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  • Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters

Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Verizon Corporate Address:

140 West Street
New York, NY 10007 USA

Verizon Corporate Phone Numbers

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-395-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-212-571-1897
Corporate Email: n/a
Corporate Stock Symbol: VZ

Verizon Company Profile and Bio:

Verizon is famous for its communication services. Verizon’s products include wireless voice and data, broadband internet, video, and data, and long-distance phone service. Verizon is one of the premier wireless providers for smartphones in the US.
Verizon’s toll-free support number is 1-800-922-0204 for wireless services. For Landline support, the number is 1-800-837-294-6804. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.



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  1. Verizon really does stink. I am making the mistake or trying to add FIOS to my office. They claim it is not available, even though someone sitting 25 feet away, in my office, has it. I wrote to Chairman Ivan Seidenbburg and the Vice President of Engineering on June 20th. More than 2 weeks later, the do not respond and I am ignored.

    Bernard Wishnia

    1. Do you really think they have time to respond to you? Seriously…

      C'mon now, I'm guessing you have never workin in Corporate. They probably never even saw your email, people in those positions get their email screened buddy.

    2. The customer service is horrid..7 hours on the phone to no avail…I have service only to find out I don't…they were sending tech to an address three hours from me…I should of just let them do it…now they are giving out your cell to others….Horrid

    3. So this makes it OK for them to create an impossible situation and walk away? The above is just a just a moronic comment from an MBA from a fourth tier school.

    4. I find it amazing that while trying to find a corporate contact for a compaint about incompetent customer service, I see that it isn't worth my time to comment. What's so bad about this is that they treat their business customers just as poorly. They brok up AT&T as being too big and no caring abot the customer as well. Looks like it's about time to do the same to Verizon. All they are is a rebuilt AT&T and are just as shabby as they were when broken up. Of course with our corrupt government, nothing will eve be done about it. Too many payoffs.

  2. Very nice, no wonder the Customer Service Representative was not concerned when I said i was emailing the Corporate Offices with my complaint. Came to this page, got the Corporate email as listed above info@verizon.com. Typed my email out, hit send and I get the following:

    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

    >>> info@verizon.com (after RCPT TO): 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected

    1. I decently had the same problem.After speaking to a rude person about a bill increase.I received a message from the regional director.Tim Smith to email him.Address came up as "error".

    2. I was trying to get an email address for Verizon Coporate Headquarters also. It says email but it sure doesn't work. I was trying to email them because customer support in the Finance Dept said they couldn't help me that that was a corporate decision. I don't have time for snail mail to New York.

  3. Verizon company is very unethical. On April 16, 2011 I suspended the second phone on my account for 90 days, without billing. Last week I received my bill on which Verizon has included billing for 2 months for the second line and I am still within the 90 days. I dispute that I owe Verizon the additional $164.00 they are trying to collect. I do not owe this for the suspended without billing line & I will not pay them nor allow Verizon to steal this amount from my checking account. I owe them for my line, for which I will pay, but I will not be extorted nor trampled by Verizon.A complaint is being filed with the Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs. This is simply not right!

    1. VERIZON unethical no??? I am being sarcastics I think you should be cautious about dealing with any products with Verizon. They used to be OK when they bought PRIMCO, but NOW, they are so greedy and unconcerned with customers it is sad. And any problems you have, they are your fault or your equipment…never theirs. BEWARE if you have to deal with Verizon…don't believe everything they tell you or it will come back to haunt you!!

    2. In January 2013 I requested my full service phone package (a residential line including voice mail, call waiting and unlimited long distance, fax line, and internet service) to be reduced to a local residential line and the internet service only.

      In February 2013 when paying my bill, I noticed my account number had changed, they had been charging me for computer insurance I never asked for and still billing me for full service although my phone line was local calls only. After 4.5 hours of being passed around to six different people, I asked for a complete account review and would not pay anything until my account was corrected.

      In June 2013 my internet was cut off. Again, I contacted them about continuing to bill me for full service which I did not have and where was my account review? They did turn on the internet service but for four days would not give me access to my email account. At that time I told them to cut of the phone lines completely and I only wanted internet service. The phone lines were disconnected.

      By this time they had my account up to $512 for services I was not receiving. July 17th, the internet was cut off again and have billed me for full service since January. After a hysterical 2.5 hours on the phone again, they agreed to turn on the internet if I paid $75 which I did. They would not give me access to my email (which I depend on for business)until I paid the balance due in full. That afternoon, after another 2.5 hours on the phone I told them to just close my account completely. That person said they could not do it and passed me to someone else. I told them unless I have my email close my account. She also said she couldn't do that. I assume they will charge me for full service this month also.

  4. a online payment for $150/w confirmation number was made on my Verizon account. They took an unauthorized amt of $337 from my account. Verizon keeps giving me the run around regarding credit back to my bank account for what i did not AUTHORIZE. Will contact the attorney general


  5. Ha, ha, ha,….LMAO….one of our biggest communication service providers can not even get their own toll free number for landline users correct!

    How can you expect them to YOUR service right!??

    1. They used to be a world class organization with superior customer service. Perhaps they got too big or have one running it that plain doesn't know what they're doing. I've been sent to collections after many years of service with them. I got robbed and moved in with friends – vs contacting me directly (they had my alternate email & cell phone), they sent a lousy $24 to Citibank to collect on. I can't get a person to speak to either – phone automatically transfers. My cell with them may be the next to go bye bye. Companies are nothing without customer service and perhaps that is why they contracted with Direct TV – screwed me over for over $300 and rate F with the BBB.

    2. What is number for verizon corporate. I have been jerked around since Januay 14, 2014. I have total mobile insurance. I sent my Ipad to be replaced. They lost it and will not send me another one. I have a proof of delivery where someone named schwind signed for it in Fort Worth,TX. They lost it after I sent to them and have the FX delivery receipt. From there on it was never entered into system. Talked to at least 20 people who keep saying I'm sorry., I'm sorry. Sorry doesn't get it. They need to send me a new one they lost it.

    1. Dear Mr. Lowell McAdams,
      I made the biggest mistakes in my life to join your worthy less company as I was walking to Costco December 2011 I was approach by the Version I was told to if you join with Version I can get unlimited text and calls for $63.56 dollars so I went a head and signed for 2 years not knowing that I was fooled by them. Then I got the Bill it was $278.78 I bill. Copy of correspondence is being forwarded to Mr.Lowell McAdams and Leigh Valley PA Office. I have spent over seven occurrences including “four hours, 20 minutes” of my personal time attempting to straighten-out my final bill with Venison. I have talked with at minimum, seven different Verizon representatives since never help and Verizon is harassing me for too long. I dropped Verizon December and I did not care if they were destroying my cried cause I contacted BBV and I was told that they are getting so much complaining about their service and billings it’s not worthy it being doing business with. My message is to Mr. Lowell if you are really man and ready to do business show us respects and do something about your company and your costumer service is SUCKS


  6. Let me begin by saying that they were not always this way.My problem started with a early terminatation fee that should have never been there.We took a phone back that did not work properly and found out later that somehow because they did not have the same phone and gave us a different one that was comperable that our contract started over for some reason.After being with them for 7 YEARS,that meant absolutely nothing,i was made to feel like a liar.After about what seemed like an eternity,really about 2 months a very good HUMAN BEING FINALLY read all the notes on the account and did what should have been done months ago.I cancelled all unneccessary lines and bought from someone else,and only because of the HUMAN BEING who really helped me i will buy a prepaid from verizon for $50.00 dollars a month,evrything unlimited.I think at this rate they will end up like sprint or MCI.

    1. Who was that HUMAN BEING you spoke to? I am having similiar issue & cant seem to find any HUMAN BEINGS to help me. So if you could tell me where did you actually call with this? I was never told or in any form had it clarified that if I use upgrades from another line it means extension of contract on that line, so that is what became a huge issue since they are trying to charge me some huge amount of money for canceling one of the three lines I had with them. Its beyond my understanding that I've been with them for about same time as you and no one can help me with this. So, I need help & to talk to the HUMAN BEING PLEASE.

    2. Be careful of a supervisor named 'Felicia'….

      Said she would refund some bogus charges and then she booted me from online bill pay without refunding the bogus charges. I recorded her saying she would remove the bogus charges, too. After a few beeps coming from her end, I asked if she was recording the conversation between the bank and the two of us, she said she "never said anything about recording the conversation" (I think as soon as the bank rep told her she was wrong she stopped recording the conversation). I then informed her that it was OK, because I was recording the conversation anyway, she got very upset….. I then asked her when my renewal date was up and if I could break my contract without penalty, she said I was month to month…. I then said I would be leaving…. WORST COMPANY EVER!

      The main office needs to know what their people are doing and how they are acting. It's like a little mafia with some of their folks.

      They just lost a 10 year, 'never miss a payment,' customer.

    3. I have been harassed by Verizon wireless for being late in a payment. Don't they understand that emergencies come up, while travelling out of state. I am contacting my lawyer, and the Michigan Attorney General's office about Verizon Wireless.

    4. Verizon is lousy about customer service. I telephoned for help with my TV service and was still waiting 25 minutes later and no one came on the line, just a recording to be patient. Will they be patient for their money when the bill is due???? They don't hire enough people to help with their problems. I am seriously considering changing companies.

  7. Dear Comcast Cable:

    I am a Comcast customer, and have been getting poor service on my account. I can’t get anyone to call back or take my calls. Today was a scheduled appointment at 8:00am – 11:30am, they were a no show, called customer service said the dispatcher would call me within one hour, no call and all my attempts to get a resolution to the failure of the digital upgrade has failed. Your office in question is the Sarasota, Florida location.

    If you care about your customers please contact me at 941-306-9949 or 941-378-3210

    John Roane
    5425 Aruba Place
    Sarasota, Florida 34233-3824

  8. I have been without service since April 12 and all they do is lie lie lie. The issue is repair is lying to the supervisors and no surprise there is no way to reach repair themselves so we yell at supervisors which does no good. Someone from corporate needs to know what is going on. This is NYC for God's sake. It is clear Verizon has put all it's resources to FIOS and are not going to waist manpower on fixing a regular phone on the old system. Me – and you doing without since May 5th will have no service until your are is upgraded to FIOS. They won't tell you that but its a fact. Write 7 on your Side as well! I have and if they hear from enough of us the story will air!

    1. I agree, Verizon SUCKS. They had me on the phone for 2.5 hrs thurs. 2-2-12, then went into a Las Vegas store and nothing was done like they said it would be on the phone and no notes could be seen inside the store. then called back for 2.5 hours friday 2-3-12. and 6.5hours sat. 2-4-12. What is wrong with these people. Verizon owners need to know what is going on here. or there will be no VERIZON in the future. CORPORATE Please call me about my account or review my file to see what can be done about the now $54.00 in charges after I moved Carriers. Thanks JOE P. last four of my number was 8935…

    2. Verizon does suck big time. I had purchased my first ever droid phone and within six weeks, the screen went bad and I could see nothing. Verizon said they would replace my phone with a new one and it was fed-xd to me. Upon opening it, I found it was REFURBISHED. I took it in to verizon in Delafield and they did nothing for me. I faxed and written top people in Verizon and I get a threating letter to agree with there terms or it will be forfeited in two days of receiving the letter. I paid for a new phone and that is what I want. They do not back the product they sell and put the cost and a to bad on the consumer. I am going to take them to small claims court and will be filing the papers soon.

    3. I agree I have had a phone the motorola x 2 and I got it on July 22, 2012 on October 20th, 2012 I went to the corporate verizon retailer and they told me I would get a refurbished phone also. I paid 499.99 dollars for this phone and for only 2 1/2 months later the speaker goes out for no apparent reason and I get someone elses refixed phone! That's not business that highway robbery what, so then in another couple of months I have to continue return phones when I should be issued a phone on the spot(new phone)for free. Bunch of Crap if you ask me

    4. And, don't forget all that American hard earned money that gets outsourced overseas. And, my name is Sissy, but, I'm not tieing any online account into this junk spam hole.

    5. I have had problems with Verizon also and you're right, the people they hire don't know what they're doing. I'm having problems with my email messages. Instead of an apostrophe in my text it puts crazy symbols like a programmer would type to make a program. I went in the local store and asked them about it and the "hired help" said it wasn't a problem with my Droid tablet but was the internet carrier of the person that sent me the message. Then I find out other people I've sent messages to have received the same thing. They have a different carrier. Has anyone else had this problem? I had to send the tablet back to be repaired before it was a year old. The charging connection on the bottom came loose and my tablet wouldn't charge. They did say if they had to replace my tablet it would be a REFURBISHED one. They won't give you a new one! This is crap!!! You're paying for a glitch that's their fault.

    6. their home connect wireless is the worst system out there, I have been trying since early July to get them to switch me back to my land line. the wireless system keeps dropping calls .they sent me a new box and problem is still there. They talked me into buying a window attn. to get better reception… no luck with that. last time I spoke to them I was told they will get back to me in 24 hrs. And if the problem is with their system they won't charge me to go back to my landline, fat chance of them owning up to it being their problem.

    7. Mr. Devlin:–CEO NY and Northeastern region– I wrote you just a couple of hours ago, but am obliged to write to you again. If it is true that you will get back to me tomorrow, please be prepared to listen to my surreal experience with Verizon since Wednesday of last week. I can asure you of one thing, whomever is in chaerge of dispatching your technicians, amply deserves to be fired! I have kept a running log of the numerous times, I have been kept on hold for 25 minutes and not allowed to speak with a supervisor, the times I've had to a deal with your contract employees in the Philipine Islands, the numerous times that I've heard a recording firt listing one day a technician is scheduled to visit me, and just an hour later, to hear a recording posting a different date–all without ever being contacted by anyone at Verizon. Last Thursday, I was first told a tech was being sent, later that a tech was not being sent, at 4pm, I was told the tech was "at my job", and later I was told the dispatcher had repotred "ran out of time" at 4:15pm, despite the message that Verizon was "commited" to repair my service by 7pm that day. Then I'm told the technician was reassigned for Friday. On Friday, there was no recording and no one assigned. After speaking with Ms. Mitchell in Customer Service, various people called me–still no service. As of yesterday, Saturday, I was assured by a man named Waldemar at Executive Services in Texas. that I would be getting a technician to my home on Sunday. Today, not only was there no technician, the previous recording stating my service would be restored by Monday (tolorrow), was replaced with a recording that a technician would be dispatched on Tuesday–a full SIX days after my internet service went down. I am preparing to write to the NYC DOIT, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, and all other appropriate authorities to bring attention to the debacle which has characetrized the horrendously poor service I've encountered from Verizon. I am 66 years of age, a former newsman, and assure you that never in my lifetime have I experienced such deceptive comments, assurances, promises of call-backs and text messages that never arrive. It seems inconcievable that six days can pass by, and that your dispatcher continues to move the goal posts. It has been more surreal than any Woddy Alan Movie could conjure. I ask that you please call me, and take a personal hand in addressing this unprofessional, and shameful conduct and service your division/company has been presenting.

  9. i been having a problem with verizon since may 5th and it still hasn't been straightened out. i have notified the attorney generals office,bcp and i will go from there after they read my complaint.

    1. I too have an ongoing problem with Verizon that no one seems to care about. I'm trying to find the name and number of someone in the corporate office who will either fix the problem or cancel my contract so I can go back to T-Mobile. I would LOVE to hear a solution!

    2. I just wrote a letter to the CEO of Verizon(to the address stated above). Sending it certified this afternoon. His name is Lowell McAdams. I have contacted PA Attorney General as well. Tired of being taken advantage of by billion dollar corporations!

    3. I just found out the the verizon retail stores are not at all connected to Verizon shops. Bought a phone, got insurance and still am under warranty…but guess what, I bought it at a retail shop so Verizon will not help me at all. They wash their hands. Real cute. I thought that I would be able to get help… I was so wrong. Never again. And I am a Verizon customer. I am completely disgusted. I was never told that retail verizon is completely different and do not work with Verizon itself. Am I the only one to know this?????

    4. As someone who used to work at a Corporate Retail Verizon Location here in San Francisco…be WARNED there is a major difference on the back-end from CORPORATE STORES and AUTHORIZED RETAILERS.

      When it comes to hardware sales ie phones: If a phone is purchased from an Authorized Retailer only they can service the phone in terms of returns. Any Verizon including corporate stores can do warranty exchanges.

      Customer Service or Lack of: Authorize Retailers and their employees do not go through the same training Corporate stores go through. Authorize Retailers principle purpose to exist are for SALES ONLY so service at these stores are highly biased…IMO

      The number one thing to ask when you walk into a perceived Verizon Store…Are you a corporate or and authorized retailer and look for signs like "authorize retailer" "premium retailer"…etc

    5. I hear that, just got a bill for 1200.00 for texting charges put on my cell by my grandson. I let him borrow my phone until he gets his new phpone ….his account is verizon as well and he has unlimited texting which I thought we had a s well…push come to shove verizon will not take anything off of this bill except 15%..we have expalined this to them until I want to throw up…i am going to cancel my verizon phones as well as my daughter who has 4 phones with them…i am either going to sprint or trac…verizon is imposssible to deal with

    6. I, also have an issue with Verizon Wireless. I have been to the Verison Wireless store and on the phone talking to countless representatives trying to resolve the issue of not being able to receive emails (snce early May) on my cell. We put our residential service on vacation for 7 months starting November 1, 2011. Early May we called to have the residential service reactivated on May 26, 2012. Since that call we have not received emails on the cell, but had been prior to that call. I have spent hours at the Verizon Wireless store and on the phone — 2 days to be exact. No one can remedy the situation. Two people have tried very hard. I appreciate their efforts and polite attitudes. However, they were not able to accomplish resolution. All others have sent me in circles telling me it is not their problem. I am sick and tired of the run around. My contract is nearly over — I will be changing my wirelss company. This is time consuming and frustrating. I will be sending a copy of this to every address I can find relating to Verizon. Maybe then someone will try to remedy these problems so others won't have this same negative service. Perhaps some of the reps could take some lessons from Fred and Maurice who did spend a lot of time with me trying to find answers.

    7. i have been trying to get my land line service transferred to my new homw since 6/4. I have spoken with 12 people including 2 supervisors and 2 members of the "Elite Team". No one can figure this out although they did manage to reconnect the service at my old address. I am going to go on the local TV station for an expose. Did this with a Time Warner problem and got results, hope it works with these idiots. I will then cancel cell phone, land line and internet and go with a company that gives a damn.

    8. Verizon retailers are completely separate from Verizon. Verizon sells them the retailer the phones and the retailers sell those phones to the customers. If you have an issue with the phone, it is up to the retailer to deal with it, not Verizon. The only thing Verizon deals with when it comes to customers of a retail store is SERVICE. If you want to avoid phone issues, buy your phone directly from a Verizon store, not an authorized retailer.

    9. VERIZON SUCKS!! I have been a customer since 2004 and guess what? they don't care. Whatever salespeople promise don't believe a word!! they are all trained to lie!! And if you call customer support…well they are also trained to point fingers at the problem at everything except themselves they are full of it!! I am seriously considering a class action law suit. I think enough is enough. They don't care about YOU as a customer but only their pockets!! So if someone from Verizon is trying to sell you something BEWARE!! FIOS is not what they claim to be!!

    10. if you don't know how to operate an iPhone you should try google, and youtube the work wonders. Sounds like you are buying devices that are above your tech head.

    11. This company has lost 2 customers for life to CONSUMER CELLULAR – NO CONTRACT AND GREAT SERVICE + LOW MONTHLY FEES. I don't know how Verizon gets away with their business practices, but no one else I have ever dealt with does underhanded business the way they do. They sold me a bill of goods and then charged unbelievabl prices. They then changed my contract to "bundle" my services so the bill would be less per month. $300 a month on social security is just not possible. So, I cancelled service within 2 weeks. Suddenly their 2 week cancellation policy wasn't in effect. The cancellation fees and charges just keep coming and multiplying. I found it nearly impossible to get a paper bill and the saga just goes on. If Verizon were the only company left on this earth for telephone services, I wouldn't use them. You know what they say, BUYER BEWARE!

    12. My Experience with Verizon…

      Ordered an internet USB port then was pushed to get a cell phone. I did that and Verizon sent me a Black Berry Curve(with the wrong charger that did not charge the phone) then, Verizon Wireless informed me my phone doesnt have internet capabilities. Thus leading me to order another phone (HTC) sending it to me after i receive my first bill for 108.00. Keep in mind I did not have either phone( i had returned the blackberry with the return label) my USB was a no go i could not even finish homework with out receiving a text stating (you are 45% at your data limit) every few hours with different updates. UGH! So, my phone arrives then i call and do an EFT over the phone for 108.00.

      In this process i went to mall (under the guidance of Verizon Wireless Customer Service agent or their vendor) and paid my bill because the EFT had not went in yet. Verizon told me that they will reverse the EFT so i waited on hold for 5 minutes(out my day in which i usually make 400.00) for them to call financial Services to verify the EFT had been stopped.

      They told me that it had in fact been stop to go ahead and pay the booth so i did paying my bill to 0.00 pending other cycle. Keep in mind Verizon charges a month ahead… So i call AGAIN to speak with a manager who informed me the EFT went through. She said that I will have to pay the next bill that was due in 2weeks in order for service to be turned back on!

      Verizon charges a month in advance. Even though the 108.00 was the advance payment. So i paid the 108.00 due and Verizon wanted 400.00 more for next months bill. I still havent found a "detailed bill" to see the complete charges. I started service in June 2012 with unlimited minutes and hadn't used data since July… My bill is now 700.00. VERY interesting. a class action lawsuit needs to be started inquire via my work email.

      Thus, my phone has been off (either halfway; were you cannot call out but can receive calls) 80% of the time i received in July 17 2012 800.00 in bills already for " unlimited service" Jesse from Kiro needs to review this. I see a business of using corporate Americans to pay outrages fees.

      You will be exposed!

      Turn off my service send me my final bill to forward to attorney. FYI; the payment on 09/11/2012 has been cancelled. excuse the format/spelling… Im pissed.

    13. I am glad to see I am not the only one! I loved my Blackberry, but it got damaged when I was in Florida! I went to the "Verizon" store on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, and was talked into a $129 P.O.S. Pantech Marauder. When I flew home, the damn phone was terrible so I went to our local Verizon dealer to change the phone back! I was told, as above, that I would HAVE TO RETURN TO FLORIDA 1500 MILES AWAY TO RETURN THE PHONE. Verizon doesn't stand behind the phones sold at retailers…HOW THE HELL IS THE PUBLIC SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHO IS A RETAIL, WHO IS NOT AND WHO VERIZON IS GOING TO SUPPORT?! What a crock. My husband has AT&T and their customer service is much more helpful…I am cancelling my contract, and they can sue me!

    14. I too am completely disgusted by the customer service, or lack of, from this company. I will be starting a "verizon customer service sucks" facebook page this week. please look for it & "like it". The more support we get the better chance we have at this company to really take a look at themselves.

    15. Since May I have had 9 phones. (Seven of those phones were in the month of October). I have not had a working phone since October 3rd. Verizon managers never call back when they say they will. They finally agreed to send me a new phone. When it arrived, it was the wrong model phone. They promised to ship out a new one right away and that didn't happen. So now I still don't have a working device. As far as I'm concerned Verizon broke the contract not me.
      I'm APPALLED that they would treat their customers this way, especially when I pay my bills on time. I have Verizon for my phone, internet, TV and cell phone. I'm searching for a new carrier and if Verizon THINKS they are charging me a fee because the contract was broken I'll see them in court. I have all the paperwork. I'm not playing musical phones anymore and I'm tired of getting jerked around by them. They can go fly a kite!

    16. If you are having issues like this with Verizon, there is a complaint form on their web site, or do what I did. File a complaint with the BBB. I had no luck with them, so I filed the same complaint with the FCC. Next thing I know, I got a phone call from corporate and problem resolved.

    17. I would love to know a solution. I have 5 lines and I bought in the store not a chain off them. It was their store and all you get is smart remarks and rudeness. Verizon will not help . Their corporation is nothing but wants money. I had their own tech people tell me to go to straight talk and leave them. Now how sorry is that. I would love solutions.

    18. Verizon is the most dishonest, unethical and disgusting Wireless Carrier in the USA. Never do anything with them unless you want to get screwed.

    19. omg!!!! I feel you. I signed up with Verizon home phone and high speed internet service. all I have received for 3 months is stress and internet that does not connect at all. I have disconnected my services with them but made me pay the three months I was with them and yes they issued refund for $88 but I paid more than that. Now, they wont speak with me. Their customer service has transferred me back and forth like a yoyo from billing department to financial services. I want to know who I can file a complaint to. No wonder I do not have any of their services. I am about to file a complaint to business bureau and post on twitter, facebook and instagram how screw up Verizon is.

    20. I have had Verizon service for years, and really dislike them. If it wasn't for their coverage, I would have dropped them years ago.

      There customer service is the absolute worst! If you go in to one of their local stores, you get one story. If you call the 611 number, you'll get a different story.

      Verizon is not a forthcoming company, they always seem to leave out some little piece of information that causes you to call them back the following month to readdress the previous months problem, that has now cost you additional money.

      Today, Charles, a Verizon Wireless supervisor or manager turned off my service because apparently he didn't like the fact that I was challenging what he was saying about my Caller Id function. So, he turned off my service. I guess he thought he was being funny or cute.

      Well, I called the corporate office (1-678-339-4000 ask for the executive office), and spoke to Tracy about what Charles did, and she confirmed that Charles did in fact turn off my phone. I told Tracy that I wanted Charles fired for his inappropriate behavior, and as far as I was concerned, Verizon was in breach of contract by terminating my service for no reason.

      Tracy said that they would investigate and take any disciplinary actions that are appropriate (whatever that means). I asked to be kept in the loop, so I would be aware of the action taken, and know that Verizon is not condoning this type of behavior, Tracy said that I would not be kept in the loop. I objected to Tracy not keeping me in the loop, and after bantering with her for a few minutes and getting no where, I hung up.

    21. It stuns me that many of the posts here are the same complaints that I've had for years. I thought it was just me.

      It is true that Verizon has very bad customer service, probably the worst, in short it sucks!!

      I'm on my way to Wal-Mart to check out the track phone, and other options that they have. Verizon is just to complicated to deal with, and way to expensive.


    22. I was a customer five years ago and told verizon wireless t go into my account and take a payment out of my account in the mean time I had received a bill that said 'DO NOT PAY" I took them to small claims court here in Detroit 36th district court where they lied said I was in collections, I showess the judge the bill and was tld that I have to take them to civil court, over the past five years this bill has been sold, over and over again to various colection agencies claiming I owe verizon wireless which I don't if I am continually harassed with this in the mail and in phone calls, I will sue verizon for defamation of my character, fraud because I have the bill that says 'DO NOT PAY" and I will sue for harrassment and fraudulent bill charged to me when I owe them nothing being a paraegal I know my rights, and it is against the law to harrass a x-customer when they took too much money out of my checking account and I put a stop payment on it cause I did not owe a bill so please don't contact me again, I may be a senior citizen but not a stupid one plus I am computer literate and know how to get in contact with the ard of direcors, and stock holders and the vice president and president of this company you may be a large company or corporation, but I am not afraid to fight you all the way from the BBB, consumer affairs, FCC, even the spreme court if I have too now yu hve a good day and god bless you or he may even rest you trying to cheat me, wrong person I know what to do legally cause I am a paralegal, I told the little representative you sent to court who lied on me we would see each othe in court again and it wuld be for more money thn you are claiming that I owe you, so lleave me alone I owe you nothing have a good day and god less eaverne noble

    23. I disconnected my phone and paying a penalty for breaking a contract, worked out a payment plan. They indicated I could pay by phone or online but because my phone number is invalid, no can do. So I mail in the check which then results in Verizon calling me 3 times a day each day after the 1st. This being a holiday, they called 3 times on the 4th! They put me on hold today, costing me minutes, and got tired of holding.
      I am now on a prepaid phone so they are costing me money each time they call or I have to call them.. If they would leave me alone I could save more money to repay them! Lots of problems! Sick of corporate bs. I am writing headquarters and if it continues to happen, will file a complaint.

    24. If they don't straighten me out soon, I have video that will be posted everywhere, and to every cable company and TV station I can find that isn't affiliated, 1 of their own techs admitted to me that it was their fault and they knew it so to keep on them, he did not know I was recording him, got the truck, number, license plate etc… (advertising $$#$) Their equipment took out all my electronics through the Ethernet and hdmi cable, took out all their equipment also, Had to replace my TV and computer as I am a disabled Veteran and get my meds online and make appointments etc… Also took out my security system, which lucky for Verizon, They felt bad about what Verizon is doing to me and sent email confirming lost communication with my receiver which was out of warranty. Well cost me $18.60 shipping and they replaced the motherboard and its on its way back to me at no cost but shipping. Now that's customer service. They are called Night Owl and I highly recommend them for your security camera needs

    25. We have mant problems with verizon. How come you cant get in touch with cooperate offices? We have been getting the run around for months. Mine is telephone and internet problems. You cant get anywhere with these people at customer service, yet we have to pay an early cancellation fee. OMG…So if anyone knows how to contact a human being in a cooperate office please let me know. Very disgusted in Toledo Oh.

    26. Queens Village, NY 11428
      I am also contacting an attorney and contact consumer services for acct # 7187761757222176. I moved to an apartment and got Verizon services on june 6, 2010. I got the triple plan. I can direct payment where verizon went into my account and took the Verizon payment each month. I was getting double payment deducted from my account, so I called and each time I had to wait for hours to talk to someone and when I did get someone they would tell me I must have ordered pay channels and cut me off or transfer me to another department. After over 6 months a woman from billing. I have her name on my files. She told me she was taking out payments for Verizon and also a check to was being sent to Direct TV. I told her I did not have Direct TV, Who in their right mind would pay 2 cable companies and I asked her to credit my account. I cancelled the Direct Pay and sent the payment each month. I have been calling for months. A manager was suppose to investigate and sent me a check. I was never sent a check for over $1500 and was transferred from department to department for over 3 hrs. Today 8-12-13 Financial Dept said a check was issued and was cancelled, and I should contact Direct TV to get a refund. They are not responsible for going into my account and paying Direct TV.

    27. I have never dealt with such gross incompetence as I am finding in the Southwest Florida region. Verizon DSL in this area does not go any faster than 10mps. I contacted comcast who was going to evaluate tmy home area and see if they can provide service, comcast apparently notified Verizon that they were "porting' my number and Verizon cut my service for DSL and telephone. I went without phone service for close to 4 days and when I advised the representtive that it was illegal for them to leave me without any phone service for emergencies, they put the phone back on with a new number and never advised me of this! Now I am receiving a new modum and filters in the mail….Can you beleive this? My NEW service is not supposed to go on until 10/25- 21/2 weeks after they turned me off I have been transferred from the salse dept, tech support, billing dept (amongst others) and can't get this resolved. I have dealt with rudeness, ignorance and numerous disconnects after waiting for supervisors for over 30 minutes. What has happened to this reputable company that used to CARE about their customers! Doesn't a valued customer of 17 years mean anything?

    28. I have never dealt with such gross incompetence as I am finding in the Southwest Florida region. Verizon DSL in this area does not go any faster than 10mps. I contacted comcast who was going to evaluate tmy home area and see if they can provide service, comcast apparently notified Verizon that they were "porting' my number and Verizon cut my service for DSL and telephone. I went without phone service for close to 4 days and when I advised the representtive that it was illegal for them to leave me without any phone service for emergencies, they put the phone back on with a new number and never advised me of this! Now I am receiving a new modum and filters in the mail….Can you beleive this? My NEW service is not supposed to go on until 10/25- 21/2 weeks after they turned me off I have been transferred from the salse dept, tech support, billing dept (amongst others) and can't get this resolved. I have dealt with rudeness, ignorance and numerous disconnects after waiting for supervisors for over 30 minutes. What has happened to this reputable company that used to CARE about their customers! Doesn't a valued customer of 17 years mean anything?

    29. I too have a myriad of issues which Verizon refuses to help with. Fodging, nasty customer service Rep L's say I'm not having problems with my phones. Really? I enjoy spending hours of my time not getting help so I can continue not using my unlimited phone service unlimitedly. Numerous replacements ( only bcuz I'm paying for insurance) and they make that difficult. I have to troubleshoot everything myself, determine whose wheelhouse each problem is in and still get shoddy help if any. And they don't call back as promised. An extremely expensive and miserable trip this has been. Looking up all the government entities who will be verrrry interested now.

    30. Yeah,same happened to me. The guy in Grove City OH. programmed mine five or six years ago and must have been hacking ever since, they took over my face book account, etc. had to get a different phone. I'm still calling and writing them about another phone in a relatives name. They won't admit it.They need to investigate their own people,They are dirty.

    31. IF you will take the time, contact the BBB. I have found that this is the most effective route for an issue to receive help. (In doing this, I also found that Wells Fargo, the most problematic company in the world, now has a B rating–for a world class bank, this is NOT GOOD!!! and I love it!!!.

    32. Are you aware that with all the people out of work here in the U.S. that all tech's for Verizon are out of the Philippines, when you talk to a tech again ask them where they are from? Told by a Representative by on the phone that Verizon outsourcing all tech jobs. I asked to talk to an tech here in the U.S.A. and was told there is none, they are all overseas.

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