Uverse Corporate Office Headquarters

Uverse Corporate Office Headquarters
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-821-4105
Customer Service Number: 1-800-288-2020

  • This is the worst cable I have ever had. This company is the biggest scam I have ever seen. My cable constantly goes out for no reason and I have to reset the boxes everyday. I have had multiple technicians come out to my house to look at this, I am told it is fixed, and then it continues to not work. Our main box constantly skips to where you can not watch TV because it skips so bad, I am told it does not show an errors sign so they won't replace it. I have waited days and hours for technicians to show up and nobody shows. I called the day we have had there service for a year and asked if our bill will remain the same, iw as told yes. My bills for the next three months after that, I as charge $80 more then my bill. I called and was told the customer service rep Latoya who told me that, was incorrect. The supervisor MAria, refused to do anything. I told her to cancel my service, as soon as I said that, she said I will put your bill back to what it was. I asked what about the last two months that I overpaid, she told me that she can't do anything, starting this month pay what my bill was regardless of what it states. I get another email and it shows my bill is still $50 higher every month, this is not what I was told on the phone by the supervisor. I am constantly hung up on by the customer services reps. You can't talk to anyone that speaks English. I regret ever getting this service. I am now switching my cell phone service as well because I want nothing to do with At&T as they are the lying, incompetent, rude people. WHATEVER YOU DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE OR YOU WILL REGRET EVERY SECOND OF IT>

  • Dear Corporate Executive,

    1) Stop all automated voice answering (You are pissing off customers)
    2) Make one price for everyone for all services. (This is to include all taxes and other BS in the fine print)
    3) Get NBC programming back on the air today 3-20-17 or I am leaving to go to Spectrum. (TODAY)

  • As a customer of AT&T U-Verse I would like to inform people of the below standards customer service I have received. I have only been a customer of AT&T U-Verse for less than a year and I still have a temporary line running through my yard. I have had six technicians at my home only to still have the temporary line in my yard, which is causing a health and safety issue. No seems to care I have been told by an AT&T employee that it would cost me $150 in cash to have it finished (seems like extortion to me), when AT&T offered free install. Although free install means they only perform the job half way. When I gave up my time of six Saturdays to sit a wait until the end of the day to have a technician show up they only offered $10.00 off my bill to compensate me for my time, did I remind you that I still have a temporary line running on top of the ground in my yard? Going to cancel service and make a complaint to the FCC. Do not use AT&T they are a company who does not care about its clients. Elaina Coria: CoriaFluet@yahoo.com

  • We are a Spanish station in Miami, who would like to broadcast its programming through Uverse.
    We currently have agreements with other cable providers, where can we call to discuss this possibility?

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