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  • Waldbaum’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Waldbaum’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Waldbaum’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co Inc.
Two Paragon Drive,
Montvale, NJ 07645 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-5739700
Fax Number: 1-201-930-4079
Store Gift Cards: 1-800-219-0149
Customer Service Number: 1-866-443-7374


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  1. Waldbaums in Rockaway Beach NY is out of control. The manager Alan should be fired!!!! My mother-in-law that's 88 has been going to that store since day one. So many times she has been spoken to rudely by that man when asking for help. Now that she can't walk well she has started to phone her order in. What a horror story that's been in the last 2 weeks.You have lost a customer that been spending at least $1,000 a month all these years. I just set up her Stop and Shop Pea Pod account where people are treated like humans.

  2. The two produce men are miserable in the waldbaums in rockaway beach. they are always talking amongst themselves and have no patience when a customer asks them a question. this is especially true of the tall white man with the mustache!

  3. After Hurricane Sandy the Belle Harbor Community was thrilled to have a brand new Waldbaums. The store was clean, the food looked fresh and the shelves were stocked. Unfortunately it only lasted about six months. Let's start with the management!
    I have witnessed customers requesting to speak to the manager only to be told that he is unavailable. Shame on him for allowing the cashiers to take abuse from these people while he hides in the back office like a coward. He doesn't care that by doing this, the check-out time is longer, causing customers to become more agitated. One of the biggest problems in this store is the attitude of the employees! Most of the them are extremely unprofessional and rude with the exception of the Seafood Dept.,the Meat Dept. the Dairy Manager and a few cashiers. The prices on the shelves do not reflect the items next to or underneath them and it is a fact that the prices in this Waldbaums are higher than the neighboring stores located in Howard Beach and Flatbush. I personally try to shop in Trader Joe's when time allows and was hoping they would come to Rockaway. Please check out their outstanding customer service and maybe you can educate your employees to be professional and courteous. TRADER JOE'S PLEASE COME TO ROCKAWAY!!!!!!

  4. Waldbaums in Long Beach. Shoppers be aware and careful!!!! Prices are NOT what they are posted. The product on the shelves say one thing and the cashier says another. It has happened over and over again. Went to buy peaches and expected to pay the price listed on the shelf where the peaches were and they were labeled "organic" and twice as much. I had to return them!!! It happens with all products. It's a ploy to get the unaware customer to spend more. How dare they!!!! Try to go there only on emergencies.

  5. I shop at the walbaums in Lindenhurst and I got to tell you that your prices are going up. there was no produce out cause the truck was late. there is no security lots of shop lifting goes on managers no where to be found. I saw a woman who was high stuffing her backpack but no managers to find. when I did find one it was ignored. That stores inventory must be very bad. if you have security there no one ever sees them. In shoprite there is security walking around all the time.I think a stronger management is needed. You have kids working at nights that don't know what is going on maybe you should have secret shoppers in there to see how its run.

  6. no shopping carts center moriches store and also one the employers he has glass on cursen some one front the customer

  7. Store number 240-ralph ave brooklyn after at least 3 weeks still has no heat. Imagine how it felt when it was 5 degrees out working in a store with no heat. All we keep hearing is that the part has been ordered. Something must be done about this now. How would you like being in our store working like that? Who is going to pay my salary and take care of my medical expenses and family if i get sick? I spent my hard earned money in another store…a store that had heat. please please please do something. It is inhuman working like this.

  8. There's a kitten stuck between the walls at your great neck store since Sunday Dec 15th.
    Its going to starve to death if no one gets it out of there.
    Your store manager Carlos could care less it seems.
    Various media outlets and rescues have been contacted.
    You either get the kitten out of there the right way, alive, and a rescue takes it, or I guarantee you everyone I know here and on Facebook, will boycott all your stores. That's a lot of people, and key food is actually closer to me. I will forgo dropping 300$ in food and cat food from now on, and go to key food. Animal cruelty is why lost Christine Quinn her election after all. NY loves animals.
    Thus is outrageous. Christmas spirit!? WHERE!?!?!??

  9. They sell Saturday farm produce…Google Saturday farms. They put cutchogue and all natural on labels…funny I see it being grown in Florida….and FDA recalls and nothing all natural. They poison the people living in the homes close by with a chiller and diesel generator all operating with no site plan….people are harmed every day for the produce you see.

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