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WestJet Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. My name is Hilliard Hung Owen owner of V-CAB Taxi Company.
    On December your company had issues some of vouchers Airlines to your passenger. We do the transportation from the Marriott Hotel to Honolulu airport. I already sent you all vouchers but until now I never receive any payment from you, please can you check it for me. Give me your e-mail then I can send you a copy of those vouchers again. Thank you very much for your cooperation .

  2. I have been dealing with WestJet for almost 2 years now and trying to rebook flights with credits I have. Apparently because it was booked through the US they can't give me new tickets but I can't contact anyone in the US, so how am I supposed to get my tickets. They are thieves and they give you the run around and everyone I talked to had different answers which ultimately made me realize I will not get my money back. This company is ran by thieves!

  3. In these trying times I can imagine people are agitated and angry and it is understandable that on your phone number 1888-937-8538 you would say that your agents are respective and kind and you expect that from your customers on hold.

    What is not KIND is for Westjet to say that wait times are high and while one is on hold the following happens:
    1. Recorded loop that sings your praises.
    2. No indication of your call centre's operating times.
    3. No indication of your place in line when your call is outside the 72 hours request
    3. No matter how long you wait NO ONE answers unless you say you are within 72 hours of your flight.

    Those honouring your request to go on hold outside the 72 hour request are being penalized while those who are ignoring it are getting through without consequence.

    I waited on hold the first time 4 1/2 hours and the second time 6 hours. I cannot imagine that top leadership is not aware of these numbers. Who is accountable for this? I am at a loss to understand the motivation behind not providing wait times or place in line regardless whether or not you are calling within the 72 hour request or not.

  4. I paid extra money in the event I needed to cancel this reservation. After spending hours on hold and waiting a week for a call back, this was cancelled and I was told by your agent that the funds would sit on my account for 2 years and after that if I needed to extend it another year it would cost $25.00. I just received an e-mail telling me that I was a no show and the funds have been forfeited. This is outright theft and I won't let it go. The worst customer service I have ever experienced in the 20 plus years I have been a member.

  5. WestJet are a bunch of thieves. They take your money even if you don't fly with them. If you cancel for some reason or another they keep your money and don't give you a credit towards another flight at a different time. They must need the money real bad. They try to keep up favorable images by giving gifts to people on Christmas but they're really thieves. What they're doing is illegal.

  6. My wife and myself looked on line to book a vacation to the Iberostar NV Mexico. On Oct 10th at 11:00pm CST the price including taxes was $6265.70 CDN. When we went to book the exact same holiday on Oct 11th at 9:00am the price had moved up $300.00PP. If this is Westjets procedure we will never fly with you airline again. your commercials say you care about your customers even running after them to give back lost items. with this additude for customers I would thing false advertising. Denis Gregoire

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