Whataburger Corporate Office Headquarters

Whataburger Corporate Office Headquarters


300 Concord Plaza Drive

San Antonio, Texas  78216

Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-476-6000


  • I am a long time What A Burger customer and supporter. At 78 I still remember my 1st time at the Grand Prairie, Tx store. That was pre sides (only Chips) now I get to enjoy all things What A Burger. I was told last week that you are dropping the Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit. I understand the need to change the menu from time to time. I will not be leaving your business or anything like that but will encourage you to plane on bring them back on a limited time basis.
    One of your loyal fans and customer

  • How do you forget to put the pancakes in a pancake platter meal? I-17 & Bethany Home rd. Phoenix AZ – 04/02/2022 AT 04:00.

  • Thank you for bringing back the pico di guillo burger. It would be great if it could be on the All Time Favorites menu.

  • I like to stop at Whataburger on my way home from my grandson’s ball games. I always go to the one on North Monroe Street in Tallahassee. NO MORE!! I am never going again. You lost a good customer. I have noticed that the drive through lines were taking longer than usual and thought it was staff shortage but then got to the window and lots of people(staff) in there standing and wandering around. It used to take 10 minutes and then 20 minutes but yesterday topped it off. I ordered and had apx 4 people in front of me. 32 minutes later I finally get to the window (because once you’re in line you cannot get out at that location) I was told that the system went down and they had no clue what I ordered. They then said they would have to write it down on a piece of paper and I had to repeat myself 3 times for them to get it right. Then someone had to manually calculate it and I told them I knew the amount and handed them more than I owed and said keep the change, just please get my food and let me leave. 43 minutes after my initial order I left with a cold hamburger. Now why, if the system went down couldn’t have someone come out and gotten our orders and gotten the food ready? A storm somewhere in Tally made the system go out but by the time I ordered it was only sprinkling and the system was still working. That is 43 wasted minutes and about an 1/8th of a tank of gas. Disgusted!!!!!! There were a lot of staff inside so that is no excuse and I saw the manager inside as well. Linda Summers – email bluejeanlassie@bellsouth.net

  • I realize I'm probably spinning my wheels here as I've complained to Corp' before on this issue & never received a response nor noticed a difference since. I see multiple complaints about slow service & bad customer service dating back well over five years ago. Issues that are, as of yet, still unresolved. Whataburger may have been the choice of Texans at one time, but I seriously doubt that it is anymore. I've researched what is the average drive-thru time per vehicle for fast food places. That average is two minutes per vehicle. Chick-Fil-A is faster than that, whereas Whataburger is, the majority of the time, well over twice that time. The fastest I've ever gotten through the drive-thru line is four minutes per vehicle. This is why I don't go at busy breakfast/lunch/dinner times. I can't afford to wait 20-30 minutes for my food. After complaining a couple of times years ago, I thought I'd try again today as it was 2:15p.m., well after normal lunch, school's out, & 3p.m. work-shift isn't off yet. There were only two vehicles in line; one at the window & one behind them. I ordered at the speaker & pulled up in line at 2:17p.m. Imagine my surprise when the vehicle at the window didn't get their food until 2:27p.m.! I don't know how long they were in line before I pulled up, but to take 10 minutes+ to get one vehicle through is a ridiculously long amount of time. When I pulled away from the window it was 2:34p.m. – 17 minutes after completing my order! My favorite movie line is from Remember the Titans where a football player tells his team captain, "Attitude reflects leadership." In other words, if the leaders have a bad attitude, then the employees feel like that's acceptable. I would start at the top of this food chain to see why the people under them are doing such a crummy job & nothing is being done about it. You should seriously hire ex-employees of Chick-Fil-A to show y'all how to operate a successful drive-thru service. Don't give me that crap about how y'all cook everything fresh as it's ordered & that's why it takes so long. Other fast food businesses have succeeded in getting vehicles through the line in less than four minutes per vehicle while providing fresh, hot meals. Today, for instance, there were only two vehicles in front of me. After I placed my order, that's only three orders they're dealing with. Nobody pulled in behind me for almost 10 minutes. The meat patties are so thin they don't take but a minute or two to cook. Fries don't take more than a few minutes. Why did it take 17 minutes for me to get my food? If the person at the window placed an unusually large order that you knew was going to take 10+ minutes to complete, you should have asked them to pull forward & wait, so y'all can continue to service the other vehicles. Whataburger is not the best burger & fries in town & I will drive farther to go elsewhere & still get home in less time than if i were to go to the WhatABurger close to my home. Any excuse you might come up with won't hold water because this has happened EVERY time I go. There are not extenuating circumstances every day all day. That's what's called incompetence, poor work ethic & bad management. I won't hold my breath waiting for someone to respond as that's another area at which y'all suck.


  • Hi my name is Joann Muniz, I would like to request a letter from corporate just stating that my granddaughter Sydney Amber Gonzales is no longer employed by
    WHATABURGER. My grand daughter was working at the 410-Ingram location and had for a transfer to the location on babcock & Prue Rd in San Antonio but was given the run around and never got the transfer that she had requested, Sydney waited over 1 month and decided to apply somewhere else since she needed a job. The supervisor at the 410 & Ingram location seem to not want to help with the letter. If you could please email & mail my grand daughter a letter just saying the
    Sydney Amber Gonzales is no longer employed by Whataburger that would be greatly appreciated.

  • 417/5000
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  • I ate at the whataburger on Beltline road in Desoto Texas and the following day my debit card is being used there and i was in another city. The manager said she would review the tapes and get back with me she never called me so i called them and now they want talk to me and hang up so i have file a FTC complaint and a police report with the Desoto Police department!!!

  • It's been two weeks since I wrote a review of the Whataburger Restaurant located at Hwy 67 and E. Danieldale Rd. in Duncanville, Texas. I still have my receipt and provided all information in my review and subsequent email to the restaurant itself: order #514941, entering code #0604-170866-514941, validation #97311. It was after 5pm that day when my wife visited the drive thru and placed our order. Since we had been watching the Texas Ranger game we had seen an ad for the sweet and spicy bacon barbeque burder with caramelized onions, bacon, and sauce. The ad looked great so I wanted that and she got her usual order, a #2. After getting home, my order was disappointing since it looked nothing like what was advertized on television, in fact, looking more like a flat tire. There were a couple of strips of bacon on it but no caramelizwed onions unless they had been caramelized and vaporized at the same time. I didn't like what I saw but it was rainign heavily so we finished the burders and I let Whataburger know about it (whataburgerfsurvey). I also posted on the local restaurant's Facebook page – no response from the manager or from anyone for that matter. As indicated on the review we usually eat at whataburger at least 4 times per month…..that was then so if I don';t hear from the manager or from some customer survey representative then we won';t be eating at Whataburger anymore. No personal information will be given here but all of my information has been given to Whataburger.

  • So this was my experience about 15 minutes ago…with one of your managers at the 242 location in the woodlands. She thought we were driving too slow (with our 8 year old daughter in the car mind you) so she let riding our bumper in her charger..when my husband pulled to the side she was very ignorant and was cussing and when I got out to get her license plate…she sped off and pulled in to wait for us to drive by and tell me this..I did call the store instantly and spoke with a young man (which is how I found out she was the manager) and he gave me the GM Caroline's number. I called her and left a message. I'm very shocked and appalled.
    Sent from my iPhone

  • #595 Donna Tx. I was in the line to order and over heard your manager stating that she was going to use vacation time for an employee that was sick, and she also asked an employee to not punch in, that she was going to use a sick day of hers so that way labor would be low, I came home and thought about it, if this young lady works on a sick day and gets hurt, how in the world are you going to explain that. So I did some investigation come to find out she punches in and goes home if any problem arises the manager on duty calls her on the phone and she'll decide to come in or not, supposedly this happens several times a week, oh then she'll call someone to punch her out. Must be nice to have a job with bonuses and don't really have to be there. Just for your information.

  • Some employees at the Corporate Office have company's cellular phones, and they are using for personal purposes, using to send nasty photos and videos to people outside the company or inside. This should be addressed by HR.

  • I work at a whataburger 986 in Houston and I stand on my feet 8 hours a night I work over night I'm a diabetic with bad knees sometimes I get ill n I get no break mostly just because management doesn't wanna give one bad about giving new shirts n hats I work to hard to not get a break working 3 to 4 days back to back with one break in them days

  • I have been discussing your recent corporate statement concerning banning open carry of handguns after it becomes legal for CHL licensees next year, with a number of my friends who carry. Several said they would stop patronizing Whataburger because of your stand, as they see it as a civil rights issue. It seems to make no safety sense to allow concealed carry, but ban open carry, since having a concealed carry license will be a prerequisite for open carry in TX as well. Thus, your policy allows the very same people to carry a gun inside their shirt, but not outside it. Strange policy, unless it is based on your belief that simply SEEING folks carrying guns (openly) would be so disquieting that it would cause customers to stop eating at Whataburger.
    If this is your belief, I wonder what you base it on? It is certain that you will lose some business from folks who see your decision as an infringement of their civil rights, yet I suppose it may also be true that you would lose some business from those who fear the sight of guns. It seems to me, that the more logical approach for your corporate HQ to take, would be to do a brief survey of your "eat in" customers, to see how they actually feel about it, and how many there may be in each camp. You might also ask if any would actually stop coming in based on your policy regarding carrying guns inside your restaurants. That way, you would, at least, have some real DATA on which to base your corporate decision. If you find a majority would prefer NOT to see guns worn inside, then you can publish that fact and use it as a "disclaimer" of sorts to justify your decision to the pro-gun side. If it shows the opposite, you can also publish that data, and use it to justify following the state gun laws as written, "in order to satisfy your customers." If your policy is intended, as your statement said, to avoid upsetting customers, then I see no down-side to commissioning such a survey. Of course, if your statement is actually based on your political beliefs, rather than a desire to please your customers, then you wouldn't want to commission such a study.
    In any case, it does seem rather silly to say that someone who has gone through all the difficulty of qualifying for a CHL, background checks, 10 hours of class, shooting tests, written test, etc. and proven himself to be a safe, rational, citizen, is only going to be acceptable as a customer if he keeps his gun inside his shirt. I assume LEOs will still be able to get their discount and wear their guns openly in Whataburgers, right?

  • The Whataburger on Chimney Rock in Houston has really gone down hill since Ms.Evelyn left. 18 minutes in the line at the drive in window for 2 breakfast taquitos…and the size of them …wow! They have really cut back on the eggs and gone up on the price, I can't say I will be back. Get Ms. Evelyn back and save your morning business before it is too late. This is very sad to me since I have been going to Whataburger since the mid 1960s.

  • I went to the Whataburger in Wharton ,Texas tonight and it took so long for us to get our food, not to mention the employee working the window was rude .This same employee was digging in her hair ,( not very sanitary I would think). This place is soooo unorganized ! They are lacking managers with management skills . My elderly parents went with my husband and I one night and we didn't think that we were ever going to recieve our food — after what seemed like 30 minutes, we went to the counter and recieved "some" of our order. This place used to be so pleasant to dine there when the manager named Diane worked there in the evenings, but now that she has been gone for such a long time, it really is lacking in just about every area.

  • I went to Whataburger on a Sunday at 11:30 am not really busy. I went through the drive-thru. The intercom person did not greet me in anyway but just asked me what I wanted to order. I was cheerful and placed my order. When I got to the drive-thru – again the young lady did not greet me or repeated my order but took my money. She gave me my food and looked away as she said a quick "Thank you". No eye contact, no smile – What happened to customer service? They were not busy at that time of the day. Whataburger you have plenty of competition with other burger businesses. This customer will not return to that store or other Whataburger's again!

  • I've been trying to contact corporate office for a while now on josefina Gonzalez a manager at unit 144 in pasadenda TX she is known to harass team members threatening Them there jobs many of employees have had same issue with josefIna gonzalez she is a pathological liar, poor worker, lazy and an embarrassment to this establishment she sits on her phone all night on her facebook and in the office checking the survey statuses on the computer She does the whataburger surveys so she can get Her Bonus every month she all the surveys Are done from her registered in her name she would ask employees To borrow their phones to do Surveys I have proof on my phone that she used my phone to do the Whataburger Survey the district manager has even caught her on the phone little did he know she was doing a survey she gives ex employees discounts may be even stealing money that she would have hiding in the office apart from the safe she fired me because I refused to scub the floor with bleach that she bought from a korgers with money from a register I am filing unemployment my case is still under investigation Id rather work for your company than receive unemployment my work id 841828

  • I was going to a store in South Austin Texas at 4am everyday to walk my dog, then go in for biscuits and gravy. No reason, manager tells me not to park my car there anymore. Fine! I will NEVER eat at another Whataburger! 17 family members and friends say they will no longer eat there anymore either. IHOP is always good.

  • To whom it may concern,
    I went to What a burger in Gulfport,Ms. on Hwy 49 from off I-110. I went there to eat breakfast on Aug 07,2013 becaus3e my friend said that there was very good food there.. So I went.. I ordered my breakfast with a milk, and I drink the milk and it tasted really bad.. So, I smelled it and it smelled very soar.. It was very nasty!!! Then I went to tell someone about it and they gave me another one and that one was bad too. The dates on the bottle was right on them. They asked me if I 2wanted another one and I said no thanks.. It really upset me.. My kids could have drank that mess and got really sick off of it.. I will never eat there again and waste my time and money..

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