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Waffle House Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Waffle House Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Waffle House Corporate Office Address:

5986 Financial Dr.

Norcross, GA 30071 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-729-5700

Fax Number: 1-770-729-5999

Customer Service Number: 1-877-992-3353

  • Patrick McNeil
    in the last week-Edit
    My girlfriend has been waiting nearly 2 months for her last 3 paychecks from store 2149 in Wilmington NC. . She was a very dedicated, and well respected worker, but she decided she wanted to move to washington to pursue a higher education. Her manager "Doug" liked her (perhaps more than he should have) and didn't want her to go. She was to pick up her paycheck the night before leaving for washington but her manager apparently was in denial she was actually going. In desperation, he told her she could not get her paycheck after all and had to stay in town to collect them. believe she waited one extra day (still not getting it) , then left (a day late). She has been trying to get her check sent to her new address and he’s been blocking attempts and neglecting payroll duties. I’m a 52 year old professional and am appalled that corporate does not have policies to prevent this. Here in our nation’s capital, companies don’t do that (at least not a a general practice) She tells me he had a dependence on her and didn’t want her to go. Her district manager has been trying to resolve but she still has not received her pay check. I spoke to Doug over a week ago, and hoped that would have instilled a sense of urgency to stop stonewalling, but apparently not. So tonight, I finally reached my limit, and started by writing corporate and now here.
    next, the appropriate state employment agencies to lodge a complaint .
    I'm hopeful this will get the appropriate attention and managers will stop trying to manipulate this 19 year old girls that just wants to get a better education.

  • on September 16, 2016 my friends and I entered the Waffle House in Radcliff, Ky. We frequent this location many times on Friday's after work. usually there is not a problem however lately there has become one. The cook there has become unfriendly to customers ans well as the other employee(s) that are there. He berates the other employees in front of customers and belittles them or accusing them of things they are not doing. to customers he is short with them or refuses to cook for them if he doesn't like them. he even tells them how long they can stay. I 've seen customers leave because of his attitude. I don't know why he'll be nice to some employees (one in particular) and not to others. I have seen him take orders and keep tips. These girls work hard and deserve their tips. My friends and I do not come in on regular basis anymore but when we do we have seen a decline in customers and customer service. Is it lack of management? or are they even aware this happens? I can't believe that the managers do not know. I am sure the servers must have said something.Why would they stay and allow themselves to be treated as such? I wouldn't. Because of conflicting work schedules we can not be there on any other shift. We love waffle house but feel we can not continue to be customers and continue to witness such volatile behavior. It really does make for unpleasant dining experiences. Please fix this problem!!

  • Is it acceptable for employees to always be giving gifts to 5he unit manage. And offering pain pilsner to them when the hurt their back.

  • I ate breakfast at your McKinney TX location in January of this year, and the staff and management were incompetent, rude to each other, and smoked in the office. Your young employees were too busy texting to pay any attention. I will never eat at this location again. Conan O'Brien

  • While visiting the Lenoir City, TN waffle house on July 3, 2016 just after 1 AM, I observed an employee verbally mistreating another employee. The nightshift manager was on the floor and never said a word, even when I took the names of both employees. Amanda, who was wearin Kayla's name tag was verbally abusing Katherine, who had no name tag. There's no reason anyone should work under these conditions in any employment. Personally,I would go to the BBB and local employment offices and file a hostile workplace grievance against this employer and the employee wearing the wrong name tag(Amanda). It was very obvious this has happened before because Katherine was very eager to give me the information I asked of her. Katherine does seem to have some self esteem issues and verbal abuse is not the way to handle this situation. I will be contacting corporate office after the forth of July to voice my opinion. Thank You

  • Well, this is a compliment to the Delk and Powers Ferry Road #690 location! Andrew was the server,, heard the manager ask a counter customer if his food and order were to his satisfaction. Entire crew was working together, order came fast, perfect, hot and cash-out was fast! Had a fiasco the day before at the Windy Hill & 75 location. Did call that complaint in since 2 different customers arriving for sit-down meals were served and halfway through their meal and we only had drinks! Had taken my diabetes meds, so I had to leave. Just left without saying anything. Too livid! But, Delk was on point! Kudos!

  • We eat at local waffle houses at least twice a week in Louisville Kentucky. Today April 30 we ate at store #1887 Valley Station. The restaurant was not busy yet our server Sara was running around finally she took our order mine was the t bone steak breckfast. Eggs over easy, steak medium rare,hash browns with onions and wheat toast with sweet tea. I explained make sure eggs where runny or I would ask to be redone. My husband and granddaughter ordered as well. I finally had to ask for the drinks she brought them and apologized.When she called a order back it included sliced tomatoes so we figured it was not ours as everything was called medium. When she brought our food my one yellow was busted and hard so automatically I ask to have them remade. While doing that I cut into my steak there was no pink at all which meant it was cooked wrong also. I was showing my husband when she came back to the table my husband explained I ordered medium rare and it was wrong again apologizing she took the steak and told the cook Tamils I heard her say she WAS NOT RECOOKING. She then came over and said she needed to go ask her manager Yvonne. She returned telling me she could NOT remake me a steak but would subtract it from my bill. I was appalled I was denied my good because she called it back to cook wrong. If my other family members had not started already eating i would of left with the whole order at your company's loss. I explained we eat at your establishment just because i always order the t bone again she apologized and walked away with my steak. When I received the bill I was charged $7.50 for 2eggs,hashbrowns with onions,toast. This was totally ridiculous. Then another waitress ask me if everything was ok as I was paying a $31.38 bill. SERIOUSLY that's how I got the cook and managers name. This whole ordeal was very uncalled for. I screen shot my bill. I can back up my story and I've never been treated that way even at McDonald's eating off dollar menu. At least if they make a mistake they gladly fix the problem. I intend of putting this on my local social media there I can post my bill and tell this same ridiculous story. This store #1887 is fairly new and definitely needs a new manager training program. Maybe you all don't need the business or need a lesson on difference between medium rare and fully cooked,but even though we eat twice a week at waffle house. I'm done with being treated less then a paying customer eating the most expensive thing on your menu. VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER Melody Murphy and Family.

    • Waffle House policy instructs that all eggs, burgers, and steaks be made to the specification of the customer. When an error is made it is a rule of thumb for it to be fixed, as a former Waffle House employee I can attest to the level with which this is stressed. The only reason that I can see the food not being recooked is a high food cost, which does not involve the customer, but is something the managers get into trouble for and can make them act very cheap. If your server asked the manager to fix your meal and it was not fixed, a formal complaint should be placed against the manager. Also, at this time, your eggs, smothered hashbrowns, and toast rings up to only $4.10 before tax. I am sorry your Waffle House experience was tainted with a poor location and service etiquette. Hopefully you have not totally given up on Waffle House! They are often much better in the Carolinas 😉

  • i was ath the waffle house on davie rd in davie fl on april 27th…i was staying nest door at the holiday inn…. at 715 i walked into the restaurant….i was the only one besides the 5 employees…..i was greeted with the standered HELLO an WELCOME….i found it odd that i was the only person in the store…..the week of hell i had was all i could think about…see i only live 3 miles from the restaurant…but had so much to think about i could take is….for years ago i got the worst news any mother could have heard…..it has been a hard for years for all of us…..the employees at the restaurant that night were so caring and so sweet to me….they had know idea what i had been through in the past…they gave me all the answers that i ever needed just by their smiles and true happiness to be at work and be with there "waffle house family"…i had been there for almost an hour b/4 other people come to the restaurant…i do feel that was some strange higher power made me go to that store on that dreadful night to meet those amazing people…they have know idea what they did for me…so i thank you and my new "waffle house" family…just wanted to let you know

  • Store 760 205 Stoneridge Dr. Columbia SC 29210. I have had bad service at a restaurant before but I have to say that if Waffle House was judged by this store. Shut it down and cut your losses. The staff is to busy playing instead of doing their jobs. When you have to repeatedly ask for artificial sweetener because the waitress is to busy playing with the cook. Then when the food finally makes it to the table the damn order that she wrote down and had in her hand is wrong. Wrote it correctly but forgot to look at the plate before to make sure it was correct. Couldn't be bothered with refills either. So I had enough and tried to pay and leave. No ticket and she was too busy running her mouth to give me or the other waitress that was trying to ring me up the ticket. So when she finally got done running her mouth she rang up the bill and I paid my bill. Left her a tip (use an umbrella in the rain). I will not be going back to Waffle House. I get better service at Huddle House.

  • I frequent your location at 298 W James Lee Blvd, Crestview, FL 32536. On the night of 31 March 2016 at or about 8:30 p.m., after a very long trying hard day at work, decided I wanted to relax and enjoy a quiet dinner. To my surprise this didn't happen. I walked into the store to find it empty, just me and the personnel. I walked up and sat down at the counter, and was approached by a young lady and was asked if i was dining in or carrying out. Why would I have sat at the high bar counter? The cook was standing at the sink washing skillets etc. The two servers went back and forth about who was going to serve me. I became very upset and quite uncomfortable and left. It was a bad atmosphere. I looked at the cook and then told him that this wasn't good and stated that I was leaving, he replied "Okay". Really, is this how you train your employees. I thought he would have at least apologized and got things bake in perspective. Didn't happen….. I took my business to "Cracker Barrel", and had a nice relaxing and tasty meal with no "Chaos and Confusion.

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