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  • Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarters

1 Volvo Dr.
Rockleigh, NJ 07647
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-768-7300
Customer Service Number: 1-800-458-1552
Volvo Mobility Roadside Assistance: 1-800-803-5222

  • I LOVE my 2013 XC60! But I want to know what corporate wizard woke up in the middle of the night and thought, "I know, let's install an alarm system that will shriek when the 'miles left to empty tank' hits xx0 or xx5." And guess what, a panel of corporate wizards agreed, except they added their own diabolical twist. They said, "Oh, that's a great idea, but let's take it a step further, and make it so that it cannot be disabled!" I'm tired of explaining this goofiness every time I am giving someone a ride. It can't possibly have anything to do with safety. Having it activate at maybe 50 or even 100 miles could make sense, but at 300 or 250 and on down, give me a break! Milli C

  • Jeanne

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  • I purchased a 2016 XC90 loaded to the gills and paid $65k in May and have had nothing but problems with the Navigation system. Taken it back 4 times and each time they say it's fixed HAHAHAHAHA HARRELL 2 weeks later same thing. How the dickens do I get this fixed correctly

  • Just left Ocala Volvo after driving two hrs there to buy a car. Unfortunately for the nice salesman, the sales manager Tim Hagg, cost him a sale. Tim was rude and nasty towards me and my wife. I noticed the way he talked to the salesman as well and was not impressed. To be blunt, Tim Hagg was an ass and needs some serious training in customer service.

  • Tim Haag of Ocala Volvo should learn an appropriate way to speak to customers and staff. What horrible customer service from Ocala Volvo. Walk into the dealership and he and his staff are all sitting around watching football. They send out the nicest young man who was a new hire. Tim treated him horrible yelling at him across room and using him as an errand boy. Then I got up and walked to Tim because of the back and forth and way he was treating the salesman, as soon as I approached his face turned bright red. Tim became argumentative and defensive. Very rude attitude from someone who drive two hrs to buy a car. Tim Hagg needs some serious training in customer service. I won't be going back. I feel sorry for the staff working with a jerk like that.

  • I purchased an XC90 utilizing the Overseas Delivery program. Big mistake the custom ordered car delivered by the dealer Niham Volvo has a black interior with grey headliner and beige seats. Numerous calls, emails and letters to management have been met with deaf ears. Volvo "never again on your life"

  • August 24, 2016
    VIN # YV4BZ*****001360
    To Whom It May Concern,
    My husband purchased a Volvo 2008 XC70 from its original owner, in the Winter of 2015. He purchased this car with low mileage, 40k, and was very happy knowing that he was driving a quality, luxury, SAFE vehicle. We have 2 boys, 3 and 5, and their father was very comfortable taking them around is this car.
    This past weekend, while almost 200 miles from home, with our small boys, the car did not start. It wasn’t the battery. It wasn’t the oil, it wasn’t the spark plugs. It was the Steering Column Lock Module. We have visiting Volvo forums online, and have discovered that many others have had this issue as well. This is not something that one should have to worry about when purchasing a car of this caliber. The car should at least START, even if the breaks go, the oil is low, or something that requires NORMAL maintenance has been ignored. When driving on a trip with young children, the car should be expected to START. A Steering Column Lock Module is not something one should have to worry about when driving the car.
    After much stress and drama, we had the car towed 200 miles back to New Jersey. The car is presently at Paul’s Volvo in Hawthorne, NJ. The individuals there are stating that this fix will be $775. The dealership is telling us that that once replaced, this part has a life time warranty. If this part will have such a warranty, it only leads me to believe that it really should NOT have been a concern to begin with.
    My husband now has no faith in this car, and does not feel safe with our children in it. One should have confidence in the vehicle they purchase, especially when it’s a Volvo.
    We understand that labor on a vehicle costs money.
    However, we are asking for a good will accommodation on the part, which we cannot afford. My husband has been speaking of his car to anyone who will listen, how safe he feels in it, etc. That is no longer the case.
    We are hoping that Volvo can and will stand by their product, and assist in this matter, as it should never have been an issue to begin with. I find it fascinating that so many have had this issue, as well as disappointing. Most are accommodated, from what I have researched, and as a Volvo consumer, we expect the same.
    Please empathize with our situation. All we want is consideration and reimbursement for the part. I will never rest easy knowing my husband is taking my boys on a trip again. That is something I will have to deal with on my end, and figure it out. We ask that you at least assist us, until we figure out where we go from here.
    Safety and confidence in a vehicle is key. We no longer have that.
    Best Regards,

  • Hello John , My name is Donald Crews im writing to you about issues with the 2004 Volvo XC90 . I Have been expressing my safety concerns about this vehicle over a year now at Volvo of Princeton. There has been numerous recalls and complaints about this vehicle since it was manufactured. The problem is instead of them honoring their faults there at Volvo they rather have the consumer to come out of their pockets for labors fees and parts . I never heard of a company of your stature trying to ripped off consumers. Volvo is rated a one of the top vehilcles and should live up to their reputation as such . My vehilcle is currently at Volvo of Princeton being looked at for gas smell coming inside the vehicle and the transmission stalling and stopping on the highway which is extremely dangerous . AS a consumer i know Volvo is aware of all these issues concerning this make and model . This is putting peoples lives at risk just for simple repairs that Vovlo should be held accountable for. With all do respect Sir the sales team their at Volvo should not be trying to capitalize or use their sales tactics over any consumer's safety. Very unsatisfied Customer. Thank you for your time SINCERELY, DONALD CREWS (609) xxx- 8605 . Looking forward to speaking to along with other safety agencies about your products and services

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