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  • Walgreens Corporate Office Headquarters – Complaints

Walgreens Corporate Office Headquarters – Complaints

How To Contact Walgreens Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Walgreens Corporate Address:
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, Illinois 60015 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-914-2500
Corporate Fax Number: 1-847-914-2804
Corporate Email: info@walgreens.com
Stock Symbol: WAG
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-250-5823
Official Walgreens Website: Walgreen Co

Walgreens is famous for its drugstores. They offer pharmacy products, health and wellness products, groceries, candy, and general merchandise. Walgreens is the premier drugstore chain in the US.

Their Customer Support Phone Number is 1-877-250-5823. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

Walgreens’s competitors and alternatives include CVS Stores, Publix, Kroger, Walmart, and Target.

CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with Walgreens. This Website is for informational and review purposes only.

Walgreens Corporate Office


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  1. I have had a negative experience with Walgreens pharmacy as they do not answer their phones and if they do, they hang up. In my opinion, they should not be in business.

  2. I have made the decision to stop doing business with Walgreens due to their corporate decision to not dispense a legal script. Although I will miss them, it is important for me to support businesses that prioritize following legal guidelines.

  3. I HATE, HATE the new RX packaging! The plastic bags are extremely hard for this senior to get into. Plus! I don’t want my information printed on the plastic bag, for security reasons!! Another thing to consider is that it takes decades for plastic to “rot”.
    Also, getting a 30 day supply of tiny pills in a LARGE bottle is irritating, and in my opinion, wasteful.
    I hope you will take my opinion seriously.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Village Medical in Tucson, AZ are lawsuits waiting to happen. My former Doctor was fired after 20 years from Northwest Allied Physicians here in Tucson. My recent interaction with her showed me why she was let go. I rec'd a letter from NW Allied Physicians in May of last year saying she was no longer affiliated with them effective October 1st. No explaination, she did not follow up. We found her at Village Medical on 1st Ave Oro Valley. She was rude, nasty and dismissive. We only see her for check ups. Contacting her through the patient portal was not effective and when I questioned her in regards to messages I sent, she told me that was the managers job.
    I then was referred to another Doc at Village Medical on Orange Grove Rd. in Tucson who was of no help.


    I write this because I have been a Walgreens customer my entire life and have never had a bad experience.

  5. Denying women medications for political reason is shameful. Moving to a different Pharmacy. Hope your decision to do so effects your profits!

  6. I have a very big complaint about the Walgreens at 22 E. St George Ave in Linden NJ 07036. I was on hold trying to get someone in the Pharmacy Dept and was on hold for over 45 minutes. Someone picks up the phone and puts me back on hold without answering my call. This Dept is so SHORT STAFFED and its horrible. Than you call and leave a message on my answering machine and the message gets cut off. I need to know what prescriptions they have for my husband because he will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow and I also have to know how much it will cost before I can go and pick it up.

    Thank you, Mrs. Nielsen

  7. I am a customer at Walgreens Dual Hwy in Hagerstown. Service at your pharmacy drive-up window is terrible, a conclusion based on several instances of extraordinary waits/non-service. Yesterday, I waited at the window for 8-10 minutes & when no one showed up, I left the window and went to the counter inside. You have a half dozen employees in there. I wass told by the pharmacy mngr no none could come to the window because the clerk was serving customers at the counter inside. Obviously, drive-up customers, including this handicapped customer, are not really deemed "customers" if they are at the drive-up window, only those at the inside counter. Your manager's answer was not adequate, actually stupid. I have had such lousy experience at the drive up window I think you shud just close it, so as not to mislead customers. It is a hardship for me to go inside but I am left w/ that option or move to another pharmacy. I really don't understand why your pharmacy treats drive-up customers so poorly. Ken Duncan

  8. I have a complaint to beat the band. I have been overcharged for years. My card is on file with my Walgreens, so i just have to sign. But i pick up one script, he rings it up, It doesnt dawn upon the pharmisist that $140.00 for one script is a hint of being incorrect. I trusted Walgreens to at least see the amount being charged wrong at least 7 times in the last six months. I call and they are mean to me, like i did something wrong, I am livid. HELP ME

  9. I received an email on Mar 17,2021 that my prescription is delayed: waiting doctor's approval. After 2 attempts by my doctor faxing the approval he then called them directly for a 90 supply. When I went to pick up pills they only had 30 supply and said I couldn't get 90 supply because my insurance company wouldn't approve it. Now I have been getting this very expensive medication from this Sebring, FL store for the last 5 years. I also know my insurance company demands 90 day vs 30 due to cost. I had to demand an emergency supply on 2 occasions over the 8 days it took for me to resolve this insanity. Only when I stood at pharmacy and called my insurance company who then called pharmacy with me on the line did I get them to order the medication which took 5 more days. Moral to the story is that Walgreens was committing insurance fraud. One more kick in the head happened when I tried to complete survey on email they sent. I wasn't able because you only have 3 days to complete after transaction, which they charged me the day they ordered the 690 more pills. Conveniently it took 5 more days to come to pharmacy so no survey on 3/28/21.

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