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  • USAA Corporate Office Headquarters

USAA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact USAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

USAA Corporate Office Address:
9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78288 USA

USAA Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-456-1800
Customer Service Number: 1-800-531-8722
USAA Investment Management: 1-800-531-8448

USAA Corporate Office

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  1. Wow! Customer service nowadays at USAA is so incompetent. Now, I can't even find a department to email about the customer no-service I received today.

  2. So USAA transferred/stole $5000. from my account and they won't discuss the theft. I am not a USAA member nor a policy holder. Disgraceful!!!

  3. USAA is the worst insurance company to be dealing with for rental insurance because all they do is tell lies and try to belittled you like you are stupid and don't know nothing. I have had over 12 leaks in my house an documented everything with picture's and everything to prove to them that this issue needed to be resovle but they keep closing the claims and I'm pissed because I work hard for everything I own so what is the reason for paying insurance and you can't even get nothing solve. So people please stay away from this company because they are doing military families so wrong and justice needs to be served as soon as possible.

  4. USAA is the worst. Their corporate headquarters in unreachable. Their adjusters lie. The corruptness is endless. I am going to he Attorney General, The BBB, The insurance commissioner, to file a formal complaint. Then I am going to hire an attorney and sue them. They messed with the wrong one this time. This is the worst insurance company I have ever seen. If you have to deal with them try to find an alternative route and save yourself a lot of stress and grief.

  5. USAA which requires some sort of connection to the military to become a customer, is a sponsor of NFL Football. I call upon everyone to boycott USAA until such time as the NFL stops it players from disrespecting our Flag and our Vets by refusing to stand during the National Anthem.

  6. My wife and I were long time USAA customers. Due to a job change we had to move across country before our home sold so we had some one live in the house. That person moved out without telling us and shortly thereafter there was a very unusual hard freeze in South Georgia causing our water pipes to burst flooding the entire house. USAA not only denied coverage they opened a fraud case against us although we were 3000 miles away at the time AND they sued us to have the court determine a what a clause in their policy meant. If you are considering insuring your home with USAA be aware that they may treat you like a criminal if you file a claim.

  7. I was a customer but received a more complete deal from another company . In the process of switching in Sept 2016 somehow you weren't notified. So when I realized I was paying two insurances I notified the company and ask for a refund. I was given 2 months. I realize it is a multimillion dollar business but Ive already paid you 600.00 for coverage I could not have used – you couldn't of refunded the extra month to me, as the nice young lady said she would and said the full refund would be determined later. I feel misled and cheated by you. I see I made the correct decision when I changed companies, your slogan "We proudly serve Military Members and Their Families. Since 1922, we have stood by our members" doesn't seem to apply to me. I don't feel served but served up.

  8. I have been a USAA member for a long time, I'm retired and USAA does not know what it means to serve. Someone hacked into my daughter account, treating my daughter like a criminal telling her she needs a different bank because of the situation. So if USAA know how to serve then we should be taking care of and not treated like garbage and criminals. The rep and manager won't give us corporate number to talk to someone that can help. The manager and rep are unprofessional to my wife who is trying to get to the bottom of this. We are being told she needs to change banks but won't release her money since she is behind in her bills. Please contact 719-235-2382 or paezmc71@gmail.com

  9. USAA hired a 3rd party call center (Sitel Las Vegas) that handles many of the members calls. Sitel API (USAA campaign) is so poorly run and hires ghetto, ratchets and thugs. Coaches play on their cell phones all day while Reps on actual calls raise their hands for help until their arms are numb making customer service non-existent because many customers hang up or get very angry. The Operations Manager named Rudy has no insurance licenses, no knowledge of USAA services and therefore roams the floor daily offering no help to anyone because he has no knowledge. When they know USAA reps are coming to visit, they dress up and are on their best behavior but once the visits are over, the management and coaches on down go back to dressing inappropriately, flip flops, tight, thin material, short dresses, low cut shirts, men with pants hanging like thugs. So it is no wonder there are so many complaints about poor customer service, a customer cannot even speak with a supervisor/coach on an escalated call-they have to wait 24-48 hours for a callback which makes them even angrier and disgusted with USAA.

    USAA really needs to investigate the 3rd party companies they retain because what goes on behind the scenes is atrocious and effect many USAA members, myself a USAA member included.

  10. Obtained loan for vehicle purchase in April 2016.
    First payment was scheduled for mid June.
    USAA failed to send a loan statement until well past the payment due date!
    Payment was sent to them along with numerous requests to rectify the situation and provide PAPER STATEMENTS ( WE DON'T USE ONLINE BILL PAY!!) IN A TIMELY MANNER!
    Next payment was due this mid month July – Today is 7/28/16 and we are still waiting for USAA to send a paper loan statement. USAA has been contacted by phone and in writing about this issue: they have done nothing – ZERO! I was advised to do online banking, automatic withdrawals – do you all think I'm a fool! Like I would trust you to do the right thing!
    USAA customer service (Executive Resolution Dept-what a joke) claims to have sent a statement – haven't received anything from them yet, except the two threatening letters received in todays (7/28) mail stating what they would do if payment isn't made on time. Why don't you all get off your backside and do your job! Send my loan statement on time & you'll get a payment on time!

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