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  • Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Wells Fargo Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ

Wells Fargo Corporate Address:

Main Home Office:
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94163 USA

Wells Fargo Contact Information:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-249-3302
Corporate Fax Number: n/a
Corporate Email: info@wellsfargo.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: WFC

Wells Fargo is a bank with branches in all 50 US States. Wells Fargo operates ATM machines, credit card processing, consumer credit cards, mortgage lending, commercial lending, and general banking services. Wells Fargo and Company is one of the premier banking and mortgage institutions in the United States.

Wells Fargo’s Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-869-3557. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Wells Fargo Corporate Office

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  1. I dropped them for charging me $12.00 a month for not using my personal debit card. My Business account has around 15K a month moving through it. I now use my credit union debit card, and they PAY ME..!

  2. Very Disappointed today 09/27/2018 around noon , Your landscaper at the South Shore Hopping Center in Alameda was blowing all the garbage one can find in any commercial parking lot including the sidewalk and gutter straight across the street in the lagoon , I went and tried o speak to the branch Manager it was a shore as he did not want to move from His desk ,I finally was able to have him come , He refused to look out the window , then very abruptly , very de meaning manner told me if was not his problem it was the shopping center he did not care and asked me to leave , Let's talk business here , it was your landscaper , by blowing the garbage in the lagoon , Wells Fargo and it's landscaper are violated :City regulation , Regional regulations , State Regulations and Federal Regulations , The EPA has fined Oakland and other Cities around in the multiple millions of Dollars , they will make minced meat out of Wells Fargo . To go back to basic , when someone is acting in the capacity of Manager He or She represent the Company at large , when they display such mediocre disposition they are failing , This might b California , This is not a third world Country .

  3. I myself did not experience this, a personal close friend of mine did and I am posting this because it is appalling that she had to go through this. Now I understand why so many people hate Wells Fargo. Quite frankly with all the complaints it doesn't appear that headquarters cares much about how their branches are run or there wouldn't be so many complaints.

    HORRIFIC experience at the Wells Fargo on 518 & Castlewood in Texas! I went in to close my late father’s account with a death certificate and Affidavit of Heirship copy. “Personal Banker” Marie Garner was pleasant at first while informing me that in order to process my request, she required an Executor of Estate document, and/or a document from the probate court, and/or I needed to file with the probate court to have the “required” documents issued to me before they could release the account. I pulled up the electronic copy of the Affidavit of Heirship for her to view and was told, if that was indeed the correct document, that I would need to present the original. Manager, Kimberly (neglected to get her last name), joined the conversation proceeding to explain the probate process to me and how it is so simple that an attorney is not required. Also, she shared with me that even as a bank employee, she was required to submit these documents to process the account for her deceased relative. I tried my best to explain to them that there is no “estate” and that my father’s case is atypical and all the required documents for our case have been filed. They continued to condescendingly tell me how I was incorrect and the Affidavit of Heirship was insufficient. The manager suggested for Marie to call legal support. While on the lengthy phone conversation with legal support, Marie was told that an Affidavit of Heirship was indeed sufficient. I asked her if I could use my electronic copy. Her reply to me was, “you were already told three times now that we need the original document, would you like me to write that down for you?” It was difficult enough to walk into that bank to request the process, her curt remark was completely unnecessary and hit me emotionally. I began to cry. She then took out a piece of paper to write down “Affidavit of Heirship”. I told her that really was not necessary. She continued small talk with legal support as I sat and cried. When she finally hung up, I told her that I felt I was treated poorly and condescendingly. Without hesitation she replied with, “I do not feel I treated you with ANY discourtesy.” If the customer is sitting across the desk from you in tears and tells you they are receiving poor service, is that the appropriate answer? My reply to her was, “I need to close my daughter’s account. The account that YOU assisted in opening.” The manager comes by to mitigate the situation but Marie continued to place blame on me and argued to be correct. She then had the audacity to get up and say, “I need to walk away because SHE is getting ME upset.”…while I am crying at HER desk in the middle of the lobby. I told the manager that I was treated with disregard for a delicate situation. I got up and stood in line for a teller, still in tears, to close my daughter’s account.

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  5. I work overseas and the online banking was stopped because they say they cannot verify my identity. They say I checked my account from several different places. DUH! I am overseas and I do visit other countries.

    They say I have to come into a branch bank with my ID. I say I am working overseas and will not be back in the United States until January. They say they cannot help me. I am unable to manage my accounts. I pay bills, I transfer money from one account to another. My banking is very important to me and I am not given access to online banking.
    I asked them to learn from this problem and find ways to help customers who work and live overseas. I got no response. I have gotten several "I am sorry"s, but no effort to help me. The apologies did not sound genuine.
    Other banks have policies in place to verify their customers identity.

    I will be leaving Wells Fargo as soon as get back to the United States.

  6. Stood in line for 10 minutes with one teller and one teller working the drive thru with one car. The customers inside are not important, just the car outside. I left without doing my banking, and another customer left, also. This is the Cocoa Beach, Florida Branch. One teller at 1:30 pm is really poor management. The and this is not the first time this has happened.customers are not important, just the lunch schedule.

  7. Hiding behind an alleged and questionable Religious Belief does not give anyone the right to "steal" and/or use deceptive practices to make money off the backs of your Customers. You need to know that there ARE people out here that will do everything in their power to expose, and prosecute you with Lawsuits and Criminal Charges if warranted. I WILL make life a living hell for you, and I WILL win. There are way to many complaints and Lawsuits against you, which give people like me the chance to finally close you down. So, sleep well, and pray to whomever you pray too, your days are numbered, and I hope the Prison they send you people to is full of Wells Fargo victims.

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