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  • Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarters

1 Volvo Dr.
Rockleigh, NJ 07647
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-768-7300
Customer Service Number: 1-800-458-1552
Volvo Mobility Roadside Assistance: 1-800-803-5222


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  1. My Recomendations to anyone looking for a Volvo Car is Do Not buy it or lease it Volvo Dealerships have the worst Service, Once you get into buying or leasing program your done, My AC broke down and they wont even see me until April and won't even give me a loaner that is 2 month from now! is a shame!

  2. Very disappointed with Volvo Corporate not being proactive with the 3G network no longer performing in Volvo vehicles in the US and not providing upgrades in a timely fashion. I own a 2016 XC90 R Design and have just been told that an upgrade will not be available until the 2nd quarter of 2022, at the earliest. Meanwhile, my Volvo OnCall subscription has expired and I cannot renew it until my vehicle's network connection is upgraded. Way to go Volvo – not a very safe alternative for this long-time Volvo owner (30+ years of driving many different Volvo models).

  3. Why can't Volvo USA do anything about one of their franchise dealerships falsely advertising vehicles as Certified by Volvo? They are representing Volvo USA…

  4. We have a 2018 Volvo XC90. For the first 2 free services we brought the car to Prestige Volvo in Englewood, NJ. The morning before a scheduled roadtrip to Atlanta and Nashville the AC on the driver's side was blowing warm air. Checking online I found several similar stories and indications were that the refrigerant was low. In a panic I called Prestige Volvo in Englewood. First of all, they answer the phone with "Lincoln of Englewood." No mention of Volvo. What's up with that? I asked the gal on the phone if they could please check our AC 'cause we're going South tomorrow. PLEASE. She told me she could schedule an Emergency Visit but I'd have to leave the car for 2 weeks! Was she kidding? Needless to say we won't be using Volvo of Englewood again. John from Kundert Volvo in Hasbrouck Heights told me they would look at it by the end of the day. Back from our trip I just made an appointment with Kundert Volvo in Hasbrouck Heights even if it's much further away. No more Lincoln/Volvo of Englewood!

  5. Hi,
    Back in December I had to put down my cat. And at his worst moments, your opera singer commercial would always be on in the background. Well, it's now May and that commercial is still running! Every time I hear it, my heart hurts thinking about my cat. Please, please get a new commercial!!

    1. Bless your heart! Thought I was the only one. Every time it comes on I curse Volvo and turn it off or mute the sound. People pay to see opera because they like it….the rest of us really HATE it….get real Volvo and stop annoying your prospective customers with this nonsense!

  6. I have been nothing but disappointed with my Volvo. We are returning customers after owning a Volvo model that was discontinued. We can back because they gave us a great deal; but I guess you get what you pay for. This weekend my Volvo broke down. The tow would have been an hour even though the state police was involved because of where the breakdown occurred. Then I couldn't even get a loaner for Monday. They said nothing until Wednesday. With a family of four (and a dog), getting around was an absolute nightmare. We called and spoke to roadside again, they were not helpful. The car is constantly breaking down. I am just so unhappy with both of our Volvo vehicles.

  7. I purchased (last weekend) a new 2018 CX60 momentum pine grey with grey interior had everything offered by Volvo only to find out it's the only luxury car I looked at that didn't come with navigation system. I thought since it had to be installed and Volvo corp is closed on Saturday that's the reason it wasn't installed. So when I called the dealership in Rockville to schedule an appointment for installation I was told the cost is $1400.00 over the original sales cost. The Mercedes GLC 300 SUV comes with factory installed navigation as does Lexus, Acura, Audi Q5, BMW, Infiniti and Range Rover. VOLVO is the only luxury vehicle charging for Navigation system install!
    I think navigation should be one of the essentials offered as a standard item.
    I love my car and the dealership was wonderful to work with, but so disappointed I have to use my cell phone for navigation service. The dearlerahip offered to pay half the cost, but I don't think they or I should be charged for an item that standard in other luxury vehicles I listed above.

  8. To,
    CEO Martin Lundstedt
    Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarter
    1 Volvo Dr.
    Rocklergh, NT 07647 USA

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    RE: Complaint letter for POOR SERVICE
    I would like to bring your attention to the poor service that I received from one of your staff members at your Brentwood location on Monday, 01/29/2018. I was in your service department at about 4:05pm when I was dropping off my 2015 s60 Volvo for yearly maintenance. Which I had called in over a week in a half ago to set the appointment to drop off my vehicle. At that time, I was asked do I need a loaner car and I replied, “yes I will need a loaner car.” Granted I though they had one reserved for me being it was well over a week notice. At that point I was treat like a common trash. I was spoken to rudely and had to walk in the cold weather in the back of the building to be offer a loaner car that was an Hyundai which when I purchase my Volvo S60 2015 last year the salesman told me that when I come in to service my car I would get a loner car of comparable compatibility of my Volvo which I feel Hyundai is not. So, I refused the car I would like a Volvo. Then they had one come in which had a numerous amount of hail damage and missing a part of the front grill and dent in the back. This is not acceptable it does not compare to my car by no means. At the end of the day I had to get someone to come pick me up from the Service Department. Not only I am paying you almost $500 for service work to my car and to be treated in this manner is poor service. In the future I will not purchase another vehicle from Volvo again this is horrible display of humanity.
    I am very upset with the lack of proper training in customer service your staff seems to exhibit. I am greatly discouraged from returning to patronize your store unless compelled. As I have been a regular customer of your outlet and even otherwise I expect quick and polite service. This incident came as a rude shock.
    Please choose your staff wisely to service your customers well for the long haul and not to cause them any kind of inconvenience. I sincerely hope such an incident will not happen again in the future.
    Yours sincerely,
    Marguerite Morrow

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