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  1. I stayed in your location @ 1708 sentinel Dr. I learned hallway thru my stay that pizza places are not allowed to deliver to the room. That aint much of a hotel where a delivery is not allowed to come to the room. I don't think I will ever come stay at your locations. I hope after I file enough complaints thatothers just might choose another motel to stay

  2. Yeah well no one go to the clearwater one. They don't know what customer service is. No towels 2nd day was ONLY given one large towel with 1 face towel. WHERE ARE ALL THE TOWELS GOING???? General Manager doesn't help and isnt helpful. Staff is dishonest rude this place needs to clean house with staff

  3. Value place hotel here in Macon Ga. Is horrible. My family and I are living here as we lost everything… Been here for 3 months and there are roaches, the room would be nasty except for the fact my family and I clean daily!!! We bought our vaccum and use it all the time. We pay an arm and leg for this place and they don't offer no service!!! We had started washing our own sheets, pillow cases, towels, rags. They even charge for crappy internet it doesn't work half the time. They seem to only want money they are rude and they don't do anything. The tv that plays in the front office that says they clean, and steam clean carpet etc they don't do any of that unless you pay for it!!! Really?? I'm gonna tell everyone don't ever ever go here unless you want to be charged alot for nothing!!!!!! WORSE place ever. Can't wait to be able to get out of here!!!! When you need something from the front they will go into a room for them and put a sign that says they are showing the place to customers thats not true they hate to stay in the front.

  4. We stayed in the Value Place in Murfreesboro, TN for the past 3 nights. While we were still there, we found out that one of the employees stole our credit card information and tried to purchase over $1100 worth of things. Thank the Lord that they were all denied, but I still had to cancel my card and fill out a police report. I called the afterhours number for management and asked for a call back, but we never received one. We checked out today at 9:30am. Of course, their front office hours didn't start until 1pm.

  5. I am very disappointed in this value place property. They have an infestation of crickets and we are told that no one can stop them from coming in the air conditioner unit. They are getting in our foods and the manager laughs. I am contacting the city of Rockwall, Texas health department to report that no one is doing anything about it. They are in the light fixtures, flying in the rooms, in the sinks, showers, in our clothes, crawling on my baby. Something must be done. The customers should get a week free of rent to compensate, since we were told that corporate refuses to clean this up.

  6. Do NOT stay at this hotel. They have bed bugs! The rooms also reek of drug use. The halls are full of shady looking people, it's in a very unsafe area of town. I told the employees about the bed bugs, and they didn't care, they wouldn't even refund my money for that night!

  7. Hope you know there are 7 dogs in a room on the first floor in the Fredericksburg property. I thought you weren't pet Friendly? And the manager is a hot mess very lazy she's always hiding in a corner in the office and she looks like she doesn't take a bath,and she stays on site. Everyone works but her.

  8. Value Place on Victory Drive in Columbus GA is the worst. While the outside looks nice, once you get in, everything changes. The front desk clerk, which is the only one ever on duty wanted to charge me $337. for 3 nights at $34.28 per night. I said that is over the correct price. She said she didn't know anything about it, the computer does the pricing. I said well that's not even correct math for a computer so she ran it again and came up with $226 for 3 nights at $34.28 per night. I'm thinking someone is either pocketing this money or I'm paying for someone else's room. So I said let me get my calculator out and I started adding up the correct cost plus taxes and she finally gave me the correct dollar amount with taxes at $34.28 per night for 3 nights. 30 minutes later mind you. So we get into the room and it not only stunk of cigarettes and weed, but liquor, beer and everything else. We had to switch rooms. Well all of this should have been my clue to leave but there were several of us there for my sons military graduation so we could not change at that point. When the sun went down there all the drug dealing came out along with prostitution. Crack heads hanging around outside, men going in and out of rooms, girls naked all but a see through shirt in the only elevator in the entire building and cops taking a guy out of the hotel who had 13 warrants out on him. The police told me not to stay there but if I had to that they were just down the street. Lovely. When I checked out of my room, the next day they asked me what happened to the burner on the stove in the room. What!!!!!! What in the world would I do with a burner. Well much to my surprise it was obviously taken by someone else who had a key, maybe the night shift, cleaning lady, who knows. But whoever it was most likely was using it to cook meth, or so I was told. Also, the front desk closes at a certain time in the evening and does not open until 9 am or later, depending on which day it is. Some days they are only open 3 or 4 hours, for a hotel, really. One day we needed some more towels and they informed me that there were none.

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