Weis Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

Weis Markets Corporate Office Headquarters
1000 S. Second Street 1000 S. Second Street, P. O. Box 471
Sunbury, PA 17801-0471 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-570-286-4571
Fax Number: 1-570-286-3286
Customer Service Number: 1-866-999-934 Option #5

  • i shop; weis markets every week and since i only have one leg at this time i always getting one of you electrioc carts sometimes not avaible and have to stay in car and let my wife do shopping alone. the carts are very ld and run out of power before i can get threw the whole store and for the location in broadheadsville they need more carts and update them, i feel that you are a big com[pany and it would be great if you could spend somemonies on the carts for the handuicap your store is getting busier every day and a lot of people shop here please update your handycap shopping carts please please thank you

  • Who berates a customer for scanning their membership card, Melanie Valentine aka Mel, does working at store #89. Evidently it slows her machine down. 95% of the cashier ask you before they start your order to scan your card .Very rude , nasty, condescending . Tried to ignore her she wasnt having it. So here I am. Yea I feel like listening to you complain about slowing you down, get a grip lady you aint that important.

  • I will never visit my local Weis Markets again. I had a horrible experience with a female cashier. This particular cashier always has an attitude but she took it to a new level recently. I took a jar of change to Weiss to put in the machine to exchange for paper currency. Some of the change did not go through (approximately 50-60 cents). It ended up on the other side of the machine. I took the slip from the machine to the Courtesy Desk whereupon the Associate gave me paper currency. I informed the Associate that there was loose change on the one side of the machine and he informed me that the change was mine; sometimes every coin does not make it into the proper slot. I stopped at the machine on my way out to collect my loose change and a female cashier came over to me and very loudly said "Excuse me!" I turned around to face the cashier and told her that the Courtesy Desk Associate informed me that the loose change was mine. The female cashier walked away from me. I called after her and asked if she was accusing me of stealing the change. She completely ignored me. I informed the Store Manager of the situation. I should have demanded an apology from the cashier because she humiliated and embarrassed me, not to mention she refused to dignify my question with a response. I have never returned to this store and I do not intend to. This is the Weis Markets at 5 N. River St., Plains, PA. Thank you.

  • I asked the deli if they had low sodium turkey breast which at the time they didn't. The deli manager said she would see if she could order it. For about a month I was able to get the low sodium turkey with only forty milligrams of sodium. Then I was told they no longer could get it according to their "rep". Their are a lot of individuals here that have a blood pressure problem that would benefit with low sodium cold meats. Then I tried to get fresh turkey from the meat dept. and it seems they don't carry that either. Yesterday I was in for Icelantic Haddock. The only way I could purchase it was to buy the whole box. I can not afford the whole box at once as I am on a fixed income. I asked if they would sell me just a couple individual ones and I was told no. I have become rather frustrated with Weis Mkt. to the point of going elsewhere. I do not like having to drive to Williamsport just to get low sodium products. Please consider low sodium cold meats in your deli and fresh turkey breast at your Lock Haven Weis markets. I'm sure it would be really appreciated.

  • The Weis on Jonestown Road in Harrisburg has terrible management, they are rude to their customers and their employees in front of customers. I was a long time customer since the store opened. They had a very friendly young man in the seafood department and I guess they chased him off too because I haven't seen him for a week or two, I think his name was Sean, I won't be back, I will shop at the new Giant from now on.

  • Why did Weis stop putting turkey livers in with the neck and gizzard in their frozen Weis turkeys? Instead they replaced the livers with their own disgusting gravy which isn't fit to eat. I threw it out!!! Bring back those livers so I can make my own good gravy. Also I got a lot of points to use up, so why is my time so limited to use them? I thought a person could spend them on groceries but no, it is one food item and the rest is on gas ONLY at Sheetz. This is VERY unaccommodating to say the least.

  • Hi Weis,
    Today was the last time I'm doing the online/pickup option at Weis, in particular at the Laurel, MD, store. I've been a customer at this store for the past 4 years, but am now frustrated to the point that I'll be shopping elsewhere, to the tune of about a $1000/month loss for Weis.

    The first online order, items were missing and my wait time was over 15 minutes. The second time, the order was correct but my wait time was over 25 minutes. I got a $5 credit. This last online attempt was my last time. I showed up at the end of the time slot, assuming the groceries would require every moment to be gathered, based on previous experiences. I waited 12 minutes, called to advise that I could only wait 2 more minutes due to childcare, and was told I could get a partial order – they couldn't find the rest of my order in the back. I spent 40 minutes carefully picking my items online and about 15 minutes waiting for what never appeared due to Weis not being able to keep to a timeline. I've since been told I can only get a credit on my failed purchase through the mail or by showing up in the store. What happened to online convenience, Weis?

    This isn't convenience and it isn't saving me money by shopping for deals. There's a good idea in there somewhere, but the rigor hasn't been put into figuring out how to make it happen. Until it is, you're going to continue losing customers. I just wish I didn't have to roll my evening schedule back by a day to account for Weis not being able to deliver. That said, Jen at customer service was very gracious and kind. The store simply needs to develop sorely lacking procedures.

  • emplyoees get fired for breaking company policy but the managers and assistant managers can break policy by having affairs but nothing happens to them.

  • Weis just opened a new store in Callaway Md. I was excited about it, and when the Pa. people were there to get everything organized, it was great, I loved the music especially and the atmosphere.
    Now, just a few weeks later, after the Pa. people left, it is awful. Where is that lovely music? I think if you do some research you will find that music can set the tone( so to speak) for shoppers. I wanted to set my hair on fire and run out the door because of the catterwallowing. Also, your product prices are deceptive, especially for those who can not read small print, bet you already know that. We thought we bought a deal on the white birch beer soda, only to see the fine print the next time we went there to shop, very sneaky, shame on weis shame, shame. If and I say if we ever shop there again, we shall be very vigilant. Disappointment!!! I will warn my many friends.

  • OK…I found the correct number: 1-866-999-9347 Option #5

    I called it … and the wait time is thirty seven, yes, 37 MINUTES… like the IRS or something…completely crazy amount of time to be on hold for a grocery store…

  • Please look at your phone number for customer service…on your Home Page…

    This is copied directly:
    Customer Service Number: 1-866-999-934 Option #5

    It's missing a number…I would have thought someone would have caught this before I did….

  • Evening to who this may concern,

    I am a frequent shopper of Wise (spend about 300-350 per week and sometimes more during the holidays). Tonight however is and will be my very last visit to this location or any other Wise location.

    On numerous occasions I have had to make a close run to the store because of one thing or the other within the last 5-10 mins of the store closing. I find that each and every time this happens the security guard (an african american older gentleman with glasses) is always rude and trying to turn me around in a not so nice way. I always find myself explaining to him that the store is not closed and I need to grab one thing or the other(most time cereal or something for my children for the morning, never more that 1-2 items).

    This evening however was the end of the rope for me. I arrived to the store at 10:56pm with 4 mins to spare, and all I need to grab was a bottle of Alka-Seltzer for my heartburn (as I am 4 months pregnant). He first held his hand out in from of me, stared me down, and in a not so friendly way stared that "the store was closed". I explained to him that I still have 4 minutes to spare and i just needed one Item. he stared me down again and told me he was not going to argue with me and that the store was closed, this went on for 2 mins. when i got back in my car it was 10:59.

    there are many grocery stores in the very proximity to this Wise and I will now be patronizing them from today on, thanks to the unprofessionalism of the security officer and the many encounters I have has with him. I preceded to google the closet grocery store and Giant Foods came up. I drove 4 mins away and applied for a members card before completing my purchase. needless to say they have just gained a new shopper,

    It is unfortunate that in this hard economy when businesses are trying to stay above the competition a non essential member of your staff is the reason why I will never shop with Wise gain.

    I also will be sure to share my experience(s) with my friends,neighbors, family and anyone that cares to listen to what I have to say. Including all my social media handles.

    from a former Wise customer.

  • WOW!!!!! What a disappointment, you have workers who work harder and harder but don't get anything in return but nasty attitudes from managers and customers. For all those head honchos out there they need to come down from cloud 9 and actually work the floor and see what really goes on in a day, especially on senior day or a holiday. You can sit at your desk and send down emails all day saying how everything should and shouldn't be but in reality you should come back down to zero and show some respect and appreciation for your employees. I want to see how well you guys deal with the some of these crazy customers who think they can say whatever to your associates until some really stands up for themselves. Stop treating associates like garbage they all deserve better than that especially your veteran workers the workers who have worked there for years you treat them like slaves because are dependable. This company is so corrupt.

  • Why do weis markets build new stores when they cannot respect the stores they already have and can't even give there employees gift cards or a turkey or ham or bonuses for all the working hard employees they already have. no overtime,half the time can't even give breaks.They just want more and more from you but cannot give back.Oh i forgot free lunch once in awhile.All they do is connerdict themselves.

  • From the looks of the comments no one reviews them or intends to do anything to improve. The employees are treated horribly by this chain. The store in Harrisburg next to Target hires workers with the promise of full time work and rarely if ever get it. Yes they raised wages, doesn't help much if your only getting 20 hours a week and no benefits. There is no future for anyone to stay employed for, it is a basic business concept that it costs a lot more money to turnover part time workers then it does to make them full time, give them benefits and let them know they are appreciated. Guess that is why the Giant across the street gets much more business.

  • Store #83 Gilbertsville PA is just disgusting I was an employee on third shift just fair warning I worked there and never shopped there shop at own risk you been warned

  • i own a whole city block in allentown, 1302-26 liberty st.Closest is Aharts,1401 allenClosing,LEAVING,no other BIG MARKET in walking distance,lot size 1.72 acre,listed HAWLEY REALTY,(amy 610 217 1749 call her .it is a perfect location for a WEIS MARKET.ill call corp tuesdat 9/7/15 thanks bill fasching owner

  • I think it's awful minimum wage went up n you compensate your employers by 15 cents per hr. to employees who worked for you for five yrs. so they only make 15 cents more per hr. then somebody who just started working there this is a disgrace to your long term employees so I think I will choose to shop elsewhere. If you can afford to remodel you can afford to pay your long term employees more. Shame on you if I worked there I would've quit and work for wegmans or giant.

  • I've got a good one. I know an associate that works at a Weis store. She is being denied the ability to use her vavcation days, the days she earned. She requests off and is constantly told no. There is nobody to work your stuff if you take off. I'm sorry, it's not her stuff, it is WEIS MARKETS STUFF! They need ot find someone else to do the job. Of course, all those corporate "big wigs" (it's weis for god-sake, how big do you really think you are, need to step in and make sure their managersa are doing the appropriate thing, not just walking around the store while the inflate their mach egos because they get to boss some kids and ladies around.

  • I was at the South Courtland St East Stroudsburg store today. They had all received messages that corporate/ managers were visiting today. The people are trying to shop, the middle of the already crowded aisles, were filled with boxes to be stocked. I couldn't even get to the meat case because 4 "managers/corprate" were blocking the way by standing around chatting. They didn't have the slightest clue what was taking place around them. There were "corporate" people everywhere, but nothing was being done to help the employees do their job. It is very plain to see where the problem starts.
    On check out I experienced the one person who was actually going above and beyond to move the check out process along. Her name is Amanda. She was one of the visiting "manager/corporate" people actually working,
    I thanked her for stepping in and opening a checkout line herself. She said she used to be a checker and is working her way up the ladder. Well Amanda, you should be recognized for what you are doing for the Weis Co. Thank You for being polite and friendly,, while doing a great job too! You never mentioned your exact position at the company, but my vote is for CEO!

  • I shop at the Weis, Mansfield Twp., New Jersey. If the avocados get any smaller, they'll be the size of eggs. I know what is happening. The growers are picking them too soon so they can sell more and grow more and make more money. How about telling your growers to leave the avocados on the vine long enough to reach a decent size instead of cheating your customers. Seriously, the two avocados I purchased on 3/30/15 are the smallest I have ever seen for sale and not much bigger than a large egg.

  • weis customer service lady her name is jen…I need the cooperate office to contact me asap…she is very very rude and I need to speak to someone asap

  • dear Robert weis and to your brother this is about your eggs sold in your stores your supplyer is not given you fresh eggs I don't like the date on them because they are not fresh eggs I know my eggs when other stores selling eggs is half way accrose the country and you can get fresh eggs some thing is wrong.

  • I was shopping at Surplus Outlet in Montgomery Pa. and ran into the manager from the Lock Haven Weis Markets. She was bragging about being able to set her own hours and getting good pay to boot. She also told me that some days she takes off early to go shopping at Surplus Outlet for food. She also told me that Weis Markets is way to expensive to spend her money there. To think Weis Markets pays her wages and she had the guts to say it's much to expensive to shop there. I can't remember her name however she was a large woman that wore glasses. After what she said I doubt I will ever shop at Weis Markets again!!

  • I was at the Weiss store on 3rd street in williamsport pa n went to the deli and the deli lead there is the rudest person I have ever seen, she totally ignored me for atleast 5 minutes then was very rude n started complaining to me about her other employees not doing nothing n how her back up lead is worthless, first there was one or two.other employees back there working but she should not be talking like that to customers n she just threw my cheese in a bag n I told her that she needs to redo it cuz she had my cheese all smashed together n all broken up she got a real nasty attitude n didn't even apologize for her behavior, I left the deli and about 10 minutes later I walked back past the deli n looked over n she was standing in the back n I seen her shoving a block of cheese down the front of her pants what kind of people do u have working in ur store, she is very rude, nasty n very inappropriate with her employees u really need a better lead for ur deli I will not shop in that store anymore n I will inform others that want to go to that store about the rude n nasty attitudes the deli lead there gives their customers n workers

  • I was at the Weis at River Ave in Williamsport PA and had the worst, most terrible experience I've ever had at a pharmacy. I am a recovering drug addict and one day decided to get help on my own. I started into a Suboxone program in Williamsport and have been 1 year clean so far. Anyway, my doctor recetnly lowered my dose and told me that I might have to get another "preauthorization" from my insurance before I could have it filled and covered but he wasn't sure. I wen't to the Weis pharmacy and had the unfortunate experience with dealing with a gentlement with medium length kind of grey hair. I explained to him what my doctor told me and asked if he could see if I did in fact need the preauthorization again. He took one look at my prescription and literally glared at me and said I doubt I'll be able to fill it. So anyway I sat down and waited a good 25 minutes until he came up to the counter, literally put his face in his palm and yelled my named. I came up and he refused to look up at me. He freaking kept his hand in his palm leaning on the counter the hold time. He handed my prescription back to me and said very rudely "I can't fill this" I asked did I need a preautorization? he said just said "I'm not sure" I said well do you not have it in stock or something" And he said I didn't check… So at this point I'm like uh, well what should I do? I'm not quite sure why you can't fill it. Is it because of my insurance company? and he pretty much screamed while a bunch of people are around me "Listen I can't fill your suboxone prescription" and left the script on the counter and walked away. I was so embarassed for the fact now everyone around me now knows my medication and I felt like I was so disrespected. So I went to a different pharmacy and they were very friendly. Filled my prescription no questions asked and my insurance ended up covering it. I will NEVER go back to Weis's again.

  • I was just in there Weis store in Binghamton, not saying which one but this is how cheap this store is to there employees they can't even supply jackets with the WEIS lettering to the employees who work there unless you want to share them after each shift, like the baggers who go in and out of the store taking groceries to vehicles they have to SHARE the same jacket that is just disgusting who the hell wants to wear something some other person sweated in blew there nose on and god only knows what else they wiped on it…be real you are an over priced store making tons of $$$$$ and you cheap BIG Wigs can't even supply your employees with there own jackets…..PATHTIC

  • I tried finding the appropriate phone number and person to contact about my issue, but this information was not listed. Therefore, I am posing here to try to get some sort of response.

    I am a Weis Markets associate who started working for the company on August 1. I have not been paid a single penny since I started!!! I work for a store that will have its grand opening soon. I worked on August 1, August 2, and August 9, but still have not been paid for these hours. I am owed for 24 hours total. I signed up for direct deposit when I filled out my new hire paperwork on May 17 and am disappointed that the money is still not in my account. What do I have to do to get paid?

  • Hi,

    I'm very disgusted and disturbed, I was in your Weis store today in Millersburg, Pa and had a horrible experience with a Manager named Lisa Fowler.

    I wanted to return 2 items for my elderly father. He got the wrong items last wed and I wanted to return them for him.
    The one item was shampoo and the other item was butter (which was sealed). My receipt was only from last wed which is less then a week a go. First the clerk at customer service opened my shampoo and looked in the bottle, like I was lying and stole shampoo from it. Next the clerk met with the Manager Lisa Fowler and were in the office talking about me. I waited about 10 mins until she came back down.

    As she came back down which she was rude and not professional, she then stated she would need to give me a gift card back instead of money. I stated that I wanted money back, my receipt was paid by cash so that is how my father wanted his money back.

    She stated let me get the manager but I don't think I can give you cash. I talked to Lisa Fowler she was highly rude and aggressive. She stated I was in before and made an exchange, I stated my father is elderly in his 70's and he made a mistake it happens. It was only $9 worth of merchandise I was returning, which was 2 items a butter and shampoo. She stated she remembers I made a return of shampoo before, I stated back in February 2013 I had returned a shampoo because my father got me the kind for dry hair and I wanted the one for color treated hair. She stated it was not my receipt was my fathers, I stated yeah because he gets the senior discount obviously it wasn't my receipt.

    I don't overstand this at all, my father spends alot of money in your store every wed, I also have alot of family and friends whom shop at your store.If this is how your management treats your customers then I would evaluate there positions in your store, I felt she had no customer service skills, she wasn't professional, and was highly rude.

    I don't see what the problem is? Your store policy clearly states if you have a receipt you can exchange items and get your money back. I will reconsider not shopping here anymore nor will my father, sister and other family and friends.

    I believe this manager will ruin your business and shows poor customer service ethics. HORRIBLE EXPIERENCE!!!!!!!!

    Very disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Was at the store in Millersburg, Pa had a horribel experience with the manager Lisa Fowler. I had my receipt and wanted to return 2 items which was just purchased a week ago. My father is elderly and got the wrong items, so I simply just wanted to return them in exchange for the money. The one item was shampoo, and they actually squeezed the bottle and tried to look inside the shampoo bottle. The Manager told me that this isn't acceptable for them to give me money because my father had returned something back in Feb which was 6 months ago. I stated he is elderly and made a mistake. She was rude then told me it was my father's receipt I stated 'um yeah it was because im no senior citizen' because he got the senior discount. I will be telling my father and friends not to shop weis no more and to go to Giant. I never was treated im such a rude manner. Disgusted!!!! Someone needs to do something about Lisa Fowler at Weis in Millersburg Pa..

  • You guys all know that no one gives a rats ass what you complain about, right? You don't really expect them to pay attention do you?

    • Nope would never expect that this is Weis we are talking about if they don't care about their stores or employees they damn sure don't care what's written here

  • I have tried the "$1,000 Gift Card" give away and have been unable to locate it as so many of you had mentioned. I have to admit, I wasn't really expecting anything…'too good to be true'. Regarding our Weis, the produce never lasts once I bring it home. The Giant produce lasts for a much longer time. Weis' seafood department sometimes 'smells' fishy and that's not good. I find the bakery items to be extremely over priced, particularly for the quality produced. However, I have all of my prescriptions at Weis, (2400 E. Market St., York, PA), and I love the pharmacy staff. They are extremely friendly and very helpful. I would recommend this pharmacy to anyone and everyone. They go out of their way to make for an environment conducive to good customer service. I appreciate that.

  • I was Weis on 4/9/13 at the deli. One lady in front of me ordered one thing. I was next. Well, the employee turned and started to walk away. I said can I get something please? She rolled her eyes and sighed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I said you got a busy day, or having a bad day? { I wanted her to know I was aware of her facial expressions} She said no, I just did something and wrinkled up her face like she hurt some where in her body. But she didn't say I hurt myself or something hurt. I say BS. She didn't want to be bothered. I only ordered pound of chicken salad. When I walked past the deli counter a lil later, she was cutting up celery and chatting and laughing with an employee. I wish when an employee passed you in the isle thy would acknowledge you. You get nasty, cold looks. I the to go there. That's why I only stop in there once or twice a month to get something for lunch. She was so rude and nasty. If you don't feel good go home. I don't come in there and take it out on them when I feel crappy . I think she was fine, just didn't want to do her job. She didn't know what to say when I called her on her attitude.HATE THE STORE. very unfriendly. This Weis store is located 9400 Scott Moore Way, Perry Hall MD

  • the weis in damascus is nasty. they never check dates or rotate items. two employees are having sex in the parking lot where customers park and the managers are rude and stupid. the self checks are always breaking down and nobody helps you. they are too busy talking to each other. shop at safeway. if you look on facebook, someone is telling all the gross things that happen there. its really disturbing to know the things that go on and the fact that i've bought food there to feed my family and it could make them sick. i will NEVER shop in any weis again. thanks to the person on facebook for letting the public know what really goes on behind the scenes

    • Weis condones employees behavior. Slander and sex harassment. It is all condoned and hush, hush..well things are going to change with reports. How would they like to join Sandusky in prison

  • I find a lot of specialty items. They older lady in the bakery is always one of the friendliest workers. She is such a pleasure to see weekly.

  • went to Weiss on papermill road today ( reading pa ) I am handicapped and used battery powered cart well, it died in. dry back of store. an employee -Samantha- got me a wheelchair, put my groceries in new cart, and helped me finish shopping. then, went to checkout with me,helped me to car, and waited till I got in car. she was so helpful and pleasant. think she deserves a shout out from management she really went above and beyond. I called store but manager wasn't available so I came ur website so they realize what she di for me. thanks to Samantha. you definetly saved the day!!!


  • Too many flies in the bakery — DO NOT EAT the donuts or brownies. I have seen large green flies on the brownies and just last night there was a black fly on a sugar donut, and a few little baby knat flies on the chocholate ones. Every time I see them I advise the workers but it never stops… DO NOT EAT the donuts at Weis.

  • While shopping in the Weis store #71 on Rosevelt Ave. It was not a very pleasant experience. I tried to check out myself on the Fast Lane but had so much trouble I could have waited in one of the 3 checkout registers and made more time. The machine would not take my purchases and I had to wait for help for 4 different items. I also had coupons which the machine would not accept because the bin was full and I could not get my coupons in the slot. After finally paying for my purchases I contacted the store manager and was made to feel like a fool. While shopping I noticed approximately 6 employees standing around talking to each other, when they could have been on the registers helping to check our customers. They also cheated me out of coupons for purchases I made. I will not shop in this store again unless there are changed made.

  • A couple of weeks ago I purchased 6 boxes of Weis Black Cherry Yogurt, which I love. When I opened the first box it was obvious that it had melted and been refrozen. I salvaged as much as possible – there was at least an inch of ice at the bottom. The second one was the same. I called the Martinsburg WV store and asked if I could exchange the other 4 boxes. I did not have my receipt. I was told, since I didn't have the receipt they could do nothing. The third box was no good. The next two boxes were good. I just opened the last box and it was all iced up on the top. That's two out of six. I have shopped at Weis for years. I won't be going back to that store. All I wanted to do was exchange the ones that had not been opened. I wasn't even asking for a refund. I just think you should be aware that when ice cream melts and is refrozen it should not be sold.

    • That is especially concerning since they guarantee the quality of all of their private brand products right on the package. I think their policy is different now–I see this post is from several years ago.

  • There is a lady that works in the deli general area she goes from deli and works sometimes on the fryer during my lucn hr. I go into the weis store on cedar crest blvd in allentown almost daily and have had the unfortune luck to end up with her waiting on me. She has been rude on more then one occasion. i try to avoid her but sometime it can not be helped. Her name is Amy. Like I said this has happened on several occasions. I think she needs to leearn how to talk to people especially in customer service. I work in customer service also and there is no way i would get away with talking to anyone like that, she is the rudest person i have ever met. if she is so unhappy with her job maybe she should get another one

    • Last night there was a verbal fight at weiss. 2 employees started arguing in front of customers. One was a manager and the other was cash register. The manager was going to physically fight with the cashier until other employees held her back. Curse words were said and all the employees sat there and watched this fight. It was so unprofessional and was at the weiss off of Robert olive rd in Columbia, MD. If anyone can contact directors to report this please do. They both need to be fired. Half those employees need to be fired. All they are is rude to customers. If you ask for help they are rude.