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  1. I canceled my Vonage account on October 2021, after 15 years.
    Vonage continued to charge me every month, I tried to call the given 732-944-0000 number many times to resolve the fraudulent charges. I was on hold 25 to 40 minutes without a reply, this continued for weeks. Vonage billing would continue to call me for payment currently at $156 dollars, which goes up every month. I continue to tell them that I had canceled the service months back, but they insisted I pay the balance as it was due, they always refuse to listen, their attitude was very rude and arrogant despite saying this call was recorded. I would tell them as all their calls were recorded how can they not fine my recorded cancelation call and repeated follow up when rarely I could get someone on the line. ???.
    This saga is still on going, as Vonage continues to fraudulently tries taking money from its customers.
    I will be escalating this dishonesty by voyage to the FCC and others to try to stop their fraudulent activities.
    As I had been with voyage for a long time I regret to say I have seen the company digress to a level of fraudulent activities to obtain unjustified funds, who no longer have any customer care what's so ever unfortunately being run by lying thieves
    Would never recommend Vonage to anyone as there are much better honest companies to have your business.

  2. We have been Vonage customers for nearly 20 years. The service is terrific UNLESS and UNTIL I need help! I forget each time how bad it is. I have now called 3 numbers for business support and they don't connect. I keep getting back to the beginning where I press 1 for residential or 2 for business. Some numbers I've been given today don't work at all! I want to know when we will get the new Vonage box for 202-448-2988. I keep being told "in 3 days" but it has been 7 days since the order was placed

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