Western Sizzlin Corporate Office Headquarters

Western Sizzlin Corporate Office Headquarters
P.O. Box 12167
Roanoke, VA 24023
Customer Service Number: 1-800-247-8325
Fax Number: 1-877-329-6300
Email: contactus@western-sizzlin.com
Western Sizzlin a division of Biglari Holdings
17802 IH 10 West, Suite 400
San Antonio, TX 78257 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-344-3400
Fax Number: 1-210-344-3411

  • We ate at two Western Sizzlins in Arkansas…the one at Ft Smith was a delight…friendly, good food, clean, priced right for senior lunch…$6.95 per person. Next day at Arkadelphia Arkansas….worst food, no help, dirty, even the bathrooms, over charging for being a senior citizen paid $12 a person. Only ate 1 plate…that was because food so bad.

  • We would love to have a Western Sizzlin in Elizabethton TN. We have several empty buildings that wouldbe perfect locations. Please consider moving here!! We visit the one in Spruce Pine NC quite often but eould love to have one closer!!

  • Western Sizzlin Headquarters,

    Typically, I do not complain about restaurants, especially in rural areas where chain restaurants are rare; however, the service my family received during the University of Arkansas Monticello Homecoming Weekend was deplorable. The welcome was "cold" and the seafood night was lacking. I paid $17 each for a seafood buffet where there was no fish for an hour and no other "meat" except 7 shrimp. The wait staff said the fryer was really small and slow. I didn't have two hours to wait for fish or any other "fried seafood". The "plate" policy needs to be addressed as well. We were given one plate at the cash register and never offered another plate unless we asked for it. Also, in an attempt to email this directly to the Monticello, Arkansas branch, the email option doesn’t work (go figure). I do not desire a refund or any other short-coming compensation; just please address these issues or close this restaurant. Citizens deserve more for their money!

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  • *Jonesboro,Arkansas*My name is Shawn. We were there last night. We have 3 children but only 2 can eat the 3rd is on oxygen and food pump. We are there on regular basis. We came there because the kids eat free night but when we got to register we miscalculated our money to eat on by $1.60 the lady at the counter I think her name is roselyn? I'd like her name. We were embarrassed and were about to leave and she took care of the balance out her pocket. I want you to know how special that was. I do apologize about not being able to tip. I don't know her name we were in a booth by t.v. in the booths to the far left of the drink area in the corner of room. We were hungry and you all were nearest place we found. Thanks from our family

  • The western sizzlin in burnsville North Carolina needs to be shut down.The owners son hunts and butchers his kills in meat room with same equipment he uses to cut meat for resturaunt.Sometimes the owner puts sign on office door about not having funds for payroll and locks herself in office.The owner also washes rottin chicken off to cook and serve.She has taken pregnant women off schedule because morning sickness butkeeps them on payroll to get by with not giving them any hours.The owner treats employees very bad in front of customers.Someone needs to get job undercover in there to expose the many health code violations and poor treatment of employees.

  • I used to work for western sizzlin it was great workplace great food….but since they were bought out it is not western sizzlin standards anymore…thats why you are seeing all this negative postings…not ran or owned by western sizzlin anymore…think about it

  • I used to work for western sizzlin it was great workplace great food….but since they were bought out it is not western sizzlin standards anymore…thats why you are seeing all this negative postings…not ran or owned by western sizzlin anymore…think about it

  • texarkana tx, western sizzler closed down in texarkana 10 yrs ago and use to compete with bananza but both have closed and western sizzle was the best place to eat. texarkana has boomed since then with a lot of resterants all doing well and the population has double so why has western sizzler not reopen here i know they would do well and i miss my favorite resterant

  • Oklahoma City oklahoma my husband went there for lunch the fish was spoiled the turkey was old he only had a salad cause that's the only thing that you could eat what did they do for him make him pay 12.99 wow that's a expensive salad

  • The location in Mountain Home, Arkansas is obviously run by someone that plays favorites. One of the best employees got fired for being pregnant after she did EVERYTHING that she was supposed to. I can assure you that I will NEVER eat at such a foul establishment ever again.

  • The western sizzlin in Adel ga has cashier's with Low cut see through shirts on ….. And managers that could care less about there food or customers they are always on the cell phones

  • I went to the Western Sizzlin in Malvern on Father's Day. I had a waitress come and ask where my family was and I told her they were in line and then she went and got the "manager-on-duty". When that "person" I would call her a lady but she talked to me like anything more than a lady would talk to me like. I was having to sit down because I am having hip surgery in a few weeks and I can't stand for a very much time. When she came to the table she told me we was going to leave the table and wasn't nice about it at all. I told her I thought there was no reservations on holidays and she said there isn't but she needed those tables. We had 17 people coming and some were already in line waiting. She was so hateful and had such an attitude that I couldn't believe it. My Mother-in-law was sitting with me and he was dumbfounded with the way she talked to me. I tried sending a message to the Malvern Western Sizzlin and I didn't get any response so I chose to come to you with my complaint. Several of my friend told me to go to the Corporate Office first but I thought I would give them a chance to try to take care of the problem. I guess they don't care if they loose customers or not. I hope that I can get some satisfaction by coming to you.
    Sherry Breshears
    823 Cherry Lane
    Malvern, AR 72104

  • the seminole location is still writing payroll checks that wont clear the bank! We have automatic withdraws from our bank acct. When the payroll checks wont clear we are charged 28.00 each time. I called the county and state distric attny and they both said that was a bogas check as well as fraud! jail time! Its a federal offence also. these owner managers do not have long to be free! Because we are going to fill charges and prosecute. Other employees are going to press charges also. So be ready corp office you will be sued to! the bbb knows about this.And the city of seminole chamber of commerce knows. There is no place in seminole ok. that will cash a western sizzlin check! you have to waite up to 5 days before the bank will cash checks! they are destroying or credit and making our bills late costing us late fees! They have left a paper trail so it will be easy to send them to jail for a long time!!!They are theifs. SEE YA IN COURT!!!!!!!!!

  • We're kind of looking forward to eating at Clemson SC location tonight. Glad I found this page!!! We will pass on giving Western Sizzling a try.

  • Very out of date website!!! Can't view a menu on my apple device because your website uses adobe??? Not going in a Western Sizzlin until I can see a menu online. Taking my business elsewhere.

  • The one in Jackson, MS was HORRIBLE! Once you pay the $10 per person you are almost held hostage at the cash register until you tell her no I'm not getting cash off my credit card for a tip. UNREAL! The buffet consisted of fried chicken and gizzards as the only meat options. The chicken was soaked in grease. Along with mystery sides and soggy rolls. We had to take silverware off another table and it was very dirty overall. Not dirt but grime that's built up over time. My husband and I did not eat an entire plate of food. I paid $20 of my money for such an overall bad e experience.

  • The Western Sizzlin in Adel, GA has got to have some of the nastiest food in Georgia. I've been there several times hoping that they would get better but they only get worse. And management doesn't really seem to care. I understand that not everyone will have the same taste but you hardly see any customers in there and that should tell somebody something. And when I asked for a comment card they gave me a dirty one AND told me I could put it in "their" comment box or if I mailed it it would go to "their" address. No wonder it never gets better. I think NEW MANAGEMENT is in order there.

  • I am so disgusted with the western sizzling in oxford, alabama. The manager was so disrespectful to his staff.
    I even seen one waitress with a tear in her eye. It really made me sick to think these women are slaying basically in a low paying job to have to put up with this. I'm sure they are trying to feed their families and have feelings too. I will Never eat at this place again. I suggest we all get together and boycott the treatment of women. Or maybe I might stop by from time to time to video tape his behavior so maybe I can get someones attention that really gives a care.

  • My family recently dined at the Myrtle Beach location the employees were on there hands and knees cleaning chairs right in the dining room one girl carried the chairs to the back so we wouldnt see her. I was appaled how embarassing for them and unsanitary. My wife was a waitress and I know. they only get paid 2.00an hour. Surely they could afford to have this done when they are closed they treat the employees like dirt

  • Seminole location is just as bad they write their employees payroll checks that wont clear the bank do to not enough funds in their account

  • Seminole Oklahoma Western Sizzlin writes thier employees payroll checks that wont clear the bank do to not enough funds in their account.

  • I have been in the Western Sizzlin in Seminole several times the employees are wonderful. But the management sucks they treat their employees like trash they talk trash to them and call them names in front of the customers. Last night the manager (Joyce Carter) made one of their employees cry in front of customers which is very unprofessional. U should never talk negative to other employees about their co-workers. They have some Mexicans employed their and they call them bad names one for instance wet backs and that they should be shipped back across the border. Very unprofessional if u ask me. Management should be looked at very closely.

  • We ate at the Lebanon mo place and the manager couldn't have been more rude chicken undercooked he's going to run his mommys place in ground!

  • My mother ate at the Monticello, Ar. location a week ago. She found a roach in her green beans. When brought to the manager's attention, his response was, "Well, we didn't invite them in." Didn' t even offer to comp her meal! What an idiot!

    • The monticello manager and his pet employees are all sum sorry individuals! My wife and I been eating there once a week for the last 4 months. Steak dinners! My wife and I both are senior citizens, and tonight we were disrespected so bad by employees, that I, nor, my wife, or any friends I can convince, will ever eat there again. ever !!!

  • What a joke. I have complained 3 times & the same stupid manager & cook is there. Get it together @ the Laurel, MS location. Unorganized, nasty food, poor customer service & disrespectful. I guess corporate is not much better when the let this continue to happen.

  • No business for YOU from ME! Are you guys Liberals or what? If I had known that I would not have eaten there yesterday…

    • The Western Sizzlin in Boaz Alabama Has Managers smoking in the office and waitress cursing and shooting birds back and forth to the managers and hangs all over the managers there in the public. I would not recommend anyone to eat there they treat there employees bad unless you are the one up there butt. Higher corporation needs to look into this store really bad and the management there.

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