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Vapiano Corporate Office Headquarters

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Vapiano Corporate Office Headquarters
8280 Greensboro Drive
McLean, VA  22102
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-665-4401

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Your employees at the 1800 M Street in DC (James and Hazel) need to be commended. My husband and I were there today after our walk and I sat down because I was lightheaded. James saw me and asked if he could get me anything/a glass of water. I said, "Yes" and he said, "I'll be right back." He literally came right back and I started feeling much better after a few sips of water. He checked on me a couple of times as well as Hazel checked on me too. They were wonderful! I want to do something for them. I just don't know what your policy is on customers rewarding employees on such exceptional, caring behavior. Thank you for your time and attention.

Wingstop # 438

I have never had poor customer service ever! After waiting 56 minutes before I went to the counter to ask where my food was, they stated they called my name 4 times which is false because I was sitting 5 feet from the counter and i did not ever a John called at all. My food was sitting in the bag cold and all they offered was to warm it back up. I received no sorry at all as the other employees stated to me that I called your name 4 times and I told him here is no way you did. The order was for dine in and that had my order to go in a bag. They did not even try to keep me there as a customer.

Thank you, John Bernardo

These ppl are very unorganized and "RUDE"…I will never ever spend another penny of my money in this place!!! The store is located in Miami,fl. On 62nd street and 7th ave manager Timothy if he even told the truth about his name!

I used to look forward to having a Greek Salad at VaPiano's… until today. I just ate at the Ballston VaPiano's. Apparently, the Salad dressings have changed and become very vinegary. No savory flavor any more. Most unpleasant. My co-worker, who had a Ceasar Salad was the first to notice. Your dressings were worth the trip across town to celebrate lunch. Why did you mess up such a good thing? I will not be returning.

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