Volkswagen USA Corporate Office 2 Phone Numbers

Volkswagen Group of America is the corporate arm of the Volkswagen company in the United States. It is responsible for all Volkswagen operations in the country, including sales and marketing, manufacturing, and research and development.

The company has its headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, and operates a number of facilities around the country. Volkswagen Group of America is also responsible for customer service inquiries and complaints.

Volkswagen USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Volkswagen Group of America

2200 Ferdinand Porsche Dr.

Herndon, VA 20171

Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-754-5000

Customer Service Number: 1-800-822-8987

Volkswagen is a German car company with a variety of models in its lineup. Vehicles include small hatchbacks and sedans like the VW Golf and Arteon, as well as SUVs such as the Tiguan and Atlas. Competing auto companies include Honda, Buick, Toyota, and Mazda.


  • Could you offer or recommend a touch up paint for minor chips on my 2019 Atlas with 18" Prisma alloy wheels (Silver). My local deal doesn't have this or the paint code.

  • I am so done with this company!! I leased a vehicle that has been more in the shop than home. The service department is amazing but the headquarters Sabrina is as useless as a box of rocks!!

  • I am so done with this company!! I leased a vehicle that has been more in the shop than home. The service department is amazing but the headquarters Sabrina is as useless as a box of rocks!!

  • April 15, 2021

    A few years ago, I bought a used 2016 Jetta from Volkswagen Santa Monica. They were rude so I took my car yesterday for service to Volkswagen Downtown. From the dealer, my car lost power as soon as I got off the freeway. It was terrifying but I kept my calm.

    Today, my nerves got the best of me. My ulcers are acting up. I am nervous. I never want to drive the car anymore.
    Intrinsincally, a car is made up of so many parts like human body. A car's power can not be taken away so easily so is a human life. It takes a lot to pull the plug.
    Currently, I am not able to write up my entire story as much as I do because I am overwhelmed of this phonomenon.
    I have car payments and a car I can not drive. My brain can not wrap around as to how this happened. Give me a few days to put together my side of the story.

    pretty shook up,

  • I am writing about the 2018 Tiguan Dark Moss Green I bought last August. The car is so delicate when the paint is touched it scratches and there is a strong white base coat. It was assembled in Mexico and shipped to the US. My question is how many coats of paint are applied and is there a clear coat applied, because it seems like one layer of paint and no protection

  • I want to let everyone know what kind of dealership VW has. I purchased a used vehicle from the Bommarito VW of Hazelwood. It has been over 30 days, my temp tags are expired, so I will have penalties to pay if I ever get a title. They have not produced a title. Car has been in the shop twice now and they were no help, I had to find my own dealership to arrange for repairs. So now I am out of pocket for repairs, have penalties to pay, a Car payment for a car that I do not even legally own. i went to a dealership to avoid these issues. This dealership has now soured the name for me. I will not do business with them again and I will let everyone know what kind of dealership they are. VW needs to think about who they allow to represent them as this reflects on them also since they are flying their name.

  • Who the hell decided NOT to make the 2019 Touareg available in the US or North America?? I love the VW brand and was looking forward to the new version. I wanted an alternative to the high price of the BMW and Mercedes' and a better looking interior than the pedestrian Audi SUV and the too-grown-up status of the Volvo XC90…now I have no options? The Atlas is too big and clunky looking with not much band for your buck compared to the Touareg. Can somebody fix this please?? signed Pissed off in Chesterfield NJ… my email is

  • purchased 2014 Jetta ever since made purchase cannot program Bluetooth except phone no GPS or anything else also passenger in front can open door before car is in park and engine is turned off is this how it is suppose to be also cannot get any response regarding air bags recall or mileage discrepancy in regards to per mile gal of gas info if can respond e-mail address is

  • This is a bunch of bull crap!!! My transmission is going out & they want $3500 to fix it….im an old woman on disability how am I going to pay for that???? RECALL PLEASE!

  • Owning a 2014 Passat I went in to buy a GTI. While negotiating the VW sales representative told me that my Passat had the Takata airbag problem and was worth well below book because they couldn't resell and would have to turn over to auction. He went on to say that there was no fix for the problem (this discussion occurred in May of 2017). Needless to say I contacted the dealership that sold me the Passat and told them this and they justifiably laughed and in formed me that a fix had been in place since early 2016. Back to the VW rep and he said well even though there was a fix the stigma of the Takata airbag problem remained and those (my) car was therefore still worth well below book. This happened at Ventura VW

  • I turned my vehicle in 18 days ago and still have not been paid. When you call the claims processing center, you get low level cement heads that only know their canned speech to the customer. I am fed up, I will NEVER by another volkswagen. The customer service for this diesel buyback is a nightmare and is set up to stone wall and not pay. They seem to think they can get away with anything. I am about 1 day away from charging the dealership with theft. My advice to anyone involved in the "dieselgate", have them cut a paper check instead of opting for the electronic deposit.You may never see your money.

  • I am appalled at the total fiasco of Dieselgate. Every division of VW from the Dealerships upon announcement of the buyback, to VW Credit, the 800# for Claims, Scheduling, Documents questions, etc., all have absolutely no information to share with Diesel owners. This whole buyback program is a front. VW is trying to stretch out the buyback process as long as they can so they do not have to pay the money out. I am infuriated not only in the fact that I bought a vehicle from a company that defrauded the US Government and US Consumers but also that they are so corrupt that they cannot give any information on the buyback program to fix their error. I have experienced defunct fax numbers (Memory Failed on 8 attempts), called at least 30 times to clarify the mileage, timelines, appts., etc. No information. And unfortunately I am having to pay two car payments and insurance on two vehicles because this corrupt company, that had a brand that I admired since the 60's, cannot tell me when I will get through all of their red-tape to get my money back. They can't even coordinate enough with their credit division to cease the car payments. Enough! I have endured enough financial hardship and frustration from this company that I will be blasting this out on social media and will be reaching out to the local news/major news organizations. I know of several people that are also in this same situation with their buybacks. Therefore the story must be told.

  • I own a 2014 Pass at TSI SE. Bought it brand new. I can't began to tell you the games the dealership plays with me. The lies, the no return phone calls. Initially I chose a car that had just come in on the truck with many others. Talked about it did paperwork, came to a price agreement that night. Next day I get a call saying that the car I chose was a courtesy car/ demo. I looked at over 15 cars before selecting the one I wanted and sells person checked it out and everything was settled. Now somehow over night the next morning I guess that particular car was too good for me, saying I couldn't purchase that one. I argued but to no avail. I should've went to another dealership then because that was a bad sign. Instead I opt for another passat. After all paperwork was signed I get a call 2hrs later saying to come back in to resign more paperwork offering me the paint protection and interior plan as an incentive so I questioned why not just let me bring it in and just get it sprayed,but it had to be reflected in the paperwork, is what I was told. Tried changing the price and I wouldn't go for it. A month later I get another call saying I didn't get all the incentives I should've gotten and I had to sign more paperwork supposedly with a better interest rate. Not having time to review the figures, I just looked at the interest rate and the bottom line, not realizing that my payments had been stretched out over 6yrs. Initially I requested 4yrs. That's my fault, but I was deceived. In 2015 I get a letter in the mail saying my RECENT request for the loan approval at the VOLKSWAGEN dealership was denied. Baffled by this, I called the office in Atlanta, GA and was told that a credit request was made a few days prior to receiving their letter showing that I went in to purchase another vehicle. I was floored. I informed the lady that I just purchased a car at that particular dealership a yr ago and had not been there to purchase another one. Took letter to dealership along with a copy of my credit report showing that something fishy is going on at the dealership and the man I spoke with gave him copies to look into it. Called 3times afterwards and none of my calls were returned so I went back out there and was told that it would take time but they'd have it removed from my credit report. It's 2016 and the problem was NOT solved and the HARD INQUIRY STILL resides on my credit report. As you know, HARD Inquiries stay on your report for 2yrs. So when a credit check is being done ask if it's a soft or hard inquiry. Now my car engine sometimes skips when the a.c. is on. It doesn't do it often but I'm concerned it's doing it. Called in 3 weeks ago and because I'm at 38,000 miles was told that my warranty doesn't cover that issue. I'm thinking this should fall under the powertrain warranty. I've since then called to get extended warranty info and left 2 messages for a return call and here it is 2 weeks later and no phone call. I'm thinking about trading my car. I really like it but customer service is TERRIBLE. I know for a FACT that I will NEVER deal with a VOLKSWAGEN dealership again. Too much stress.

  • I live Smithtown, Long Island NY and would like to know when the 2017 cars will be coming to my local dealership? Also I own a 2014 Jetta TDI and will be taking the buyback. I'm possible looking to purchase a 2017 Passat SEL, and would like to know if VW is going to be offering any incentives to stay with VW, and I buy my cars outright so low interest is not what I'm looking for.

  • oh yes…I went thru the BBB Auto and CO Lemon Law …BBB said VW would give me 1 Free payment…and That was it. Lemon Law wouldn't help. It amazed me

  • I bought a 2014 Jetta with 13 miles on it May 2014. Problems began 2nd month…dash lights, seat belt, NON RESONSIVE gas pedal…and from June thru Oct…I lose as much as 100 miles per fill up. Now after 2 yr warranty check up..the gas gage is going crazy and Tynan's, Gebhardt, or O'Meara in the Denver CO area will own up to this piece of #@&%. I haave tired 8 dealerships to try and get rid of this car and NO ONE will touch it. If VW can cheat on the diesels, is it a stretch to think they can have the gas companies in their pockets to?

  • I purchased a 1999 VW Beetle for my granddaughter and was told by the seller he had just replaced the alternator and battery. The car blew the fuse from alternator to battery located in the plastic box atop the battery. Went to Peoria VW in Peoria, AZ with VIN # in hand and told them I needed a new fuse (S177). The parts dept. told me there were 4 different fuses depending on one's particular model. I said "Here's the VIN" and was told he could not determine which fuse from the VIN. I said that the VIN will tell you every accessory on the car and he should know from that. He said nope but the techs in the service area could look up the wiring schematic and determine which fuse is required FOR A FEE. I said wait, I come to a VW dealer looking for a part for a VW and you can't tell me which part I need, but a tech can research it for a fee. I then sought out the service mgr. who went to the techs with me where I explained the problem and the techs said they could only guess which fuse I should buy. I looked at the service mgr. and said I had never heard such an unprofessional customer service response and left.

  • Why would I accept $500 dealership credit? Why in the world would I ever trust what I get there? It seems like a benefit for the dealers and not the owners. We bought our VW a WEEK before the news came out. The re-sale value will take a dive on these autos so we were screwed on two fronts. Not cool VW. Do right by us. – Kim B. Castle Rock,, CO

  • this message to public relatoins of VW.

    nowadays, the publicity against you almost everywhere, I open Facebook I find most of news online (English and spanish) speak how you failed your customers …, any way story short. you should act against publicity, it is not good for the long run. At this stage there is a lot of global crisis like the refugee crisis ,participate in helping some Syrian refugees or African , offer them something … any way I just consider your are coool brand and mistakes happen and I hope the minute I find a full time job , i will be buy a new VW car.

    Ghosoun Alakiali

  • I owned a 2003 V W Beetle. had no problems with it. This vehicle was realizable until January 2, 2015. while driving in Plano, TX. in see smoke coming from under seat. I less than 5 min. this vehicle burn completed up. until this day I don't know what happen. I lost everything.
    does any on have any answers?


  • I have an idea that will turn this whole business around, but I wanna get paid for it. Sales will flourish an business will boom. 540-939-4401. Luke Hewitt.

  • I havea vw convertible bug 48000 miles needed work shouldn't at this milage anyway I bought extended service contract took it to dealer close to me bill was 1800 dollars they fixed it and char=ged me 100 deductble never telling me if I brought it back to dealer I bought it from there would be no deductible they just wanted the sale very dishonest offered me a50dollar credit for next time would have to be idiot to ever go back. I would be afraid to go back because they might really mess up my car cant trust dishonest people gives vw abad name 4077211637 dealer involved napelton Orlando florida

  • It would be helpful if you mentioned what year and model you purchased, as well as whether you purchased it new or used. I assume it is an automatic transmission. If you check all makes have transmission problems to include Toyota and Honda. My Acura automatic transmission on my 2001 TL died at 100K and Honda said go fish. 1999 -2001 transmissions for TL and vans were known to be defective and Honda(acura) avoided a recall and helping 80% of the owners. Only those who put < 10K per yr on their cars got any relief. In your case and mine , individual experiences are anecdotal. Of all of our family's VW's over the past 27 yrs only one had any transmission issues. That was a freewheel in a manual trans. So 1 out of 6 cars with a total of close to 1 million miles isn't bad. VW of A has it's problems, especially their dealerships treatment of customers, but they aren't unique. Their record is similar to Mercedes, Audi and Porsche. I suspect you have continuously variable transmission (CVT) which is a dog no matter what make of car it's in A- Z ! Ask around, all mechanical things can fail, and tell me one manufacturer who repairs engines or transmissions after the warranty period. Read about the Hyundai Owners issues with that "Best Warranty in America ".

  • I am writing about my vehicle that has 48000 miles on it and the dealership informed me that the transmission needs to be replaced. After review of consumer information on the vehicle this is a common problem for this and many more models made by Volkswagen. There was a Class Action Lawsuit that was thrown out of court with this same transmission in it. Although the vehicle is past the allocated years for warrantee Volkswagen wants to assume no responsibility for their faulty Engineering. I thought that this company would care about their reputation far more then this. I am a first time Volkswagen owner and I would never own another. I tried to contact customer service in regards to this, they were really no help what so ever. They actually told me if I feel the need to go down a different avenue. I will contact and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in regards to this. I will also stand outside the dealerships with a sign that states the shortcomings of this car maker.

    • VW wants to charge me upward of $100.00 to find my 4 digit radio code that was lost when I changed the Battery. I will never buy a VW again.

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