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Wen Hair Care Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Much love to WEN and all of the great things you have done for hair care. Innovation takes time and you are lighting the way. I use the styling cream on my crazy red hair and love it.

  2. After five (5) telephone calls to Wen last week, I finally got a live person and placed a one-time order, which I was advised was possible by the CSR. The cost was entered into my bank account in a day or two, but put on a short-term hold for processing by my bank, which is normal. Then three days ago I received an email telling me my order had been cancelled, with no explanation. Thinking this was part of the process I had been advised of during my order and that I should disregard it, I did…disregard it. Until this morning I see that the bank transaction has been deleted.
    So I call Wen a few minutes ago and am advised that one-time orders are not available, only the subscription service, which I totally cannot afford, being on a fixed income.
    For such a terrific product, you have terrible communication. No wonder no one has ever heard of you…'

  3. Here we go again. I am invited back to WEN, via a letter with a promo code and all the freebies for coming back to WEN. This expires 04/30/2015. So I wait till I am almost out, call the wen.com/welcome17 telephone #, the tech has no knowledge of what I know I am sanely reading from my offer, then transfers me to another # again. This person has no problem getting my payment, then BOOM.His cheat sheet does not include what my welcome back offer has. I am not trying to rip Wen off. I simply want what I have been promised to come back to WEN!! This happened on my last Please come back order. Some one caught it finally,, and totally wiped all cost to me clean as well as sending an extra Cleanser. I am not wanting any thing accept what I am reading and expect to get. I don`t understand the problem, again. What do the call techs have on there list with the promo code 8sdpgyx that I don't have.??? I will not be getting the travel kit as described, which I can make from the products I order, and when all is said and done, this is the best we can do for you MRS. Sever.

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