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  • Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters

Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Verizon Corporate Address:

140 West Street
New York, NY 10007 USA

Verizon Corporate Phone Numbers

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-395-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-212-571-1897
Corporate Email: n/a
Corporate Stock Symbol: VZ

Verizon Company Profile and Bio:

Verizon is famous for its communication services. Verizon’s products include wireless voice and data, broadband internet, video, and data, and long-distance phone service. Verizon is one of the premier wireless providers for smartphones in the US.
Verizon’s toll-free support number is 1-800-922-0204 for wireless services. For Landline support, the number is 1-800-837-294-6804. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.


  • Took 55 min to get thru to a rep only to be told they are having a nation wide problem with caller ID . Call was finally answered and the tech said he was in Tijuana Mexico. Way to go VZ when I thought it could not get any worse.
    I am a 38 year retiree of VZ and cannot believe how bad their service is. May be time to go back to Brighthouse, at least they answer their phones without a 55 minute wait, and they are here in America. VZ SUCKS BIG TIME


  • very disappointed.
    My family and I have been Verizon customers for, like, 9 years. I was Army and now federal employee for almost 8 years. Recently I learned, while visiting another Verizon outlet, other than my local (for the entire time of membership), an employee told me i was eligible for 'the' discount as a federal employee.

    My point. For almost 9 years I had asked, on several occasions if "I was eligible for any deals" since we are 'valued' customers. I even inquired about the discount to which I was told I was already receiving a discount. As a retailer staff/organization has a duty to to be cordial and informative (just good business) with customers to keep them satisfied and hopefully getting the best deal possible. It is good for customer and business does well in such situations. I recently contacted verizon and they 'offered' 3-months retro pay for the 'over' charge. I took it because it appeared i was getting no better deal. It was a case "he said, she said" as to what the other store told me (or did not tell me over the years). After ruminating over this for a month I believe I was done and injustice. I believe in the course of time I was overcharged approximately "1,000 dollars, give or take". The Harbison outlet, Irmo, SC improperly handled our account. When renewals were due never said, "hey we can save you a few bucks because you qualify…" Instead of being proactive and having the customers interest I was ignored or, at minimum, not informed. Believe me, when you are paying 200 plus for phones every month you ask "is there any way to save a few bucks?" "am I maximizing my options to get the best possible deal for my family and me?" So on, and so forth.
    In these challenging times every thing counts. we have been loyal, and NEVER late on any payment.
    We have 'become' comfortable with Verizon especially since it is the only account we have had since we came back from overseas and my return from middle east. The disruption would be an inconvenience, but we are seriously considering a change of carriers. Believe we have two up in the next month or so and will go from there.

    I did not know where to post this concern and I hope someone in leadership sees this. I am posting my work number 803-751-3403 and email with the hope I receive a response: andrew.w.moffitt@us.army.mil The meager offer of three months is really insulting considering the length of time and the 'numerous' interactions I had with the Harbison outlet to 'uncover' the eligible discount. Hope to hear from someone and thanks.

  • You have been notified that a legal action will be pending should you decide to take no action regarding my notice and complaint! Be advised!!!

  • For over a MONTH NOW I have been receiving SPAM phone calls from an Indian man whom calls himself Trevor claiming that he works for the U.S. Government and that they want to give me $50,000!!! Below is his phone information, which I will provide to the FBI, FTC, FCC and local Better Business Bureau if I receive ONE MORE CALL from him and take the necessary legal action against VERIZON!!! i WOULD ALSO LIKE TO NOTIFY YOUR OFFICE THAT MY PHONE IS, AND HAS BEEN FOR SOME TIME NOW, REGISTERED WITH THE FTC'S DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!!!!!! i CALLED YOUR cORPORATE oFFICE AT: 1-212-395-1000 today, 06/18/2014 @ 1:20 pm. and provide my contact infro and complaint info. I expect to be contacted ASAP!!!!
    Phone Number: 202-666-7641
    Area Code: 202
    Exchange Code: 666
    Phone Type: Cellphone
    Registration Date: February 4, 1994
    Service Provider: VERIZON WASHINGTON, DC INC.
    City: PHOENIX
    State: DC
    Geo-Coordinates Latitude: 38.90 | Longitude: -77.03
    Service Provider Verizon Washington DC Inc.,
    2980 Fairview Park Dr.,
    10th Floor,
    Falls Church, VA,
    US – 22042-4511 Tower Switch WASHDCSW07T
    Provider Type Regional Bell Operating Company

  • I can't get anyone to talk to me about something that is on my credit report since 07.. with Verizon's its cable.. and I never had Verizon. I had Direct TV from 03 to 2012. And they still say I have a 394 dollars that I owe. When I did not use there service. Unbelievable. And I am still getting the run around 7 yrs later. Amy

  • On April 1 I told Verizon Wireless that I am switching to a new cell phone company and that they don't have to send me a new cell phone. My contract ended in April and I do not want to re knew my contract with them. They assured me since I am no longer their customer not to worry.The new cell phone device will not be sent. In May 21, I received the cell phone that they assured me I will not be receiving back in April 1. I called back on May 22 let them know they sent me a cell phone they should not and its on a return back to sender to them. The representative confirmed to me that nothing is going to happen to my account and that not to worry. I clearly told him I do not want to be charged for that device that I told them not to send me and they assured me they wont send. On May 24 I receive an email bill from Verizon charging me for the cell phone that it's on forwarding back to sender. I called yesterday and today about this bill. It came to a conclusion that they will send me an updated email that the email charging for the cell phone is incorrect and I will be only charge for the jet pack that I have on the account. I told that representative that I need to check his email to make sure I receive his email update and he hung up on me. I called again and the manager I spoke too, said that she can not send that email out until she receive the cell phone in your warehouse. Your representative are unprofessional. They don't note the account I have to call back over and over saying the same things. They call me "Sweetie" and "Ma'm" over and over when it's unnecessary when I asked them not to. They keep hanging up on me. They keep saying sorry for what they are doing, and continue to do. I am very furious with Verizon Wireless.

  • I have verizon land line WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP. I tried to pay my bill on line repeatedly and it would not allow me to pay it. I tried at a local payment center but was missing a number on the bill they sent me so I could not pay it. The idiots shut off my phone. I called them numerous times to explain the problem and asked to be sent a new bill. They sent me a bill and now want to charge me extra money to get the phone turned back on even though the number missing was their fault . I need another carrier.

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