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  • Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Wells Fargo Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ

Wells Fargo Corporate Address:

Main Home Office:
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94163 USA

Wells Fargo Contact Information:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-249-3302
Corporate Fax Number: n/a
Corporate Email: info@wellsfargo.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: WFC

Wells Fargo is a bank with branches in all 50 US States. Wells Fargo operates ATM machines, credit card processing, consumer credit cards, mortgage lending, commercial lending, and general banking services. Wells Fargo and Company is one of the premier banking and mortgage institutions in the United States.

Wells Fargo’s Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-869-3557. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Wells Fargo Corporate Office

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  1. I've been with Wells Fargo since 2019 and have been on time making all my payments, but then when subjected to fraud, Wells Fargo subjects me further to fraud. Wells Fargo is shutting down my 2 checking accounts and my visa, due to know fault of my own. I'm shocked and didn't know that Wells Fargo victimizes further, customers in good standing blaming us for having been subjected to fraud. But why does Wells Fargo Subjects us to fraud also. I've pleaded, over and over and have sent many emails and made calls but the only thing Wells Fargo keeps doing failing when payments are submitted by my creditors. I've never heard of such absurdity. Wells Fargo discriminating on innocent victims, Hispanic, disabled and elderly without valid cause. I'm 80 years of age and my son's caregiver. Due to the indicated reasons, Wells Fargo changed my checking accounts twice and in addition is also closing my son's trust account. In fact Wells Fargo is closing down all the accounts due to no fault of my own. In fact, before closing my accounts, Wells Fargo locking me out of my accounts for two weeks and has refused access to my Visa. I don't want to follow up against Wells Fargo, leagally, but if Wells Fargo doesn't reconsider, I will. I've have already contacted two law firms, the FDIC, CFPB, BBB and others. I'm always fair, but if I'm violated, I'll defend myself; since, I've many professional credentials, inactive, including CPA Tier 2, Real Estate Agent's License; Law School and currently embarking on a lucrative Real Estate Investing business.

  2. Dear sir;
    My name is James Daniels I am 65 years old and have been a customer of Wells Fargo for these many years. I recently applied for a credit card through Wells Fargo. I received a letter stating that I needed to call Wells Fargo to give them more information, this I did. After navigating an extremely poor menu, I was put into contact with a disinterested representative. The young lady demanded my S S# I gave it to her her. Then after a few minutes of pretending to “read notes on my application” she informed me that I needed to send her copies of two forms of government photo idea. When I ask for a fax number she pretended not to hear me.
    I do not know what you people are playing at. But I will tell you that I am not amused. If you think that there some kind of sport in wasting peoples time let me set you straight. Wasting people time is theft, of their most valuable resource one that cannot be replaced, at any price. I will be filling a complaint With the inter state commerce commission. The Pa state Banking commission, Fed reserve, and the F.B.I. I will find out why you demanded my SS# when clearly you had no intention of helping me. I will auditing all my financial transactions and will prosecute any and all transgressions. At the vary least your behavior in this matter has been rude, and unprofessional. It has undeniably been suspect and possibly criminal.
    If you think that there is a reasonable explanation for this behavior I would like to hear it.

    James Daniels

  3. I have a Wells Fargo Health Advantage card to finance a hearing aid. I agreed to this card because I was told if I paid it off in 1 year there would be no interest. Well I pay double what they ask for many times, and I've just noticed that they have been charging me a late fee because I make my payment at the end of every month, because I am a state employee and we don't get paid until the last day of every month. I called and spoke with a representative and was told that they do not give the option to pay at the end of every month, that the 28th is the farthest they will take a payment. They continued to tell me that there is no grace period and I WILL be charged a late fee of $38 every month. They were not caring or considerate of the fact that I can't pay until my check goes into the bank. I will NEVER do business with Wells Fargo again, because of their greediness and inconsiderate attitudes.

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