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  • Vatterott College Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Vatterott College Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Vatterott College Corporate Office Headquarters

10257 Saint Charles Rock
Saint Ann, MO  63074
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-427-1333
Customer Service Number: 1-888-202-2636


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  1. Im so sad that Joplin campus is not renewing the contract of the best teacher there. Tama Mueller in the Medical Assistant Program is an amazing teacher and amazing person. She did not just give us answers to pass tests like all the other teachers did, she actually taught us WHY things worked they way they did. She would stay late and come early to help anyone that was struggling. She would explain things in a million different ways to get us to fully understand it. She would use tons of hands on and real life situations to get us to think on our feet instead of just reading out of a book like the curriculum told us to do. I presonally graduated on the Presidents List all because of her. I know that the school will fail many many students without having her there to teach them. There is such a bad reputation about Vatterott and student retention and it is all because teachers dont care so students dont care. The graduation and career outlook is not bright for a vatterott graduate. All because of my teacher Tama Mueller, i have confidence in my knowledge and skills needed for my career as a RMA as well as making me a better, smarter, and stronger person. She most definetly should have a job to make Vatterott a better place to learn and if you were a smart company, you would make her the new director and fire the director that is running your company into the ground.

  2. Information not correct. Phone number didn't work for me. From what I've found actual place to reach someone in headquarters is at 9200 Olive Blvd, Suite 222, Olivette, MO 63132, phone number 316-264-1500.

  3. I'm disappointed in the program for diesel mechanics I thought it was going to be more Hands-On isn't we also haven't received their tool boxes we graduate in December are we going to get our tool boxes after school lot of us needed for jobs it makes no sense I'm about ready to drop out

  4. Julie, the director of education at the sunset hills location is very rude. She has a very nasty disposition … When students were trying to get their schedules changed so that their school and work schedules would not clash, she did not want to hear why they needed their schedules changed she said "they have to deal with it" ever since that day I have not wanted to return to school. A lot of students have problems with her …when we see her in the halls and speak she pretends she don't hear us and keeps walking then when she comes around to the classes she greets us with a fake "hey guys" she is very mean and for that reason I won't be continuing school at the sunset hills campus BC she campusis not personable she doesn't seem to like peopeoplethose that work under her seem to be very intimidated by her. They walk around on egg shells. Someone needs to speak with her about her actions or a lot of people with be leaving the sunset hills location..

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