VCA Corporate Office Headquarters

VCA Corporate Office Headquarters
12401 W Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA  90064
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-571-6500
Corporate Fax Number: 1-310-571-6700

  • I also am very upset with VCA in Plymouth MA. I have called and written to them about when care would open for pet parents to enter their building ..which is huge by the way. I have had the worst run around you could possibly imagine. I have been told that the board of health says when they can open, and most recently told by a nasty receptionist that it is up to individual management and regional management. I have asked and received the manager's email evidently her phone is a private number that i was not privy to. To make a long in short, all businesses as well as doctors offices for the human society are open and i for one have visited at least one. why in god's name isn't my vets office open? my pet cannot not talk to tell me how their visit went, whether or not the shots they needed where given, how they were treated and(other than the fact they bleed you to death money wise) what makes my fur babies so unimportant to you people your children want you with them when they visit a doctor especially never knowing if it will be the same one or not it is traumatizing to an animal that doesn't understand why you are not with them..what is wrong with you people?

  • WORST VET EXPERIENCE EVER! I will NEVER go back. I would NOT recommend VCA Indian Land Animal Hospital to anyone!!

    After reading the great reviews online, I took my dog there for surgery and I have never had such rude and disrespectful customer service as I did by Aimee, the girl at front desk!! When I stated that this was the worst customer service I have experienced, both of the girls in the front said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! �� I could not believe it! Aimee’s attitude was beyond unbelievable! I even let the tech that took my dog back to get her catheter removed, that I was getting it removed and did not want to continue services here because I was so dissatisfied with my whole experience…..and the ONLY thing she said was “I’m sorry” and just took my dog to the back! CLEARLY, NO ONE CARES HERE! So why would I continue services here?!?

    I never even received a following call after my dog had surgery!! (EVEN Banfield does that after they give my dog shots!) They were going to send my dog home with NO cone after my dog’s surgery!! I had to ask them for one!

    Not to mention when I called to make an appointment for ICHON injections for my dog’s post op care… they did NOT have my post op instructions on file for the 12 weeks of injections?!?!! HOW WOULD THEY NOT HAVE THAT?!? She said she had to check with the vet and call me back. She called me back and said the vet said I need to come back for the injection week 12 of her postop surgery. However, I found my post op instructions and it said week 8! They literally would have had my dog miss one of her injections for her post op care, after her surgery (that I already paid for as well!) when I brought up how unhappy I was and I was going to another vet….they literally said NOTHING! Unbelievable!!! It shows how much they truly don’t care!

    Also, when they were treating my dog, they sent my dog home with a used cone!! When I brought it up to one of the girls, she said that was just for hospital use and they gave it to me so I won’t have to pay for one!! �� why would I mind paying for one instead of receiving a used one without even asking!?!? They also quoted me $200 or less for her treatment when she was sick and then charged me $294…$300 is not the same as $200! When I said how much the vet quoted me, the girl literally just looked at me with a blank look and said nothing! I just paid and wanted to be DONE with this place!

    I’ve never experienced anything like this before! I could go on and on about all of the issues I had, as they were many more, but just want other people to know the bad experience that I had!

  • I had visited your VCA Spanish River Animal Hospital in Boca Raton Florida on Monday May 13, 2019.
    I had used your coupon the advertised coupon for a FREE visit as new customer.
    Although, when the vet recommended I give my Yorkie 1/4 tablet x-2 per day for 3 days of Metronidazole 250 mg tab and provided me with two tablets @30.34. When this medication costs 13.00 for a 30 day supply is PRICE GOUGING. As a potential customer they should have advised me that I have the option of having a script and bringing it to the pharmacy. They have u sign a pad with approximately 7 pages all very small letters and initial your signature. Remember nothing is for FREE and you end up paying more then a regular check up at a vet.

  • I have been a VCA client with my 2 dogs for the past 10 years. Over the recent years they have been driven by the money not the care. My Boston Terrier was boarded at the VCA and was attacked in front of me by a Pit during my visit. My dog was bitten on his head & the inside of his ear. The next day his ear was infected and the vet proceeded to tell me that she was going to write up the care plan, which means costs for care. After stating that my dogs injury was on their watch and they or the dog owners should pay for his care that they agreed not to charge me. My dog suffered with traumatic colitis from the attack and I spent thousands with every other day vet visits, meds and different foods. My dog Milo became emaciated and on Dec.15, 2019 woke up not being able to stand and had to be euthanized. At the most awful time I have ever experienced with my beautiful dog I was asked for my credit card!!! Absolutely dispicable, my dog did not get the proper care and died at the VCA hands. My heart is broken by the people I trusted to care for my dog Milo who was my family.

  • Hello,

    I am writing this message to the corporate office because we are at our widths end with our local VCA clinic. We have been loyal patients for over a decade to this location but we are seriously considering finding a new facility to take care of our cats.

    Ever since VCA bought the clinic from our previous doctor we have notice a serious lack of organization, customer service and common sense regarding the staff and how things are run at our clinic. We are often miss-quoted prices, given incorrect diagnoses and relayed conflicting information.

    Recently we brought in our new cat in to receive all his shots. We were then told to come back in about a month so they could administer the second half of his shots. About three weeks later we phoned the clinic to make an appointment for his second round of shots. We asked the lady on the phone if there would be any additional charges for the second round of shots, or if were they all paid for when he received this first round. She then proceeded to explain that there would be a fee because he missed the "cut off" date to get his second round of shots.

    I would first like to point out at NO point were we ever told there would be a cut off date to avoid paying any fees. I would also like to mention the doctor HERSELF said to come back in ONE MONTH for the shots. How could we have missed the cut off date since it has not even reached one month after receiving the shots!? She told us the fee would be $120.00 and all I could think of was how this is another way VCA is scamming us out of our money.

    It's clear after dealing with this company for years that you take advantage of people's vulnerability and love for their pets and ring them out for all they've got! We explained to the lady on the phone that we were told by the doctor to come back in a month, but she said that she has NO RECORD of that! How are we expected to trust your company and its staff with the lives of our pets if you can even keep track of a simple note?!

    And might I mention this is also not the first time that notes were not made on our animal's files. Our other cat who is older and suffers from an over active thyroid has been given so many different dosages of her medication to the point were she became so lethargic, she stopped eating all together for a couple days. This was caused by a silly and totally avoidable mistake of your doctors not keeping track of her dosage and not making a note of it. Instead they just ended up passing her from one doctor that didn't know her history to another doctor that ALSO did not know her history! And then were we request for her to have ONE doctor to keep things more organized, your staff had the nerve to give us an attitude about it and suggesting that we think that their doctors are incompetent.

    I look forward to your response.

  • This is so true. My baby had a procedure with teeth cleaning. Now to have the same procedure in less then a year to do teeth cleaning again. Really. If i had a endless flow of cash that would be great. But i don't. This is a waste of my money for your benefit. Sad…not sure if i want to come back.

  • VCA Mission San Jose made two serious mistakes with my two dogs. One was seen for a UTI and they took blood and urine for testing. A mass was seen under ultrasound but the doctor couldn't tell if it was cancer or bladder stones. A few days later, the test results came back and it was inconclusive as to bladder cancer. The doctor told me that there was a 97 percent chance it WAS NOT cancer. Luckily, I got a second opinion. My dog has completed his first 6 chemo treatments, and hopefully will be around for another year or so. Had I not gotten that second opinion, and started chemo immediately, we would have lost him 3 months ago, per the oncologist. i have pet insurance, and sadly, because one doctor, who hadn't seen my dog before, except for a couple of visits, presumed she had a disease three years ago, that she was recently diagnosed with. Because the doctor thought that maybe she had the disease for a while (though never tested not diagnosed by her regular vet) she relayed her thoughts to the insurance company, and they denied my claim. My dog's internist who is a specialist wrote to the insurance company to explain that my dog didn't have the disease three years ago, but the offhanded comment from a doctor who was voicing an opinion not based on fact or knowledge has cost me thousands of dollars because the insurance company denied my claim based on the comments from this doctors with no basis of fact. Not good!

  • On January 24, I visited the VCA office in Woodland Hills with my dog Luna who had started to limp. Luna was seen by Dr. Moore, had an x-ray, was diagnosed with arthritis, and after I paid the $500 we left with medication for the next few weeks.

    Luna started to feel much better, and I was happy. Unfortunately, when I visited my vacation home in Joshua Tree (San Bernardino County) some time later I forgot to bring Luna’s meds with me. Well, there actually is a VCA office in Yucca Valley, which is close by, and I thought that the office in Woodland Hills would be in a position to arrange for the Yucca Valley office to sell me three (3) Rovera 75 mg pills I could give Luna in the three days until we were back home in LA. I was disappointed that that was not possible. The Yucca Valley office said they would not give any meds to a dog they hadn’t seen, and I was reluctant to pay for an office visit just for them to look at the dog. The lady tried to be helpful, however, and suggested I had Woodland Hills office call in a prescription into a local pharmacy. I called Woodland Hills back with the phone number of Rite-Aid. They called me back, no, it had to be Walmart. I would like to mention that for every call-back from the Woodland Hills office I had to wait an hour or more, and had to actually call and remind them, and after the assistant said she would definitely call me within a half hour I had to call them again after an hour. In short, the whole ordeal lasted until three in the afternoon, even though my first contact was at 8 in the morning. The end was that Walmart pharmacy didn’t carry that drug, and Luna had to wait to get her meds until we were back home.

    I would think that VCA operating procedures could be more favorable to the wellbeing of animals and make it easier to solve a simple problem like that, especially if, as they advertise, they care about the animals.

    Since I am at it, let me also tell you that I found it outrageous, that when I wanted a refill for the Rovera, VCA in Woodland Hills was going to charge me something like $50 for 20 pills. That’s $2.50 per pill! I wondered retroactively how much of my bill of January 24 was for the 40 Rovera I left with on that day. I ordered the refill online for less than a dollar per pill!

    My experience with VCA so far really makes me wonder what they care more about: the animals or the money?

    • Just so you know, CVMA regulations state that treatments, meds, and procedures cannot be offered unless that hospital has seen your pet within a year. A lot of human pharmacies dont carry pet meds, but Costco does, and usually for a better price. You dont have to be a member either. Also, any time you purchase a prescription, there will be a dispensing fee, so it is always more economical to buy a larger quantity when possible. This is true of human pharmacies as well. Having worked at VCA for almost 10 years, I can tell you that they do like to understaff, leaving the employees who are there, scrambling to get everything done, catching the flack. VCA is the one making money, not the staff. If veterinarians and Veterinary technicians wanted to make money they would have gone into human medicine, which pays two to three times what vet staff make. All that being said,try not to forget your pets meds in the future 🙂

  • VCA Douglas County Animal Hospital is the most money hungry of them all. they cannot keep employees including doctors. You never know how your going to be treated and what kind of service you are going to get. What happened to the days when you take your pet in to the doctor and they take care of your pet instead of concentrating on what they can sale you.

  • these people are extremely rude, all they want is your money, they don't care about the animals, do yourself a favor and find another clinic

  • Recently I attempted to schedule a procedure at the Waldorf, MD, VCA. However, I learned they lost the IM vet, its IM tech, and office manager. So I was required to find another facility for the procedure. I realize change is part of life, but it is very unsatisfactory that your office didn't notify me! Barbara Berry

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