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USPS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact USPS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


Office of the Consumer Advocate

475 L’Enfant Plaza SW RM 4012

Washington, DC 2060-2200

USPS Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-275-8777

Corporate Fax Number: n/a

USPS Tracking Phone Number: 1-800-275-8777

Corporate Email: website form

Corporate Stock Symbol: n/a USPS is US Government Agency

Website: USPS

USPS Company Profile and Bio:

USPS (United States Postal Service) is the US Government’s mail service. The USPS has been delivering mail since 1175. The USPS was a crucial agency in the formation of the United States. USPS’s main competitor is UPS, Amazon, FedEx, and DHL.

USPS’s toll-free customer support number is 1-800-275-8777. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

Is CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com Associated with USPS?

CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with USPS and the U.S. Postal Service. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only.

  • I would like to make a complaint against the Tracy Annexe postal service located at 4025 COMMERCIAL DR STE B,California. They delivered my package to a wrong address on November 19,2012. I have been following up with the post office supervisor for the past few weeks. She said that she would call back but has not called up regarding my package. I am trying to call the post office but the person on the phone is very rude and does not want to listen to my problem.He hung up on me. IS this the kind of service I get from USPS. The corporate needs to do something about these employees who cannot provide good customer service. I am very disappointed with USPS.

  • Not sure if anyone in corporate reads this, but I want to let USPS know that the quality of customer service has been lacking over the years at the site location. I called 16 Thomas Patten Dr, Randolph, MA 02368 today at noon inquiring if there was a way USPS can track a letter or see if the letter is sitting in their site location. I had a letter mailed twice to me within the last one month and still haven't received it yet. Triple check the address with the sender and they do have the correct address. The letter was sent regular mail from Alabama to Mass. it doesn't take a month to deliver that. But my complaint is with the service when I called to inquire about my mail. The man who answered the phone (didn'y get his name) was very rude to me. He couldn't hear me, but instead of asking me nicely to repeat what I said, he said "stop. right there. Repeat what you said" in a very rude tone. He was not helpful with my inquiry and gave me an attitude about how would they have my mail and for me to check the address. I understand it was regular mail and USPS can't track that if lost since there is no tracking number, but he can at least make an effort to try to help or explain that to me nicely. This is not the first time an employee there is rude. Corporate needs to do something about their employees lack of customer service. Since I don't really mail out letters and just packages, I will no longer give that business to USPS.

  • I been waiting for a package to come from NY to NJ that was expected to receive by 12-21-12. The package went to another part of NY then to Conn. and then to Mass. Why no one can explain my package is now in N. Dakota. I purchased an item online for a family member for X'Mas that lives out of the country and is leaving on 12-30-12. I'm so upset with USPS. The automated system is THE WORST!!!! Still to this day No one cant explain this and this was an priority package that shouldve made it to NJ no later than 12-22-12.

  • I'm in Florida I sent a package to Tulsa OK priority mail on 11/16/12. On 11/19/12 they said the address was undeliverable, they sent it back to FL, instead of sending the package back to me (the sender) they resent it to OK. I've contacted you people a number of times, all of your representatives are extremely rude, they don't know how to treat customers. It is now 11/28/12 I don't know where the package it, and they can't tell me where it is either. This package should have been there because it contains time sensitive materials. Your representatives don't care, and the tracking information is not updated. Your company has cause me great damage! I need the package back, and you people need to fire your rude employees and hire people who actually have customer service skills and know how to treat people. It is o wonder why your company is not doing well like UPS or FedEx. Where is my package and why none of your associates can't seem to know what's going on?

  • I'm in FL I sent a package to OK priority mail. They told me the address was undeliverable. They sent the package back FL so they can sent it back to me,only for them to resend it to OK. The customer service representatives are EXTREMELY rude, they don't have a clue about what they're doing, they don't update their system; until now I don't know where the package is and they can't tell me where it is either. I have spoke to at least 5 representative, 1 of them hung up on me. This is the worst shipping company in the face of the planet, no wonder why they're not doing well. I need my package back or else I will take you to small claim court.

  • I would like to file a complaint against Paul Braxton, a"delivery guy" at the USPS on Broad St. in Richmond, VA (23220). He refuses to actually deliver my package, has NEVER left a notice at my door to notify me that he "attempted" to deliver my package. Even when I did the request a delivery date, he never showed. This is not the first time this has happened to me with USPS. I have to check online to see the "attempted" delivery date but have never ACTUALLY had a package DELIVERED! I still have yet to receive my package and it has been OVER TWO MONTHS!! I have no means of getting to the USPS Office due to a disability. All I'm asking is for you guys to make sure that your employees are actually doing their job! This is ridiculous, I always hate getting "services" through you guys because this always happens! Just deliver the freakin mail!

  • I am in the process of trying to find out where a package is that was supposed to be delivered to me on 10/26/12. I am not having much luck with the local offices. My next step will be contacting the corporate offices, but from what I have read, I can probably kiss the package and the money I paid for the item good-bye. And the post office is crying because they are not making money and will have to close offices. Really?????? Seems they don't want to work anyway. I can see the suits sitting in meetings asking what they can do to stop the bleeding. Maybe deliver the mail???

  • I would like to make a complaint against USPS, ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION, MARYLAND. I was forced to walk all way back to my car because the window clerk told me she couldn't let me use her tape to tape the label to the box, also clerk leaned the whole time she was dealing with me had one hand own her hip like she really didn't care to help me. Also spoke about my information to another clerk, and while I was standing there she said to the other clerk, I told him we can't upgrade the box, but he won't listen…. Really poor customer service. I pay to send things USPS all the time and never had an issue until today. I will never visit that Post Office again.

    • Same attitude from Supervisor in Sunset Park Bush Term Post Office. Getting their phone # is harder than finding hen's teeth. U can call from here to eternity, U will get nowhere. # will ring when P.O. is CLOSED! People at windows are great. Sorry they have to have that supervisor.

  • I would like to make a complaint against USPS, I have a package that got loss I sent it to Germany on 06/13/12 for some reason the package was sent it back to USA on 09/06/12 right now it’s in New York I have been calling every single day to 18002758777 the don’t have a clue where my package is the USPS phone customer service employees are rude, careless, I am so upset I have been talking with A service rep her name is Jaime the most rude person ever, I am customer of click and ship since 2009 making shipping for $2000 per week. Now if this package is not send it back to us on time we will lost $580 (value of the dress), and we have another case like this without a response neither As a big company we are thinking to get service at UPS. Please could somebody do something about it? WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! My email address

    10360 SW 186TH ST
    MIAMI, FL 33197-9998

    • Yep, I was on hold for nearly 40 minutues today and she hung up. I ordered stamps on 12/20/13 and as of today 1/3//2014 I have not received them. I guess postal workers did not get a raise and are taking our stamps and packages to make up the difference or something like that. I wonder if they can strike – I would – and we need to pay 3 more cents per stamp for this! Just who is approving these raises. Congress? They have been out to lunch for some time!

    • Post office are nothing but high paid lazy POS. I live in the country and our mailman refuses to come to my house. Just sticks a tried to deliver note in my mailbox when packages arrive. We are paying for a service and not getting it. If there was only a way we could boycott the USPS until they get their act together.

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