Wheel Works Corporate Office Headquarters

Wheel Works Corporate Office Headquarters
Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC Address:
333 E. Lake St.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-259-9000
Fax Number: 1-630-259-9158

  • I went in to have my right front tire checked at 15604 Hesperian Blvd in San Lorenzo, Ca. and was informed they was too busy that was on a Saturday May 25th. Then on Sunday, May 26th I had made an appointment for 9am when they was to open. However that took all of three plus hours. However I called them back once I left to inform them that my low air pressure light was still on after they stated they patch the tires. I return for the second time less then a week later I went back in on May 28th to have the same tire checked they reset the TPMS and for the third time the light came on again I took the car back for them to tell me they was too busy again and schedule another appointment on a Sunday on June 5th, I waited four hours for them to come out to tell me that they did not have the patches to re-repair the leak they already fixed because the rubber expanded because they had not used the correct patches to seal the leak. They told me they order the patches and to return on Monday which was on June 6, in which I left work early to go there and when I arrived they did not have the patches in for my tire in which they never called to tell me instead of having me leave work early to be there. Now It's June 7th and I'm to return for the repair. I asked them to replace the tire for the trouble of them not having the patches they was over priced and they did not have the matching one. This is the second Wheel Works I have been to and same problem.

  • Don't do business with liars at Los Gatos Wheel Works. Usually Margaret does an outstanding job, but today, after the technician rotated my tires, he replaced one of my custom valve stem caps with a cheap rubber one. When questioned, he lied and said that is how the car came in. Bald-faced lie, as I check my air pressure weekly, and the previous week all four were there, and have always been there. When Margaret asked him, he lied again. I told her the technician was not telling the truth, but all she did was give me some cheap aluminum replacement caps. I said, "What if I don't like these?". She said, "What do you want me to do, check my pockets?". What a smart-*ss response. Instead of being a proper manager and apologizing to me and assuring me she would reprimand the liar technician, she acted as if I should simply let them be trashy on my car and walk away. Not going to happen. Secondly, I was supposed to get a CVI Complete Vehicle Inspection. Never got it. Third, when I went to WheelWorksSurvey.com to publicize this unpleasantness, I was told, "The Survey for this Invoice has already been entered.". Was the shop sneaky enough to enter more lies before I had a chance to put the truth in my survey? I will be in touch with Bridgestone Corporate about this.

  • I went to the Mountain View location for an oil change. Been going to Wheel Works for years. A day later, I saw my wipers were broken and headlight out. A day after that, I saw that my wiper fluid was low. I called and said "aren't you guys checking this when you do an oil change?" the guy who answered was totally rude and unhelpful

  • I've bought MANY tires from Wheel Works over the past 30 years, but will no longer and caution others as well thanks to L. Phan and T. Lee in the Sunnyvale Store (no reason it is always empty). Wheel Works is just pushing tire sales with no consideration of the customers real needs or situation. I have yet to use America's Tire Co but when I contacted them about the same issue, they proved far more accommodating and reasonable….with better price and service all around,

  • I bought 4 new tires for over 1k and Wheel Works on Kiely in San Jose couldn't be more nice to get that deal. Now after 6 months I called Monday for a free rotation. The rude Service Representative told me it was Lunch if I can call back. I told him to call me back so he OKd that. Nothing, Yesterday I send an email asking for an appointment this week or next and hoped to get an answer! Again nothing…so if you leave over a grand there for tires they're all on to you, if you try to get free service they don't even call you back. What does that tell you about this place?

  • I have been getting work done to my car North America wide for 30 years.
    The location in Walnut Creek was simply the best experience I have ever
    had at any shop in my life. The manager and counter person were
    knowledgable, sincere, spotted problems I didn't know were there and
    showed them to me in the shop. The price was extremely reasonable and
    after studying the bill didn't see any sign of price gouging at all. Had
    some of my problems not been spotted (alt belt almost totally worn out etc) it would have cost me significant delays and/or tow costs to fix them
    later. They inspected my whole car for free (I was in for a oil change)
    and my front brakes where in far worse condition then I thought. I am
    down from Canada and didn't know anyone down here in the States to go to
    for repairs and this location was recommended to me. I"m glad I went to them.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    My husband and I arrived at 5:45pm to pick up my Acura RSX 2002 on Monday 10.24.16. The store was closing at 6:00pm and my husband came with me and then inspected my vehicle before we went inside. He noticed that the new tires were installed on the front of the vehicle. I then asked employee Robert, what the protocol was when installing new tires. He said, to prevent hydro planning and for best safety rules new tires would always be installed on the rear. My husband mentioned that the tires were installed in the front (incorrectly) and needed to be fixed before we could pick up the vehicle. If my husband was not there, I would have signed the papers and left in an unsafe vehicle that could have lead to a serious accident. My husband also pointed at the front desk there was a large sign that clearly explains the HAZARD of installing new tires in the front. I would also like to note that this entire week the weather forecast says there will be rain. I am thankful that this entire incident was prevented but only by the fact that my husband brought it to the attention of the employee of Wheel Works. Who is responsible for checking the vehicles after the work has been completed? Where is the quality control? I am deeply concerned that this could happen to others and am wondering about the efficiency of the employees at wheel works. How can I trust they would do a good job should I seek their service again? I spent over $880 and I received incompetent and unsafe work service. The tires were eventually redone, but because I had to wait an extra hour, I had to change my evening appointments. It is clear more training needs to happen for the technicians. I ask to be compensated in someway for my inconvenience as well as having to be my own advocate to avoid a potential life threatening accident for myself an unborn child.

  • High 3 weeks ago I put in a complaint concerning emergency brakes was placed on my vehicle the store and manager of the Livermore store in California quickly responded forgiven me a call and asking me to bring in the vehicle I think you Tom and crew and pit crew for making my family feel safe again in our vehicle

  • I brought a Interstate battery in Feb of 2011 with a 75 month warranty from Wheel Works. Went into the Franklin St store in San Francisco for a battery replacment. Was giving a quote of $124.99 and was told the prorated credit was roughly $15. Told the service advisor (Chiuhyon) that Wheel Works ad has the battery for $99. Chiuhyon said that I can buy the battery for $99 but will not be given the prorated credit because they don't give prorated credit for battery on sale. Doesn't make sense on why I cannot get the battery at the sale price and apply the prorated credit. What is the warranty for then?

  • Looks like new staff is at the Showers Drive (Mountain View, CA) site as the person who greeted me this morning doesn't smile and doesn't answer phone calls.

    I tried to return their phone call only to be met with a phone that keeps ringing and then drops offline after a certain period. I literally called 8 times to no avail. Now I have no way to find out the status of my car.

    I'm going to write a letter to the CEO as this is unacceptable.

    Customer service is dropped BIG time and I'll be looking to do my business elsewhere….at least somewhere where they actually answer the phone.

  • I've been a customer with Wheel Works for at least 8 years. Had my car inspected for my engine light that came on. Explained to the BIG guy working the Front Desk Marina Blvd, that I've been a customer and never had a problem with the service at this location. However, service seems to be lacking now a days and was told maybe I shouldn't bring my car there anymore. Thanks, I've closed my account and will be dealing with Americas Tire Company going forward.

  • I purchased a Lifetime wheel alignment for our Honda Odyssey Van at Wheel Works in Livermore,CA. Last Sunday, the 15th of May, 2016, my brother-in-law, brought the van there for the 10 AM appointment for this. He brought the van in last May 8, 2016, and was told to make another appointment date since they were all busy that day. So, on the 15th, the appointment was kept and made. He arrived there before 10 AM for his appointment and believe it or not, the job was completed at 1:30 PM? It took them 3 and 1/2 hours to do a simple alignment? The Manager's name is Tom. Question: Is it possible to get a refund for the Lifetime Warranty on Tire Alignment? It's about $189 that I paid for. You can reach me at 925-353-6595. Thank you.

  • I have very unique tires and after calling 8 places I was relieved to hear this place had my tires. I came in with two severely bald tires where the wires were showing. Kyle Cuyos (Store Manager) denied me service due to not wanting to put tires on my car because they would not match the other two tires which were new (replaced two months ago). Since he did not want to install the tires I requested that I would buy the tires so I could have another shop install them. At first he said he would sell them to me but I would have to pay CASH! I said fine on top stated I was going to give him a bad Yelp review. He immediately told me he was now not going to sell me the tires. Thankfully there was another tire shop next door (ACE Tire). I walked over to check if they had my size tire, unfortunately they did not but I had them order two which will not be available until Monday. I live in Capitola and will have to rent a car, as I do not want to jeopardize my or other lives out on the road. It is obvious Wheel Works do not seem to care for the safety of others.

  • Dear Corporate Team, please provide oversight, training and improvements to the 35382 NEWARK BLVD, NEWARK, CA 94560 store.

    This is the only story in Newark. I've been a long time resident and customer. I purchased two new sets of tires recently for my ES330 & RX330 Lexus as I continue my loyalty. However the service is bad and as you can see form yelp reviews, this store needs helps.

    The Wheel Works website advertises "a friendly staff and great experience". The customers at this location is not receiving this.

    Today 12/6 I took both my vehicles in for scheduled tire rotation & balancing. I stood at the front counter for 13 minutes without any assistance. I had to go out to the shop and yell at a maintenance worker for help.

    Finally Sales Teammate Trevor Pereira comes to the counter. He isn't wearing a name tag, nor does he introduce himself. I only know who he is because the maintenance workers was yelling his name. He didn't apologize for the delay, nor did he say hello….he simply said "what do you need".

    He didn't verify my vehicle information and on my way home (I dropped the car off) I realized he gave me a receipt for the wrong SUV (my older one)…so I had to call him back and let him know he inputted the wrong car to be serviced. He said, "okay, I'll fix it"….again with no customer service or no apology.

    I'm a loyal customer, but my patience is running out. Please help this store. The Service Manager is Michelle Gomez, the Store Manager is Eric Yeung.

    I would like to know how you can help. If your really going to help this store, you can find out who I am, because I should be the only person servicing these two types of cars together on 12/6 at the Newark store.

    Thanks so much ! Looking forward to your help. Our city deserves a good Wheel Works.

  • DON'T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THE PINOLE CALIFORNIA STORE!!!! I purchased a set of tires from this store about 8 months ago and the service was great. a month later I got a flat tire and since flat repairs were covered under warranty I took my van in for service. I arrived at 5:00pm on a Friday and I was told to come back the following day eventhough they close at 7:00pm. When I arrive the following day they told me that I should had made an appointment and that they couldn't fix my flat until Monday.
    I had another flat 4 months ago and same result eventhough I arrived at 12:00pm on a saturday. Today I got another flat and I got there at 2:30pm and they told me that they didn't have time. I asked for the corporate headquarters number and was told by the manager that he didn't have it. When I purchased these tires they told me that they will fix a flat at any time of the day but they never have time, no matter the time of the day 12:00pm, 2:30pm or 5:00pm.

    • I took my truck to the Pinole store for a brake problem yesterday. The manager there told me it was ready but the brake pedal goes down when stopped at a light. I told him that's not good enough and left my truck there overnight. How is it alright to tell a costumer it's alright drive a vehicle with mushy brakes?

  • Do not visit the San Ramon Valley Blvd store if the new manager is present. I do not recall his name, due to the fact he angered me so. Jim and Brian are the people usually in charge of the store. Today, they were both helping out the other employees. The store does not run as smoothly with this new manager. Unfortunately I will visit another Wheel Works store if this new manager is still employed there.

  • Well this is how the story turned out…. Len Valverde met me at 2120 S. Winchester Firestone store at 12:30pm today. When the brake inspection was completed they found the the Rotors were indeed fine. And so were the brake pads. When dismantling the brakes they did find that the passenger side caliper was leaking and that the drivers side boot on the caliper was corroding. So the back brakes were checked and found to be fine. Now when we start with the previous day the numbers they put up for the Rotors and the Brake pads were totally false. The way I was treated and the false report still stands for the Wheels Works store on 802 S 1ST STREET IN SAN JOSE CA. So after the inspection Len Valverde decided to give me a deal on my brake job. He had given me new Rotors,new Calipers and new pads. Plus re-packed the wheel bearings at a discounted price of $400.00 total. Plus a free lifetime warranty and free lifetime pad replacement. I want to thank Len Valverde and the store Manager Roy Barron for their honesty and trying to make a bad experience into a good one. They went above and beyond to help me fix this problem. Also a special thanks to Jose R. as well for the hard work done on the brakes and the computer work it took took make the adjustments..

  • Just got a call Lynn Valverde 1-408-314-7760. He made another appt. for me at the Winchester Firestone location for another brake inspection at 12 noon. My mechanic has said through his visual inspection that my brakes are ok for now….Will comment on this site tomorrow to let everyone know the results…

  • Someone claiming to be from corporate headquarters called me and said he would like to have my vehicle re-inspected. I said ok, and he wanted to set it up at a Firestone shop on Winchester blvd. I am still waiting for this person to call me back. Not gonna hold by breath….But if anyone else has been treated this badly by Wheel works or Firestone here is his #1-408-314-7760.

  • On Monday April 13,2015 I had an appointment at 11am at Wheel Works tire center located 802 S 1ST San Jose Ca. 95110.
    I came in on time to my scheduled appointment. According to my paperwork the person I met with was named Timothy. I came in for a simple front brake pad replacement for which I had a coupon. While doing intake and employee made a comment"It wont be 89.00 after we add on all the extra work" When I heard this I thought he was joking. So I signed the intake order and waited. Then about 30 minutes later another employee said that I need new Rotors and they would cost an extra 80.00 per wheel. I ok'd the work and went out to eat some lunch. All of this time expecting the work to be done to my vehicle. When I came back from eating approx. 45 minutes later I sat down and continued waiting. At 1:30pm a employee said I needed new calipers as both sides were leaking. At this point a said I was wasn't willing to pay for new calipers at 85.99 per when they weren't needed. Then the employee said they will bring my vehicle right out. I thought that they had done the rotor and pad service that I had ok'd. As it turns out they did nothing. Never even removed the tire from the car. All the did was an outer visual inspection from the rack. I took my car to another mechanic and they said my brakes were fine. My rotors were fine and I might have a small leak in the passenger side caliper. They wasted my time and tried to raise my bill to over 900.00 in repairs that where not needed. PLEASE investigate this shop.

    Thank You,

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