Western Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Western Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Western Dental Services, Inc.
530 S. Main St.
Orange, CA 92868 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-480-3000
Fax Number: 1-714-480-3001
Customer Service Number: 1-800-579-3783

  • I want to start off by saying it should be a crime the way the Dentist at western dental on Euclid ave in san diego ca. told me at my age of 52 the only thing she would do or could do is pull every single toothe and give me dentures. she devasted me. I burst into tears and just wanted to die, I told her every friend I had , that went to western dental came home with dentures, I wanted to commit suicide

  • I have been going to the Western Dental office on 2nd Street in El Cajon, CA for MANY year and have paid thousands of dollars for their services. I really liked my dentist at this office, as well as the office staff. However, WD refuses to honor a contract that I had with them to pay a certain amount of money, which I not only did, but over paid!! They refuse to refund me the over payment amount. I won't go back to this office ever again; Not that I wasn't happy with their services but I have been cheated financially by their finance department. I have fought this for more than 7 months and I'm tired!BBB was unable to get this resolved, too, as WD will not budge! They aren't concerned about bad reviews or customer satisfaction. They are a factory and will continue to draw in business with unfortunate people who can't go anywhere else or can't defend themselves properly. I will NEVER go back to Western Dental! They don't deserve my business. I have made the decision, after fighting this for 7 months, to let them keep my money. After all, this is the last time I will be dealing with them and if the $113 they owed me is too much for them to return and is worth all of this "fighting" I will consider it MY loss. This is how they do business! Truth-in-lending means nothing to them. I DO believe someone, sometime, will fight this company and their illegal practices until WD is legally faced to honor their financial contracts. I will check further into "legal class actions" against this company. Who knows! Maybe I'll find a lot of people who have had the same problems and monetary loss.

  • STAY AWAY!!!! I went in in November and had teeth cleaned. I also had an impression for partials taken. After paying the majority of the payment for my partial I had a balance left which they were to do a draft later that month. They never did the draft so I paid them. In the meantime I received a bill for more than I owed. In December they took the what I owed plus the other money I did not owe. Every time I call to inquire about my refund I'm told that I was not owed a refund and now it's March and I still have not received my refund. I will not be going there again.

    • 5 extractions and a "stay plate"? Get a second opinion from a real general dentist and/or oral surgeon. Never go to WD. It's all about how many procedures they can charge you for. How much money can WD get out of you and your HMO. Question any diagnosis from WD.

  • I had gotten two payments behind so I called and made arrangements to get caught up, which means making double payments for a few months but I did it. then in December right before Christmas they call to tell my that I missed a payment of $89. I had previously set it up for automatic withdraw so I couldn't understand how this could have happened, they finally admitted that they had taken too much money from me and stopped the automatic payments and were now harassing me to collect the money. I have called several times to get this taken care of but they want me to make double payments again for something that is entirely their fault.

  • Wish I had looked at these before going to WD. The comment comparing them to loan sharks is right on. They insist on money upfront, then, even after authorizing a refund because of poor workmanship, they totally ignore future contacts. After a new dentist called on my behalf, I was told the paper work was sent to the next higher manager (no confirmation this has really happened). I also found that a manager is ALWAYS unavailable and never a call back.
    At this time I will leave my name anonymous, but the Livermore office will be able to recognize this complaint (or WD is even worse than I thought).
    My next step will be contacting the various California dental associations with this complaint. I have a feeling WD will just ignore my complaints to the BBB.
    The sad part of this is that I have the time and resources to follow up this travesty, but think of the majority of the working class who don't have the knowledge and ability to get their money's worth from the promised treatment.
    At some point WD will find it less time consuming to give me my refund than to spend the legal and professional time it takes to answer my legal demands.

  • my problems more match with these clients. after long wait behind the line apt was made and when it was time to go for my apt the wait was devastating and everyone has to wait at least 2 hrs to be called to go in. I was very mad and went to front desk to ask how much longer do I need to wait to see my doctor and the reception said, ho sorry we are very behind. so what it is not my problem, why the doctor take so much patients and don't have time to see his/her patients on exact time they give to their patients? I have no idea why they hire people for front office who don't have enough knowledge of their work. same thing happened to my daughter and was told to take the front tooth out , I refused ,cuz its visible and I don't want that happened to her , you know what? without my permission they send me a note that I missed one apt and was charged? I called and they said I missed the apt . I was really mad and yelled the person that we didn't make the apt and she said I know , but your daughter need the apt . I said you have no right to make decition about my daughter, I was the Head Quarter to view the place in Tracy CA Coral Hollow side. and make serious attempt to solve the problems

  • We have received a past due payment notice threatening to report us to a credit reporting service, when the bill has been paid in full. When I spoke to a CSR I was told that I would probably receive rude collection calls and to just ignore them. REALLY.. We had to cancel the work to be done because of a medical emergency for my husband and he would not be having any dental work until his Physician released him and also informed them that we would not be coming back to them for any further appointments. Today I was informed that this contract is still considered open and we needed to make payments. I am filing a complaint with the American Dental Association.

  • There has to be a decent dentist office in the Modesto, Manteca, Stockton area that takes Medi Cal ins. other than Western Dental. I can't believe we are stuck with these Snidely Whiplash crooks at Western Dental!

  • started with western in june,needed 2 teeth pulled and full dentures made,mine are 14years old.appointment for 230pm, was not brought to xrays till 410,technician called herself taking my blood pressure,with wrist bp,made statement my bp was high,told her had not taken any pain meds though i was in great pain,and she was on the wrong wrist(did not inform anyone that i am a nurse! i took my own bp( hers stated my bp was 240/196,i think i should have stroked out )154/89,no pain meds!pulled 2 teeth and rescheduled for 3wk.3wks later waited an hour(230appt) for 15 minute impression.3wks later another impression.4wks later another impression and teeth color chosen,was told by tech,should be done in 2 or 3 wks.not quite.4wks and 5 days later,they call for appt,2 days later i am in the office waiting,cause i know i will be leaving with my teeth,wrong it was just a try on, it will take another 2 or 3 wks,translation,4 or 5 wks.i am so sick of these people ,its not even funny,did i say i have excellent dental being a retired state employee,would not reccomend wd to my worst enemy. my nightmare started in june and there does not seem an end in sight

  • I seriously can not stand the customer service this company provides. I have called so many times and they always no matter how upset I am send me back to the same number. I recorded how long I was on hold each time and it was over an hour each time, and finally hung up with help at all. Then they blame me for not taking care of business. I am so done with this company. I have four kids and you would think they would provide up standing service with there customers. I advice anyone who wants to use Western Dental, to run as far away from them as you can.

  • Im just reading all these complaints and looks like everyone has the same problem, My question has anyone file a civil lawsuit against the company? If so please direct me to that person. I am also sending a complaint to dental board of California

  • The office in Escondido has no regards for the patients . My appointment was 12 noon got there early as they told me, waited 2 hours in the waiting room before I was called they then put me a room, put the T.V on and never came back. I was there over 4 hours until it was time to close. I was took to come back so the work could be done which should have been done the first time. How could this place be allowed to stay in business . The Dental Board of California is going to hear from me.

  • The Western Dental in San Leandro CA is a Rip off. The work is horrible and their staff is even worse. They did a horrible job with my fillings and crown so much that I canceled my appointment for my other crown. They call you with false information and when you ask them for clarification no one knows anything. Then they pass you around from person to person until you get hung up on. The staff is so unprofessional. They spend more time in mirrors looking at themselves instead of helping the customers. Then when you ask to speak to a manager she is never there and when she is you still don't get a call back. Corporate is just as bad. Then they tell you one thing and do another. They gave me a filling on a tooth and turned around and did a crown on it. I told them what they were doing and they just played dumb. The office itself was dirty. Anything that could have went wrong did. NEVER EVER USE WESTERN DENTAL….THEY ARE NOTHING BUT DENTIST REJECTS AND A OFFICE FULL OF DISRESPECTFUL RECEPTIONIST THAT KNOW NOTHING.

  • WD in Vallejo, Ca is the worst Dental Office I've ever experienced. On 4 different occasions had bad experiences. 1st visit, my small child was to have her first cleaning. We waited 2 hours in the waiting room and 1 hour in the chair. My kid fell asleep. I was so upset, we got up and left. 2nd visit, 2 hr wait. 3rd visit, I took my kid out of school, only to sit there 2 hrs again, so we got up and left. Last night, my kid had an 5:30 pm appoint. I was told on the phone that they closed at 6:pm. Arrived at 5:15pm to a crowded room. Stood at the counter for 10 minutes and no one helped me. 2 were on the phone, 1 was helping on the Orthodontics side. I did not want to check in until I found out how many were ahead of me. Since no help, I decided to go ahead and sign in at the kiosk. Problem right there. After logging my kids info in, at the end it read "Select who you are signing in, and left me the option of start over or go back. Pressed back, took me back to start over. (appt. was made thru their 1-800 number) so when Someone came to the counter they logged me in as if I never had an appt.(:{ Then I asked, 'How many folks were ahead of us? Was told it was none, so I was happy. It's now 5:30pm. Seems like the crowd was there for the Orthodontics side who seems to be always on cue (Big $$$$$). So, we sat and sat and sat. 6:10pm now, the room is empty, and kid needs to go to the bathroom so we went. I had told my kid at 6:15 we were leaving, so once out of the bathroom we sat for another minute or 2 and I got mad and we headed for the car, cranked up, then decided to park closer to the door because crowd was gone by now. I go back in and the mgr, who I did not know at the time says"may I help you. I said, we had a 5:30 appt, and the clerk said that no one was ahead of us why are we still waiting? She informs me that the Dentisit had called us at 5:41! I said that is a complete lie and that I never in my life missed my calling. Explained to her there was no way possible and that I was 101% sure. I was never on my phone, not watching the t.v, no earplugs in my ear, nor conversating with other folks and that I was sitting right in the doorway and had observed evreyone coming and going cuz I knew I would be called any minute. NOT! But I told her that I did about that time, hear the clerk talking to the Dentist on the phone telling him that he had 1 patient, then I hear her say "A little girl. so I knew he/she was reffering to us plus she was the only little girl there. So of course they tried to make it look like I missed my calling and a day later I am still pissed offf about the cover up. I'm sure the Doc was on his way home and then must have remembered that he had another patient or that he was just tired and left. But don't tell a absolute lie like that. I would have rather heard he/she said they forgot then to make me look as if I was not paying attetion. Never again will I go there. They are so unprofessional and act so under qualified.

  • Very unprofessional bunch of crooks… I had dentures made and the whole experience was a nightmare plus they overcharged me by a $1000.00 and wouldn't honor their warranty… Totally disgusting..

    • I didn't know that they had a warranty. I have the same trouble with the plate I had made-got to use it 4 months and then it cracked-refused my demand for a refund because I didn't come in for a 6 month check up. Why would I when the plate broke 4 MONTHS after receiving it!!!???

  • What should I do? I had a crown put in April 2013. October 2014, the crown broke on a tortilla chip. I went to Western Dental and they denied their 5 year guarantee. They said, if it breaks, it breaks. Does not matter what you are eating. I should be able to eat food without the crown breaking.

  • I spend 2.5 hrs in their Hayward,Jackson st,Ca.and Indian doctor came spend only 3 minutes to clean and left,i thought she will com back,but she never came back,it was Rude and very poor service no cleaning was done,place was dirty,filthy,Dr,Greedy wan to do extra work for money,and they have no respect to this profession .it shame…for Western Dental.

    • Well where do I start, first my son has Dentical, it took 2 months to get a appointment he was in that Western Dental office in Modesto Ca. for 3 hours just to get exam xrays and one impression taken, then had to wait another for the next appointment for ONE extraction, he waited 6 hours, and when complained and asked to reschedule they told him that would be another month, and he would have to pay for that visit, what is going on??? but they waste no time getting you in the chair to see their billing specialist and all that time in a small room with about 30 other tired and irritated people, yes thank god some one takes Medical/dentical but this is ridicules so much for Obama care. and thinking he didn't have to pay was told he had to pay 200 down and billet 500. what…….

  • 20 years ago I swore I'd never go to another dental clinic, but since I'm now with denta-cal, a clinic it is…I will NEVER go to western dental again. It all started out fine, arrived to my 12:15 appointment a little early to fill out paperwork. They did the x rays at about 12:45. Didn't get into an exam room until after 1:15 Hmmm. A man who also had a 12:15 appointment was in the room next to me, he'd been taken back about 20 minutes prior. I asked if he'd been seen yet, he hadn't. When the gal came back to me, I asked how long it would be. She said they only had 2 Dr. so they were backed up and maybe it'd be 30 minutes. I said I'd wait a little bit more…I was trying to be understanding. The doc came in just as I was about to walk out. He looked at the xrays, looked at my teeth and asked why I was there. To get my teeth cleaned and I've got a little pain in one tooth. He asked me what I thought was going on with it. What? I don't know, maybe you can tell me? He said there was nothing wrong, no cavities. Oh, and you should have that wisdom tooth taken out ( um, nothing wrong with it so why would I do that). I waited maybe another 20 minutes for the next person to clean my teeth. What a joke. The assistant dropped the suction thing down my throat, when I grabbed it out of my mouth and said please don't shove it down my throat, the doc got up and walked out. He had only done half my mouth and a half assed job at that. The gal said somebody would be in to polish my teeth. It took me a minute to process the fact that they were done cleaning. I left They had absolutely NO bedside manner, both Dr were Indian, which means nothing other than I didn't understand a thing they were saying because they spoke so quickly.
    I'm appalled they treat people so poorly. How about a phone call saying they're running behind, maybe reschedule? How about treating people with respect, doesn't matter how we're paying. And if you're not going to do a good job, get out of the business.
    For a 12:15 appointment, I didn't get out of there until 3:30. That was xrays, a half assed exam and a 5 minute pretend cleaning. No excuse for that.

  • My experience was so disturbing that I am compelled to write a formal complaint about the business and to ask for a total return of my money, including insurance money, so I can pay for services at another trusted well researched establishment.

    "The worst mistake was going to WD @ El Cerrito. The first day, I was scheduled for 9:30 am, and I waited for 2 1/2 hours before going to the exam room, then I waited more. Finally my turn for xrays came. The X-ray station was not hygienic and most likely is a source of infestation. The process was worrisome. The tech touches the film, puts it in your mouth, touches the computer key board, adjusts the X-ray machine, transferring all kinds of microbes from the x-ray room to my mouth. I felt like vomiting. I should have left.

    I was there from 9:30-1:15pm. The Dr. did not finish and scheduled me for the next day. He said he would have to finish another day. He gave me a card with my appointment date and time. The time reads 9:30am. However, in their system my appt. was scheduled for 12:30. When I got to the office at my scheduled time as written in my card, I was asked to have a seat. No body checked me in, and no one noticed the mistake until I asked. If I had not asked I would have been left waiting in the dirty exam room.

    The tech who said that my appt. was not scheduled until 12:30 did not believe me when I told her that in the appt. card says 9:30am. She asked me to go get the card and show it to her. The manager, Dr. Sariaslani, had poor customer service skills. She said that since the day before I had been arguing, and that if I wanted I could cancel the treatment. I said that I was not "arguing" but that as a client I was concerned and dissatisfied with their service and lack of respect for my time. I told her that the treatment was left half way done; the doctor did not finish the cleaning and also left many stains on my teeth. She said they were going to complete it and then change the contract.
    Some people who were waiting in the "waiting room" and in the exam rooms expressed having similar experiences, agreed with me, but Dr. Sarisalani, asked me not to talk to them because I was complaining. She said that I needed to leave the establishment. It was a humiliating experience; as a client I can express my dissatisfaction with their services. Moreover, now I am even worried about the possibility of having picked up an illness. The manager said that she was going to rewrite the contract and no longer give me services. That I needed to leave the offices. She asked me to leave the establishment. Other customers walked out too.

    When I called corporate office to file a complaint, it only got worst. I was transfer several times and waited for period of more than 50 mins., before speaking with more inept, confused personnel. I asked to have my work done at another WD office, because I already invested TIME and MONEY. The operator said that I had to go back to the El Cerrito office to get a release and then go to another WD office or they could email me the form and I needed to print and fax or mail back. A woman by the name of Stella did not want to hear what I had to say/ask. Could it not be possible to WD to transfer my record to one of their affiliates? Or can the alternative office request the records to be transferred to them? She said that those were my only options and that if I continue asking questions she would "terminate" the call. By the way, before talking with "Stella" I had talked to three other people and spent more than 56 minutes. I was furious so I hanged up, and called again hoping to get someone with more professionalism to help me. I got someone else who again took my complaint and said that "The other office can request my records or it may not even be necessary because it's all the same corporation. So far I have not hear from any one and I am worry that my insurance will expired soon and I will not get my work done.

  • Reading all the above comments about how bad WD is about billing it is clear that they are not doing their job in their accounting dept. I too have had major problems with them regarding my bill. Back in Feb 2014 I had a bill of $155 per month and I called them to see if I could lower my monthly bill. The person I spoke to said I could lower it to $117 per month only if I agreed to have the payment be deducted from my bank account automatically. I agreed. Ever sense then I have had calls from them saying I owe $155 and I'm past due . How could I be past due when they have been doing an automatic withdrawal sense Feb? I have a $227 past due when I have never been past due. I get phone calls from them every few days and I have had to explain what the agreement was over and over again and no one seems to get it. I was even told that it was straightened out and there's no more problems but I still get phone calls and statements saying I'm past due and my payments are $155.I called again today and he put me on hold for 10 minutes and then I was disconnected. I called the phone number on the bill 1-866-620-8390 and its always busy. WHAT IS GOING ON !!!!! I was given a number to call a supervisor and left a message but no one called me back. This company so bad when it comes to the billing it's making me extremely angry. They either need to straighten out the problems that so many people are complaining about or they will see several law suits. I'm ready to go to a lawyer and sue them.

  • Western Dental has many concerns/ problems. I am so tired of attempting to correct the math on the bill. Mistake is clear as ever yet the staff can not do first grade math- add and subtract. I am so tired trying to talk to many departments that will put me on hold or send me to a voice message. Avoid the head aches.

    • I seriously have a stress headache behind the numerous calls from them regarding a past due payment that was paid yet misapplied by them back in March. In April I was assured by a supervisor that the error would be corrected and I would not receive anymore calls. After making my April payment, the calls started again. FOR THE MARCH PAYMENTS. Jamie Sanders who is a different manager/supervisor from the first told me she would have to listen to the call from the time the payment was made. She would then tell me today that she will submit the correction request to billing and get back to me. Let me show you how simple it is;
      in March, my total account balance for 4 accounts was $403.00
      In error they posted the full $403.00 to only one of the accounts. That was back in March. As of today, they she is still researching and checking and getting with billing. I was patient and understanding with the first 3calls…. I'm soo hot about this situation. I'm getting calls daily for payments that were made over a month ago. I am totally disgusted with them and I cannot wait until my business with them is done. NEVER AGAIN! And when I called corporate for complaints of course, I can't get a person or a call back.

    • PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND. I had two appointments set and 5 teeth were pulled. I was worried not having any front teeth while my partial was being made. Dentist quoted$500 for a stay plate and it would be ready in 3 days. I agreed to pay $500 for the stay plate to have front teeth. I think $500 with payments is worth having front teeth for a month. I waited 13 days for the stay plate!! $500 temp front teeth (stay plate) for 16 days is not worth $500. The time it took for the delivery of the face plate was the deciding factor why I agreed to pay the money. I have contacted several different departments, including the manager, to talk to about paying full price for something that I could only use for 16 days. Reading the comments above seems to be the deciding factor plus my experience. I demand looking for a compromise in this matter. PLEASE RESPOND. I don't want this to affect my credit. The manager was contacted several times about this matter and not returned my call or not in the office. Western dental needs to adopt new policies for the dental business NOT a collection agency. Thank you for nothing!

    • I recommend anyone needing dental work, certainly not go to Western Dental. Not because they aren't professional, but because whomever they send your dental work to, in order for make your dentures, does a terrible job. I'm so unsatisfied with the dentures, they sent back for me. They are dull yellow, they are not even, with my upper teeth One of the teeth that came with the dentures are sitting above the rest of the teeth, not aligned with my upper teeth, and whatever they used to make the teeth, are terrible.

  • Western Dental did not send me a statement EVER!!! I called to make an appointment for my daughter's braces to be checked & I.was informed that my account had been referred to an outside collection agency.I explained to them I've never gotten anything from them & I don't understand how that could happen. They didn't have mu correct address or phone #. The outside collection agency told me a statement is a courtesy & it's up to me to mail payments. Basically saying customers are supposed to mail money somewhere with no account #, description of services or address to mail payments. I was also told in order for my daughter's treatment to continue, I need to pay over $2,000. I updated my address & other information on October 22, 2013 & still haven't received anything in the mail. I refuse to give over $2,000 to someone because they say I have to.

    • KIm, my wife experienced the exact same issue as yours. Western Dental is the most unprofessional dental clinic in our country. They behave like loan sharks. In addition, their dentists look more like butchers

    • I am having the EXACT same experience with Western Dental in Santa Clara,California.
      Their office staff's customer relations remain much to be desired.They are very good at luring in Customers /Patients.Once they have them trapped ;they treat them like dirt.
      Since June 2014 when I first made the mistake there and having my treatment done I have visited that office at least forty times during the past four months-not to speak of the several telephone calls I have made to the office to speak with the Office manager who is always unavailable.She has been there for ten ears but is the most inefficient office manager I have seen in my 25 years of experience working for Hi-tech companies.All this to simply resolve a simple billing issue.Indeed they behave like loan sharks.!

    • western dental in Hemet Ca. bottom of the chairs and equipment was Very dirty, the chairs in the waiting room were filthy.

    • I wish that someone would do something about their predatory tactics. I only received one statement for my work, then got harassing phone calls if I was 1 day late on a payment (due to when my payday was); called numerous times trying to get statements and was told that they don't know why the 1 was returned but they had gotten 1 returned as a "bad address" (yet I kept receiving the ones for my husband??!!). Along with that, don't believe them when they say that dentures are the only way to solve your problems. they don't!!!!!!! My first set of dentures was cracked when they gave them to me, yet, when they cracked further after less than 1 year, I had to pay for the replacement. Now, after having this new base for less than 1 month, it has cracked again!!!!!!!
      The office smelled like piss and there was a homeless guy sleeping in the bushes regularly and they don't even chase him away during business hours. But the gossip and catty conversation that is carried on in the reception area is ridiculous and very unprofessional!!!!!!!

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