house. They have been taken care of with love for 45 years.
    I started when I was 10 years old.
    I have never missed one that I know off.
    If anyone is interested please let me know.
    Thanks dogs_tad@yahoo.com We can come up with a price

  3. We have been receiving TV Guide for over 30 years and always enjoyed reading it. In the last several months we have been inundated with phone calls to renew our subscription. When I explain to the callers that I have paid up until 2019 they continue to insist that I extend it further. These calls come quite frequently and as senior citizens, we find them most annoying. I have requested several times to no avail that they stop calling. At this point it seems like harassment.

  4. I just called to find out about getting a subscription to TV Guide and I found out that you only having nighttime listings, you do not have start any listing before 8 pm, not even on Sat. & Sun., that's stupid.
    You need to start each day's listing at 5 pm and ALL DAY from 6 am on for Sat. & Sunday.
    So, since I cannot see what is going to be on before 8 pm every night, I will not be getting a subscription, you just lost out on a new customer because of this!

  5. Huff tv isn't posting any shows at all for over two weeks now and i am getting tired of having to channel surf and not knowing what's on and when. I guess i'm going to have to start buying a guide so that i know what's on each day. Take something simple and free, Then take it away. REALLY

  6. Dearest TV Guide,
    I usually print out my TV schedule from TVGUIDE.COM. Since some of your technical changes I can mark my favorites with start 2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,15,20,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,30,37,etc. this past week when I "lock in or Save my favorites, it starts printing on Channel 24; therefore I have no idea what is on the stations between 2 & 24. How can I resolve this problem. Mt favorites used to print out on 2 pages, now it takes 4!, Not too Happy in Texas.

  7. Dear TV GUIDE, first of all I want to tell you I have received TV GUIDE since 1967 when I first got married, before that my parents always had it in the house each week without fail. Actually TV GUIDE has always been a part of my life so please take the following comments as a friendly opinion of the change of format.

    I have experience TV GUIDE change through out the years from a large magazine to a very small magazine & back to a larger magazine. I have accepted these changes since they were in my opinion for the better, but this latest change I can’t say I agree with. Now the listings have all been crunched into one page and some of the listings for i.e. HBO & etc. omitted. This crunched page is very difficult to read to say the least, no fun at all. The rest of the changes so far so good but please reconsider putting the listings back to two pages, remember your name is TV GUIDE so the word guide say what you are and this change does not reflect this. I am well aware of your listings online which does not help me since I like to read at the table, my husband & I go over shows we want to watch and record. The online may be okay for some I don’t know.

    I will continue enjoying TV GUIDE as always since you are practically a relative of mine by now. Thank you for your time & attention to this matter.


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