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  • Waffle House Corporate Office Headquarters

Waffle House Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Waffle House Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Waffle House Corporate Office Address:

5986 Financial Dr.

Norcross, GA 30071 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-729-5700

Fax Number: 1-770-729-5999

Customer Service Number: 1-877-992-3353

  • My family has always beenin the restaraunt business one way or the other so Im speaking from experience. I aocated in Gulfport Ms. My daughter worked at Waffle house starting At 17 jrs old. My grand daughter works for Waffle House. The $2.45 an hr.
    Coyld not suport a hamster much less people who work hard train new people and have kids. PUT A SIGN UP TO SHOW YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT THE WAFFLE HOUSE PEOPLE.PLE

    has worked for Wafflw House for a little over 20 years. I think Waffle House is very negligent in the fact that a sign of some sort is Not up showing customers that these servers dont make any money unkess they get tips. Sure thdy make

  • my wife and WILL never go back to another waffle house EVER we have gone to like 3 of them in the delaware area and OMG what a mess there was things on the floor that looked like they have been there since the day they opened they also had customers answering there phone and saying nasty things to the people on the phone the service was not all that great that is the first time in my life that i have ever seen a food place that dirty and nasty they should be closed down by the goverment health department and the food was just as nasty as the place looks the burger was like oh just let me say i would have rather gone to a hockey game and ate the pucks they would have been softer and better tasting they should really start to clean and prepare food better if any bussiness should go on undercover boss it should be them and let them go to the smynra and middletown stores after midnight waht a GROSS places to go

  • My husband and I had the chance to eat at our local Waffle House today. We were amazed, both of us former WH employees, at how the quality of the standard procedures at this WH are not even nodded at by way of practice. Servers don't stand on their mark — don't call out their orders and are not encouraged to do so by the cook. Cooks gloved hands are touching face, hair and glasses. Customers are not greeted and given their place settings while their drink orders are taken. Food comes out in slow and not together. Equipment, specifically waffle irons, are being abused. We're from the days and Mr. Ezell must not just be rolling but twirling in his grave. We're so disappointed. My husband managed the Waffle Houses in Columbus, 2 in Meridian, and Laurel. We know the business and we are begging you to help our Forest, MS restaurant. The people could be good with some direction and help. Thank you. D & E Hopkins

  • . i see why he is anonymous he need to go some where else to eat because i seldom have a problem at waffle house it always good food

  • Waffle House has bad everthing grits, eggs thats cooked with butter nasty' big time this is a place that serve breakfast 24/7 every day all day long 365 its a shame that you have to go elsewhere to find good breakfast like shoney's ihop,cracker barrel,or a overnight hotel stay its a dam shame the cook cant give an egg like you asked,its a dam same that all location's systemwide all over the country have the same problem happen ever minute you walk thru the doors of any waffle house around you need real chef's and good cook because this is not working at all!! the reason why the business get people to come thru the doors hell!! its open all the time wow what a shame this place needs god's help systemwide also cleaning need to be done by a professional contract services, floors.walls,restroom,windows,equipment,the people that works there and cook the food needs cleaning too!! the waffle house is a messed up restaurant first class i give it a big fat zero an f is too good!!

    • Not sure what area waffle house U attend but no waffle house cooks eggs in butter.. that's oil and it looks like butter.. plus U never been to ALABAMA to a waffle house have U? Where the waitress can server & cook..U better come try us Out!!!

  • I called in a large order at the Waffle House on 1104 1st St South in Alabaster, AL. I then drove to pick up the order and upon returning home realized several items were missing. After calling the store back and speaking with the server she acknowledged their mistake and told me to come back to get the remainder of the order. After driving back to the location I had to stand there for 20 minutes before being acknowledged. The one and only guy in front of me said "Good luck", he had been waiting an hour to pay. I then spoke with the server and told her about my order and she said it would be a few minutes before she could "call" my order. I patiently waited another 30 minutes to no avail. I then asked about the order and was told they were busy and I would just have to wait. I then asked for a refund on those items I paid for and did not receive. I was told that I paid by credit card and I could not get my money back for those missing items. I left without receiving my items and also wasted my gas. What retailer do you frequent that cannot refund money back to the customer? This was by far the WORST customer service I have EVER received. I will not patronize this place EVER again. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SERVICE, I am livid.

  • I just left waffle house on Vaughn Rd in Montgomery Alabama where Cynthia Donovan is manager. I was very concerned with how she handled the employees and that she publicly humiliated them. She her actions were belitting and completely unprofessional. I would like to see something done about this. No person deserves to be treated like that.

    • The store on i 40 and stewarts ferry pk is the same way if not worse something needs to be done some people from church said they was gonna talk to Donalson Hermitage chamber of commerce about it and put it in the paper about how it is there only 2 or 3 servers are good the rest of the staff is verybad the so called management is the worst we have ever seen we stopped and got gas before a trip one morning and some people inside the gas station was talking about how that waffle house is we and most of the people from church will never go there again

  • A Georgia woman is accusing the chairman of Waffle House, her employer, of demanding that she perform sex acts on him as part of her job's duties over a period of nearly 10 years.

  • My husband and I were walking into the Waffle House in Durham ,North Carolina on Highway 54 on 09/17/12 at around 3pm. before we could enter the place a female waitress opened the door to tell us that if we wanted to order food we would have to wait for a little while as the cook was outside talking on the phone. She informed us that it was a very important phone call for the cook. She said he was talking with a someone about a job he was trying to get with them. She informed us that all she could make us was waffles and coffee.She told us if we wanted anything besides the Slam we would have to wait a bit and she was not sure how long the wait would be.
    The only other person in the place eating, was eating a waffle she had made him while he waited for the cook to return so that the cook could finish cooking the rest of the man's breakfast ( eggs, meat and hashbrowns)
    We aaked her why would the cook be on the phone looking for another job and leave his customers waiting? we told her that that was not right for him to be doing that and on company time as well!The waitress was tryingto keep customers happy by making waffles and serving coffee to stall people until the cook could get off the phone and come in and finish the orders.
    We told her that we would wait for a bit but we were shocked at the service and the whole situation! The cook returned by the time the waitress had brought us coffee. He was very disorganized. Maybe the waiterss had told him we thought it was very terrible that he was looking for a new job and talking on his cell phone outside on company time and that we were surprised he was allowed to do it. The only employees present in the place was the one cook , a waitress and a waiter.
    The whole expereince was strange and I doubt we will ever return to that Waffle house.
    The other issue is the 91.5 cleanliness score the place has and there was no manager on duty unless the cook was the manager.
    The service has always been good here and we had not noticed the place having ascore of 91.5 percent. Not a lot of cleaning going on but with only 2 employee's actively working what would one expect?

    • This morning 7/27/13— went to waffle house with my 93 year old father-in- law this was on hwy 301 in Fayetteville NC This place was fairly clean , nice waitress, horrible cooks,the cooks I noticed where handling our food with no glove on which really bothered not only me but my father- in -law also, well long story short he said something to the waitress about , he said mam those cooks two of them are handling our food, shouldn't they have gloves on, should they not ? she says so do you want this food redone, I said no only because we were in a hurry, her reply was great and she turned and walked away she went to the end of the counter and told them what was said ,the cook looked at us and said f**k them loud enough to where I could hear him both cooks went back to cooking without gloves a for a short time maybe 5-10 minutes and then they talked and put gloves on gave us a dirty look, Bottom line is this my father- in – law and I eat at the waffle house almost every day at the gillis hill restaurant since his wife passed away and even before that she did too. We spend almost and this is no joke 400-500 dollars a month at the waffle house we are known well at Gillis Hill resturant on Raeford road here in Fayetteville nc, we will not go to the one on 301 hwy ever again Gillis Hill is a nice place, but we feel that since its that way and no one will do any thing about this we will just quit going to any of them and we will pass the word along to family and friends!!!!!

  • On Sat. March 17, 2012 We were at the location in Panama City Beach Fl. in the morning around 9:15 A.M. and I would like to let you know that the team that was on duty was the best ones that I have ever seen. They were extremly busy and they were very well organized and the service was great. I was empressed with the way they handled the amount of people that was comming there to eat and the wait time was very short, due to the way that they were handling things. Their attitude was just great everyone tyhere should be compliminated as to the way they served everyone.

    • Maybe they should check into there Indianapolis IN Post Rd. and 21 St. Location come at night time around 10pm and there employees are getting high in front of the store, and you have to wait 10 mins for your drink order to be taken and there's only one table in the whole restaurant needless to say we didn't get our drinks till our food was done no wonder this place is dead.

    • Waffle House at it's worst is still better than the rest. There is not a retail outlet in America that is perfection all the time. Name One?

    • Waffle House at it's worst is still better than the rest. There is not a retail outlet in America that is perfection all the time. Name One?

    • Waffle house in call away Florida is by far the friendly clean and amazing place to eat Waffle house is known for. And the food is also evidence of this . Waffle house Call away Florida. Keep up the wonderful team work its hard to find places like this anymore .

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