WCA Corporate Office Headquarters

WCA Corporate Office Headquarters
1330 Post Oak Boulevard
30th Floor
Houston, TX  77056
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-292-2400

  • I have been calling since November 2021 weekly and STILL am told every week it will be on Friday. What they don't tell me is which Friday of which Month of which year. – I am so going with a new company.

  • WCA has recently taken over my trash pick up from FWS. My pick up day is on Fridays. Last Friday my trash was not picked up but next door neighbors trash was. I called Princeton KY office on Monday and reported no trash pick up and verified my account was in good standing. I was told they would send someone out as soon as they could. No one came all week. Today Friday September 28th my neighbors trash was picked up again and my trash was left. I called again and was told the same unsatisfactory response – we will send someone out as soon as we can. This is not acceptable. If not resolved soon I will contact my attorney next week and file this breach of service in court. Enough is enough.

  • The Ada Oklahoma office is a joke. They never provide the service they charge you for. I have called daily for a week and they still have not showed up to empty my dumpster.

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