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  1. I had an unpleasant experience today at the East Meadow store. I came this morning at 7:15AM to return an unopen South Beach snack that was purchased by mistake. There was no one at the service desk (sign on desk said open at 8:00am) but there was a person was next to the customer automated register stations. I asked her if she could help and she said I should go to the customer desk and when I said it opens at 8:00 she was very impatient and impolite, and actually raised her voice at me. I confronted her and ask why she is yelling at me, she denied saying she just answer my question. I went back to the customer service station, there was a person on the second floor that would clearly saying she is not coming down and asked that I get help from the person I was just yelled at (name is with me). I gave up, bought a few grocereies and as I was heading back I saw the manager, when I described the interaction with that person, she (the person claimed that I was the one raising the voice). He took her side and that was it. No wonder people are migrating to Fairway market a mile away.

  2. Today I tried to by some fish, claims and lobsters at your 440 South Service Road, Patchogue, NY 11772 store (Sunwave Shopping Center) in the seafood section and the rude employee (heavy set older gentleman) who was working the counter prevented me from getting the products I needed. When I arrived at the counter and after standing there for several minutes, I said Hi and he just looked at me and continued to go about his business after several more minutes, with him walking in and out of the back and ignoring me, I finally left to purchase my seafood elsewhere. It is outrages to be in the service industry and treat people like this. I will never buy seafood at this store if I see this employee at the counter.

  3. I shopped at the Belle Harbor Waldbaums in Queens NY. I observed a man eating grapes out of a bag at the produce counter. I asked him if he was buying the bag? He said no-that he was eating a snack!! As he was talking he was putting grapes into his mouth and then putting his WET fingers back into the bag. So I told him that he was spreading bacteria that could be very harmful to people. He laughed and said he does this all the time!! I then went to a employee who was packing different on shelves and explained to him what had happened!! The disgusting man ( who was eating the grapes) followed me and he told the employee the same story. The employee did NOTHING! He just continued to place produce on the shelves!!! I just filed a complaint with the corporate office! P.S. In the latest Consumer Reports magazine they rated all national supermarkets from one (the best) to 60 (the worst). Guess where Waldbaums was rated? ABSOLUTE LAST!!!!!

  4. I have a problem in their Tomkins ave store everytime there is a price issue. Today i was buying beer and was treated like scum by a manager named Michelle who for some reason has a problem with anyone who questions her. The sign said Budweiser 18 pack $11.99 yet it came up $13.99 at the register. I informed the cashier who was and always is very polite that it came up wrong to which Michelle replied "no, thats only cans"> I told her the sign did not say that and that in fact the same sign was affixed to a stack of bottled beer around the side behind the end cap. I jokingly asked her "why would I lie to you" to which she replied "I have to check anyway…you're not going to win an argument with me" and then snickered like a wiseass. She then yelled at me "its beer, not jewelry…lets have this discussion when you're sober", as if because I am buying beer I must be drunk. I told her it doesnt matter if its beer or potatoes, if the price is wrong its wrong to which she again replied "its beer for Gods sake, not jewelry" as if my money being my money and not hers is not the relevant issue. her next comment was "just have to have the last word, dont you"? Why oh why is this woman so argumentative and rude to people she doesn't even know? Is the customer wrong even after the manager is shown the correct sign proving the customer right? This store is run like crap and there is no way this woman in particular has any place in so called customer service.

  5. I am writing in response to a situation that occurred with my 12 yr. old daughter and the manager of the Rockaway Beach store on Monday, 01/12/2015 at 9:00 am. My daughter went missing from school that morning and authorities were notified and a search began for her. My wife and the police were searching for her on one end of the Rockaway's, and I searched the other end. Finally, we caught up with each other close by her school. My wife joined me in my vehicle and we resumed our search for her together. Prior to that, a store worker had contacted the school and told the Assistant Principal that my daughter had been found in the store and that they were sending her to the school. Mind you, this was during school hours so I can't understand why no one could realize that if this was during school hours, that that was probably not where she wanted to be, but they send her anyway, by herself. She never showed up at the school and when asked why later on by myself, I was told that in hindsight, she should've been held there until an adult or school official, or police for that matter, arrived to pick her up. In having a conversation with the manager of this store as to why he would allow a minor to go out on her own, especially after they say she was shoplifting, I was told by this man that she didn't look like a minor. He told me that he didn't have any up close and personal dialog with my child, but prior to that, told my wife and the officers that he personally spoke with her. When I told this man that if anything happened to my daughter, Waldbaums would hear from my lawyer, his response was, " DO what you gotta do"! That in turn told me that he didn't give a care about my child's well being, not that he had to but, her mother was just in there with 2 Police Officers, crying her heart out to this man, and this was his response to me. I didn't approach him in any sort of aggravated manner like it was his fault for anything at all, but I think as an adult, he should have and could have shown a lot more concern for a child's well-being, anything other than, your problem, not mine. To put icing on the cake, after she was found and brought back to the school safe and unharmed, we went back over to the store so that I could show him that she was indeed a minor and all of 12 yrs. old and was told by the manager, " Well, at least they found her"! Mind you, at this time was when he lied and told me that he never had any up-close and personal dialog with my daughter. I'm not a trouble maker and I pride myself on being an easy-going man, but in reading some of the stories on this complaint page, I will say this store has a really bad problem in having this store manager in charge. I will proceed with "Doing what I gotta do", to make assurance that the Waldbaums company does what they have to do to prevent this manager from ever making decisions that can have both parties regretting the alternative choices he could've made at the time when he made them. Please do not discard this writing as a simple threat, it is not. The man with whom your company chooses to run this store has a serious problem with people satisfaction, if that's a good way to put it. I'm not the the one with the problem, just looking for a solution to a problem!


  6. Center Moriches waldbaums has no heat. They are using tubes to force heat into the store but making people sick. The smell is horrid. I am an employee and can't go to work because I can't breathe in the store and employees need to wear winter jacket . Not a good condition to work.

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